Disney stock lost half it’s value in the last 2 years. Go Woke Go Broke!

Disney has had a long-standing problem with child predators gaining employment within the company and exploiting minors.

Disney presents itself as the moral voice for children, but dozens of Disney employees have been arrested for child porn and child sex crimes—including at least one case that Disney covered up. The stories are horrifying.

Woke Heiress Abigail Disney Pushes Abortion Propaganda

This Disney heiress is a twisted wreck. Totally unhinged.

Woke heiress Abigail Disney, the grandniece of Walt Disney and granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, has used former 19 and Counting star Jessa Duggar’s miscarriage to push abortion propaganda.

We are the majority. They are just belligerent and noisy. They are the living shiite.

Go Woke Go Broke” is not just for retail businesses. Apply this same theory to our schools and THAT will turn things around quicker than Jack jumped over the candle stick.

Libturds are so demented. It beggars belief. You point out that Disney’s gone woke, you provide the evidence that this paradise for children attracts perverts and predators, and all they can do is tell you to go after the Catholic Church instead.

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