Rule by Mental Defectives


Rule by Mental Defectives

The infuriatingly condescending Jen Psaki is so witless that back in Obama days, Russians adopted the псаки as a unit of measure to gauge stupidity. However, she was Kayleigh McEnany compared to her replacement, the Historic First Lesbian of Color Press Secretary. Watch in astonishment as Karine Jean-Pierre explains that raising taxes will fix inflation because climate change and Marxism:

Picaninny Trash Talk

As for the so-called rich “not paying taxes at all,” the USA has arguably the most progressive income tax structure in the world. Karl Marx would love it.

Check enough identity boxes and you don’t have to be any smarter than a box of rocks. Jean-Pierre’s trendily interracial “partner” is a female CNN propagandist. What more qualification could she need?

Stand by as Affirmative Action subjects us to an onslaught of stupidity that will top even this:

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