Cuban Americans Turn on Biden

Biden’s contempt for liberty is shameful.

Many of the protesters are young people to whom Fidel Castro’s revolution is ancient history. They sometimes chant “we are not afraid” and carry American flags as proud symbols of freedom. They may fail in overthrowing the regime, but they are nevertheless dangerous because their movement can grow quickly if they get US support.

That support is not forthcoming.

Tensions rose in front of the White House Sunday as a small group of socialists in defense of the Cuban communist regime attempted to confront a peaceful assembly in support of the rights of Cuban people.

Lilia Gort, who was participating in the much larger assembly against communism, came from Tampa, Florida, because, as she told Breitbart News, “We want freedom for our people in Cuba. The Cuban people don’t have any rights. We don’t have freedom of speech. It’s been like this for 61 years or more. The children don’t have any food. They don’t have medicine.”

“The people are being pulled out of their houses right now and they are being killed because on July 11, they went out on the streets to protest because they are tired of living in misery,” Gort continued, appearing to reference video footage smuggled out of Cuba of state security conducting door-to-door raids and shooting unarmed civilians in their homes, sometimes in front of their children.

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Australian Media & the Speech Police v the People

Covid is the excuse for the speech police:

Amazing how that smug little milquetoast sells the most draconic speech policing just to “keep us safe”. We are in a bad spot here

Globalist hypocrisy on steroids:

Rally exposed police for selectively applying the law

Rita Panahi Herald Sun July 26, 2021
It’s curious how the media and political class who fell over themselves to justify the BLM marches during the pandemic cannot comprehend why people whose livelihoods, liberties and quality of life has been destroyed would protest against lockdowns.
Take Greens senator Sarah “Sea Patrol” Hanson-Young who posted in June, 2020: “South Australian police have given an exemption to allow the #blacklivesmatteraustralia rally in Adelaide tomorrow to go ahead. Meanwhile in NSW the Government is taking its own citizens to court to stop peaceful protest. What the?!”.
Protesters front police on Flinders St. 

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Why the Left Has To Suppress Free Speech

  Prager’s Column

Let us begin with this fact: The left always suppresses speech. Since Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, there has been no example of the left in control and not crushing dissent.

That is one of the important differences between liberal and left: Liberalism and liberals believe in free speech. (The present leftist threat to freedom in America, the greatest threat to freedom in American history, is made possible because liberals think they have more to fear from conservatives than from the left. Liberals do not understand that the left regards liberals as their useful idiots.)

The left controls universities. There is little or no dissent allowed at universities.

The left controls nearly every “news” medium. There is little or no dissent in the mainstream media — not in the “news” sections and not in the opinion sections.

The left controls Hollywood. No dissent is allowed in Hollywood.

That is why we have “cancel culture” — the silencing and firing of anyone who publicly dissents from the left, and even “publicly” is no longer necessary. The National Association of Realtors has just announced that if you express dissenting views (on race, especially) in private, you may be fined and lose your membership in the organization — which effectively ends your career as a realtor.

So, we return to the opening question: Why does the left need to crush all dissent? This is a question made all the more stark because there is no parallel on the right: Conservatives do not shut down dissent or debate.

The answer, though the left will not acknowledge it, is the left fears dissent. And they do so for good reason. Leftism is essentially a giant balloon filled with nothing but hot air. Therefore, no matter how big the balloon — the Democratic Party, The New York Times, Yale University — all it takes is a mere pin to burst it.

Leftism is venerated by intellectuals. But there is little intellectual substance to leftism. It is a combination of doctrine and emotion. The proof? Those with intellectual depth do not stifle dissent; they welcome it. Continue reading Why the Left Has To Suppress Free Speech

Great Reset Implementation Watch: a “virus bigger than COVID”

The “Great Reset” is being promoted by the left (not only the left!) worldwide and it will be a “bigger virus than COVID”.

Nanny State Britain: Boris Johnson to Introduce Junk Food Credit Score App

Knock Knock, WHO’S THERE?


Andrew Cuomo: We Must Knock on Doors, Put People in Cars, ‘Drive them and Get that Vaccine in Their Arm’

Cuomo should be hanged in Times Square for forcing 15.000 old people to die in aged care homes infested with Covid.

n this Wednesday, May 27, 2020, file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference, at the National Press Club in Washington. Over his long career, Gov. Cuomo has been known as a brutal political opponent to people who oppose his agenda or challenge him publicly. That …Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Monday said it is the community’s mission to get more people vaccinated, previewing his administration’s desire to knock on doors, put unvaccinated people in cars, and drive them to “get that vaccine in their arm.”

