Al Reuters wants you to believe the warming

‘Global citizens’ are making it pretty clear that they stand AGAINST the WEF, yet our politicians remain in bed with them.

Every society that existed before ours had mystics who peddled pseudoscience. They were called witch doctors and rain dancers. Today we call them public health experts and climate policymakers.

Washington DC lightning strike that killed two offers climate warning 

Rainwater now considered too toxic to consume, study finds

Solution: all potable water must be approved by government apparatchiks.

For a price, of course.

Rainwater has been deemed unsafe for human consumption, according to new research.

Scientists have found a rise of toxic chemicals known as PFAS in the atmosphere.

PFAS are known to negatively affect the immune system, but their full impact remains largely unknown.

Depopulation through sterilization, social conditioning, lethal injections and starvation:

The Great Recession: Facts Vs Denials

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