What happened to the ‘Winter of death for the unjabbed’?

Pfizer Targets Seniors in Renewed Call for 4th Shot

Run for your life, grandpa. They do mean business.

Majority No Longer Worried About COVID

Is the spook over?

The WEF is the New World Order. They forced the Covid-19 lockdowns on nations around the world and they are very much involved in what is happening in Ukraine. They promote a European Army, a digital ID and a cashless society. They dictate the policies of the EUSSR. Individual freedoms will disappear, as will the truth.

Americans Ditching Masks…

Sabatini: Congress Must Launch Investigation into ‘Criminal Psychopath’ Fauci

A few things to ponder:

I don’t remember asking my government to protect me from ‘misinformation.’ Do you?

Does anyone know what happened to the ‘Winter of death for the unjabbed’?

Remember when none of us used the term myocarditis like… everyday? That was such a long time ago…

India Steps Up Wheat Production to Replace Lost Ukraine, Russia Supply

Some good news:

France lifts rules on unvaccinated and mask-wearing

Italy Expected to Abolish All Coronavirus Health Pass Measures by End of May