The Canadian truckers are heroes across the globe.

More & more experts in the US are saying masks aren’t very effective – especially for children.

“The science” seems to be a different one in Australia.

Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau endured a second day of intense heckling, insults, and accusations of prioritizing his political power over the health of citizens on Wednesday in a heated session of Parliament.

Inhumane Trudeau Government Violates Freedoms of Assembly, Speech, Religion

Exclusive Video — Canadian YouTuber Viva Frei: ‘Legacy Media’ Are ‘Outright Lying’ About Freedom Convoy

You deserve a full picture:

One thought on “The Canadian truckers are heroes across the globe.”

  1. Jussie Turdeau effectively just declared a “defensive” war on America! He’s claiming the trucker convoy is an American (foreign) led insurrection to invoke his adoptive dad, Pierre Trudeau’s, War Measures Act. By this means he will allow him self to use the army to arrest and imprison all the truckers at once, “for Public Safety!” and hold them without charges forever – thus exactly mirroring what Biden’s done to the January 6 peaceful protesters! It is not Trudeau’s choice to step down or to attempt to stay. It is the decision of the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is a critical decision which will affect the entire world. This is not a battle for just Canada, it is a battle for the World. This is the first domino of corruption and if it falls, the entire plan of the WEF fails because all the corrupt dominos will fall if they are forced out of power. Leaving them in power really is simply a short respite for the People.
    Frankly, the WEF cannot afford for Trudeau to step down. If he falls, Biden falls, Australia falls, New Zealand falls and all of Europe falls. Then the rest of the world joins in.
    The sane world is crazy not to make Ottawa the hill they will die on and not give in. It is an opportunity unexpected. Probably an opportunity that will not come again. The Truckers are truly the People’s Army. Where else could you quickly assemble such an army so quickly?
    Truckers can win, this but it will take support from everyone. There is a window of opportunity that will not stay open forever. Time is not on our side. The WEF is not going to go without a fight or without having great fear that they will be smashed by this world-wide movement. Even then the WEF members will be sorely afraid of ending up like Mussolini hanging in the Milan Square and will fight to avoid that. I think people greatly underestimate the overall importance of Ottawa and underestimate the difficulty of overcoming Trudeau. He and the WEF simply cannot afford to lose. I fear also that the People of the world cannot afford to lose in Ottawa. It will likely be the People’s last battle if they lose Ottawa. I do not agree that this is only about a non violent confrontation. I don’t think the WEF will fold because of a lengthy non violent protest of a few thousand truckers. They have been working on this tyranny plan for 100 years. I think they will fold only if they are clearly weaker in strength than the People’s Army. Whether it is non violent or violent confrontation, for either way to succeed requires great power standing behind the Truckers with obvious reserve waiting behind them. This means the WEF must act now before the People’s Army grows too large with strong reserves. I expect action by the WEF soon to squash this uprising. This is not about Trudeau, this is the WEF plan in place around the world. Everyone must be ready to heavily support the Truckers and step into the battle if they are attacked.

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