#SCOTUS turns out to be a bunch of ignorant MOONBATS

Fact Check: Sotomayor Claims 100,000 Children ‘in Serious Condition,’ on ‘Ventilators’

Soltamayor is inexcusably stupid. She’s the Mazie Hirono of the Supreme Court level stupid. Astonishingly stupid. So stupid. Painful stupid.

Fact Check: Justice Breyer Suggests Vaccines, Masks Would Prevent 100% of Coronavirus Infections

SCOTUS turns out to be a bunch of ignorant MOONBATS

But the alternative is possibly worse:

It’s not ignorance if you choose to lie. They’re not stupid they’re corrupt. In that case, calling it a ‘serious problem’ would be an understatement…

Donald Trump: Government ‘Must Be Reined In,’ People Must Have ‘Freedom to Decide Whether They Want to Be Vaccinated’

One thought on “#SCOTUS turns out to be a bunch of ignorant MOONBATS”

  1. All lawyers are professional hypocrites. All ex-lawyer “judges” are tenured professional hypocrites on power-trips. All criminals are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are criminals. They are the very last people anyone should ever want empowered to judge anyone else.

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