Yusuf does comedy (also)

“Muslim apathy & thick-Sheiks”

Guest column by Eddy Rollnick/BKK

*  Defending the indefensible is not an easy task, especially when increasing numbers of  alarmed infidels are reading the Koran and the sunnah without ideological blinkers and can no longer be hoodwinked with  ‘Religion of Peace’ and jihad is inner struggle’ crack-pottery. One who has taken it upon himself to defend the faith is our regularly featured Islamo agit-prop Irfan Yusuf, always ready to smear and stab these pesky truth-tellers like Robert Spencer, Ayaan Ali Hirsi, Daniel Pipes, professor Israeli, Wafa Sultan and our good Sheik Yer’mami, if only he had a chance, if only he wasn’t  always a dollar short and a day late!

Yusuf’s rants are usually nothing more than Tu Coque (you do it too) repetitive, hysterical cries  of “the Jooos, the Jooos, look at the Jooos…!” Yusuf displays a flawed, but typical Muhammedan non-understanding of Christianity and Judaism, mixed with misguided, miserable attempts at moral, ideological and religious equivalence. Unfortunately for Irfan,  more often than not his mental acrobatics, the inability to reason logically, the brazen lies and the indigestible brew of distorted reality turn into comedy. Who said Islamaniacs are devoid of humor? Yusuf seldom fails to crack me up:

Tanya Louise Smith????

* Just guessing, Yusuf: does she look like this?

Tanya Louise Smith, a young Australian woman who converted to Islam and eventually went to Yemen. She met up with some other Australians and started studying a more fringe form of Islam, which sometimes going by the name “salafi” or “wahhabi”.

* ‘Fringe form of Islam, Yusuf? Gee, last time I checked I was told there was only ONE Islam, as per Koran and sunnah. And it appears the ‘fringe form, the wahabi’ Islam is all the rage among the soldiers of the ummah, because they already control 80% of all the mosques in  Western countries…you call that ‘fringe?’

She married a Palestinian man, fell pregnant and went to Gaza to live with her in-laws. Her husband, who hoped to join her, was stuck outside thanks to the Israeli blockade and Egypt closing the border. You can read her story in The Australian here.

*  Now what do we have here? Another Rachel Pancake?

How did she and her Australian classmates end up pursuing studies in a more fringe form of Islam and in an apparently more radical institution?

No doubt some will say that it’s logical that a person adopting Islam will become a danger to themselves and society. Since 9/11, it has become fashionable in some circles to equate the 14 centuries of evolving religious tradition known as Islam with just about all the ills of the world.

* ‘Some will say’ – sez Yusuf. Indeed. I do say: Islam is a danger to believers and unbelievers. Now does that make me fashionable? And ‘evolving religious tradition’ -, that’s a mouth full! Please tell us more how this ‘religious tradition evolved!’ We’re dying to know!

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Hamas bans pornographic websites in Gaza Strip

* Good one, that: in EUrabia its the Muhammedans who are the biggest consumers of porn. Now if Hamas is going to take this away from them, will it encourage some of them to break with Hamas? Because if that doesn’t do it, what will?

Al Reuters:


Islamist group Hamas has told the main Palestinian telecoms company to block access to pornographic Internet sites in the Gaza Strip, a Hamas government official said on Monday.

Gaza’s Ministry of Communications said in a statement that telecommunications firm PALTEL has agreed to block Internet users in the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave from viewing adult websites starting this month.

“The aim of the move is to protect the Palestinian community from cultural pollution and to protect the young generations from the misuse of the Internet through viewing pornographic sites,” Hamas government spokesman Taher al-Nono said.


An Internet provider in the Gaza Strip, which Hamas seized in June after routing President Mahmoud Abbas’s secular Fatah forces, estimated that about 400,000 Gazans surf the Web and said almost half of them were aged 18-35.

Attacks against video stores and Internet cafes have increased over the past two years. Some of the attacks had been claimed by radical Muslim groups who say such places run contrary to Islamic values.

Other Muslim countries such as Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia also control access to some political, social and pornographic websites.

PALTEL could not immediately be reached for comment.

 by Nidal al-Mughrabi


Video: Hamas massacre of Fatah in Gaza, June 2007




Arabiya, whole "Muslim World", goes apeshit over Koran shooting

* The usual: Kissing that dirty book and begging forgiveness doesn’t do it. Apology ceremonies won’t do it. Infidel blood must be shed, nothing less will do:

From Al Arabya/

Hourly updates over the marauding Koranimals who run amok will follow, stay tuned!


