#Reparations For the Vax Injured!

‘if you vaccinate your children against covid 19 it’s going to be a thousand times worse’ says independent virologist and vaccine expert, Geert Vanden Bossche, who has been right about absolutely everything.

The World’s most prolific Mass Murderer…Dr. Anthony Fauci…orchestrated an undeniable, diabolical Genocide…upon our Planet…with the help of the World Economic Forum. Buckle up Soldiers…#FauciFiles

Imagine if every death within 28 days of taking a vaccine was classified as a ‘vaccine death‘. Stupid and/or intentionally dishonest right? But that’s exactly how ‘Covid deaths’ have been counted for the past year.

Remember the Twitter “ER doctors” who claimed hordes of patients were dying daily of COVID? They were fake…

16-Year-Old Sophomore Student ‘Collapses and Dies Suddenly’ While Playing Flag Football

On Thursday night, a sophomore high school student in Las Vegas, Nevada, died suddenly while playing flag football.

Masta been “climate change” or ‘sarcasm’.

No kidding.

MMA Rising Star Victoria Lee Dead At 18

Don’t forget what they told us.

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