Swedish ships’ cargo was "negroes"


Black Sex Slaves

“These women were used as servants and concubines, often both at the same time. They lived a relatively short time, research suggests an average of seven years after reaching the Empire, and this kept the slave trade between Africa and Tripoli going strong.”

New find reveals Swedes’ role in Ottoman sex-slave trade

(The Local) The recent uncovering of centuries-old documents has revealed that Swedish ships were used in the Mediterranean slave trade. Up to three quarters of the cargo was women who researchers have suggested were sold as sex slaves. […]

“Sweden actively participated in the Ottoman Empire slave trade with the Sub-Sahara – and this is completely new,” he said.

According to Östlund’s findings, the shipping registries state that the Swedish ships’ cargo was “negroes”.

While the slaves sent to America were predominantly men used for plantation work, the Ottoman Empire had a different agenda entirely.


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Black Sex Slaves Continued:

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