Mark Steyn on Covid: What was it all for?

How vax victims become “unvaccinated” when they die

Gates of Vienna


It’s become clear over the past few months that one of the key strategies for hiding the deadly adverse effects of the COVID-19 “vaccines” is the use of the official definition of “unvaccinated”. A patient who is injected with the experimental mRNA treatment is considered “unvaccinated” until fifteen days have passed since his second jab. Some of the most severe reactions to the vax — including those resulting in death — occur within two weeks, so those serious adverse effects are conveniently being recorded as occurring among the “unvaccinated”. Those who experience adverse reactions to the vax often show symptoms that resemble those of Corona, so that deaths among the recently “vaccinated” are sometimes reported as “unvaccinated patients who died of Covid”.

The following report from Germany, using graphical data from the UK, makes it quite clear what is happening. Those sudden spikes in deaths are statistical anomalies for which the only reasonable explanation is that they are the result of the jab in each given age group.

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