The utterly corrupt WHO must not be given any more power “to keep the world safe”

The WHO is a bunch of corrupt third-world despots who would amass undue powers and financial rewards at our expense if we don’t stop them in their tracks. Here is Tedros beating the drums for the climate racket when he doesn’t champion the  ChiComs and their nefarious agenda.

WHO planning new “pandemic treaty” for 2024

Kit Knightly OffGuardian February 26 2022

In December of last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced plans for an “international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness”. According to the Council of Europe’s website, an “intergovernmental negotiating body” has been formed, and will be holding its first meeting next week, on March 1st.
The aim is to “deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023” and then have the proposed instrument ready for legal implementation by 2024.
None of this should come as much of a surprise, the signs have all been there. If you’ve been paying attention you could probably predict almost everything that will be in this new legislation.
A paper titled “Multilateralism in times of global pandemic: Lessons learned and the way forward” was published by the G20 in December 2020.
It details all the problems faced by international multilateral organizations during the “pandemic” [emphasis added]:
Individual states cannot effectively manage global public threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic on their own […] overcoming the current health crisis and rebuilding livelihoods can only be achieved through multilateral action on both the economic and social fronts […] The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences have revealed the weakness of the current arrangements for multilateral cooperation. International organizations with the mandate to play leading roles in dealing with international crises have not functioned effectively.
And goes on to propose several solutions, including…
The G20 should reinforce the capacity of the World Health Organization. A stronger and more responsive WHO can help the international community manage pandemics and other health challenges more effectively. It can provide early warning systems and coordinate rapid global responses to health emergencies.

Corona, the Pharma Mafia, the Lies & the Dollars

  • Ignore the corpses in the aged care homes. Ignore your oppressive government clowns who stole two years of your life. Just get your jabs, stay home, comply with all the BS-regs and don’t question the “science”. Be a good little schmuck and know your place.

There’s got to be something wrong with these vaccines for governments around the world to go to such great lengths to get peoples to take it!!

Hm? A tiny part of the Covid spike is the same as something Moderna patented in 2016

JoAnn Nova

Just another day in a cold Biotech War?

“The international team of researchers suggest the virus may have mutated to have a furin cleavage site during experiments on human cells in a lab.”

Coronavirus structure

Image: Scientific Animations

To put this in perspective the whole virus is essentially a code with 29,000 bases in a row, and this story is about a sequence of 19.

The code is in the same four letter “alphabet”, more or less, as all life on Earth — A, T*, C and G. But in this new discovery there are 19 particular bases (or nucleotides) in a row. These are the bases that were so useful that Moderna patented the sequence in 2016.  Oddly, no other coronavirus has that sequence. Indeed, nothing else in a virus or animal cell does either.

The reason these 19 bases are so interesting is that they make up the critical point called the “Furin Cleavage Site”. Furin is an enzyme inside our cells that acts like a specialist scissor, cutting only certain proteins in an exact way. A number of nasty germs sneak in and use our Furin snippy tools too —  like HIV and Ebola, and also influenza, dengue and now one coronavirus.  The “Furin Cleavage Site” is the part of the virus spike that has a target painted on it for the Furin enzyme to find. It’s the exact right configuration to get “the snip”.And this snip or bit of pruning is “vital for human and ferret transmission”. It also seems to make the disease more severe. Continue reading Corona, the Pharma Mafia, the Lies & the Dollars

Net Zero Circus: Joe Biden Lost the Energy War with Russia

This is a clown show:

Joe Biden Lost the Energy War with Russia

As the US, EU shrink, Russia grows: In 2020 the US was the worlds largest oil and gas producer

Marc Morano is On Fire

The man from Climate Depot

Morano: ‘In 2020, the United States was back to 1952 with energy, not just independence, but energy dominance’

MORANO: “We are already seeing – the first part of it is in California, $6 a gallon. Gas is already up a dollar. Estimates are seven, $8 a gallon possible with recession if Putin, who we’ve given all of this power to by literally shutting down U.S. domestic energy.

Just a little history lesson here. In 2020, the United States was back to 1952 with energy, not just independence, but energy dominance. We were the world’s largest oil and gas producer. More energy exports and imports, more energy production than consumption and we hadn’t done that since Harry Truman was president. Joe Biden came in at he said the first thing he wanted to do was jail fossil fuel executives. Biden’s energy secretary had done a video singing about no more gasoline, The is world aflame due to global warming.

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Tucker is on fire on the whole Russia-Ukraine messy issue

It’s a religion, and as with any religion, the most zealous, totalitarian enforcers don’t actually believe it. It is their deep fear they are wrong that drives their fanaticism, not their certainty they are right.

It amazes me how some people seem to believe that natural disasters are not, in fact, natural, and that any tornadoes, floods, or fires must be due to climate change.

Psaki: Calls to Enhance U.S. Oil Production a ‘Misdiagnosis’ — ‘We Need to Reduce Our Dependence’

‘Great Reset’ Mongrel Klaus Schwab & Spooky Dude George Soros Back Ukraine

Of course they do. Because the Ukraine dictator Zelensky is their boy.

