Kenya Imam's: "Condoms Cause AIDS"

* From the ‘Stupidity Kills” department:

“Condoms & Contraceptives Are Laced with The AIDS Virus…!”

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* What’s next? Last year they killed aid-workers in Pakistan for vaccinating children against Polio. The soldiers of Allah are taking us back to the 7th century…

GARISSA, 12 May 2008 (IRIN) – Muslim leaders in Kenya’s North Eastern Province have resolved to campaign against the promotion of condoms as a means of preventing HIV.
The decision was made after a recent meeting on the theme of “Islam and Health”, attended by more than 60 Muslim scholars and teachers in the provincial capital of Garissa.
“A lot of money is being wasted to poison our community … a huge amount of money is spent on buying condoms, buying immorality,” Sheikh Mohamud Ali, of Garissa district, told IRIN/PlusNews.
The leaders agreed to actively preach against the use and public promotion of condoms as a strategy to contain the pandemic and prevent pregnancy. They also agreed to oppose the distribution of condoms in villages and educational institutions across the northeast.
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