Leftoids are vile degenerates. Most of them are criminally insane.

Just to remove any doubt, they double down:

MSNBC Declares Thanksgiving Is About White People Celebrating “Genocide And Violence” Against Blacks

MSNBC took five minutes out of its race baiting coverage of the Rittenhouse case to remind its extremist viewers (there can’t be many left) that Thanksgiving is coming up and that it is a celebration of… you guessed it, white supremacy.

The Strange Incident in Waukesha

Race baiters declare “violent private white supremacy is celebrated and subsidized”

MSNBC Race Baiter Calls Rittenhouse “Murderous White Supremacist”

“This is textbook defamation with actual malice.”

One day after Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent on all counts by a jury in Wisconsin, MSNBC race baiter Tiffany Cross stumbled into a sure fire defamation suit by labelling Rittenhouse a “little murderous white supremacist.”

In a Saturday broadcast, Cross declared “I find these people disgusting,” adding “I’m disgusted at what I’m seeing.”

“Poor White People”: Sick Leftist Suggests Waukesha Killer Acted in “Self-Defense”

Then tries to play anti-semitism card after backlash.

A left-wing social justice activist responded to the horrific tragedy at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin by sardonically commenting “poor white people” and joking that the murderer acted in “self-defense” against the crowd.

Yes, really.

“I Hope So, But We All Know How the FBI Works.” – Kyle Rittenhouse on the Government Protecting Him from Threats on His Life