Warming Science

Can you imagine being a scribbler for a fishwrap like the Telegraph being ordered to write crap about the “climate change” agenda & to link it with “British Colonialism?”

I liked cow-farts better.

A study found indigenous people who were in charge of bushfire prevention were prevented from carrying out ‘cultural burning’ practices.

How bad is Storm Eunice – and is it a result of climate breakdown?

When a tree falls over it’s “climate change”.

No, better make it “climate emergency” to spook Moonbats.

One thought on “Warming Science”

  1. The rubbish about indigenous fire hunting being beneficial to the country is wrong on one major point: this fire hunting resulted in the destruction of the rain forests in the many gorges lining the southern edge of the Northern Territory escarpment and removed the sheltering gum forests at their upper edges. (they did the same in Tasmania where every valley in the SW of the state is full of button grass the only fire survivor).

    The loss of these rain forests resulted in the drying up of the streams, rills and perhaps rivers that drained into the once Great Inland Sea and being its sole source of water other than inconsistent rain, it dried up.

    The Left now tell us that this is nonsense as Jimmy Blacksmith would never do anything so stupid (their proof of ignorance about hunter gatherers who only live for tomorrow and no further) and that “climate change”(that wonderful leftist lever) did all this, ignoring the fact that it was the other way around once the water sources and the sea had gone.

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