Happy Australia Day 2022

Stay away from watching the news on this day. Woke dipsticks have hijacked the debate. There is no debate, but they want you to believe they have agency for dragging everything into the mud. They don’t.

The Australian used to be a somewhat conservative paper owned by Murdoch who is much hated by the left DownUnder, but they went woke quite some time ago:

Across the country people have gathered to take part in Invasion Day protests, calling for the date of Australia Day to be changed. ⁠ https://bit.ly/35eAX7C

What you see here is for the most part white trash & some Abo dole bludgers.

The Australian should publish the Aussies who are proud to be Australians
Not the ones wanting constant handouts from Australian taxpayers and hate us all.

It’s time for our international friends to recognise that Australia is at war with its’ government and we need help. OUR HUMAN RIGHTS ARE GONE. Please, international friends…hear our cries for help and apply economic and political pressure on our leaders to change the destructive path we are on. Provide a way for citizens who no longer feel safe here to come home. Offer a certain number of Australians asylum, many of us need it! Further information – https://www.reignitedemocracyaustrali…

White Trash Looking For a Cause

Happy Australia Day, Chantelle Francis! 

Now get fucked and get outta here!

White Trash Looking For a Cause

“White trash’ gets you bumped off Zuckerbuggers FB.

That’s their gold standard.

They have the gold, they make the standards to suit them.

A couple of years ago you would have thought this was absurd.

Today, you probably think  ‘It wouldn’t surprise me.’

We must not allow lunatics like this to wield power over us:

Dr Kerry Chant has outlined when a person, who previously caught coronavirus, should get vaccinated as she ridiculed rumours circulating across social media over “significant” reactions to the jab.

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant stressed side effects of the COVID-19 booster vaccine are in line with first and second doses

Dr Kerry Chant has outlined when a person, who previously caught coronavirus, should get vaccinated as she ridiculed rumours circulating across social media over “significant” reactions to the jab.

I’d rather see this witch burn than have myself injected with that dodgy vax.

Do you get it now?

America has been royally screwed.

Creepy Joe can’t control his potty mouth:

“What a stupid son of a bitch.”

They can no longer cover this up. The decline is too obvious.


It’s not the first time that 79-year-old Biden has been caught speaking his mind, nor will it likely be the last.

In other news:

$31 Million ChiCom Payoff to Biden Family

Peter Schweizer’s Profiles in Corruption provides documentation that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, et al. are as slimy as they seem. Schweizer’s Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win is scheduled for release tomorrow. Looks like it will clarify to what extent Joe Biden has been purchased as an asset of the hostile communist Chinese government that bestowed Covid upon us:



No wonder the government has no interest in pursuing the likelihood that the ChiComs leaked Covid from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where they had engineered it.

The new book also promises insight into the extent to which Silicon Valley has sold out the USA to help communist China in its ambitions. Definitely recommended reading.

Freedom Trucks Are Rolling in #Canuckistan

Absolutely stunning & powerful piece of art by Hannah Rae Dieleman (Dehoog) for the Freedom Convoy 2022.

In #Quebec, you’ll need to be vaccinated it you want to purchase #cannabis or #alcohol:

The Australian Covid Obsession

In history, it’s always the 10% that have to stand up and stop the 90% from going mad.

Hopeless. Just hopeless. Who cares for what this twat has to say?

Vaccine mandates will increase until the unvaccinated are denied all political participation.
Destruction of democracy for your health.

It gets worse:

The rate of school children receiving a COVID-19 vaccination is too low, Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath warns as the state predicts a spread of the virus in classrooms within weeks.

Queensland’s creepy Health Minister Yvette D’Ath

Labor Health Minister Yvette D’arth didn’t know what to say when this lady told her Covid vaccines were killing people

Look at this bloodless, miserable face. WTF does she represent?

Not one person with a brain would take a Covid test or vaccine after watching this disturbing video produced by doctors

I have to get out more often. I feel I’m missing something:

The Covid fraud is falling apart

‘Great Reset’ lackey Greg Hunt wants EVERYBODY vaxxed, no matter what:

“I think we’ve probably got another year of these waves of variants coming through, but we’re going to get much better vaccines coming through and in 12 months time we’ll probably get much more of the world vaccinated.”

Omicron may have peaked but the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, experts say. Here’s what lies ahead

The Omicron wave has subsided in many parts of Australia but, experts say, it’ll be another two years before life will go back to what it was before the pandemic.

I want my life back, MF. Now!

Now that’s a crazy libturd for ya. Does Neil Young suck or what?

Meanwhile, in the open air lunatic asylum that is New Zealand…

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has brought in a 24-day mandatory isolation health order for household contacts.

