Vax Mania, Vax Casualties

Another pro soccer player, this time 28 years old, collapses on field with cardiac issues. This time from Iceland, a country with an 84% vaxx rate of the 16 to 29 year olds.

Jen Psaki was vaccinated, right? Weird.

Covid is a hoax. Climate change is a hoax. Masks don’t work. Vaccine is a dud. Your immune system is real. Strengthen it.

US podcaster Joe Rogan has blasted Australia as a “dystopian, police-state”

Perrottet’s “governments don’t provide freedom, people are born free in our country” went out the window today

Mark Latham:

Moving the goalposts destroys faith and trust in government. In August NSW signed the National Agreement to open up to everyone at 80% vax rate, based on the best health advice. Then it went to 90%. Now Perrottet has moved it to 95%. A divisive policy with Zero credibility.

Remember Perrottet’s comment: “governments don’t provide freedom, people are born free in our country”? That went out the window today, as he junked earlier agreements to prolong a two-tier, medical apartheid society in NSW. Why would anyone trust him in the future?

“Let’s go Brandon”

 Biden called Antifa “just an idea”

Antifa is a violent Marxist group burning down cities and sieging federal buildings, but calling parents domestic terrorists for expressing their anger about the curriculum. This is crazy even with liberal standards.

It’s not like BLM riots caused over 20 deaths & $2 billion in damage or that the group is a toxic, race-baiting, neo-Marxist project with the goal of dismantling capitalism…oh wait.
Every major corporation in America has gone full BLM the past year. A Southwest pilot says, “Let’s go, Brandon,” and the media loses their minds.


Yes, Rand is a credible source. Very credible.

Vaccinated easily transmit Delta: UK study

The Delta coronavirus variant can transmit easily from vaccinated people to their household contacts, a British study suggests, although contacts are less likely to get infected if they are vaccinated themselves.

The Imperial College London study illustrates how the highly transmissible Delta variant can spread even in a vaccinated population.

The researchers underlined that did not weaken the argument for vaccination as the best way of reducing serious illness from COVID-19 and said booster shots were required.

They concluded infections in the vaccinated cleared more quickly but the peak viral load remained similar to the unvaccinated.

Craig Kelly confronts parliament again regarding 15-19 year old male deaths in the UK |