WEF calls to reduce private vehicles by eliminating ‘ownership’

So there you have it. It’s not about “going electric”or “going green”, they  want us to go without.

WEF is ruling us and our government! To them we’re an inconvenience to their perfect world

World Economic Forum calls to reduce private vehicles by eliminating ‘ownership’

World Economic Forum says steps need to be taken to reduce reliance on critical metals amid green energy push

Monkey Pox: Does Renaming it Make a Difference?

Tucker wants to call it ‘Schlong Covid”.  

I would call it ‘Homo Pox’, because it’s probably a bit more accurate.

Monkeypox is clearly a “gay” disease, but the CDC is doing everything possible to avoid offending LGBTs

Why don’t we call it ‘Homo Pox’ instead?

New York Declares Monkeypox an Imminent Public Health Threat — 1,300 Confirmed Cases Statewide

Rand Paul Demands Answers After NIH Admits Redacting COVID-19 Origins Emails ‘To Prevent Misinformation’

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“This suggests NIH is censoring the information it releases to the public about the origins of the pandemic.”

Poll: 1 in 5 Americans Say They Are Worried About Getting Monkeypox

Listen to the stupid:



Government is not the divine source of ‘truth’
Flat White The Spectator Australia 26 July 2022
‘Unless you hear it from us, It is not the truth,’ declared New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, in a chilling speech related to Covid health advice. The 2020 clip was dug up by The Daily Wire yesterday, reminding the world what the crucible of government overreach looked like from the sober reality of 2022. And it is not a pretty sight. The hubris, delusional self-importance, and elevation of government to a position of ‘absolute unquestioned truth’ is a sign that New Zealand’s leadership has gone beyond its charter and waded into a China-style system of absolutism.
They were not alone in this behaviour.

Sky News host Peta Credlin says it appears the boundaries of free speech are “getting narrower all the time” as cancel culture impacts whether people are willing to reveal their opinions.

Political correctness ‘gets under peoples’ skin’: Peta Credlin


Australia: Warming Panic Can Be Cured by Submitting to Sharia

As if it wasn’t annoying enough to see the dumbing down in institutions of higher learning, as if it wasn’t ridiculous enough to have Mohammedans proselytising for the faith in said institutions: there’s always another one to take the stupid to the next level.

Renewable Energy Stocks: sharia-compliant bond ‘could help fund’ our green energy transition

Deakin University Department of Finance academic Dr Sohel Azad says a sharia-compliant Islamic bond could offer a solution to encourage much-needed foreign investment in green energy projects.

According to Azad, selling the bonds – known as ‘sukuk’ – on the ASX could be an innovative solution to bring investment certainty back to the energy market and fund ambitious projects like large-scale batteries.

Affordable air travel, tourism in general, has always been a thorn in the side of green communists who would rule & regulate every minute detail of our lives:

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Plibersek & her totally unscientific warming religion

Plibersek  just proved she cannot tell the difference between science and religion.

Minister for the Environment and Water Tanya Plibersek just proved she cannot tell the difference between science and religion.
Eco experts trying to hoodwink us on state of environment
Andrew Bolt The Daily Telegraph July 24, 2022
You’ve been hoaxed. You are the victim of a monumental fraud by new Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek. Plibersek last week released the five-yearly State of the Environment Report, which she claimed was the work of “experts” who’d found our “environment is in a poor state and getting worse”. The report was “confronting”, “depressing” and “shocking”, groaned Plibersek, who immediately promised to lock up 30 per cent of Australia in parks and reserves – half as much again as is protected already.
Yes, this report is shocking, all right. But not in the way Plibersek meant.
It’s shocking evidence of our intellectual decline, and of the Albanese government passing off a new age Aboriginal spirituality as the last word in science.
Not that the media noticed – or dared point out. The Guardian Australia, for instance, insisted this “shocking report” was “completed by scientists”. The ABC agreed it was “written by 30 independent scientists”.
But it wasn’t. Many of the authors are actually Aboriginal activists, writers and even a “curator”. One is a student.
And the authors who are indeed scientists don’t appear for the most part independent. Many are warmists of long standing, almost all working for government agencies.
A lot of this report is not science at all.

