Swamp rats rule

This creature is the Head of Biden’s Ministry of Truth

What percentage of the Billions of dollars Biden has sent to Ukraine do you think actually went to Ukraine?

“These are bad guys…”

Creepy Joe is almost gone. He can hardly string a sentence together, let alone read it from the teleprompter.

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‘Bigger Than Watergate’: Trump Furious After Durham Spy Scandal Bombshell, Demands Prosecutions, Reparations

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The MSM’s silence is deafening…

Flashback: Top Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Refuses to Answer if Obama Directed the Criminal Spying on Trump (VIDEO)

Biden Regime Urges Court Not to Allow Release of ‘Secret Report’ on Dominion Voting Machines

We all know why.

Top officials at a U.S. federal cybersecurity agency are urging a judge not to authorize at this time the release of a report that analyzes Dominion Voting Systems equipment in Georgia, arguing doing so could assist hackers trying to “undermine election security.”

GOP Candidate Releases ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Commercial During the Super Bowl (VIDEO)

More Evidence Obama Is Running the White House – Has Call with Dems in Congress Minus Senile Joe Biden

Teachers who mask kids should never be allowed to work with children again. They are an absolute disgrace guilty of child abuse.

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