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A Pastor in Canada was taken away in handcuffs because he protested at a children’s drag queen story time at a public library. I stand with Pastor Derek Reimer.

Justin Trudeau to Farmers: ‘You Guys Are Worried About Climate Change’

Trudeau Lectures Farmers on ‘Climate Change’

Trudeau is a certifiable lunatic. He is also a WEF apparatchik.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeatedly emphasized “climate change” while addressing the Canadian Federation of Agriculture on Monday in Ottawa, Ontario.

Trudeau characterized “climate change” — which he regularly frames as a function of fossil fuel consumption and related carbon dioxide emissions — as a primary concern of Canadian farmers and a threat to the financial vitality of agricultural businesses.

He remarked:

Climate change is an increasingly urgent issue for farmers. You are on the front lines when extreme weather strikes. It hits your bottom lines directly.

Hurricane Fiona damaged barns, orchards, and fields, destroying crops and killing cattle. PEI [Prince Edward Island] lost an estimated third of its fruit trees. That’s a shocking number.

Trudeau echoed the narrative of “disinformation” and “misinformation” frequently advanced by America’s Democrat Party and its political allies. He stated:

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Danielle Smith’s hand after Justin Trudeau FORCED her to shake his


You guys are worried about climate change and a whole lot of other things. On top of that, there’s a lot of disinformation and misinformation you may be reading online that’s adding to your worries.

I was at a town hall in Langley, BC, just last Thursday, where Kade asked me why we were — quote — ‘mandating a 30 percent reduction in fertilizer.’

I want to be as clear with you as I was with him. We are consulting with farmers in the industry about a voluntary, not mandatory, reduction in emissions from fertilizers, not in use of fertilizers.

I’ve heard directly from you that finding ways to use fertilizer more efficiently is important both for the sustainability and resilience of our environment and of your bottom lines.

Canada’s federal government stated its intentions to reduce “greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizers” by 30 percent relative to its estimate of 2020 levels. Trudeau said he planned for Canada to become part of a “net-zero” global economy by 2050. “Net-zero” is a political marketing term used by the World Economic Forum and other left-wing organizations for a future in which the volume of greenhouse gases — particularly carbon dioxide — emitted by fossil fuel consumption is matched by the volume of greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere.

Trudeau said the federal government is “making sure the world can feed itself in a net-zero economy in 2050” to halt “the climate crisis.”

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