Germany’s SPIEGEL pays tribute to the ‘most powerful book in the world’

* Need more proof that lefty loons respect only violence?


Solidarity with Gregorius Nekschot

Thanx to the Gates of Vienna:

Gregorius Nekschot is the pseudonym of a Dutch cartoonist who was arrested on Wednesday for his dangerously racist and discriminatory cartoons.

Our Dutch correspondent Michiel Mans just sent this “solidarity” sticker, and recommends posting the sticker on your blog if you support Gregorius Nekschot and the right of free expression.

* Gregorius Nekschot Interview – Danish TV 28 Feb 2008

*  Shiva from the Illustrated PIG has some of Neckshot’s cartoons right here…

Moe's Inner Struggle, every day…

Moe & the ‘Peace Process’

Arab mediators reach deal to end Lebanon violence

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Arab League mediators announced a deal on Thursday to end Lebanon’s worst internal fighting since the civil war, after the U.S.-supported government backed down in its conflict with Hezbollah.

Al Reuters

* From Iran, where the lunatics run the asylum:

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Israel’s ‘Disintegration’ Imminent; Tells Bush On Lebanon: You Are Defeated, Bound For Extinction

In a public address that aired on the Iranian news channel IRINN on May 15, 2008, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that Israel’s 60th anniversary celebration is a sign that Israel would soon fall. He accused Israel, U.S. officials, and British elements of planning and authorizing terror attacks in Iran.”

Ahmadinejad also responded to the interviewer’s comments on how the Iranian people expect his government to shut down the British Embassy in Tehran.

The following are excerpts from the address:

*  View this clip on MEMRI TV


Philippino Jihad News

Philippine government, communist rebels have secret talks in Norway on reviving peace effort

OSLO, Norway: Philippine government officials and communist rebels held three days of secret peace talks in Oslo this week in an bid to revive efforts to end a nearly four-decade conflict in the Asian country, a Norwegian official said Thursday.

* “Communist rebels?” Where in the f*#kc did they find ‘communist rebels?’

Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Raymond Johansen said the meetings that ended Thursday focused on ways of resolving one of Asia’s longest-running Marxist insurrections. He said the talks were kept informal and confidential at the request of the parties.

The talks ended without the delegations immediately offering comment.

*  Read it all while we keep looking for ‘communist rebels’


Correction thanx to  reader I’m no Dhimmi: This happened in the USA, not in Canuckistan:

USA: Jihadist mass-murderer claims insanity

* The SOB was calm, cool and collected and the insane murders due to the Koran & the hadith:

Prosecutors to argue shootings were political


Attorneys for Naveed Haq rested their case Wednesday after presenting evidence that the mentally ill man was criminally insane when he shot six women, killing one of them, at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

* Well,  not mentally ill, but most certainly criminally insane with overdoses of headbanging in the mosque…

Haq’s lawyers relied heavily on the testimony of psychiatrist James Missett, who told jurors that Haq described beliefs that something was controlling his trigger finger and that God Allah approved of his “mission” that July 2006 day.

Missett said he believed Haq was unable to perceive what he was doing or tell right from wrong, though the psychiatrist acknowledged that it would not be unreasonable for others to conclude otherwise.

* Yeah. Just make sure that nobody mentions Islam or jihad…


India: “Little Known Outfit” tried to derail tourism

* Gee. I have a haunting suspicion they succeeded:

JAIPUR/NEW DELHI: A little known outfit, Indian Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility for carrying out the fatal blasts in Jaipur on Tuesday. And to buttress its claim, it sent video clips to the media of a cycle strapped with a bag that it claimed held the bomb. It also sent an email to announce the blasts with three attachments showing the cycles strapped with explosives.

Spewing venom at the religious beliefs and deities worshiped by the majority community, the Mujahideen said that the choice of Jaipur was deliberate and meant to cripple the state’s tourism industry. It also launched a diatribe against Muslims who do not support terrorism, calling them a “bunch of cowards”, and vowing punishment to them unless they sought forgiveness.

* Well, who’s going to forgive them? The local imam’s?


Jaipur blasts: Sketches of 4 suspects released

JAIPUR: Rajasthan Police on Thursday released sketches of four men in the age group of 18 to 25 years suspected for their alleged links with Jaipur serial blasts that claimed 61 lives on Tuesday.

* More

Heroin, The Golden Sword of Islam

An excellent, shocking photo-reportage from the Illustrated PIG to Islam

By flooding the streets of their enemy with heroin, the Jihadis hope to addict and kill our youth, destroy society and cause massive social problems.

