Dutch farmers are losing their battle against the globalist WEF

If you want to be free, you must REJECT:

Agenda 2030

Digital ID

World Economic Forum

Bill Gates

Klaus Schwab

George Soros

The Great Reset

Climate Change Agenda

Net Zero

Build Back Better

Mandatory Vax.

  This all will keep happening as long as people comply.

Destroying farmers’ lives in Holland and reducing grain available to poorer countries

The Dutch farmers are losing their battle against the globalist WEF and these draconian environmental policies. Over 17,000 farmers in the Netherlands are being effected. The story doesn’t end there because it’s crushing farmers from Germany to New Zealand. Academic Researcher Ralph Schoellhammer joins us to dissect the latest developments.

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How Obamunism Destroyed America

If White Lives Matter is a white supremacist statement is Black Lives Matter a Black supremacist statement?

Community Organisers vs Family Farms

Who needs family farms when you got Obamunism already?

Seizing control of healthcare isn’t enough; you don’t have total power until you control food. Continue reading How Obamunism Destroyed America

Tommy Robinson

Flawless he may not be,  but Tommy Robinson is a hero. For that he paid a huge price. He stands his ground. For that, the British establishment put him in jail and made him a pariah. They  would like to see him whacked.

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Is it a Muslims “human right” to invade the dar-al harb?

They just keep coming.

Over 1,800 Migrants Flood Into Italian Island Centre Meant for 350

The enablers of the Mohammedan invasion want to change the narrative: Europeans should feel guilty when unwanted third-worlders drown in the see on the way to Europe’s riches. It is the ‘human right’ of the impoverished slaves of allah to make the filthy kaffirs pay for their welfare, and those who do manage to reach European shores must  be able to enjoy the fruits of the kuffars labor without ever having to participate in the process of producing anything of value.

It is the old excuse of  the rapist, ‘she made me do it because she didn’t cover up’, or the jewellery thief who just had to smash and grab that beautiful piece in the window which was so irresistible.

The Islamic invasion of Europe proceeds unhindered, driven by the OIC, the EU, the UN, a multitude of “human rights” organisations, the political establishment, the business lobby and the churches. It is sheer madness. It is inconceivable why the  people of the old continent, a people who withstood 1400 years of Mohammedan warfare, suddenly opened the floodgates to the barbarians.  Old Europe is gone. Their culture and civilisation, their values, their society,  religion, architecture, education, medical research, everything dear and precious, is being discarded, the Europeans themselves  replaced by militant welfare seekers from Africa, the ME and Asia.

This invasion, long minimised, denied or obscured, has brought roughly 50 million Mohammedans to Europe, for the most part unproductive, unskilled, unemployable and undesirable. The welfare coffers are empty, but Muslim women, 70% of whom are unemployable, keep breeding, relentlessly. You see them everywhere.

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Julian Assange, a victim of Hussein Obama’s corrupt Department of Justice

 Julian Assange is above everything else a victim of Hussein Obama’s corrupt Department of Justice

The Wikileaks founder is being punished for the crime of journalism, says Fraser Myers

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is one step closer to facing 175 years in a US prison. Last week, UK home secretary Priti Patel formally approved Assange’s extradition to the US, where he faces 18 criminal charges under the Espionage Act.

Everything about the Assange extradition is rotten

The Wikileaks founder is being punished for the crime of journalism.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is one step closer to facing 175 years in a US prison. Last week, UK home secretary Priti Patel formally approved Assange’s extradition to the US, where he faces 18 criminal charges under the Espionage Act.

Everything about the Assange extradition is rotten. The US is pursuing a politically motivated vendetta against Assange – and yet the protections that are supposed to exist in UK law, which ban extradition to the US for ‘political purposes’, seem to have fallen by the wayside. Worse still, Assange is essentially being indicted for the crime of journalism. That is, publishing information that is true and accurate and which the authorities do not want in the public domain.

Don’t just take my word for it – this was the assessment of the US government in the aftermath of Assange’s most infamous leaks. Back in 2010, Assange and Wikileaks became household names when they published the ‘Collateral Murder’ footage, the ‘Afghan War Diary’, the ‘Iraq War logs’ and the US State Department’s diplomatic cables. These generated stories that filled the pages of mainstream news outlets the world over.

The Obama DoJ’s assessment was all the more striking given that it came from an administration that had no qualms about attacking press freedom or prosecuting leakers of information. It prosecuted three times as many whistleblowers under the Espionage Act as every previous administration combined.
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‘Refugees’ or an invading army? Thanks to Al Banause, the boats are coming again…

The outgoing home affairs minister Karen Andrews has confirmed two asylum seeker boats on their way to Australia have been turned back since Wednesday.

