The Biden Tyranny & the State of the Union

Progressives Rage over Biden’s SOTU Call to ‘Fund the Police’

Joe Biden departed from far-left Democrats during his State of the Union address on Tuesday when he dismissed the “defund the police” movement.


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After 1 year of Biden: Nothing is built. Nothing is back. Nothing is better.

SOTU: Just embarrassing. What a pathetic sh*t show.

It adds insult to injury to see how they celebrate their incompetence & their deceit. America deserves better.

Constitutions are irrelevant if governments have “emergency powers.” Constitutions exist to prevent governments from having emergency powers.

I don’t trust Zelensky, Putin, or Biden and you shouldn’t either.

NYT’s Hannah-Jones Claims ‘Racialized’ Bias Coverage of Russia Invasion Due to Ukrainians’ ‘White’ Appearance