NBC News calls illegal migrants ‘trash’

The hypocrisy of libturds is breathtaking:

Since when does Hillary Clinton have a problem with young children being flown to unfamiliar islands full of rich white people?

DeSantis: Hypocritical Rich Elites Shipped Migrants Away ‘Within 48 Hours’

Scolds Journalists for Not Covering What Border Towns ’Deal With Every Day’

Ron DeSantis Speaks About Elites and Migrants

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said he is perplexed to see President Biden scrambling to get his Cabinet together due to migrants being sent to a “wealthy, rich sanctuary enclave,” highlighting the hypocrisy of the elites who already shipped the migrants, who they claim to care about, away “within 48 hours.”

“But we have no space!” They said from their 10,000+ SF mansions…

“Abortion access & transgender rights”

If these are at the top of your list in regard to who you vote for… Stay TF home and seek mental help!

F*kc you, Reuters degenerates!

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