Muslim Rape & Grooming Gangs

Rotherham Child Rape Victim: ‘Authorities Did Nothing’, Was Told Not to Mention Ethnicity of Attackers

A survivor of a Muslim grooming gang in Rotherham said she reported being raped when she was 13 years old, but authorities did nothing and told her not to mention the ethnicity of the attackers.

The rape survivor, Emma, told Katie Hopkins on LBC radio on Sunday: “I actually reported my abuse 14 years ago. I went to the authorities, my parents did. I sat and gave video interviews with the police, I was willing to work with them.

“But as soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist and I was the one who had the problem.”

“I was specifically told not to comment on the ethnicity of the perpetrators,” Emma said, adding she was told “numerous times” by police and social workers not to mention race.

“I knew I wasn’t racist, but I felt like that was used as a way to silence me.”  (More below the fold)

Muslim Rapist Demands Freedom: Claims Islam Doesn’t Recognize Rape of Infidels
Fully implementing Trump’s travel order cannot happen soon enough to keep sick bastards like this out of the United States.
Iraqi Immigrant Arrested for Raping Nursery School Child in Sweden
A 19 year-old Iraqi immigrant was arrested of suspicion of raping a child at a daycare in Sweden. –THE GATEWAY PUNDIT
29 people in court over 170 charges of sexual exploitation of 18 children
The offences include rape, trafficking, sexual activity with a child, child neglect, child abduction, supplying drugs and making indecent images of children.

When the State (funded by you) refused to criminalise/condemn Muslim rape of schoolgirls, the State gave them the green light.

He has since been released, but he’s got quite a fight on his hands:

Tommy Robinson Arrested After Criticising Muslim Paedophiles
Americans do not realise that Britain is a police state with no free speech. A reporter for The Rebel has been arrested for commenting on police failure to…  NEWPOLITICSTODAY.COM
Immigrants Muslims Are Making Europe Less European And Tolerant”
Author Douglas Murray says that the immigrants are coming to Europe are not becoming more European, but Europe is becoming more third world instead.

Australia: The Price of Halal Exports

Australian Halal brand goes global

* Thanks to Mullah:

* Sounds good, doesn’t it? Exports are good for Australia, who could argue with that. But what is the real price for these exports if it involves allowing large numbers of (Islamic) halal butchers to settle permanently in Australia, where they instantly, upon arrival,  make demands on the government to build them  large mosques and madrassas?

  • James Ferre/Australian Food News
  • The unique Halal brand that was developed last year by Meat & Livestock Australia for use in the Middle East red meat market has now gone global.The brand, which supports the majority of Australian-produced Halal red meat sold in the Middle East, is now set to appear with Australian red meat sold in Islamic countries around the world.

    *  Laurie builds bridges

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    Australia: Study finds most non-Muslims still unaware that Islam has its own set of rules

    Sharia: the great divide. “Alcohol creates ‘barrier’ for Muslims,” from The Age, via JW


    *  “Australians should stop drinking to be more acceptable to Muslims”, sez bridge-builder and outreach expert Laurie Ferguson: “We all have a role to play in making our communities more inclusive and stronger for the future.

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    The Age Welcomes Aladdin

    The door opens for Aladdin Sisalem

    * and another 1000 illegal migrants, just about all of them fake asylum seekers…

    1000 refugees receive protection, not detention

    * From the Sydney Moonbat Herald

    * MOHAMMAD DAWLAT HUSSAIN is among 1000 refugees who can apply for family members to join them in Australia after the Federal Government scrapped temporary protection visas in Tuesday night’s budget.

    * Mr Hussain fled the Taliban in Afghanistan in 1999 and stayed in Iran for two years before travelling by boat to Ashmore Reef, off the northwest coast of Australia.




    * Because everyone deserves a ‘fair go’, right? Because the Howard government was just too cruel to these fake refugees, right? Curiously, none of the lefty loons from the Age questions why a Palistanian born in Kuwait should have a right to enter Australia after passing through 5 Muslim countries on the way here. Nobody asks what Aladdin has to offer Australia, not even the naive Immigration Minister Chris Evans who just said: “Mr Sisalem’s experience is a testament to the former Howard government’s regrettable and unjust treatment of genuine refugees.”

    * No. It is somehow, (just why remains a mystery) our obligation to welcome Aladdin and those like him, who will now, that he has landed, do everything to bring his extended family clan here. The fifth column in our midst is growing faster than the opium poppies in Afghanistan.

