Trudeau just confirmed that the vaccines don’t work

Justin Trudeau is having a meltdown on Twitter right now. Anyone who opposes the tyrannical vaccine mandates is now a “racist” according to him. What a pathetic excuse for a man. He’s terrified of the truckers.

Trudeau is not a victim. He caused this.

The Trudeau government has caused a lot of trouble for Pastor Hildebrandt and his community, so they now join the convoy. Canada is uniting.

Aussie #ConvoyToCanberra

Protesters and truckers are now at the doors of the Parliament House in Canberra! Go Aussies!

BREAKING: #ConvoyToCanberra is about 15km long now heading south.

Spontaneous, unorganised badly funded, but it looks like a national awakening. Will you join in?

#ConvoyForFreedom2022 #ConvoyToCanberra

We’ve had ENOUGH of the tyranny

END the mandates NOW

We’ve had enough of our Human Rights being abused

We’ve had enough of our Freedoms being taken away

We’ve had enough of the Police State

We’ve had enough of the clowns running the place


It is not the politicians who run this country – its the truckies. Australia needs all truckies to roll up and defend our Great Nation. WITHOUT TRUCKS AUSTRALIA STOPS! When Australia stops, the balance of power turns back to the people.

Trudeau. ‘Tyrant On The Run’

What type of leader goes into hiding when the entire country is calling him out?

Trudeau, who days ago dismissed the protesting truckers and their supporters as a “small, fringe minority,” was ripped online as a “coward” and fleeing “tyrant” over his escape from Ottawa.
Freedom isn’t ‘fringe’.

This will grow world wide, it is not just about getting the vaccine it is about personal freedom.

Video Of Massive Freedom Convoy Protest: ‘The Place Is Packed’

Libturd Madness

“It’s offensive”

When he asks why it is offensive, he is told that asking about it is also ‘offensive’.

Libturds are short fused.

He wore the stupid mask. He complied. What in the f*kc did he do wrong to be treated like this?

Opponents of #Trudeau’s dictatorship “spark security fears”

What type of leader goes into hiding when the entire country is calling him out?

Racist or Coward? Which is worse?

Chechnya: nothing Islamic can survive without the jiziya

No Islamic fiefdom can exist without the jiziya. That’s why the Talibandits just landed in Norway with the begging bowl.

In Chechnya, Kadyrov was installed by Putin to eliminate all other terrorist factions. The Chechen strongman has been paid handsomely by Putin and employs sympathetic clerics who make women wear the burqa, promote polygamy and enforce the sharia. But without money from the infidels Chechnya is stuck.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said Monday that his southern Russian region would not be able to survive a month without Moscow’s multi-billion-dollar subsidies.

Kadyrov estimated that Russian handouts in Chechnya total 300 billion rubles ($3.8 billion) a year. According to the RBC news website, Moscow’s grants and subsidies to the republic of Chechnya totaled 125.6 billion rubles ($1.6 billion) in 2020.

But the Chechen strongman stressed that his region has “no gas, no electricity, no oil” that would allow it to secede from Russia.

“I’ve been looking for seven years, but I can’t find a single investor to handle the refinery,” Kadyrov said. “If anyone offers us something else, let them write an economic model for us.” Continue reading Chechnya: nothing Islamic can survive without the jiziya

Just to give you an idea who Joe Rogan is

Douglas Murray

Seems like Neil Young challenged @joerogan to a fight, entered the ring and then knocked himself out. Strange.

Because there’s nothing more edgy, rebellious and rock and roll than acting as a pawn for the censorship of anyone who dares question  the multi-billion dollar Pharma Mafia.    That’s so punk!

There are more & more severe injury claims from the “fully vaxxed”

Perhaps we should have a special page for the dreadful injuries of the vaxxed. We cannot allow the callous disregard by which our governments are treating the vax injured.

Even the SMH, a propaganda rag for gov’t policies, reports it:

Australia COVID vaccine injury claims total more than 10,000

Taxpayers are facing a hefty bill for rare but significant coronavirus vaccine injuries, with at least 10,000 people planning to claim under the federal government’s no-fault indemnity scheme.

