Jihad in India, Nigeria & elsewhere…

Sucking up to Mohammedans is so much sweeter (and so much dumber) than taking any actions to protect yourself and your community:

India: Catholic churches host Ramadan meals and prayers, ring bells to herald breaking of the fast

Church leaders are useless, spineless schitz.

Faithful Catholics are slamming the archbishop of Bombay after churches hosted Ramadan meals and prayers and rang church bells to usher in the breaking of the Islamic fast.

Christian Nigerian Woman Stoned to Death, Set on Fire by Muslim Classmates For Insulting Their ‘Prophet’ Mohammed

India: Muslim beats his sister’s Hindu boyfriend to death

The life of that young Hindu boy was worth so much more than that of that braindead Moslem zombie….

Nigeria: State government official says more Christians will be killed for disrespecting Muhammad

It was the Clinton Deep State that put the Mohammedans in power. From that day on, Nigerian Moslems been engaged in a jihad to wipe out the Christians in that country. The West is stark asleep. No one can be bothered with the daily atrocities.

Nigeria: Imam justifies murder of Christian student, ‘we the Muslims have red lines which MUST NOT be crossed’

They all do. We don’t. We let them get away with murder. That’s the problem.

Former FBI counterintelligence top dog likens Trump supporters to ‘violent jihadists’

Figliuzzi is not necessarily the dumbest FBI agent ever, but he’s trying really hard to establish himself as exactly that.

Of course, Trump supporters aren’t flying planes into buildings and all that, but such minor details are lost on deep thinkers such as Frank Figliuzzi. This clown’s fact-free and hyper-partisan ravings indicate why the FBI so catastrophically mishandled and willfully misunderstood the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat.

Germany: Muslim migrant known as ‘Islamism test case’ stabs five people at random on train

Imagine a problem that keeps recurring, but that you dare not name or confront. That problem is only going to grow. “Knife attack on the train: passengers overwhelm the perpetrator – suspicion of an Islamist background…”

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