Great Reset Watch

Dr McCullough went on The Joe Rogan Experience and told the world how our leaders intentionally hid Covid treatment so people would be more willing to take the jab, and now it’s been listened to over 40 million times. People are waking up to the government corruption!

CREEPY! Now He’s Trying To Stop You From Thinking!

This report explains the deeper meaning and backdrop to this major declaration.

We need a two-state solution: One state for those who want to lock themselves down for the rest of their lives, and the other state for those who’ve had enough and want to go back to old normal.

physicians: if you are afraid to lose your license or hospital privileges for asking questions or saying what you think, ask yourself: what has happened to our profession? And who do you serve?

Omicron has broken through natural and vaccine immunity, but is a brief and very mild viral malaise. Few patients need medications. Like natures own booster!

When a discredited CNN clown like Pooper Anderson calls for terrorising people by withholding social security payments -Social Security THAT YOU as a worker, PAID FOR – unless you make yourself available as lab rats you know that we are in deep shiite.