Achtung: Australian Elections!

It’s that time again. The system sucks and the political clown gallery is pathetic. How could we ever allow such imbeciles to run the country?

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan has ridiculed claims from Climate 200 candidates who are calling for a 60 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030 – saying it will put Australia in an “impossible position”.

As if there aren’t enough reasons not to vote Labor/Greens – surely the worst is the possibility of KRudd becoming Australia’s next Ambassador to the US.

Alexandra Marshall
Why would an #unvaccinated Australian vote for any political party that locked them up, destroyed their businesses, fired them from work, excluded them from the economy, and instructed the rest of the population to treat them with fear and hatred?

The last two years convinced me that we need a Bill of Rights. Any bill must limit the power of governments to interfere with you and protect your freedom and property.

Al Banause is not only a bad actor, he also steals his lines:

You can’t believe Albanocchio.
You really can’t.
Hardly a day goes by where he doesn’t embellish, deceive, lie or ‘forgets’ what he previously said, then says the opposite.
Two days ago when pitching to coal workers for their vote, he gave the assurance Labor will allow new coal mines, “if they stack up commercially and environmentally” and “Labor would welcome any jobs that would be created from that”.
Weasel words from a weasel.
Labor’s policy is to not approve new coal mines.
Labor and their Greens cohorts plan to reduce carbon emissions by 43 per cent in the next 8 years. You can’t do that by approving new coal mines.
Labor and the Greens will impose such crippling, onerous ‘carbon taxes’ on new coal mines, it is impossible for a new coal mine to ‘stack up’ commercially. Their environmental standards will be so impossible to implement, new coal mines will not ‘stack up’ environmentally.
Albanocchio is as deceptive a politician as you’ll ever find.
To add insult to injury, today when asked, “What is your view on transgender participation in women’s sport?”, he tried to avoid the answer by replying, “That’s covered by the Sex Discrimination Act.”
The reporter persisted, “But what’s your personal view?”
Albanocchio: “That girls should be able to play sport against girls and boys should be able to play sport against boys.”.
More weasel words from a weasel.
Note he doesn’t say boys or men should not be able to play against girls?
He carefully picks his words to say girls should play against girls and boys should play against boys.
Nobody has disputed that.
What is contended is boys/men playing against girls.
No wonder he’s known as ‘Each way’ Albo.
This is what you’ll get if the ALP is elected – verbal pea and thimble trickery.

A factory visited by the Prime Minister while he spruiked a promise to create over a million jobs if re-elected plans to cut jobs at the facility and move them offshore to Vietnam.

Rheem facility visited by Scott Morrison to spruik job creation set to cut jobs, move some work to Vietnam

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