CBN Discovers the Saudi Funded Schoolbook Jihad

Saudi-funded textbooks being used in America’s K-12 classrooms

Teaching, among other things, that Jesus was a “Palestinian,” the state of Israel never existed, and that the Muslims discovered America before Columbus. At this rate, perhaps even Saudi grade-school textbooks — complete with jihadi and dhimmi declarations — will come to instruct American school-children. Go to CBN link for complete video report.

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

“Public Schools Teach the ABCs of Islam,” by Erick Stakelbeck for CBN News,

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Islamic Hatred in the Heartland: Khalid Yasin hits Dayton, Ohio

Dreck on Stilz: Khalid Yasin

By Patrick Poole | Friday, May 16, 2008

Khalid Yasin is one of the most notorious Islamic hate sheikhs in the world today. He had been widely condemned from the US to Britain to Australia for his virulent Wahhabist extremism, his intense anti-Americanism (despite the fact that he is an American-born convert), his justification of Islamic terrorism, his wild-eyed conspiracy theories, and his outright racial and religious bigotry. And an Australian news investigation found that Yasin had claimed academic degrees that the schools had no record or, and also discovered that he had engaged in outright fraud in his building his international Islamic media empire.

So it is troubling to see that Khalid Yasin will be lecturing at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio on May 16th, sponsored by Dayton’s Masjid-at-Taqwa.

For example, consider some of his stated positions and activities:

• Yasin says that the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks.
• Yasin claims that AIDS was invented at a US government lab and spread by Western governments through UN agencies and Christian missionaries.
• Yasin advocates for the death penalty for homosexuality.
• Yasin justified the terrorist bombings in Bali because of years of Western oppression.
• Yasin says that the Quran permits wife-beating and that equal rights for women is a “delusion” and “foolishness”.
• Yasin calls the beliefs of Christians and Jews “filth”.
• Yasin says that Muslims cannot have non-Muslim friends.
• Yasin rejects any separation between Islam and the state and openly advocates for the reestablishment of the caliphate.
• Yasin visited Jemaah Islamiah terrorist leader Abu Bakar Bashir in prison.
• Yasin has lectured with Hizb-ut-Tahrir hatemonger Omar Bakri Mohammed, who was banned from the UK in 2006.
• Yasin was in Saudi Arabia on 9/11 soliciting the support of Al-Qaeda front Al-Haramain Foundation, which was designated a terrorist organization in 2004 by the US government, to help finance his Islamic Broadcasting Company,.

It is difficult to overstate the hatred, bigotry, misogyny and malicious conspiracy theories spewed by Khalid Yasin. So despicable is his warped ideology that he had been made a pariah by the international media and his views have been condemned by numerous government officials.

For instance, statements made on his DVDs were featured in the UK Channel 4 “Undercover Mosque” program, which were found available for sale in British mosques. Here’s the relevant part of that program’s transcript where he brands the Christian and Jewish faiths “filth”, rejects any equality for women, and blames the West for AIDS:

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America at war with itself

* Denial of reality in the Department of Homeland Security has created an Orwellian nightmare where incompetent, clueless officials are happy to be led by the nose  by slick Islamic infiltraitors.

Andrew McCarthy, author of the great new book Willful Blindness, skewers the new U.S. government’s prohibition of the word “jihad” in National Review:

The Government’s Jihad on Jihad

Still lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.

By Andrew C. McCarthy

The Department of Homeland Security (and, by extension, the Bush administration) is on a jihad against jihad — the word, that is. Its mission is to purge such terms as jihadism, Islamo-fascism, and mujahideen from our public lexicon. Is this a serious strategy or an episode in politically correct indoctrination? That question is being banged around in several venues, not least National Review Online’s “Corner.”

