Brandon’s War

World War III Watch

Biden’s severe dementia could start WWIII. Some day his handlers won’t be able to “walk back” his moronic mumblings before it’s too late.

On Thursday, Biden implied we’d use chemical weapons against Russia On Friday, Biden told US troops that they’re going into Ukraine And today, Biden accidentally called for regime change in Russia

Buchanan: Is Victory For Ukraine Worth Risking Nuclear War?


How did we get here?

Big Joey Declares America Has ‘Sacred Obligation’ to Fight for ‘Each and Every Inch of NATO Territory’

But… Ukraine is not “NATO Territory”

Biden Says “Butcher” Putin “Cannot Remain In Power” In Call For Regime Change In Russia

White House scrambles, quickly claims Biden “was not” discussing regime change

Daily Mail Drops Hunter Biden Emails Linking Him To Ukraine Biolab Funding

teaser image

While his Dad was in charge of Ukraine policy as VP…

White House Unveils 20% “Billionaire Minimum Tax” Proposal In 2023 Budget

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The proposal marks the first time Biden has explicitly called for a wealth tax.

One thought on “Brandon’s War”

  1. Joe Biden likes to bluster about what a tough guy he is. He bristled on the campaign trail when heckled by a bystander and resorted to challenging him to a pushup contest. On another occasion he called a heckler a “dog-faced pony soldier,” whatever that means. In the past he has threatened to ‘beat the hell out’ of Donald Trump. On a tour of an auto factory in Detroit during his campaign for the Democrat nomination he got into a heated exchange with a worker who challenged his position on gun control. He threatened to take the worker outside and slap his face.
    Biden likes to regale us with tales of facing down “Corn Pop” during his youth in Wilmington, DE. Mr. Pop was supposedly a straight razor toting bad ass who, according to Biden, threatened him as he worked as a lifeguard at a local swimming pool. As Biden tells it, while the local kids were enthralled with running their fingers through Biden’s luxuriously thick leg hair, Corn pulled his razor and menaced Biden. In Biden’s telling he backed Corn Pop down by his force of personality and a chain.
    I was a cop for thirty years. During my career I met a lot of tough guys on both sides of the law. Early in my career I worked off duty as a doorman at several popular night spots. There I met more tough guys. They all had one thing in common; they never bragged about how tough they were.
    Real tough guys, like Putin, a judo champion and former KGB officer, recognize Biden’s bluster for what it is: the pathetic attempt of a phony trying to convince others that he is a tough guy. In poker it’s called a tell, facial and other body language signifying to other players the strength or weakness of the player’s hand.
    Weakness, even when pathetically disguised, begets aggression. Biden’s tell emboldens thugs like Putin who see through the faux tough guy act and are not deterred. It is no coincidence that Putin held off attacking Ukraine until Trump was out of office. Trump had shown that he would meet force with force, as when he launched cruise missiles into Syria after Assad gassed his own people.
    Leadership requires moral clarity and courage. Those who lack clarity often lack courage. The two are interrelated. Lacking courage is a character flaw that is not easily overcome. You can spot the lack of courage in how a leader responds to criticism. Biden shifts blame to others instead of taking responsibility for his actions and the detrimental effect they have on Americans. That is a coward’s move.
    With three years left in Biden’s term as president we are all just along for the ride. His public persona after 40 years of public life is well documented. He has always been an empty suit and a vacuous dullard. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates characterized Biden as having “…been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” As vice president Biden voted against the Seal Team Six raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.
    With Biden in the White House we can expect other bad actors to give us the finger and move against their foes. From Hamas and Hezbollah attacking Israel, to Iran and its pursuit of nukes, to North Korea’s saber-rattling missile launches, to China attacking Taiwan, Biden’s weakness may end up costing thousands of lives and plunge the world into unprecedented instability, turmoil and misery.

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