The drug trade has helped Islamist terrorist organizations recruit new members by citing drug abuse they have inflicted as an indication of Western degeneracy, and then, as a justification that such corrupt societies should be destroyed.

“We are making these drugs for Satan America and the Jews. If we cannot kill them with guns, so we will kill them with drugs.”

Read it all


Bush in Israel: Arabs & Lefties Go Apeshit

Genocidal Fantasies: Jordanian prof: Let’s send suicide bombers with small nukes to Israel

Professorial. “Jordanian University Lecturer Ibrahim ‘Alloush Suggests Sending Suicide-Bombers Armed with ‘Small Nuclear Bombs’ to Israel,” from MEMRITV


Hamas official: “After we defeat the Zionists we will persecute them… we will persecute them to eternity”

Land for what, now? “Zahar: ‘We will persecute the Zionists’,” from the Jerusalem Post, May 14:

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said Wednesday that a Palestinian state will be established on all of the land of Palestine and not only on parts of it, and that it will include “Jaffa, Lod and Haifa.”
Zahar also reiterated Hamas’ unwillingness to recognize the State of Israel and said that the group “will continue to persecute the Zionists wherever they are, after we prove that the Zionist army can be defeated – contrary to what was believed in the past, that it is impossible to beat the Zionists.”
Speaking in the Gaza Strip, he went on to affirm Palestinian right of return, claiming that the “right of return of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians is closer than ever.”

“After we defeat the Zionists we will persecute them… we will persecute them to eternity, and the sun of the freedom and independence of the Palestinians will burn all of the Zionists,” he continued.

* Right. This headbanger is a true believer, and that’s a good Muslim:

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177:

Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”


Al Reuters ‘Nakba’ sing-along song:

Bush hails Israel’s “chosen people” as Arabs lament

* Islamic Action Front supporters shout anti-Israel slogans during a rally against Israeli

On a day when Palestinians remembered homes and land lost as Israel was created in 1948, Bush made only fleeting reference to their aspirations for a state of their own in a speech marking Israel’s 60th anniversary that was laced with references to God.

* This article prompted one of our lefties to send us this:

Belief in God ‘childish,’ Jews not chosen people: Einstein letter

German-born physicist Albert Einstein, pictured here in 1948, described belief in God as “childish superstition”…

* Fair enough. But would he really side with the moonbats, the Arabs and all the rest of the Israel haters today..?

* Source

Back to Bush:

The way the nutroots & the Pali-Arabs love to hate him:

Basking in ovations on the second day of a farewell visit to a country where his presidency is hailed as a golden age, Bush again said little of the talks he has sponsored in recent months between Israel and the Palestinians, which he hopes can bring a deal on a Palestinian state before he leaves office in January.

Speaking of the “promise of God” for a “homeland for the chosen people” in Israel, Bush told the Israeli parliament after a visit to the Roman-era Jewish fortress at Masada: “Masada shall never fall again, and America will always stand with you.”



MSNBC Joins the Nakba Chorus


Still more insanely over the top “Nakba” propaganda from the mainstream media at MSNBC, by yet another Arab writer: As Israelis celebrate, Palestinians mourn.

This is how the media are almost universally spinning Israel’s 60th anniversary. It’s nauseating.

JERUSALEM – Women screaming and children trying to escape a village on fire.

These are just two of the images that two Palestinian sisters, Fatima and Zeinab Jaber, 65 and 71, live with from an event they witnessed 60 years ago. They are haunted, too, by the memory of their mother, Nuzah, who they recall crying as she rushed members of their family to safety.

And they are their last recollections of their home, the village of Deir Yassin, as it was being overrun and destroyed by armed Jewish militant groups.

It gets worse. You won’t believe how much worse.


Rotten to the core: Hamas killer rabbit & dirty old man claim Tel Aviv was 'Tel Al-Rabi'

* Cooking history so they can hate us better:

The Hamas grievance mill is ever-churning, teaching the youngest children to hate Jews and aspire to kill them. In this latest video, the rabbit that wants to kill Jews and eat them up gets a history lesson from his grandfather, all about his wonderful city, Tel Al-Rabi’, which has been seized by the Zionists and renamed Tel Aviv. He has the property deed, he has his house key — oh, the poor man!

