Can Elon Musk Liberate Twitter?

Can Elon Musk Liberate Twitter?

Progressives have the overwhelming advantage that they have infiltrated, subverted, and taken control of every major institution, exactly as the communist Antonio Gramsci advised them to do. But they have an Achilles heel: their ideology stinks.

Pull on any of the many loose threads that dangle from it and the whole pile of lies comes unraveled. This is why Big Tech cannot permit open discussion of key liberal narratives like the global warming hoax.

Imagine if leftists did not control the information highway. Imagine if Twitter were a neutral platform rather than an arm of the Democratic Party that is run by an authoritarian openly hostile to free speech.

Thanks to Elon Musk becoming Twitter’s biggest stockholder, we can do more than imagine; we can hope. Twitter isn’t going to embrace free speech overnight, but change for the better is on the horizon:

No wonder the militant moonbats at Twitter who are used to getting their way are now freaking out.


The media is calling Elon Musk racist because he threatens them!


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