Saudi Arabia: never too young to get married…

10-year-olds aren’t too young to be brides in Saudi Arabia

An 11-year-old Saudi Arabian boy gave out invitations to his classmates for a big event his family was planning this summer – and it wasn’t his birthday party.  

It was his wedding to a 10-year-old cousin. 

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Saudi Arabia: "Al-Qaeda threat is serious"- Grand Mufti Al-Asheikh gets the jitters…

* The inbred scum of Sowdi Arabia sees the writing on the wall: for more than 70 years they’ve been preaching hatred and financing violent jihad against the rest of the world and groomed their offspring to make the world Islamic. Now the “chickens come home to rooooost” and they don’t like one bit:

Arab News

JEDDAH: The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia yesterday urged citizens and residents to take the Al-Qaeda threat seriously and join hands with the Kingdom’s security forces in defeating the group.

“The finding of weapons and dangerous explosives to carry out subversive acts and destroy economic installations… should not be taken lightly,” said Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh.

The statement follows news last week of the arrest of 701 Al-Qaeda militants in the last six months for allegedly plotting to carry out terrorist attacks on oil facilities and other vital installations.

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Indonesian govt naturalizing children of Saudi parentage

*  Here you can see the results of temporary (muta’a) marriages: elderly Sowdi men buy young Indonesian women for a few days or weeks for  temporary ‘marriage’. They pay  little money and leave them pregnant. These are the same hypocritical assholes who believe they are morally superior to the decadent West:

Ghazanfar Ali Khan | Arab News
RIYADH: More than 600 stranded children, mainly of Saudi and Arab parentage, have been granted Indonesian citizenship in a move on the part of the Jakarta government to correct their status and integrate them into society. Some of these children, who have become adults now, are of Chinese and Indian origin, said a report released yesterday by the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.       

“People who leave their children to live like orphans in a foreign country should be ashamed,” said Adel Al-Jassim, a social worker in Riyadh.

In a recent case, five Saudi men were deported by Indonesian immigration authorities for arranging temporary (muta’a) marriages, while another Saudi national was released for lack of evidence. They were arrested in Puncak, a hill station south of Jakarta, on charges of violating Indonesian marriage laws.


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