CNN’s Lemon: Unvaccinated Should Not Be Allowed in Supermarkets, Ball Games, Work

There are plenty of dumb females on CNN, but born again tyrant Don Lemon wins against the b*tches every day

Billionaires Segregate Themselves on Luxury Private Islands as Ordinary People Told They Can’t Travel

Neo-feudalism: The elite is hiding out from the devastation their policies have caused.

News that billionaire Google co-founder Larry Page has been hiding out on and buying isolated private islands in Fiji to avoid tourists who aren’t allowed in once again underscores how the elite is using the fallout from the pandemic to segregate themselves from the general public.


Top Health Officer Orders Australians: ‘Don’t Have a Conversation’ With Each Other

The fading case for vaccine passports


Germany: Vaccinated “Will Have More Freedom” as Unvaxxed Banned From Cinemas, Restaurants

And you know what? They all comply. The nature of these servile fools is deplorable.

The UK Government is considering banning students who have not been fully vaccinated with two shots from attending lectures in person, effectively denying them their education for not taking the shot, according to reports.

The London Times reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is reportedly “raging” at the fact that young people are not taking the vaccine en mass, is preparing to force students to get the shots in return for unfettered access to their lectures.

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Another woke general goes off the rails: “Block & report the trolls & the disinformation tinfoil hat team”

Glenn Greenwald:

Can’t help but notice how many top military officials these days sound more and more like some trolling, highly politicized wannabe MSNBC panelist or a pseudo-enlightened NYT op-ed writer than they do apolitical military officers.

I’m so embarrassed of our military, what the fuck happened to them

First the threat was climate change

Then it was white supremacy

Now it’s Twitter trolls

What is the army for again?

A United States Army Major General lashed out at critics on Twitter and asked his Twitter followers to “block and report” people he called “trolls” and “the disinformation tinfoil hat team,” after they criticized one of his tweets urging people to get vaccinated.

Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe, commanding general of the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, on Thursday, July 22, quote-tweeted an earlier tweet warning of the Delta variant and urging people to get the vaccine. He tweeted:

3 weeks ago. Since then we’ve seen a spike in young trainees in the ICU, spike in trainees arriving positive, and it moves quick in the formation. To get ahead get the shot. Takes five weeks to build the immunity. If you havent done so, do it right now. Delta variant aint playing.

A Hillsdale College graduate student and Marine veteran, Josiah Lippincott, responded to his tweet, saying there were 26 military suicides in the 4th quarter of 2020 — the same number as total military deaths due to the coronavirus. “The lockdowns, liberty restrictions, quarantines, and general disruption of servicemember’s lives is a way bigger killer than the virus,” he said, posting a Department of Defense graph.

Donahoe responded:

Your false equivalency of suicide compared to the virus doesn’t hold up. Why don’t you compare auto accidents while you’re at it. Your apparent aversion to the vaccine is wrong headed. It’s the way to normalcy while saving lives. In 1918 people prayed for a vaccine.

Lippincott responded: “Suicide is an intentional act. Car accidents are not. When policy treats healthy soldiers as biological hazards we shouldn’t be surprised by an increase in suicide and psychological problems.”

Read it all here.

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Anti-vaxxers will be assassinated

Madagascar’s “denial of science” in the fight against Covid-19, and its reliance on an organic, plant-based ‘cure’, is endangering its citizens their president & those in government who are “anti-vaxx”.

Madagascar foils assassination attempt on President Andry Rajoelina

Madagascar said on Thursday it had foiled an attempt to assassinate various Malagasy figures, amongst which President Andry Rajoelina.

Six people, two of them French nationals according to diplomatic sources, have been arrested.

“According to all the investigations we have made, the people arrested are involved in the assassination attempt of the Head of State of Madagascar. The arrests followed all the norms. The arrests were not made by mercenaries but by the police,” Minister of Public Security Rodellys Randrianarison told the press.


“Six people were arrested. Among them, two Malagasy are bi-nationals, there is also a foreigner and the others are Malagasy,” he added.

Police said they intervene to seize weapons on Tuesday after monitoring the operation for months.