The scaremongering over the heatwave has been out of control. Climate change is not the apocalypse. There’s no evidence that fires are getting worse or that extreme weather is killing more people. This is the culture of fear, says Tim Black

Apocalypse from now on?

How the climate of fear turned a heatwave into a catastrophe.

Hellfire’, said the Sun on its Wednesday morning frontpage, alongside a close-up image of burning houses. The Daily Mirror was no less dramatic. ‘Britain’s burning’, it announced, again showing that same blaze destroying people’s homes. Likewise, the Guardian accompanied a near identical image with the admonishment: ‘A wake-up call.’

This whole article is a bunch of longwinded bullshit. All attempts to reason with climate loons are futile. Because reason, logic or common sense do not apply. The warming cultists are fanatical lunatics. The only thing that might work is ridicule, and there is simply not enough of it.

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The war on fertiliser

It is now more than ten years ago that Pamela Geller reported that the UN Agenda 21 & 30 includes a ‘war on tillage’, which seemed bizarre at the time. But as you can see, it is happening as planned.

This is a very important and informative video on the proposed 30% reduction in nitrogen from farms. Please watch.

Anyone who tells you that eliminating individual rights, energy and FOOD, is in your best interest, doesn’t give a damn about what’s in your best interest.

They literally want to starve us to death.

Pregnant Women Covid

This is horrible. When are these people being charged with criminal conspiracy?

Birx: “I know these vaccines were not going to protect against infection”.

The solution to the ‘hospital crisis’ (which has been going on for more than a decade) is to BUILD MORE HOSPITALS – not lock people in their homes to ‘protect the system’. This should be obvious.

Investigational Vaccination of Pregnant Women

At this time, American women have probably lost >2000 babies to the COVID-19 vaccines and that number will continue to rise until either the vaccines are pulled from the market or pregnant women are excluded. This week’s report has an excerpt from Dr. McCullough and Tucker Carlson on Tucker Carlson Today May 8, 2021, and expert opinions from Drs. Malthouse, Stricker, and Gilbert, giving caution about the untested vaccine in pregnant women.

“I am the science” Fraudci want’s you to mask up, threatens lockdowns….

Fauci Roasted After Lying: He ‘Was and Is the Biggest Cheerleader for Lockdowns’

Fauci Taunts GOP: Go Ahead–Investigate Me!

Anthony Fauci Falsely Claims He Never Recommended Shutdowns to Fight Coronavirus0

Emails show NIH, NIAID were repeatedly concerned about ‘gain-of-function’ experiments at Wuhan lab

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) both repeatedly expressed concerns about “gain-of-function” experiments at the Wuhan lab, according to newly obtained emails.

Judicial Watch has gotten its hands on 1,651 pages of records from the NIH through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. Government emails allegedly show that NIH officials warned that EcoHealth Alliance could be conducting “gain-of-function” research at the Chinese lab. There was also an FBI “inquiry” into the concerns over funding received in connection to the controversial research.

More Fraudci BS:

Fauci: Masks Have to Be ‘Well-Fitted’ and ‘High-Quality’ Like an N95 or KN95

Lockdown Forever! German Minister Backs Harsh COVID Restrictions After Meeting with Dr. Fauci

Karl Lauterbach — Germany’s now infamous lockdown-loving Minister for Health — has reiterated his militant support for harsh anti-COVID restrictions after returning from a tour in America, during which he met with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Covid: if the vax is not safe, it shouldn’t be used

“It’s just 15 days to flatten the curve”

“We’re all in this together”

“Mostly peaceful protests”

“Safe and effective”

“81 million votes” They’ve changed the definition of “pandemic,” “lockdown,” “woman,” “man,” “insurrection” and now “recession.” What’s next? We’re living in the Twilight Zone.

Thousands report changes to menstrual bleeding after COVID-19 vaccine, study shows

The vax does nothing to prevent you getting the disease:

Boosters are destroying immune systems

Picaninni Poontang Watch