Services Australia is building an online portal, to be launched next month, for uncapped claims above $5000 from those who suffered injury and loss of income due to their COVID-19 vaccine, with compensation for medical costs and lost wages to be paid by the government.   (November 16, 2021)

Note that “taxpayers are facing a hefty bill” for the governments criminal mandates.

Dreadful injuries of the “fully vaccinated”

Fully Vaccinated Florida Woman Needs Both Legs Amputated Due to ‘Covid-19 Complications’

New Covid variant dubbed ‘Stealth Omicron’ is spreading in UK

Yes, it’s invisible and has no symptoms. It’s called living.

To keep your job and be allowed to go places (with your vaccine certificate/passport) you will have to get another jab, and then another, and then another, and then another, ad infinitum… if Daniel Andrews gets his way.

Joe will probably pick the smartest guy he knows:

Caption this:

Not that I give a shiite. She can blow her money any way she likes. In this case the money will be wasted on more racism, wokeism, climate BS, (socialism) etc.

America Today

First, the good news:

Crowd Size at Trump Rally in Texas Was Massive – an Estimated 50,000 Show Up to See President Trump in Conroe

Trump Praises Canadian Truckers – Calls on Congress to Rehire EVERY Soldier or Marine Fired by Joe Biden over Vaccine Mandate (VIDEO)


CNN Tries To Put Jim Acosta In Their Primetime Lineup And He’s A Ratings Dud

Howard Stern: ‘I Don’t Like Censorship,’ but Neil Young was Right to Push Blacklist Against Joe Rogan

Where would this a$$hat he be if he had been censored?

Censorship Mob Wants Joe Rogan’s head

Biden Surgeon General Murthy Calls on Big Tech to Blacklist Comedian


Biden-appointed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said Silicon Valley tech companies have an “important role to play” in preventing the spread of alleged coronavirus “misinformation.” His comments came during an MSNBC interview that specifically mentioned Joe Rogan.

EXCLUSIVE: Syrian, Russian Migrants Apprehended at West Texas Border

Continue reading America Today

BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY manipulated temperature dataset three times in just nine years

From John & confirmed:
The temperature has fallen so low (-30C) on the Greek Coast this week that the sea froze.
What was it the Flannery “guru” told us all 14 years ago?
Yet he conned Liberal-Nationals-Labor-Greens.
And who pays? We the people.

Warming racketeers need to be tarred and feathered, quartered & guillotined. 30 to 40 years of climate BS is enough. 


Bureaucrats living on taxpayer funds are manipulating temperature data to push the theory humans are warming the plant to a catastrophic point and must rapidly deindustrialise via the closure of coal-fired power plants, mines and manufacturers

Prime Minister Scott Morrison should haul the bureaucrats at the Bureau of Meteorology over the coals.

They have remodelled Australia’s official temperature record for the third time in nine years.

The result?

To the surprise of nobody with their finger on the pulse, the Bureau found things to be warmer than thermometer readings had measured.

More specifically, the Bureau added 0.06C to maximum warming and 0.11C to minimum warming from 1910-19 to 2010-19. They also added 0.228C mean temperature warming if comparing 1910-19 with 2010-17.

Researcher and journalist, Chris Gillham, said the impact of adjustments to ACORN versions 1, 2, 2.1 and 2.2 was to cool the past and warm the present.

Of course, the Bureau declined to comment.

Scientist Jennifer Marohasy, an outspoken critic of the Bureau’s manipulation of climate data said: “I have shown repeatedly, including in peer-reviewed publications, that without scientific justification historical temperatures are dropped down, cooling the past. This has the effect of making the present appear hotter – it is a way of generating more global warming for the same weather.”

Dr Marohasy said the daily maximum and minimum values in the national temperature dataset were different from the actual recorded historical value, often by several degrees, usually cooler.

“The bureau has now remodelled the national temperature dataset three times in just nine years,” Dr Marohasy said.

Continue reading BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY manipulated temperature dataset three times in just nine years