Here it comes, the #NuFlu Virus from Africa

Australian frightbats are in panic mode:

“South African scientists discover new Covid variant with a large number of mutations:”  

Happy Thanksgiving except to this sniffing turkey:

Climate Change Activists: Ditch the Turkey, Put Crickets in Your Pie Crust on ‘Non-Religious’ Thanksgiving 

Wishing Moonbats a Happy Thanksgiving

Vaxxed ballplayers are dropping like flies:

Filipino Basketball Star Roider Cabrera Suffers Cardiac Arrest and Collapses – Is Rushed to Hospital After Losing Consciousness (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Adama Traore Is Latest High-Profile European Soccer Star to Collapse on the Pitch During European Match

Bryan Adams Tests Positive For COVID For Second Time Despite Being Double Vaccinated

He’s a double vaxxed super spreader:

Canadian singer Bryan Adams revealed he has tested positive for COVID for the second time despite being double vaccinated.

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