Shortages are coming in 2022

Artificial shortages of all commodities.

Nothing to do with Covid. This is market manipulation.

Climate change is driving supply chain shortages

Nothing to do with the climate either. The climate is fine. Farmers around the world had theyr best harvests in human history.

Australia’s AdBlue supply could run out within weeks causing major supply chain issues

A top European Commission official played down fears that soaring energy costs could cause food shortages in the coming months, after MEPs warned Tuesday about the economic pressure farmers are facing.
Farmers have seen the price of artificial fertilizer skyrocket amid a wider energy crisis across Europe, because natural gas, a fossil fuel, is a major ingredient in nitrogen-based fertilizers.

Australia’s supply of urea – an additive used in diesel engines – could run out in weeks, meaning the trucking industry could grind to a halt.

Australia could run out of a crucial component of diesel fuel within weeks, with an expert warning nobody knows how much we have left.

The nation, along with other developed nations, has been facing an AdBlue crisis for weeks, with fears that if the additive runs out, trucks could be taken off the road, sparking a chain of shortages on supermarket shelves across the country.

The ABC has finally caught up with XYZ News, finally reporting that we can expect shortages of basic goods in coming months:

Crucial industries face “massive disruption” in coming months as more and more workers are taken out of action after being deemed close contacts, a prominent epidemiologist has warned.

It might mean fewer items to choose from on supermarket shelves, or having to wait even longer for online shopping to arrive at your door.

The idiotic response of governments to Covid is causing supply chain issues globally, with flow on effects causing havoc in many unforeseen ways. Panic buying has hamstrung efforts to manage Australia’s supply of an additive to diesel fuel after China limited the export of Urea. Furthermore, insane climate policies are causing an energy crisis to ripple across the globe.


World Economic Forum Demands We Stop Washing Clothes

Attention moonbats: to prove you truly revere the climate, you must stop washing your clothes. SPECTRE a.k.a. the World Economic Forum has spoken:


As noted at Big League Politics,

The World Economic Forum, chaired by infamous “Great Reset” architect Klaus Schwab, routinely insists that decreasing the quality of life of average citizens is the way forward to deter climate change and supposed catastrophe.

Klaus Schwab is to Dr Evil what Dr Evil is to Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Behind the thin veil of gratingly pious enviroposturing lurks the Great Reset.

We are commanded to believe that the harmless carbon dioxide emissions that result from literally all human activity are offensive to the climate. A more cartoonishly obvious pretext for totalitarianism would be hard to imagine. Yet due to the relentlessness with which the liberal establishment has promoted the global warming hoax, there are people who take it at face value.

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  1. Supply chain “crisis” is bullshit! Insider News from America:
    From: Somewhere on Gab:

    A friend sent this to me… Origins of a “Supply Chain Crisis.”

    “The global economy is being intentionally choked to death. I am a west coast longshoreman, please allow me to explain why there are so many cargo vessels anchored near our ports waiting to be unloaded. About two decades ago we gave up storing merchant inventory in warehouses and freight stations in favor of “just in time inventory.” The system does function well as long as merchants are actually taking delivery of the cargo and the transportation industry is doing it’s job. Keep in mind that since the scamdemic, roughly 50% of our national work force has been getting paid to stay home. So, there are fewer trucks actually coming to the terminals to remove cargo to it’s final destination, but the far larger problem is that the monopoly railroad (BNSF owned by Warren Buffet) has stopped bringing empty rail cars to the terminals. They will only bring loaded rail cars to the terminals, which only exacerbates the problem because there is no room on the docks to put the export rail cargo in order to empty the rail cars. The cycle repeats over and over again, but the terminal congestion is never eased and the ships continue to wait at anchor. As you can imagine, a container ship is a VERY EXPENSIVE piece of equipment to have sitting idle at anchor. As they sit idle waiting their turn to berth the shipping rates continue to rise because the ship owners have to recoup the cost of lost time as the vessels are forced to essentially be used for storage rather than transport. At this time the cost of shipping a 40 foot container has gone from $2,500 to $25,000. These costs will break the backs of all but the largest retailers. Say good-bye to the independent shop owners as Walmart, Costco, Home Depot and Target become your only shopping options. By the way, the terminal gate operations are often times independently paid for by these large retailers, which means that the small retailers cannot get a booking to even pick up their containers, all the while being charged demurrage fees for their container storage on the terminal (Think impound fee’s at the tow truck yard when your car is impounded). The “Just in time inventory” system has been sabotaged and broken by the railroad (Warren Buffet) who is now charging 10X the normal rate to move cargo and the retailers have no choice but to pay it or go out of business for want of product. This would be genius if it were not entirely evil. This will trend will continue until the cargo can be removed from the terminals to allow space for the cargo that is currently at anchor, floating in our harbors. And I hear on the radio that the longshore workers have slowed down, causing the vessel backup. This is absolutely offensive…”

    1. Yeah, that seems to be the case in the U.S.

      But also, Gavin Newsom in California allows only electric lorries (of which there are few if any) to unload. So the “dirty diesel” trucks have to stay out of the harbout.

      Here in Western Australia the tyrant in charge allows only vaxxed grain farmers to unload their cargo. So a whole bumper crop is sacrificed for dirty political games.

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