‘Great Reset’ architect backs Ukraine

World Economic Forum chairman Klaus Schwab has condemned the Russian military operation in the country
‘Great Reset’ architect backs Ukraine
Klaus Schwab speaks as part of SWITCH GREEN during day 1 of the Greentech Festival at Kraftwerk Mitte aired on September 16, 2020 in Berlin, Germany © Getty Images / Getty Images for Greentech Festival

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its chairman, Klaus Schwab, have thrown their support behind Ukraine, vowing to do “whatever is possible to help” the country against Russian “aggression.”

In the statement on Sunday, Schwab – the author of ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ – and WEF President Borge Brende said they “deeply condemn the aggression by Russia against Ukraine” and “the attacks and atrocities.”

“Our full solidarity is with Ukraine’s people and all those who are suffering innocently from this totally unacceptable war,” they stated.

“We only hope that – in the longer-term – reason will prevail and that the space for bridge-building and reconciliation once more emerges,” they said, joining NATO, the European Commission, the UN chief, and other Western powers in publicly condemning Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

During a February 2020 speech to the World Economic Forum, which took place just a few months before the WEF’s controversial ‘Great Reset’ meeting, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for “western investors” to become “the stakeholders, shareholders of the success of a new Ukraine,”and said Ukraine was “a place where miracles come true.”

Why does this influential, unelected globalist entity really exist?
Why does this influential, unelected globalist entity really exist?

“Ukraine should become an investment mecca of eastern and central Europe,” he said.

The Great Reset calls for the creation of “entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems” and a reset of capitalism in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Critics, however, have accused it of being a globalist plot to increase the power of governments and implement a new global economic order.

Woketards, Proud Boys, Ukraine & “Climate Change”


These British spy bosses were all a bit cuckoo in the past, but do they all have to be gay now?

British Spy Boss: ‘LGBT+ Rights’ Are What ‘Distinguish Us from Putin’

US Army wants more diversity. They’re obsessed with colour, genitals & sexual preference. Australian Army wants more diversity too – especially religious diversity. Now the British Army wants vegan uniforms to fall in line with dietary requirements. Xi Jingpin & Putin are scared.

“What’s the best way to stop a war?”

@DanielAndrewsMP-“Get vaccinated, it saves lives.”

I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the conflict on “Climate Crisis”.

Sorry, I take that back:

John Kerry fears Russia-Ukraine war will distract from climate change

Biden’s climate czar said ‘massive emissions’ will negatively impact the globe

Lurch has to be the dumbest schmuck in US politics.

Energy security has gained prominence while the conflict in Ukraine raises concerns over the possible interruption in the supply of oil and natural gas.

That’s from the woketards at the New York Times.

Libturds are blaming Trump for Russia invading Ukraine, I would say thats unbelievable but its not.

Was this Russia/Ukraine conflict accelerated to take attention away from the Biden corruption and the Durham investigation?

Never try to make nice with a fake President or his democrat party who’s called us racist, Hitler, Nazi, Deplorable, uneducated, unvaccinated killers, white supremacists,  Putin lover or domestic terrorist 24/7 for the past two years.

You made your bed, now lay in it.

George Soros: U.S. Must ‘Do Whatever’ Possible to Back Ukraine Against Russia

EU Closes Airspace To All Russian Planes, Bans Media Outlets, After Ukraine Agrees To Hold Talks

teaser image

…the EU will ban “the Kremlin’s media machine…” and “we are shutting down the EU airspace for Russians… including the private jets of oligarchs…

4 Historical Maps That Explain The USSR

teaser image

“Ukraine is not just a neighboring country for us. It is an inalienable part of our own history, culture and spiritual space…”

Moderna patented COVID three years ago

Is the #Corona over? Can I come out now?

The U.S. is (still) spending $53 million a DAY buying oil from Russia.

Let that sink in.

Putin is threatening nuclear war and Joe Biden took the weekend off.

Unvaccinated #Woolies employees start losing their jobs TODAY.

Alexandra Marshall
Why hasn’t anyone in mainstream media sat Greg Hunt down and asked him what the hell he was doing working as Director of Strategy for The World Economic Forum? Not only is it a conflict of interest (with him giving government projects to WEF partners), it’s foreign interference.
I can’t help but notice that global conflict is going to allow all of our governments to escape prosecution and civil outrage for their #covid19 health orders.
The biggest problem for Western leaders is consistency. All of them, including acted like tyrants for two years – banning human and civil rights for the unvaccinated. Some are still doing it. When they say they stand against tyranny, no one believes them.

Ukraine fighters prepare bullets in pigs fat for the invading Muslims

The Chechen mufti promptly blesses the bloodthirsty Muslim headchoppers:

Ukraine National Guard Shares Video of Fighters Greasing Bullets In Pig Fat for Chechen ‘Orcs’


The National Guard of Ukraine has shared video footage of “Azov fighters” greasing bullets with pig fat for Chechen “orcs” deployed in their country on their verified Twitter account.

The Checehn Republic, a Muslim-majority federal subject of the Russian Federation headed by Islamist strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, is reported to have sent forces to Ukraine to support President Vladimir Patin’s ongoing invasion of the country, with Kadyrov sharing video footage which purports to show Chehen fighters replacing the Ukrainian flag with a Russian flag at a captured military facility.

