EU culture war against Europeans

Brit’s told to ‘cuddle a cat’ to stay warm in Winter.

British energy company encourages consumers ‘to cuddle a cat’ to help stay warm in winter

As energy prices surge in the UK, Britain’s Ovo Energy sent an email to customers encouraging them “to cuddle a cat” this winter in order to…

Boris Johnson caught out for ‘lying and hypocrisy’

Boris Johnson’s tenure as prime minister of the United Kingdom looks to be over with everyday Britons sick of the “hypocrisy” coming from…

UK: nearly 1000 more illegal Muslim migrants enter Britain via English Channel this month

European Union is ‘fighting a culture war’ against Europeans

The European Union is “fighting a culture war” against the people of Europe, according to Spiked’s Chief Political Writer Brendan O’Neill….

A belated message from Eric Zemmour

  • Eric Zemmour

Other than being dismissed by the ABC as a “far-right” threat to decency and multicultural amity, Eric Zammour’s campaign for the French presidency has so far drawn relatively little coverage in Australia. That is certain to change as the cliche-mongers of the mainstream media notice his support and set to work with the standard slurs. So, for the record, here is what he stands for

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More on Eric Zemmour and his views on the invasion of Europe by unassimilable savages from the Gates of Vienna:

French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour said that he supported the UK’s turning back of boats of illegal migrants trying to cross the English Channel. Meanwhile, the Italian coast guard rescued more than 300 migrants whose boat was in distress off the coast of Lampedusa.

In other news, the Norwegian government welcomed a delegation of the Taliban, who were flown to Oslo in a private jet paid for by the Norwegian government.

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