Australia is governed by globalists

Bernard Gaynor:

Can someone please ask Martyn Iles and the Australian Christian Lobby or the Catholic bishops why they are campaigning to be placed under the ‘protective’ yoke of Rosalind Croucher.
She is the Head Honcho at the Australian Human Rights Commission (which probably should be renamed as the Temple of the Thought Police). And she, just this week, supported the attack on Citipointe Christian College and Christian education in general.
If Martyn or the bishops get their way, Christian education will come under the watchful eye of this High Priestess of Wokedom.
Martyn and the bishops et al have lost their collective minds on this.
They haven’t been sucked in by wolves in sheep’s clothing. They’ve been conned by a wolf dressed as a wolf.
“Human Rights” has been a scam to advance the “Great Reset” for a long time.
The Australian Christian Lobby campaigned for civil unions in the hope it would ward off ‘gay marriage’.
Now it’s campaigning for a Religious Discrimination Bill in order to ward off…a Religious Discrimination Bill.
How do ya reckon it’ll work out this time around.

It is quite obvious that Australia is being governed by a globalist master.

BREAKING: Newly declassified documents reveal that the CIA has been secretly conducting massive surveillance programs that capture Americans’ private information.

This is a message from the ACLU, would you believe?

Police Brutality DownUnder

One thought on “Australia is governed by globalists”

  1. Bernard Gaynor:

    The key take away from the absolute debacle that has been the Religious Discrimination Bill is that Christian schools have been given a reprieve because the rainbow mob is even dumber than Christian activists.
    Christian activists have been clamouring for years to be placed under the control of the rabidly anti-Christian zealots at the Australian Human Rights Commission. It is madness.
    Instead of seizing the oportunity to control what is taught inside Christian schools, the rainbow bullies refused it out of sheer hatred of religion altogether. It’s next level insanity.
    It’s like both sides made all their plays based entirely on the name of the bill and without any understanding at all of what was contained inside it.
    Here’s a tip for young players: any law that gives the anti-discrimination industry more power will be used to destroy Christianity.
    If you don’t get it, just ask yourself this: given every state basically has their own religious discrimination laws and Christians are still under attack as a result of the anti-discrimination industry, why would anyone possibly think that adding an extra layer at the Commonwealth level could possibly improve the situation.
    If you really want to protect Christianity, stop wasting time promoting the guys who march at the Mardi Gras (that’s the Australian Human Rights Commission) and start working to dismantle the entire organisation.
    The laws empowering them should be repealed. And then the buildings where the ‘Thought Police’ work should be bulldozed, salt sown onto the ground and the perimeters fenced off so that they stand as a stark warning to future generations of the madness of our age.
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot: don’t donate another cent to the Australian Christian Lobby or any other organisation that was part of this debacle.

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