The Australian revealed this morning a boat of asylum seekers “again” has been intercepted, and the 45 people on board have been immediately deported, according to Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell.

Anthony Albanese has been grilled over claims he will stop the boats despite data showing at least 3,900 people arrived in Australia during his short tenure as deputy prime minister.

Boat of asylum seekers ‘again has been intercepted in Australian waters’ and deported

Nationals Leader David Littleproud says people smugglers see the Labor government as “weak” as he challenged the government to show a “steely resolve”.

Mr Littleproud said people smugglers are looking to open a business model.

When you import people who do not share your values, don’t be surprised when you discover that you’re surrounded by people who do not value your rights and freedoms.

UK Plans First Illegal Migrant Removals to Rwanda on June 14th

That’s an interesting concept. We shall see how it peters out.

Australia’s asylum seeking ‘boat people’ are not refugees. As long as they don’t proclaim they are fleeing from Islam we must see them as missionary bandits, as soldiers of allah, Mohammedan invaders who arrive on these shores not to become Australians, but to make Australia Islamic.Question: Why do we assume that asylum seekers have a right to resettlement in a FIRST-WORLD country?

One of the great heroines of patriotic immigration reform is Ann Corcoran, whose blog titled Refugee Resettlement Watch relentlessly chronicles the follies and crookedness of America’s refugee policy.

Ann also covers other countries when there’s a point of general interest. The other day she had a post about Australia, which poses a very interesting question I’ve never heard posed before, what Winston Churchill would have called a naughty question.

Australia’s been plagued by illegal immigrants arriving by boat. The Australian government has taken a pretty stern line with these people, called “asylum seekers” in the mainstream media, but in the great majority just illegal economic migrants.

“Economic migrants” implies that these Muslims are seeking a better life or that they would somehow settle in after a certain adjustment period. That is just not the case. Mohammedan illegals have proven themselves to be demanding parasites, or, if you prefer, welfare seekers, but first and foremost they carry in their mental baggage the same Islam  that made them flee the hellholes they left behind.

They’ve put them in camps on remote islands, that sort of thing…

Biden Drives Foreign-Born Population to 47M, Largest in History…

Sexual Jihad

Sexual Jihad – Demoralising and Humiliating the Infidels by Sexual Degradation

Sexual Jihad – the need to degrade and humiliate the Infidels – provides the religious motivation for Islamic gang rapes and pedophile abductions.

Sexual jihad, using rape and other forms of sexual humiliation and sadism, has been employed as a weapon of war against infidels since the time of Mohammed. Sexual jihad, including gang rapes and pedophilic abductions of Christian children, continues unabated wherever Muslims come into contact with infidels.

Demoralising and humiliating the infidels by sexual degradation of both adults and children is one of the most repulsive tactics of Islamic supremacism.

In Britain, Jack Straw and the rest of the political class have finally been forced to acknowledge that there is a nationwide problem,ultimately of their own making, of organised Islamic pedophile rings abducting and gang-raping non-Muslim children. However, beyond wondering why it’s so difficult to get the Muslim community leaders to do anything, they won’t even consider that there may be an Islamic theological ‘justification’ for these activities.

‘Ann Cryer, a former Labour MP for Keighley, she had been made aware of a problem in her constituency in 2003 after she was approached by about six mothers who said their daughters were being groomed for sex by Pakistani men. She said she tried to intercede with the community by asking a councillor to speak to Muslim elders, but they said it was not their affair.’ –http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12142177

The BBC dhimmis have also tried to ‘racialize’ the problem by suggesting that the abductions are by ‘Asians’ on white children. This is a defamatory slur on all decent law-abiding Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Taoists, Confucians etc to be categorised with these jihadists. The exploitation is not based on race, but on the predatory ideology of Islam. Afro-Caribean, Hindu and Sikh girls have also been targeted.

But Melanie Phillips has been brave enough to say what most of us have been thinking…

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Feelings, nothing but feelings….

Who’s Destroying Western Civilization?


Not many people realize that showing respect and deference to Muslim practices and sensitivities outside of Muslim countries is a form of submission to Islam, regardless of the Islamic holiday or the day of the year. This is especially true of those who know little about Islam and have not grasped the implications of granting such respect. They are more concerned with not wanting to hurt Muslim “feelings” than they are with the content of those feelings.

According to the cultural relativism most Westerners are indoctrinated with today, Muslim “feelings” are sacrosanct and not to be troubled or offended. “Feelings,” they are taught, are a tool of cognition, in themselves and in Muslims, so to offend Muslim feelings is to question a Muslim’s world view, and a Muslim’s world view – in which Allah owns everything and everyone and Mohammad was his prophet – is just as good as anyone else’s. Showing disrespect for a Muslim’s feelings implies that one’s own feelings are somehow superior to his. So a Muslim’s feelings must be respected.
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