The only problem with this particular grievance is that it’s entirely fictional. Tel Aviv was founded by Jews in 1909. There never was an Arab city named Tel Al-Rabi’. The whole presentation here is simply designed to buttress the flimsy “Palestinian” claim to “stolen land” — which is in itself a figleaf for the jihad against Israel, which isn’t about land at all, but about the insult of an infidel nation-state on land Muslims claim as their own.

“Grandfather of Hamas TV Bunny Assud Insists Tel Aviv Was a Palestinian City,” from MEMRITV

* And tomorrow California will be called ‘Al Caliphate’

Following is an excerpt from the Hamas Children’s show “The Pioneers of Tomorrow,” which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on May 9, 2008:
Assud the Bunny: Grandpa, where did you live? In what city?

Grandpa: We used to live in the most beautiful place in Palestine.

Assud: Where?

Grandpa: My dear, you’ve never seen such a place. I used to live in Tel Al-Rabi’ [the Arab word for “spring,” which is “Aviv” in Hebrew]. What a beautiful place. My God, when I recall Tel Al-Rabi’, which the Zionists have called…

Assud: There’s no such place called Tel Al-Rabi’. What’s the matter, Grandpa? Have you gone senile?

Grandpa: I’m not senile. My head is working just fine. How can you say I’m senile? This place was called Tel Al-Rabi’, but the Zionists and Jews Hebraicized the name to “Tel Aviv.” Where did this “Tel Aviv” come from? It has been Tel Al-Rabi’ for generations, on the land of Palestine, right next to Yafa. How can you say I’ve gone senile? I know this. My head still works just fine. Are you trying to confuse me? I’m not senile yet. I have documents and proof. I have all the papers here. The documents are right here with me. How can you say I’m senile? I have all the documents with me. Here they are. Everything is here, from the days of the British and even before. This is our land, as well as the fields, the trees, and the houses. I can even show you the key. You’re calling me senile? I have proof.

Assud: Forgive me, Grandpa, it’s not our fault. It’s the fault of the school curricula, which did not teach us that Tel Aviv is in fact Tel Al-Rabi’, and vice versa.

Grandpa: No, my dear, take it from me. I know, and I have the papers and the land deeds. The name Tel Al-Rabi’ has been forged by the Jews and Hebraicized to “Tel Aviv.” They invented all these names. “Ashdod” is, in fact, Isdud. “Ashkelon” is, in fact, Al-Majdal. Where did they get these names? Al-Sab’ is called “Beer Sheva”! It’s all a lie. There are all pseudonyms. Yafa, Al-Lydd, Al-Ramla, Al-Sab’ – they changed all these names and Hebraicized them, and now they say: That’s Tel Al-Rabi’? There is no such thing. It’s Tel Aviv. It’s all a lie. All these names were Hebraicized by the Jews.

More Honor Killings In Jordan

* Where is queen Rania when you need her? ‘Dispelling stereotypes’ on youtube?

From the ‘Muhammedanism is a mental disorder’ department:

Jordan: man kills pregnant sister to “cleanse family honor

AMMAN – The Jordanian authorities are questioning a 22-year- old man, who allegedly killed his pregnant married sister for reasons related to family honour, the Jordan Times reported Friday, quoting official sources.

The 20-year-old victim, who was not identified by officials, received three fatal bullets to the side of her head, reportedly by her brother, at her in-law’s house in western Amman Wednesday night.

The suspect immediately headed to the nearest police station and turned himself in, handing over the gun he used to shoot his sibling to officers on duty.

“The suspect told police he had just killed his sister to cleanse his family’s honour,” the sources said.

The victim became the fifth person reportedly murdered in a so- called honour crime since the beginning of the year, the paper said. Last year, a total of 18 people were killed for reasons of “honour” in Jordan, according to official sources.

Another honor killing in Jordan: Man drowns sister in Dead Sea

* Guess that’s why its called the ‘dead sea?’ NOT!

The second reported honor killing in Jordan in less than a week. “Jordan charges man with killing sister suspected of having extramarital affair,” from the Associated Press, May 12:

A Jordanian judicial official says the country’s state prosecutor has charged a man with premeditated murder who is suspected of drowning his 22-year-old sister for having an extramarital affair.

The official says the unidentified woman’s brother beat her with the help of his family Saturday and then took her to the Dead Sea, where he drowned her.

The official says the state prosecutor also charged the woman’s parents and another brother Monday with assisting in the murder by knowing about it and for beating the woman before she died. He says they carried out their suspected actions after seeing an unidentified man leaving the slain woman’s house.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity Monday because he was not authorized to talk to the media.