    Aladdin Sisalem



    COMING to Australia after 18 months held in the Manus Island detention centre — 10 of them by himself — Aladdin Sisalem felt he had finally found a new beginning.

    Instead, the stateless Kuwaiti-born Palestinian found that he had merely exchanged one form of living in limbo for another. He was placed on a temporary protection visa that banned him from applying for permanent protection for five years.

    He has spent the past four years not knowing if he would have to uproot himself and try all over again to find another country to take him at the end of next year.

    It is only now, after a change of government, that a relieved Mr Sisalem has been told his wait has been cut short by a year. He can apply immediately for permanent residency in Australia.

    For the first time since he fled persecution after a backlash against Palestinians in Kuwait on November 15, 2000, the United Nations-certified refugee may have somewhere to call home.

    “They called me last week as promised and told me the office of the Minister of Immigration has agreed to specify a shorter period to process your application,” he said.

    The wait to apply for permanency, and its accompanying right to visit overseas, has come at a heavy personal cost for him

    Two years ago he applied for an earlier hearing to then immigration minister Amanda Vanstone, which was refused.

    A letter of support from federal MP Michael Danby brought the response that he needed to demonstrate that this would be in the public interest.

    Immigration Minister Chris Evans said: “Mr Sisalem’s experience is a testament to the former Howard government’s regrettable and unjust treatment of genuine refugees.”

    * We beg to differ:


    Fitzgerald: The immigrant’s bad faith

    In February, Hussain and 24 other Muslims joined a statewide lawsuit against Citizenship and Immigration Services and the FBI for what they called unusually lengthy delays in processing their citizenship applications. Some waited as long as five years.”The lawsuit helped my application. I have been waiting so long,” said Hussain, an Orlando machinist from Iraq. — from this article


    Why is Hussain, a “machinist from Iraq,” here in the United States? If he were ever a “refugee” he is a refugee no longer. He has no special skills that are desperately needed in this country. Why isn’t he back home, working hard to build the new Iraq? If he is a Shi’a Arab, then Shi’a Arabs have, thanks to the American invasion, inherited Iraq, or at least Baghdad and all points south, including the major oilfields. If he is a Sunni (not everyone named “Hussain” need be a Shi’a) he has all of the area west and north of Baghdad, save where the Kurds now run things.

    Why is he here? Is he here because he must be here to avoid persecution? From Muslim countries, the only justified immigration should be that of non-Muslims. They are the ones who have a legitimate case to be here to avoid persecution. Does Hussain, the machinist from Iraq, fully support the American Constitution? Does he even understand its contents? Or is such understanding no longer necessary in order to obtain American citizenship?

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    Stop wasting taxpayers money on Haneef!

    Haneef terror investigation costs top $8m

    Daily Telegraph

    • Total cost of terror-support case was more than $8m
    • Bungled Haneef case cost more than $3m
    • Federal police say costs are worth it

    “Bungled” or not, lets not go on wasting taxpayers money flogging a dead horse.

    Mohammed Haneef smiles after his release

    Haneef is gone and nobody should cry any crocodile tears over his departure. Instead of wasting more taxpayers money on inquiries, mudslinging and more investigations to smear political opponents,   It would be far  more sensible to restrict entry to followers of the Muhammedan ideology who come here with hatred in their hearts towards infidels and Jews, people who intend to subvert this country to Muhammedan ‘law’- the sharia. Haneef’s guilt by association is beyond doubt, he was closely associated and related with the Glasgow bombers. There is no doubt that he shares the jihad ideology and the same mental baggage that divides the world in believer and unbeliever with his co-religionists. Our interests, the interests of the nation are non-negotiable, community cohesion and the future of this nation should be, must override every misguided attempt to somehow kowtow to hostile foreign elements regardless of attitudes of the multicultural diversity police and the useful idiots who aid and abet the global jihad with their ignorance and stupidity.

    THE federal police investigation of events surrounding the bungled Mohammed Haneef terrorism-support case has cost $8.2 million – so far.

    The hefty bill takes in the entire Australian Federal Police (AFP) investigation – dubbed Operation Rain – in relation to terrorist bombings and planned attacks in London and Glasgow in July last year.

    AFP commissioner Mick Keelty has called the operation a part of the force’s “obligation” to protect Australia from similar attacks.

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    Moe's Jihad Continues…


    * Roasted Taliban brings out lots of angry Taliban:

    KHAR, Pakistan (AFP) – Pakistan on Friday said that coalition forces in Afghanistan earlier this week launched a missile strike into Pakistan’s tribal region, killing 14 people.

