The Spanish migrant transport NGO Proctiva’s ship ‘Open Arms’ has been sea for eight days with about 160 migrants on board after it was denied to ports in Italy and Malta.

David Sassoli, the head of the European Parliament, has urged the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, to assist the migrants in some way.

“The situation is serious and calls for immediate action,” Sassoli told Italy’s La Reppublica. He also claimed that if Europe refused to help the migrants then, “it will mean that it has lost its soul, as well as its heart”.

Nothing is more repugnant than the overpaid traitors of the EUSSR who facilitate population replacement in the guise of altruism.  When they talk about heart and soul they are actually murdering the natives.

In June of 2018, the governments of Italy and Malta have banned migrant transport vessels from docking at their ports unless other EU member states promise to relocate and take the migrants into their own country once they reach European shores.

So far, globalist technocrats in Brussels have been unable to persuade the Italian and Maltese governments to alter their positions on this issue. As of now, the Spanish NGO migrant transport ship is said to be about 29 nautical miles off the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Last week, the EU Commission sent a thinly veiled warning to Italy following its newly announced law which could see stiff penalties imposed on NGO migrant rescue boats in the Mediterranean, calling it a breach of EU rules.

The Commission said that it would  “analyze” the new laws to “verify whether it is compatible with European law,” a spokesperson for the bloc’s executive branch said.

The UN also voiced concern on Tuesday over a new Italian law, demanding that ‘humanitarian work’ not be ‘criminalized or stigmatized’.

Óscar Camps, the director of the NGO Proactiva, has formally appealed to the governments of Spain, Germany, and France to take in the migrants currently aboard their ship Open Arms.

So far, not one of the countries has responded to the request.