Russia Ukraine War

The ‘Crying Journalist’ Demanding Boris Drags Britain to War is a Biden-Linked World Economic Forum Global Leader.

It’s worse than you think:

AFP News Agency
One million refugees have fled Ukraine in the week since Russia’s invasion, the United Nations says, warning that unless the conflict ends immediately, millions more are likely to flee

One million people have fled Ukraine since Russian invasion, UN refugee agency says

Moscow says 498 Russians killed in Ukraine since invasion started

Ukraine has said that the number of Russian troops killed is far higher. Moscow had previously admitted to losses but without giving any numbers.

The mayor of Kherson told The New York Times on Wednesday that Ukrainian forces had retreated from the city, making Kherson the first major city in Ukraine to fall under Russian control since the invasion began. After more than 15 hours under continuous shelling, hundreds are feared dead in the port of Mariupol, the deputy mayor said. Explosions have been reported in the capital Kyiv and heavy shelling in the country’s second city, Kharkhiv.—