Two assassination attempts in a month

You know what’s fun? To check the views of political leaders who have been assassinated or there have been attempts to assassinate them, on the covid vaccines. Thats fun.

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“Positive [covid] tests as they are counted today do not indicate a ‘case’ of anything”

PCR Tests Can’t Differentiate Between COVID And The Flu.

“Positive [covid] tests as they are counted today do not indicate a ‘case’ of anything”

Posted on by Steve Kates/Catallaxy Files


The real question is why are we still in lockdown? From Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID?

Numerous epidemiological experts have argued that cycle thresholds are an important metric by which patients, the public, and policymakers can make more informed decisions about how infectious and/or sick an individual with a positive COVID-19 test might be. However, as JustTheNews reports, health departments across the country are failing to collect that data.

Here are a few headlines from those experts and scientific studies:

1. Experts compiled three datasets with officials from the states of Massachusetts, New York and Nevada that conclude:“Up to 90% of the people who tested positive did not carry a virus.”

2. The Wadworth Center, a New York State laboratory, analyzed the results of its July tests at the request of the NYT: 794 positive tests with a Ct of 40: “With a Ct threshold of 35, approximately half of these PCR tests would no longer be considered positive,” said the NYT.“And about 70% would no longer be considered positive with a Ct of 30! “

3. An appeals court in Portugal has ruled that the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful.

4. A new study from the Infectious Diseases Society of America, found that at 25 cycles of amplification, 70% of PCR test “positives” are not “cases” since the virus cannot be cultured, it’s dead. And by 35: 97% of the positives are non-clinical.

5. PCR is not testing for disease, it’s testing for a specific RNA pattern and this is the key pivot. When you crank it up to 25, 70% of the positive results are not really “positives” in any clinical sense, since it cannot make you or anyone else sick.

So, in summary, with regard to our current “casedemic”, positive tests as they are counted today do not indicate a “case” of anything. They indicate that viral RNA was found in a nasal swab. It may be enough to make you sick, but according to the New York Times and their experts, probably won’t. And certainly not sufficient replication of the virus to make anyone else sick. But you will be sent home for ten days anyway, even if you never have a sniffle. And this is the number the media breathlessly reports… and is used to fearmonger mask mandates and lockdowns nationwide.

Scamdemic is a word I have come across that may really represent what we have been through. Also discussed here: CDC Seems To Tacitly Admit PCR Tests Can’t Differentiate Between COVID And The Flu.

Hunters Art Covered by Corrupt FBI

Who would have thought… The Chinese communists who burned Western art as imperialist, decadent, and corrupting are somehow enamoured by Hunter Biden’s talent.

Ron Johnson: Feds ‘Covering for Bidens,’ Won’t Touch Hunter Scandals

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) accused government agency of covering for the Biden family in denying congressional requests for information on investigations pertaining to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Johnson said there was a similar trend in dealing with the Centers for Disease Control.

Mark Steyn: Ethics concerns arise over Hunter Biden’s art sales

Fraudci & Those “Rare Blood Clots” Killing People Everywhere

Megalomaniac Dr. Fauci Argues Unvaccinated People Are Going to Cause the Virus to Mutate into Deadly New Variant

Rand Paul Slams Fauci For Not Answering Questions; It Was “Ad Hominem Attack With Him Simply Calling Names”

teaser image

“…he has self-interest in not being attached to this research…”

Let’s End the Debate About the Origin of COVID-19 – Made in a Laboratory in China – It’s Time to Identify those Involved

Rare blood clots are discovered in seven more Australians who’ve had the AstraZeneca Covid jab as the government ramps up their vaccine rollout

  • Two men and two women are confirmed to have the rare blood clotting disorder
  • A further three women are believed to have the condition after getting the jab
  • On Tuesday, a woman from South Australia died as a result of blood clots 

Up to seven more Australians have been diagnosed with rare blood clots after getting the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine – as the government ramps up its vaccination rollout amid the fresh outbreaks.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration confirmed on Thursday that two men, aged 67 and 71, from NSW and Western Australia have the blood clotting disorder. 

Two women, age 67 and 70, from Victoria are also confirmed cases. 

A further three women have been deemed ‘probable’ cases, including a 48-year-old from Victoria, a 61-year-old from Western Australia, and a 66-year-old from the ACT.

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