Kadyrov has boasted he could amass a 70,000-strong force to send to Ukraine at a rally of a reported 12,000 fighters in Chechnya’s regional capital of Grozny, and the Western press has been alive with lurid if weakly-evidenced reports of Kadyrov’s fearsome Kadyrovtsy “hunters” — notorious for alleged human rights violations including kidnapping and torture —  have already been deployed to eliminate Ukrainian officials marked for death by the Kremlin.

The “Azov fighters” of the National Guard of Ukraine who have filmed themselves smearing bullets intended for “the Kadyrov orcs” with pig fat — which Muslims consider fundamentally unclean — are almost equally notorious, being former paramilitaries of the Azov Battalion, a volunteer militia with strong neo-Nazi links which was only integrated into the Ukrainian military proper in 2014.

Despite being integrated into the official military, Azov fighters have been observed to still wear the Wolfsangel insignia previously used by a number of Waffen SS divisions during the Second World War.

Continue reading Ukraine fighters prepare bullets in pigs fat for the invading Muslims

Clinton Spy Scandal: is the truth finally emerging?

The Clinton Campaign’s Two-Pronged Plan To Create The Trump–Russia Collusion Narrative

teaser image

The truth is finally emerging…

Watergate was a nothingburger, a device which Democrats used to oust a sitting (Republican) President. This is high treason.

‘Multiple’ indictments’: Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe told Durham intelligence supports ‘multiple’ indictments in probe: sources: Hillary Clinton approved the treasonous plan.

‘Multiple’ indictments’: Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe told Durham intelligence supports ‘multiple’ indictments in probe: sources

Hillary Clinton purportedly approved ‘a plan to distract the public from her email scandal,’ sources told Fox News

Liberal Law Professor: Why The Media Is Melting Down Over Durham Revelations — “Directly Refute Years Of Prior Coverage”

“Now That We Know the Russian Collusion Delusion Was a Fraud, It Means My Conviction Was a Fraud Too” Roger Stone Asks for Help to Sue Hillary Clinton

President Trump On Democratic Election Fraud and the Jan 6 Committee: “It’s a Lot Of Bullsh*t, That’s What It Is.”

THE BIDENS’ UKRAINIAN BLOOD MONEY – What the U.S. Government and Mainstream Media Hid from the Public

Culture of Corruption:

US Secret Service Claims it CAN’T FIND Three Years Worth of Hunter Biden’s Travel Records After Agency Made “Extensive, Inappropriate Redactions” to Docs Produced Last Month

Look at that. Australia isn’t even mentioned. And yet we know that G-Lard bribed the Clinton Foundation with $20 million taxpayer dollars to buy herself a job after she was booted out, the conniving bitch!

The Snowflakes of Canuckistan

The snowflakes of Canuckistan:

Canada State Media Claims Trucker Convoy Left Ottawa Residents Suffering from “Trauma” due to “Phantom Honking” – Yes… Really

Canada: Ontario Leftists introduce bill allowing banning of ‘Islamophobic’ protests

Leftoids are mentally unstable, irresponsible miscreants. They never think things through.To hell with the consequences.

The bill “would empower the Speaker to ban protests at the legislature that promote hate.” In context, the “hate” in question is “Islamophobia.” The problem is that since 9/11 and even before that, Islamic advocacy groups and their Leftist allies have smeared as “hate” any and all opposition to jihad violence and Sharia oppression of […]

The stupidity of Leftoids is legend:

Proposed Canadian Law Would Penalize INTENT to Commit Online ‘Hate Speech’

Ukraine Jihad

Is Putin trying to turn this into a jihad?

Islamist Kadyrov Ready to Unleash Thousands of Chechen Fighters on Ukraine for Putin

The Taliban issued a statement encouraging Russia and Ukraine to seek peace through dialogue.

Yes, this is real.

Who are these guys?

The #Azov Battalion of #Ukraine supported by #NATO & the #US since 2014

Is this real or is it fake?

Julian Assange: “Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years, has been the result of media lies”.

Ukraine fights for its life!

Russian troops advance

Putin puts nuke force on alert

A column of Russian tanks moves on the road on August 21, 2008, not far from Tskhinvali to the border of Russian Federation. Russia's withdrawal of all its forces from Georgia will be completed on August 22, Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov announced on August 21, quoted by the Interfax news …

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian nuclear deterrent forces put on high alert amid tensions with the West over his invasion of Ukraine.

Please read this essay at Gates of Vienna. He does an excellent job of detailing how both sides are using lies and deception in the current war, but how our side is much more heavy handed and clumsy at it.

There are no good guys in this war:

The anti-Russian invective being generated by Western media and politicians is vile, but anyone who takes the antipodal point of view and regards Vladimir Putin as a righteous defender of Russians and freedom is making a big mistake.

This guy is a lunatic:

“NATO threatens international peace and security”

Why are leftoids so dumb, for Marx’ sake….

Through their “unhinged obsession” with climate change, the West have handed Putin his greatest weapon against them, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Watch the full episode at