    Source: AFP

    Pakistani protesters chant anti-US slogans in Peshawar. Pakistan on Friday said that coalition forces in Afghanistan earlier this week launched a missile strike into Pakistan’s tribal region, killing 14 people. (AFP/Tariq Mahmood)


    “Interfaith” Crock & Schlock in Doha

    Stupidity is the basic building block of the universe. Following a Muslim invitation for ‘interfaith dialogue’ is a dead end street. These ignorant, foolish Rabbis & Clerics would be better advised to do some serious study of the Koran and the hadith before following these siren calls by slick little imam’s…


    * One of the 7 gates of Jaipur

    Over 20 people involved in Jaipur blasts

    JAIPUR: The Jaipur bombers merrily shopped around for bicycles, carrying the explosives in bags casually slung over their shoulders, investigators have found three days after the blasts that killed 63 and injured many more.

    Sources said that members of the gang had nonchalantly discussed the prices of the cycles they bought.

    Investigators looking for leads on the serial blasts that put the Pink City on the ever- expanding terror map, have come across important clues confirming the involvement of 20-25 people in the attacks patterned after the Gokul Chat Bhandar blasts in Hyderabad last year.

    More from the Times of India


    Amazing clarity  from the Indian MSM, almost unheard of in the US of A:

    Indian Mujahideen are good Muslims:

    Not just a claim, a manifesto for jihad

    Praveen Swami

    * Once again we can see that the terrorists are ‘good Muslims’ who find justification in the Koran & the hadith:

    Citing from the Koran and the Hadith, or traditions of the Prophet, the Indian Mujahideen argues its actions have theological legitimacy. Scriptural calls for forgiveness relied on by the Deoband clerics, it says, are only relevant after a decisive military victory. Dialogue, it continues, is futile: “there is no existence of compromise between a believer and a non-believer.”

    Islamic law, the e-mail asserts, allows the use of collective retaliation against civilians if they are infidels. Given that “a single [Muslim] home is attacked by thousands of [Hindu] terrorists, [a] single woman is raped by hundreds of men,” it becomes legitimate for “the mujahideen to go to any extent or use anything to crush the dignity and power of the enemy.”

    According to the e-mail, all Indians are legitimate targets because “they have willingly elected their leaders and representatives in Parliament who draw up the policies which murder our children, dishonour our women, occupy our houses and plunder our wealth.” Moreover, Hindus “fund the terrorist organisations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Shiv Sena.”

    In its hostility to the Deoband clerics’ declaration, the e-mail is one with most south Asian jihadists. Soon after the declaration was issued, the Jamait ul-Mujahideen rejected it as “poison for all Islamic movements in the world.” For its part, the United Jihad Council said the declaration was “one-sided,” and promised to continue the jihad “until the Day of Doom.

    * Yes. And what are we doing about it?

    * National Intelligence Director: “We try not to refer to ‘jihad’ as something that’s bad”

    * Preventing the West from Saying, and Understanding Jihad, Part I, by Walid Phares
    * More the Jaipur Jihad article above

    * Here is the whole thing from JW


    Australia: KRudd vs Ahmad-in-jihad

    Australia’s fearless crusader KRudd/Darth Vadder

    * Grandstanding or “ghastly stunt?” Will KRudd see this through or is it just a cheap attempt to get attention?

    Dennis Shanahan/The Australian

    “The hidden Mahdi manages all the affairs of this world”- Iran’s genocidal thug in chief

    Barack Obama wants to sit down and have tea and discuss the issues (using his amazing diplo-fu) with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It’s all about hope! and change! and waffles!

    I hope they have plenty of extra syrup if/when they meet, because here’s the mini-Hitler himself, explaining that “the Hidden Imam manages all the affairs of the world.”

    Diplomacy is the only answer, obviously.



    THE Rudd Government is preparing a case to take Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the International Court of Justice for “inciting genocide” and denying the Jewish Holocaust.

    Australia is the only nation pursuing Iran’s despotic leader, who has threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”, through international laws.

    The Australian revealed last October that Kevin Rudd, then the Opposition leader, promised the Jewish community before last year’s election he would take legal proceedings in the ICJ against Mr Ahmadinejad.

