WHO Chief Tedros: “some countries give boosters to children to kill them”

Moonbats insist that “public health” should abolish basic individual rights & all freedoms. They are not just dense, they’re endangering all of us.

The question I am asking this #Christmas is, will I – as an #unvaccinated person – have any civil or human rights in 2022?

Also Candace:

I have no issue with any person who wants to get the vaccine. I just will never ever let that vaccine into my body. I believe firmly that Big Pharma is the greatest evil on the face of the planet. I am healthy, young, in shape and simply unafraid of Covid-19.

We know that the government is the problem, not the answer, freeing our citizens to get on with life rather than being on their knees with a begging bowl to some puffed up, illegitimate, time-serving, self-important ‘official’.

“As we see, some countries are using to give boosters to kill children. Which is not right” -Dr. Tedros

He said it.

Has anyone else noticed that the triple vaccinated, double mask crowd, are the ones most terrified of each new variant?