Jihad Harlots

Shamima Begum went and joined a terrorist death cult. Here, we have British media presenting her on the cover of a glossy magazine as if she is a celebrity. Britain is a laughing stock. They don’t respect us, because we don’t even respect ourselves.

Western presstitutes will not stop until Shamima & her fellow jihad harlots are all returned to where they don’t belong, behind enemy lines, where they can continue their parasitic existence by sponging off the hated infidels. The libturd media is pushing for it.

BBC filmmaker backtracks, now sees Islamic State bride Shamima Begum as a ‘narcissist’

BBC recently aroused its audience’s “disgust” and was deemed “out of touch” by the public because of its podcast that glorified the infamous Islamic State (ISIS) bride Shamima Begum, presenting the jihadi as a repentant victim. The BBC’s investigative journalist Josh Baker stated: As Shamima challenges the removal of her British citizenship by the UK government, […]

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