It’s happening!

Inspired by the truckers of Canuckistan, a convoy of trucks is rolling towards Canberra. Let’s give them all the support they need.

Vaxxed or unvaxxed, the people have to stand together now.

This cannot go on.

More terror against the people of Australia:

This is weapons-grade stupidity. But that’s what makes these clowns dangerous.

And here’s how ScoMo squanders the wealth of the nation:

Vaxxing spreads the disease. Here’s Proof

Vaxxing spreads the disease. Here’s proof:

Bill Gates Caught Funnelling $319 Million to Media to ‘Brainwash the Public’

Billionaire Bill Gates has secretly funnelled $319 million to select mainstream media outlets around the world as part of an effort to “brainwash the public,” a bombshell new report has revealed.

Did I just see that Western Australia #Aldi stores will be requiring proof of vaccination to buy alcohol? Are they trying to make the #unvaccinated a super-healthy subclass???

ScoMo & coconspirators are coming for your children

Complicity & stupidity rule Australia

Christensen quits $23,000 committee gig amid backlash over anti-vax commentsNationals MP George Christensen says he will resign from a parliamentary committee that earns him more than $20,000 on top of his salary in the wake of backlash over his latest anti-vaccine comments.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison again urged Australians today to ignore the “dangerous” and “unwise” anti-vaccination views of Mr Christensen, but said the Queenslander was “allowed to speak his mind”.
In an online video interview for his own program, Mr Christensen declared “do not vaccinate your children. I probably could not say that clear enough”.
The backbench MP also claimed the government’s program to vaccinate children aged five and above was “nuts”.

Prime minister, who has denied it’s hypocritical to deport Novak Djokovic while government MPs spread misinformation, says Covid vaccinations ‘save lives’

George Christensen slammed over children vaccination remarks
There NEVER was a ‘debate’. Greg Hunt & his coconspirators are lackeys of Klaus Schwab and the ‘Great Reset’. Australia is being run into the ground by traitors like him.
The ban on ivermectin by the TGA was something of a turning point for me. It was a decision emblematic of the irrational, illogical and absurd nature of “pandemic” policy responses in Australia.
‘Rage’: Christensen threatened TGA official over ivermectin worming tablets

‘Rage’: Christensen threatened TGA official over ivermectin worming tablets

I have rarely seen more hateful, ignorant trolls post rubbish than against the very courageous George Christensen, who did his homework.

One more thing:

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The Truckies of Canuckistan

A spokesturd for #Trudeau claimed that “some truckers are carrying swastika flags”. It is a clumsy attempt to smear the protesters, but it is this kind of false flag op that the enemedia will jump on and they will report nothing else.

Moonbats are already throwing hissy fits about this. But false flag ops are every leftoids stock in trade. It is their modus operandi.

Trudeau flees as trucker convoy enters Ottawa

As thousands of protesters entered Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were moved from their home to an undisclosed location somewhere in the city on Saturday afternoon due to security concerns, CBC reports.

Yes, the son of a whore is running. He is hiding in a “secret location”.

Thousands upon thousands of Canadians have taken to the open road in revolt against Prime Minister Trudeau’s increasingly extreme vaccine mandates and pronouncements. They are headed to Ottawa and aim to stay there until Trudeau lifts his unscientific, illogical, discriminatory and despised vaccine mandatesin Canada.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is clearly rattled. He has issued a video dismissing the protesting truckers as “fringe”, and as “holding unacceptable views that they’re expressing”.

Trudeau has gone AWOL. He is nowhere to be found.

Trudeau claimed he was exposed to Covid but tested negative, but decided to hide from the truckers for a week “at home” anyway.

The son of a whore has form demonising everyday Canadian’s for opposing vaccine mandates. Here he is labelling them as “racists” and “misogynists”.

Canadian. Fascists. Think about that. From the poison pen of the Toronto Star. Friend to the working class. Except when they have opinions.

Obviously, the crew @TorontoStar needs to learn history. Fascism: “centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition” That’s what those truckers are fighting against!

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WHO likes censorship

The Pressure Campaign on Spotify to Remove Joe Rogan Reveals the Religion of Liberals: Censorship

Libturds are obsessed with finding ways to silence and censor their adversaries. Every week, if not every day, they have new targets they want de-platformed, banned, silenced, and otherwise prevented from speaking or being heard.

WHO likes censorship

It’s laughable, really. Here we see a has-been from the seventies representing the interests of the utterly corrupt, ChiCom controlled World Health Organisation.

Singer thanked for ‘standing up against inaccuracies’ after the streaming service refused to remove Joe Rogan’s podcast

‘Rogan or Young. Not both’: Spotify has begun removing Neil Young’s music from its platform after an ultimatum issued by the star earlier this week to the company. Photograph: Rebecca Cabage/Invision/AP

The World Health Organization chief has backed the veteran rock star Neil Young in his dispute with the music streaming behemoth Spotify, thanking the musician for “standing up against misinformation and inaccuracies” around Covid vaccinations.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s director general, tweeted that “we all have a role to play to end this pandemic and infodemic” – in particular social media platforms.

Pull my other leg:

#BREAKING: A new “stealth” sub-variant of Omicron causing concern around the world has been detected in Australia, officials have confirmed.

How much cruelty and discrimination will ordinary Australians watch perpetrated against the unvaccinated (and their children!) before they stand up and stay, “STOP!” to state premiers? …or is there no limit to the horror committed in service of ‘the greater good’?

Dr. Robert Malone EXPOSES Bill Gates: “He has systematically monopolized the global response to infectious disease.”

