Italy: Mandates & Fines, Migrants & the Great Replacement

Great Replacement:

While the Christian European refugees from Ukraine are fleeing for their lives, the Muslim’s motives for going to non-Islamic countries are to install Sharia (Islamic Law).

Great Replacement: Globalists Use Ukrainian Crisis to Further their Population Replacement Scheme Ukraine crisis is another opportunity for globalists to help military-age Muslims, often posing as children, penetrate Christian European countries Video:

One in three refugees coming from Ukraine to France are predominately migrants from Islamic and African countries.

Globalists are capitalizing on the Ukraine crisis to further their population replacement scheme, known as the Great Replacement. Islamic male migrants from third-world countries have been mixing in with the flow of Ukrainian Christian refugees, mainly women and children, to try to cross the borders and enter the European Union (EU).

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COVID-1984: 600,000 Italians Set to Receive Fines for Being Unvaccinated

Around 600,000 Italians over the age of 50 are set to receive a fine for being unvaccinated despite the Italian government reviewing a loosening of various Wuhan virus restrictions.

Italian PM: Ukrainian Refugees Must Be Vaccinated Or Take Tests Every 48 hours

Trudeau Adviser Claims Freedom Convoy Protesters Wanted to Overthrow Government

We have seen that this son of a whore is a tyrannical lunatic who will not stop at anything until all opposition is totally destroyed.

While the Christian European refugees from Ukraine are fleeing for their lives, the Muslim’s motives for going to non-Islamic countries are to install Sharia (Islamic Law). As stated in refugee expert Ann Corcoran’s book “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America,” “Hijra remains the model to this day for jihadists who seek to populate and dominate new lands.” Therefore, to emigrate in the cause of Allah is considered in Islam to be a highly respected act.

“I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah” – Quote from the Hadith


Already more than 5,000 arrivals in France of migrants from Ukraine since the start of the Russian attack on February 25. A number that is rapidly increasing,” says French Prime Minister Jean Castex. 

On Monday, “more than 500” migrants arrived in a single day. They are coming by bus, from Berlin in particular, and by train or plane. Although NGOs sponsor many migrants, some arrive by their own means from other cities and are helped by their families in France.

It has been reported by the French newspaper Le Figaro that almost one in three refugees coming from Ukraine are predominately migrants from Islamic and African countries. The latest arrivals include Algerians, Ivorians, Moroccans, Indians, Kyrgyz, Congolese, 15% Cameroonians, Pakistanis, Nigeriens, Chinese, Guineans, and Angolans.

Military-aged Islamic migrants can be seen mixed in with the Ukrainian migrants:

Many Islamic migrants have been trying to “pass themselves off as students.” For example, Mohamed, an Algerian who was a supposed student at Kyiv University in international development, explains to a French reporter, “I have no more papers to prove who I am; I had to flee Ukraine with nothing.”. On his right hand, the Algerian has bruises. “The Ukrainian soldiers are racist; they hit me with their weapons because I wanted to get out of Ukraine, look at my wounds!” testifies the refugee, before noting: “In France, we are well received.”

Germany Warns of Islamic Threat

In Germany, the government is already warning of Islamic terrorists taking advantage of the Ukrainian crisis. In response, The President of the State-Agency for the Protection of the Constitution in Thuringia, Stephan Kramer, has called for all Ukrainian refugees to be registered. There are no regular border controls when people enter the country from a war zone in Germany. Kramer believes that danger is not emanating from the Ukrainian refugees but possibly from terrorist organizations or organized crime.

“Islamic terrorists could take advantage of the refugee movement and the willingness of Germans to help,” said the constitutional protection officer. “For example, Islamist terrorist groups could use the lack of border controls to smuggle potential attackers into Europe without being checked,” said Kramer. “Islamist terror is not over, even if some would like us to believe that.”

Organized crime is already trying to take advantage of the refugee situation, such as human trafficking and prostitution. It is, therefore, necessary to register who has entered Germany, where they are staying, or whether they are just traveling through Germany, said the constitutional protection officer.


Thousands of Syrian, Iraqi, or Afghan migrants have mixed with the Ukrainian refugees trying to cross the Polish border. Many of the Islamic migrants have previously been rejected by Poland and other EU countries.

Poland has been at odds with the European Union for rejecting its Islamic migrant redistribution scheme for many years. Poland has remained steadfast in protecting its Christian identity and way of life. As the Polish Ambassador Anna Maria Anders explained in 2019,

The EU wants redistribution, but we do not change our point of view. Warsaw is already doing so much. In Poland, there are two million Ukrainians, many of whom have fled from war zones. They integrate well, share in part our language, traditions, and culture,” Anders said.

She stressed the importance of Christianity in Poland, saying: “The role of Christianity is a glue of the Polish nation. And this must be respected.”

Once again, he left has launched a media smear campaign against Poland for reportedly welcoming more Ukrainians while turning away the Islamic military-aged male migrants.

This week, Santiago Abascal, leader of the conservative VOX party in Spain, spoke before the Spanish Parliaments and slammed those criticizing Poland.

Abascal said Ukrainian refugees must be welcomed by other European countries, differentiating them from young Muslims of military age who come to conquer Europe,

These women, children, and the elderly must be welcomed in Europe, Anyone can now understand perfectly well what the difference is between these flows of refugees now and the invasions of young men of military age of Muslim origin that have launched against different borders of Europe in an attempt to destabilize and to colonize it.

“We know how to distinguish between those who are refugees and those who are not,” said the Spanish leader. The left is “constantly criminalizing Poland, a nation that has set an example to the world. They stopped and protected the borders of Europe against the scheduled migratory avalanche while welcoming true war refugees from Ukraine.”

European Union’s “Great Replacement” Scheme

For decades, European Union elites have used mass migration to replace European populations. So it is not shocking they would use the Ukraine crisis to further their Great replacement scheme.

There are already massive and irreversible demographic impacts from migration affecting European countries’ national and cultural identities. Migrants continue to be used by the left to dilute host cultures, ensure their political leaders more votes, and ultimately seize more power for leftist, globalist or supra-nationalist entities like the European Union and the World Economic Forum.

As reported previously at RAIR, Swedish European Union (EU) Commissioner and the political elite have gone to great lengths to conceal the devastating effects their suicidal immigration policies have caused Europe. From arresting migration critics to knowingly misrepresenting and even hiding the links between migration and crime and terrorism to labeling those concerned about the economic effects of millions of migrants as right-wing extremists or racist and xenophobic.

Instead of the European elite opening their arms and hearts to real children and women fleeing the destruction, they are using the Russian invasion of Ukraine to further their great replacement scheme. The Ukrainian crisis is another opportunity for the globalists to help military-age Muslims, often posing as children, penetrate Christian European countries.

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