Do you enjoy the shackles of tyranny?

Celebrating the deportation of Novak? Hold it RIGHT THERE

History shows that people want rules and hate freedom.’

MIT-Educated Doctor Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation After Prescribing Ivermectin

Medical license suspended for posting COVID “misinformation.”

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Another 200 Illegals Land in Britain as Channel Crisis Continues Record-Setting Pace

A couple of medications that are so safe and common and old, that in most tropical countries are available at corner stores, and where the most populous state in India beat Covid without vaxx or patented medicines beat Covid using these two meds, if they are prescribed by an American doctor to no risk to the patient, can get the doctors licence pulled. Licence pulled and the doctor put into Soviet style psychiatric observation for disagreeing with the state narrative, as we saw with Dr. Mel Bruchet in Vancouver.


A patient asks for these drugs, the doctor prescribes and the patient is denied, the doctor is censured and maybe destroyed, and the pharmacist in most cases won’t fill the prescription, allegedly in the interests of patient safety.


If that sick patient asks to be put to death, yeah thats ok.

Thank you so very much Dr. Anthony Fauci, and all who work with him on these insidious plots to destroy everything that thousands of years of classical civilization has built for us.