“The malfeasance that’s gone on here is deep and profound.” –Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines, shared a viral Twitter thread recently which lays out a disturbing trend – the most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, while the least-vaccinated countries are not.

Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA vaccines and DNA vaccines

The AGE vilifies CHRISTENSEN, calls Ivermectin “DEWORMER”

Ivermectin won a Nobel prize.

‘Rage’: Christensen threatened TGA official over ivermectin worming tablets

Nationals MP George Christensen emailed the head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration to personally challenge the agency’s bid to prevent ivermectin from being used to treat COVID-19.

In an email to TGA official John Skerritt, obtained by Brisbane Times under freedom of information laws, Mr Christensen outlined what he was prepared to do to fight the move.

George Christensen has come under fire from senior Coalition colleagues.

George Christensen has come under fire from senior Coalition colleagues.CREDIT:DOMINIC LORRIMER

“PS I’ve organised a phone-in protest as a result of this decision,” Mr Christensen wrote at 1.41am on September 13 last year.

“The TGA will probably get a few calls tomorrow as a result. I hope the phones are well staffed there.”

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Tucker goes there: Soros is at war with western civilization

Tucker: George Soros is at war with Western civilization

George Soros-founded group challenges Tucker Carlson documentary as ‘anti-American propaganda’

Watch this if you want to know how our world is being destroyed and who’s behind it.

The Fox News host lavishes praise on Hungarian autocrat PM Viktor Orban while claiming the liberal billionaire philanthropist is ‘waging a kind of war’ on the West.

Soros is not ‘liberal’ and he is not a ‘philanthropist’. He is a billionaire villain who uses his ill-gotten money to destroy western civilisation.

Carlson (correctly) claims in the documentary that Soros, a supporter financier of mass-migration, population replacement & so-called “open society” experiments,  Democratic campaigns and liberal policies, “is waging a kind of war — political, social and demographic war — on the West” and “has joined forces with officials in the European Union to undermine democracy in Hungary.”

George Soros is sometimes dismissed as some kind of bogeyman by idiots who aren’t moral enough to recognize actual evil, and who are apologists and useful idiots for the left, but he’s an evil man who’s weaponized his billions to get criminal DA’s elected across America, and to generally upend law and order, and civilization itself, as much as he possibly can before he croaks.
Soros mostly hides in the shadows, like the rat he is, and I just remembered what the villain said last summer about taking advantage of the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus, to the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica: “I would describe it as a revolutionary moment when the range of possibilities is much greater than in normal times. What is inconceivable in normal times becomes not only possible but actually happens. People are disoriented and scared.”
Tucker Carlson blamed liberal enemy agent/ megadonor George Soros for Americans being “robbed, raped and killed,” causing the Fox News host to face fresh calls for advertisers to boycott his show

Mr. Carlson made his case by arguing Mr. Soros has funded successful campaigns of Democratic candidates for district attorney in cities where he alleges crime to have accordingly become rampant.

“Traditionally, a prosecutor’s job is to enforce the law,” Mr. Carlson said. “But Soros wanted rigid ideologues who would refuse to do that and instead let murderers and rapists go free while allowing our society itself to degrade and collapse.”

In other news:

El Salvador shows how it’s done

“What Have You Guys Been Right About?” Adam Carolla Slams Media Over Joe Rogan Controversy

teaser image

“You closed the beaches, closed the schools, cloth masks were gonna save us all, the vaccine was gonna be effective, natural immunity wasn’t effective – what have you been right about?”

Authoritarian Madness: The Slippery Slope From Lockdowns To Concentration Camps

teaser image

…the world is teetering on the edge of authoritarian madness.

Censorship By Algorithm Does Far More Damage Than Conventional Censorship

teaser image

It doesn’t matter that you have free speech if nobody ever hears you speak

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After three years of infringement notices to sporting organisations and non-for-profit groups who used the aboriginal flag in designs, the Federal Government have paid $20.5 million dollars for the copyright.
It’s a significant price to pay when compared to the competition prize of 25 Australian pounds paid for the design of the Australian flag in 1901.
The deal also requires:
1. The government to provide $100,000 a year worth of scholarships for Indigenous students in the designers honour;
2. All commonwealth royalties from flag sales will be put towards the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee.
The question is whether you think this gesture will help close the gap?

Indigenous people are as indigenous as those in the first fleet. Indigenes migrated in a number of waves from what we now call India. Each successive wave displaced earlier arrivals. Europeans continued this process. Further, so-called indigenous culture has been appropriated by the new Marxist left. They had no traditional flag or arguably even national identity. They had no smoking ceremonies. A major reason government and churches resorted to the so called ‘stolen generation’ was to protect mixed race girls from abuse, violence and rape at the hands of purebred men. They had no ode to ancestors. All this is fraudulent political theatre and will if allowed, continue to help displace their authentic traditional culture. All for tax-funded freebies and Labor votes. Well done comrades!
Sky News host Paul Murray says despite many Australians participating in Invasion Day protests, there has been “little conversation” about International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


This is a repost of my post on Australia Day 2020.
Historical evidence that Australia was not invaded.…


“Stealth Virus” Will Kill Us All

An investigation of 5 months worth of official UK Government data confirms predictions previously made by The Expose that the Covid-19 “booster” dose would provide a very short-lived temporary boost to the immune systems of the vaccinated population before continuing to decimate their immune systems but at a much more rapid pace.

In short, official UK Government data strongly suggests that the Covid-19 vaccinated population are developing some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at an alarming rate.