Revolt in Congress

Republicans revolt against establishment swamp rats who are content with being controlled opposition:

EPIC! Boebert to House Republicans: “President Trump needs to Tell Kevin McCarthy, ‘Sir, You Do Not Have the Votes, It’s Time to Withdraw’” — ELITES BOO! (VIDEO)

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Reveals Kevin McCarthy REJECTED Key Offer That Would Have Secured Him the Speakership (VIDEO)

FIREWORKS! GOP Elite Warns Conservatives to Vote for McCarthy or Be Stripped from Committees and Primaried from Office

Ugh… Trump Tells Conservative Lawmakers to Stick with Kevin McCarthy

Controlled Opposition: FOX Hosts COME UNGLUED After RINO McCarthy Is Rejected Three Times for Speaker (VIDEO)

Swamp rats everywhere you look….

#Trump is the only president that became poorer in public office:

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