This is a monstrous crime and a filthy lie:

The UK’s vaccine advisers said the jabs would help “future-proof children’s defences” against infections.

Covid vaccines now available for five to 11-year olds in England

Children are not at risk of becoming severely ill from Covid.

How many will die before the “vax rollout” will be stopped?

If you are vaxxed- cancel all kinds of training or competition if you are active in a high pulse/ high energy kind of sport. Your heart is damaged.

The Tour de France is the most prestigious and treacherous multi-stage bicycle race in the world. The first one took place in 1903, and spanned 19 days and 1,509 miles (2,428 kilometers). Tour de France 2022 runs from July 1 to July 24, 2022, and spans 2,068 miles (3,328 kilometers). Needless to say, only the most well-trained and conditioned human beings can compete in something like that. Surely there is a long list of cyclists who have collapsed and/or died during the 118-year history of this race (with interruptions during World War I and II). But that is not the case.

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