Desperate to drop case numbers back to zero, Ardern has brought in a 24-day mandatory isolation health order for household contacts.

The problem is that people comply with this idiocy.

Fraudci is a vainglorious lunatic who defrauds the whole world with the backing of the Deep State.

Stop it already. This is fake news. We know it’s BS. Make an end to it!

Mark Steyn on Covid: What was it all for?

How vax victims become “unvaccinated” when they die

Gates of Vienna


It’s become clear over the past few months that one of the key strategies for hiding the deadly adverse effects of the COVID-19 “vaccines” is the use of the official definition of “unvaccinated”. A patient who is injected with the experimental mRNA treatment is considered “unvaccinated” until fifteen days have passed since his second jab. Some of the most severe reactions to the vax — including those resulting in death — occur within two weeks, so those serious adverse effects are conveniently being recorded as occurring among the “unvaccinated”. Those who experience adverse reactions to the vax often show symptoms that resemble those of Corona, so that deaths among the recently “vaccinated” are sometimes reported as “unvaccinated patients who died of Covid”.

The following report from Germany, using graphical data from the UK, makes it quite clear what is happening. Those sudden spikes in deaths are statistical anomalies for which the only reasonable explanation is that they are the result of the jab in each given age group.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundationfor the subtitling:


Video transcript:

Continue reading


EU culture war against Europeans

Brit’s told to ‘cuddle a cat’ to stay warm in Winter.

British energy company encourages consumers ‘to cuddle a cat’ to help stay warm in winter

As energy prices surge in the UK, Britain’s Ovo Energy sent an email to customers encouraging them “to cuddle a cat” this winter in order to…

Boris Johnson caught out for ‘lying and hypocrisy’

Boris Johnson’s tenure as prime minister of the United Kingdom looks to be over with everyday Britons sick of the “hypocrisy” coming from…

UK: nearly 1000 more illegal Muslim migrants enter Britain via English Channel this month

European Union is ‘fighting a culture war’ against Europeans

The European Union is “fighting a culture war” against the people of Europe, according to Spiked’s Chief Political Writer Brendan O’Neill….

A belated message from Eric Zemmour

  • Eric Zemmour

Other than being dismissed by the ABC as a “far-right” threat to decency and multicultural amity, Eric Zammour’s campaign for the French presidency has so far drawn relatively little coverage in Australia. That is certain to change as the cliche-mongers of the mainstream media notice his support and set to work with the standard slurs. So, for the record, here is what he stands for

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More on Eric Zemmour and his views on the invasion of Europe by unassimilable savages from the Gates of Vienna: Continue reading EU culture war against Europeans

War with Russia?

That would be the dumbest thing any American gov’t could possibly want. But creepy Joe is on remote control. It’s the Deep State & Hussein Obama who pull the strings.

US Orders Families Of Diplomats To “Immediately” Leave Ukraine As Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands Of Troops To Eastern Europe


We are certain that the deflationary impact of another world war should delay any rate hikes from the Fed sending futures limit up.

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Over 20,000 Americans March in Washington DC Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny

Schweizer: Biden Family Received ‘Some $31 Million’ from Individuals Linked to ‘Highest Levels of Chinese Intelligence’

Creepy Joe is a lifelong corruptocrat and a swamp rat of the worst kind.

Everybody knows he was on the take, but nothing’s being done about it.


Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer on Sunday revealed how the Biden family have profited from business with individuals “linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

Newt Gingrich: Lawless Democrats “Face Real Risk of Jail” for Laws They Are Breaking When GOP Takes Over (VIDEO)

That remains to be seen. The DoJ has always looked after their own.

Bus seen in Washington DC today:

Continue reading War with Russia?

Belgium: coppers on the run. Singapore pays compo for vax injuries & death

Who would have thought? Belgians are not taking any shiite from their coppers. Here they are forced to retreat under a fierce barrage of stones.

Remember when the government told us that the vaccines were highly effective?

So Singapore pays citizens who die or develop severe permanent disability up to $225,000.”

So the life of the person is only worth $225,000? Probably not even enough to cover mortgage.

The side that is locking people up for the crime of being healthy, arresting protesters, pepper spraying kids, beating up grannies, banning books and electronic messages, censoring social media, sending threatening letters, forcing small businesses to close, urging people to dob in dissenters and banning safe drugs that have worked for 60 years are all on the wrong side of history.

Back in the US of A:

Robert Malone beat censorship unlike anyone before him with the help of Joe Rogan. His message traveled 100,000x as far as it would have if Twitter just left him alone. Never before in recent years has censorship backfired this spectacularly.

This “elitist” is in dire need of an enema.