    * A letter from a righteous gentile

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    Australia: Government may pursue Iran for inciting hatred

    *  Hmm. Don’t hold your breath: seems to be a rather KRuddish attempt at grandstanding.  As soon as there is a bit of a blow-back this one will fizzle out like the brouhaha against Japanese whalers…

    *  Thug-in-Chief: “The Zionist regime is dying … The criminals assume that by holding celebrations … they can save the sinister Zionist regime from death and annihilation.”

    Canberra, 14 May (AKI) – The Australian government is preparing to prosecute Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the International Court of Justice for inciting hatred against Israel.

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says the government is getting legal advice on whether Australia could take action against the Iranian president.

    The government first raised the idea that it would try to take the Iranian leader to the international court last year.

    On Wednesday, Rudd told the Sky television news channel that Ahmadinejad’s repeated comments about eliminating Israel were appalling.

    “They are an incitement to international violence,” he said.

    “What we have said in the past is that we will take legal advice, which the attorney-general is currently doing, in terms of whether there is a profitable way forward here through the appropriate international legal mechanisms.”

    Attorney-general Robert McClelland also told The Australian newspaper that the government was seeking legal advice on taking Ahmadinejad to the ICJ.

    “The government considers the comments made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, calling for the destruction of Israel and questioning the existence of the holocaust, to be repugnant and offensive,” McClelland told The Australian.

    “The government is currently taking advice on this matter.”

    He told the newspaper there was a potential for loss of life if international legal mechanisms were not pursued.

    Australia is the only country in the world pursuing Iran’s leader for allegedly “inciting genocide” and denying the holocaust.

    McClelland, a minister in the centre left Labor government elected last year, pushed for the campaign against Ahmadinejad when he was foreign affairs spokesman while in opposition.

    Before the election in 2007 Rudd promised the Jewish community he would take legal proceedings against Ahmadinejad to the ICJ.


    Update: (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

    This one starts out a little slow. But tough it out for a few minutes. Wait till you hear the segment from the radio call in show. Clearly Islam in Australia is also the extreme, rare, exceptional form of Islam like it is everywhere else in the world.

    Vlad Tepes has some good comments on his blog re this vid. take a look!

    The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia
    by Tim Priest


    I BELIEVE that the rise of Middle Eastern organised crime in Sydney will have an impact on society unlike anything we have ever seen.

    In the early 1980s, as a young detective I was attached to the Drug Squad at the old CIB. I remember executing a search warrant at Croydon, where we found nearly a pound of heroin. I know that now sounds very familiar; however, what set this heroin apart was that it was Beaker Valley Heroin, markedly different from any heroin I had seen. Number Four heroin from the golden triangle of South-East Asia is nearly always off-white, almost pure diamorphine. This heroin was almost brown.

    But more remarkable were the occupants of the house. They were very recent arrivals from Lebanon, and from the moment we entered the premises, we wrestled and fought with the male occupants, were abused and spat at by the women and children, and our search took five times longer because of the impediments placed before us by the occupants, including the women hiding heroin in baby nappies and on themselves and refusing to be searched by policewomen because of religious beliefs. We had never encountered these problems before.

    As was the case in those days, we arrested every adult and teenager who had hampered our search. When it came to court, they were represented by Legal Aid, of course, who claimed that these people were innocent of the minor charges of public disorder and hindering police, because they were recent arrivals from a country where people have an historical hatred towards police, and that they also had poor communications skills and that the police had not executed the warrant in a manner that was acceptable to the Muslim occupants.

    The magistrate, well known to police as one who convicted fewer than one in ten offenders brought before him during his term at Burwood local court, threw the matter out, siding with the occupants and condemning the police. I remember thinking, thank heavens we don’t run into many Lebanese drug dealers.

    In 1994 I was stationed at Redfern. A well known Lebanese family who lived not far from the old Redfern Police Academy were terrorising the locals with random assaults, drug dealing, robberies and violent anti-social behaviour. When some young police from Redfern told me about them, curiosity got the better of me and I asked them to show me the street they lived in. Despite the misgivings of the young police, I eventually saw this family and the presence they had in the immediate area. As we drove away in our marked police car, a half-brick bounced on the roof of the vehicle. The driver kept going.

    I said, “What are you doing, they’ve just hit the car with a house brick!”

    The young constable said, “Oh, they always do that when we drive past.”

    The police were either too scared or too lazy to do anything about it. The damage bill on police cars became costly and these street terrorists grew stronger and the police became purely defensive. You see, the Police Royal Commission was about to start and the police retreated inside themselves knowing that the judicial system considered them easy targets. The police did not want to get hurt or attract Internal Affairs complaints.


    Read it all…