Hungary: Bloody Marxist Terror Wave Hits Budapest

Samantha Power hard at work. Obama grinning in the background like a hex.

It appears that the New World Order, led by the US Deep State, may be initiating the process of a “color revolution” in Hungary. The Gates of Vienna has this report:

Budapest: telescopic tactical batons, a hammer-like tool and lead-lined gloves seized from Antifa by the police


Bloody Marxist Terror Wave Hits Budapest

Last weekend, in a series of attacks that are unprecedented in recent history, weaponized Antifa troops savagely beat up innocent Hungarians all over the capital city of Hungary, at several locations.

Totally predictable. First comes  wife of Cass Sunshine & Obamunist agitprop in chief, next thing you know is Antifa thugs are coming out of the woodwork

Four ‘Antifa’ Extremists Arrested Following Brutal Street Attack in Budapest

Four ‘Antifa’ Extremists Arrested Following Brutal Street Attack in Budapest

State Dept Operative and USAID Administrator Samantha Power is in Hungary, Seeding Another Color Revolution – Deep State Ukraine 2.0

Hungary has been in the crosshairs of the Biden/Obama regime ever since Prime Minister Viktor Orban refused to align with the WEF Western Democracies in their quest for regime change in Russia.  As the NATO led western alliance assembled to use Ukraine as a proxy war against Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban would not join.

In early April 2022, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was overwhelmingly reelected {LINK}, despite the massive efforts against him by the European Union, western and euro-centric multinational globalists.   As a result of the victory, Brussels was furious at the Hungarian people.  Associated Press – […] “Orban — a fierce critic of immigration, LGBTQ rights and “EU bureaucrats” — has garnered the admiration of right-wing nationalists across Europe and North America.” (link)


Bloody Marxist Terror Wave Hits Budapest

by László

Last weekend, in a series of attacks that are unprecedented in recent history, weaponized Antifa troops savagely beat up innocent Hungarians all over the capital city of Hungary, at several locations.

The first shocking pieces of news emerged some days ago when a mob of eight German-speaking Antifas severely beat up a seemingly random man in Budapest, Hungary. They apparently travelled here in order to hunt down Hungarians. The victim was probably singled out just because he was wearing (fake) army clothes and some traditional Hungarian garments. He works in the tobacco shop in front of which he was attacked. He suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital.

Here you can watch the cowardly attack of eight Antifas hitting the man on the head from behind with batons, then kicking him on the ground and finally spraying him with tear gas.

Right before that attack the Hungarian member of that Antifa shock troop, a woman, asked their future victim whether he intended to take part in an annual event (described below) of Hungarian nationalists. He answered in the negative, saying that he wasn’t planning to do so, but had some friends that were. That may have triggered the bloody and well-trained attack in Gazdagrét (a district of Budapest), and he was severely beaten up with special weapons — an apparently professional toolkit intended to cause very serious injuries but possibly not death.

Photo (see the top of this post): telescopic tactical batons, a hammer-like tool and lead-lined gloves seized from Antifa by the police

Then it turned out that lots of Antifa troops have actually been dispatched to Hungary — from Greece, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy. They occupied the Buda Castle area where Hungarian patriots were planning to peacefully remember a 1945 war event. The annual memorial walk of patriots, called the “Day of Breakout Remembrance Walk”, remembers the heroic efforts of Hungarian and German soldiers that tried to push back (in vain) against the attacking Soviet communist army that laid siege to the city of Budapest and surrounded the castle, only for most of them to be massacred by the Soviets.

However, the man who was beaten up at the tobacco shop was just a random guy being targeted by Antifa for wearing army trousers (which you can buy in every shopping mall nowadays) and a sort of traditional Hungarian bag. He was going to work in the shop.

So it turned out that hundreds of foreign Antifas arrived in Budapest to “demonstrate” and wreak havoc. They occupied the Buda Castle area: watch the video here. You can see mostly foreign Antifa troops gathering and chanting in Budapest, up there at the castle. The red-starred yellow flag of the Marxist Kurdish YPG (People’s Defense Units, an Antifa ally) is clearly visible. Down there in the street below you can see a group of Hungarian nationalists (the ‘Proud Boys’ type) — held back by the police to prevent violent clashes.

What few people knew at the time was that — parallel with the Antifa demonstrations — a literal series of terror attacks was taking place against completely innocent people all over the city of Budapest. Excerpts from the article of Pesti Srácok:

The weekend attacks took place on two consecutive days, 9 February and the night of 10-11 February. In each case, [Antifa] attacked unsuspecting victims in groups, who were identified on the street, followed for a while and then, without any prior warning, [Antifa] started to beat them from behind with various weapons. According to the police, not all the attacks were committed by the same persons. There is a larger group — there could have been as many as fifteen people — who split up. Sometimes, while following the targeted victims, they could not all get on the [same] bus.

First, three Polish nationals were attacked at Fővám Square as they were unpacking at their accommodation and going on a sightseeing tour of the city. The three victims were attacked from behind by seven to eight people. They used telescopic batons to beat them. Two of the victims suffered serious fractures. The attack lasted for about one minute, after which the assailants fled.

The next day, a young man on his way to work in the Gazdagrét area was attacked. [detailed above]

Also on 10 February, in the late hours of the evening, there were two more attacks. In the 5th district of Budapest, a couple returning home from a concert were attacked. The man suffered serious injuries and the woman minor injuries (László Dudog and his partner, who also gave a statement about the attack).

Photo: László Dudog’s head was smashed by the Antifas that randomly attacked him in the city (omitted because it may be disturbing)

The victims of the fourth attack were a German couple who were also on their way to their accommodation from a concert. They were attacked at the front door of their accommodation — we also showed a photo of the man’s head having to be stitched up in several places.

The head of BRFK’s (Budapest Police HQ) investigation department said the manhunt had resulted in the arrest of some of the suspects early on Saturday afternoon. Three foreign nationals were arrested on Teréz Boulevard. Two of them are German citizens, a man and a woman. The third suspect is an Italian woman. Their clothing included lead-lined gloves, vipers and pepper spray.

The foreign suspects did not speak, but the fourth suspect, a Hungarian woman, admitted that she belonged to Antifa.

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