…After paying lip-service to the notion that “the terms we use must be accurate and descriptive,” the DHS guidance urges that we drop jihad from our lexicon, despite its being a perfectly accurate description of what al-Qaeda and other Muslim terrorist groups are doing. Why? Because, according to DHS and the “influential Muslim Americans” with whom it consulted, the true meaning of jihad is the subject of honest to goodness dispute. Indeed, DHS, in its best moral equivalence, frames the disputants in this supposed controversy as “polemic[ists]” — rather than, as is actually the case, one group accurately invoking jihad to convey the concept of holy war pitted against another trying, whether out of good intentions or duplicity, to reinvent jihad as the virtuous striving to become a better person.

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Can't get rid of him. Can't. Because he's got hundreds of noisy supporters…

Influential Muslim Cleric Fights Deportation in New Jersey


March 9: Mohammad Qatanani, imam at the Islamic Center of Paterson, N.J., is fighting his deportation order.

An influential Muslim cleric, instrumental in reaching out to law enforcement after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, arrived at a federal immigration courthouse in Newark, N.J., Thursday to fight deportation.

*   “influential?” Whom does he give influenza?

Imam Mohammad Qatanani, accompanied by his wife and six children, had little to say as he walked past several hundred supporters holding signs and American flags on his way to court.

The imam, who is expected to take the stand in his defense, prayed with his attorney inside the courthouse before the hearing got underway.

* Infidels are always sooo impressed with praying imam’s in robes and beards and turbans…

Qatanani has been in the U.S. since 1996 and heads the Islamic Center of Passaic County. The imam is well known for working with the FBI following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and for calling on his followers to do the same, although supporters say he worked with law enforcement long before 9/11.

Immigration authorities want to deport him because he didn’t disclose a prior conviction in an Israeli military court when he applied for U.S. citizenship more than a decade ago.

The first witness for the prosecution was a former Israel military judge who testified that Qatanani was arrested for belonging to and supporting Hamas, a group the U.S. declared a terrorist organization in 1995. The witness said that Qatanani agreed to plead guilty in 1993.
During the hearing, which is expected to continue through Monday, the imam is expected to admit he was detained, but will likely testify he was never given proper trial and was released from Israeli custody after three months.

Qatanani has previously denied belonging to Hamas, and supporters say he has consistently denounced Hamas and all terrorist organizations.

* There’s a sucker born every minute:

He has received support not only from his Islamic Center of Passaic County, but also from Jewish and Christian leaders who have worked alongside him, some of whom are expected to testify on his behalf. Supporters have raised $100,000 and pledged to protest every day of the hearing.

A federal immigration judge could rule as early as Monday whether Qatanani will be deported or given another chance at residency. If the judge rules against him, he can appeal, and the case could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Any ruling will also affect his wife and six children, three of whom were born in the United States.

* Anchor babies might help his case…

Here’s a different view:

Fitzgerald: The respected cleric’s deportation trial

“Deportation trial under way for respected Passaic cleric” — headline of this article about Qatanani

“Respected” by whom? For what? It is not the job of the reporter to tell readers what to think about Qatanani. If he is “respected” by his fellow Muslims, so what? Do we know exactly what others think of him? We do not. And it is not the reporter’s job to take sides so blatantly.

The reporter’s whole piece appears to have been written by the PR manager of the imam’s campaign. There is, for example, this:

On the sidewalk outside the Peter Rodino Federal Building in Newark, hundreds of supporters gathered in a noisy but peaceful demonstration that lasted more than five hours. Throughout the day, Qatanani sat alongside his wife and six children, his youngest son reading the Koran while his daughter studied for her Advanced Placement U.S. history exam. His wife and three oldest children also face deportation; the younger children are U.S. citizens.

They were “peaceful” perhaps — apparently we are supposed to be grateful for that — but what does it mean when not a dozen but “hundreds” of people demonstrate, and not for a half-hour but for “more than five hours”? What does it mean when they do this not in front of, say, a store that it is claimed has unfair labor practices, but in front of the Peter Rodino Federal Building, in an attempt to influence a legal hearing? Such a hearing should never be the subject of five-hour, or one-hour, demonstrations, by “hundreds” or by a dozen people, who are attempting to influence the application of clear rules by those whose task it is not to admit, as citizens or permanent residents, those who lie on their applications.

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