Hiding from the truckers, Trudeau keeps poisoning the well

Tucker Carlson: There’s no more fearful despot than Canada’s Prime Minister

Tucker: Trudeau used COVID to short circuit democracy in Canada

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host examines how the Canadian Prime Minister’s policies have changed the country.

‘Fringe Minority’? Crowd-Funding for ‘Freedom Convoy’ Truckers Outraises Canada’s Political Parties

Majority of Canadians Want All Pandemic Restrictions To End

The pathetic Canadian Prime Minister continues to attach hate-filled labels against ordinary working class Canadians who are protesting for the removal of COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.

These Alinsky attacks against his own countrymen are genuinely creepy and uncomfortable to see.  Trudeau is continuing to melt down in a very public way.  Other than a very small circle around him, I doubt these statements are generating much support.

Here’s the guy behind the false flag ops: Trudeau’s personal photographer: