England now has rational liberal political party.

Here is a video that not only shows Paul Weston’s values and views, but exposes the leftist bias in UK media. Paul makes short work of him though. This party looks like it might actually be able to represent British values, history and traditions and be a viable opponent to Islam in the UK. Let’s watch and see. If they enjoy some success, then maybe a similar party can work in the rest of the Commonwealth nations.

Bus Company Issues Apology After Driver Rejects Burka-wearing Ghosts

Predictable Dhimmitude after burka-wearing Muslimas refused on bus

Published Date: 18 July 2008
A BUS company has apologised after a muslim family of nine was stopped from boarding a bus to Leeds.
The Alhajeri family were refused entry onto the Transdev Harrogate and District No 36 bus from Harewood to Leeds on Monday evening, because the mother and eldest daughters were wearing burkhas. 
They had been on a family day out visiting the house and gardens on holiday from their home country of Kuwait. 
They had travelled by bus from Leeds in the morning, and had a valid return ticket to get back that evening.     

The driver told the family they were not allowed to board as the CCTV cameras would not be able to see the faces of the women, who were wearing a full veil. 

Milan mosque 'to be closed down'

* Good luck with that!


Roberto Maroni


A controversial mosque in the Italian city of Milan is to be shut down, the country’s right-wing government says.

The Jenner mosque attracts about 4,000 Muslims each week, with Friday prayers often spilling out on to the street.

Archive Foto

Now, after years of complaints from local residents, Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni has said he will close the mosque by August.

A leading Roman Catholic has accused Mr Maroni of behaving like a fascist. He has rejected that charge.

Actual photo from Milano Today

The real extend of the problem (thanks to tnr)

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UK: Useful Idiot Mayor Gets The Boot. Muhammedan Mayor Takes Over…

* Mugged by Reality?

* A wake-up call? It should be.   A dose of reality for the despicable multiculti-panderers who believe the soldiers of Allah should feel indebted, or even gratitude for the cowardly, despicable treason these naive twits engage in:

No Place for F*kcwits in Islamic Britain:

A happier Jean Calvert during her time as mayor.

*    ‘Women are deficient in intelligence…”

Tearful mayor in attack on Muslim ‘photo snub

THE Departing Mayor of Kirklees launched a blistering attack on a group of orthodox Muslims for refusing to pose with her in photographs.
Coun Jean Calvert (Lab, Ashbrow) said it proved ‘we are no further down the road’ of women’s rights than when she first became a councillor in 1992.   

Her comments came in her departing speech as she handed over mayoral duties to Coun Karam Hussain (Lib Dem, Dewsbury West).

Coun Calvert was referring to her invitation to attend a community cohesion event at Dewsbury Town Hall in March.

It was organised by the North Kirklees Sunni Muslim Council of Mosques and local imams to mark Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi, the prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

In her tearful speech to the full council and members of the public at Huddersfield Town Hall on Wednesday, Coun Calvert said she had checked whether the invitation was really for her rather than deputy mayor Coun Karam Hussain, but organisers insisted she was welcome.


She said: “I attended this event and was horrified to be left on my own in a room full of people that I didn’t know. The press wanted to take photographs of the group with the mayor.

The photographer was told in no uncertain terms that ‘we don’t have photographs taken with women.’

* Not only that: It seems that many of these Islamo-thugs don’t like to have their picture taken at all.

Update: The only picture we could get hold of for now is this:

* Row as new Kirklees mayor takes office

* If you live in the West, play by its rules or leave

“That was bad enough but then to stand on my own for a further 15 minutes while photographs were being taken of all the other guests in the room was very upsetting.”

Second Update: We got him!

* Cllr Karam Hussain, Mayor of Kirklees

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British Brain Police: Asylum applicants should be called 'sanctuary seekers'

From the ‘perverting everything’ department:

*  Yeah!  Beginning of this month Thailand discovered “Missionary Bandits in the deep South”, in the Philippines they suddenly started to negotiate with ‘communist rebels’, America followed Britain’s Orwellian new language regulation that forbids government officials to use words like ‘terror, Islamic jihad’ et al, because Islamic terrorism is suddenly, magically transformed into ‘anti-Islamic activity’ to woo Muslims.

Mail Online

The word “asylum” should be phased out in relation to foreigners seeking safe haven in Britain and replaced with “sanctuary”, a new report said today.

A poll for the Independent Asylum Commission found that only 28% of people viewed “asylum” positively, and 33% viewed it negatively.

Mind your (terror) language

By Khody Akhavi 

WASHINGTON – From the people who brought you the “war on terror” and the “axis of evil” comes a new verbal tonic for combating that amorphous emotion. 

Out with pejoratives like “Islamo-fascists”, “jihadis” and “mujahideen”, and in with “words that work”, that is according to a George W Bush administration memo that was leaked last month to the Associated Press. 

* Read it and weep..


* Reality sux: 

* Over 200,000 Britons fleeing the UK each year as record 160,000 foreigners are granted citizenship

* Driving out native Brits to establish a Muhammedan proletariat caliphate

In comparison, more than 81% thought “sanctuary” had positive connotations. Slightly more people – 31.3% – most associated the word “asylum” with a place for the mentally ill rather than with safety for the persecuted, the poll said.

Ahead of the launch of the report today, a spokesman said there was “grave misunderstanding” among the public which threatened to undermine Britain’s long tradition of offering help to those fleeing persecution.

“The commissioners advise those wishing to communicate effectively with the public to avoid using the term ‘asylum’ or ‘asylum seeker’ if they wish to convey messages about people seeking sanctuary from persecution,” he said.

Ifath Nawaz, president of the Association of Muslim Lawyers and co-chair of the Independent Asylum Commission, said: “The public have to understand and support sanctuary and the system that provides it for those fleeing persecution.

* Bleeding hearts and minds:

“And that is why the commission is calling for a campaign to win hearts and minds and ensure we have a system that is in line with the values of the mainstream British public.”

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Belgium prepares for attack on historic church

Police Protection for ‘Provocative’ Pulpit

Link to Snapped Shot

More Pic’s here from Snapped Shot


U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice; military apologizes

Cowardice or damage control or both?

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — A soldier used the Quran — Islam’s holy book — for target practice, forcing the chief U.S. commander in Baghdad to issue a formal apology on Saturday.

Maj. Gen. Jeffery Hammond, commander of U.S. forces in Baghdad, apologized to leaders in Radhwaniya, in the western outskirts of Baghdad, for the staff sergeant who was a sniper section leader assigned to the headquarters of the 64th Armored Regiment. He also read a letter of apology by the shooter.

It was the first time the incident — which tested the relationship between U.S.-backed Sunni militiamen and the military — was made public since it was discovered May 11.

“I come before you here seeking your forgiveness,” Hammond said to tribal leaders and others at the apology ceremony. “In the most humble manner I look in your eyes today and I say please forgive me and my soldiers.”

Another military official kissed a Quran and presented is as “a humble gift” to the tribal leaders.

* Good deeds will not go unpunished…

* U.S. soldier uses Qur’an for target practice; U.S. military apologizes; U.S. official kisses Qur’an

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Terrorizing Wilders

* The wankers & flakes,  the despicable cowards who call themselves Dutch these days, the Balkenendes and the parasitic scum opposing the truth are pretty creative when it comes to smear and discredit those who don’t toe the multiculti-PC-line:

they got rid of Ayaan Ali Hirsi and now they’re doing it to Geert Wilders

Whatever it takes:

Wilders must pay rapper EUR 3,000.00

AMSTERDAM – An Amsterdam court has ordered Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders to pay EUR 3,000 to the rapper Salah Edin for using his picture in his anti-Qur’an film Fitna.

The picture was used by mistake to portray Mohammed Bouyeri, the Islamic extremist who killed film producer Theo van Gogh.

The rapper bears a remarkable resemblance to Bouyeri.

The final amount of damages Wilders will have to pay has not yet been determined; the EUR 3,000 is considered as an advance. Wilders must pay EUR 5,000 to the photographer Ilja Meefout, who took the picture.


Wankers of the World: Unite!

EU’s freedom of expression is offending all religions – Intellectuals, Muslim intellectuals, academicians, artists, scholars, and elites have written to the European Union for its hostile attitude towards Prophet Muhammad for offending Islam and spreading hatred against Islamic values.

Read it and weep!

* Wilders News Links


In other news:

Pali Work Accident Watch

Gaza – Ma’an – Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip said on Monday that three police officers affiliated to the de facto government have been injured in an ambiguous explosion in their jeep while traveling east of Gaza City.

Mauawiya Hassanein, the director of ambulance and emergency services in the Palestinian Health Ministry said the ploice officers were taken to Al-Wafa’ and Al-Amal Hospital for medical treatment. He affirmed they were alright.

All three officers were affiliated to the Hamas-run de facto government in the Gaza Strip.


From the ‘Sex under the burka’ department:

“Show me yours, I’ll show you mine…”

Saudi wants divorce after husband lifts her veil

Never showed her face in 30 years of marriage

If this is not f*kcing bizarre I don’t know what is:

DUBAI (AlArabiya.net)
A 50-year-old Saudi woman asked for divorce after her husband lifted her face veil while she was sleeping, local press reported.

For 30 years, the wife said she never showed her face to her husband in conformity with the tradition of her native village near the south western Saudi city of Khamis Mushayt.

“After all these years, he tries to commit such a big mistake,” the wife told Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh, after she left the house in total disbelief.

She said the husband apologized and promised never to do it again.

This is not the first case of husbands who have not seen their wives’ faces in decades.

In the past Al Arabiya has reported the case of Ali al-Qahtani, whose wife had been wearing the face veil for the entire ten years of their marrage. When he tried to take it off, she threatened to leave and only decided to stay after he swore never to try again.

Hassan Al-Atibi threatened to marry another woman if his wife didn’t show him her face. The woman nominated one of her friends who doesn’t observe this tradition as a possible new wife for him, saying this would be better than her showing her face.

And neither the husband or children of Om Rabea al-Gahdaray, 70, have ever seen her face. Al-Gahdaray says it is a family tradition, also followed by mother and sisters, which her husband accepted and never tried to change.

When asked how she could have kids without her husband ever seeing her face, she replied: “Marriage is about love, not faces.”