Fjordman: On the Illusion of a Moderate Islam

by Fjordman

This essay overlaps to some extent with earlier essays of mine regarding the alleged existence of a “moderate Islam,” including Do we want an Islamic Reformation? and Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims. In this discussion I take as my starting point the fact that the traditional Islamic religious texts — the Koran supplemented by secondary sources such as the hadith literature — through a straightforward reading encourage perpetual violence against non-Muslims around the world until the global supremacy of Islam and its followers has been firmly established. There are plenty of studies available confirming this. Muslim scholars themselves, including prominent ones such as al-Ghazali and Ibn Khaldun, have supported this view for well over one thousand years and continue to do so in the twenty-first century.

One complicating factor is that lying to or deceiving non-Muslims using techniques known as taqiyya and kitman are perfectly permissible in Islam and widely practiced by Shias and Sunnis alike. The claim that this strategy exists within Shia Islam alone is false; for example, the Palestinian Sunni Jihadist leader Yasser Arafat (1929-2004) at the same time as he was talking about “peace” to Westerners — a game of deception which earned him a share in the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 — to Arabic-speaking audiences suggested that the Oslo peace negotiations with Israelis were merely temporary measures similar to the Treaty of Hudaybiyya between Muhammad’s followers and the non-Muslim Qurayshi tribe of Mecca, which was promptly broken as soon as the Muslims felt strong enough to get away with it.

Many Muslims, for instance Tariq Ramadan, are known to put up a “moderate” face in front of an infidel audience but present a very different message when addressing Muslims in their own language. Generally speaking it is permissible for Muslims to lie, or withhold the truth, if they cannot yet force their will on their opponents by brute force, as long as they keep the “true Islam” alive within their hearts. This does of course not mean that all Muslims do this always, but it is a common strategy employed particularly where Muslims are a minority.

In plain words this means that if Western countries ever become serious about closing their borders to Muslim immigration and expelling sharia-sponsoring persons from their lands, we should expect to see an immediate, massive increase in the number of “kind” and “tolerant” Muslims in the West, but many of them would be lying and biding their time for better days.

7 thoughts on “Fjordman: On the Illusion of a Moderate Islam”

  1. .
    Fjordman is brilliant. Everybody should google him and read his many great articles, and his book.
    absurd thought / your Supreme God wants / many Taliban planets / stonings and beheadings / billions served daily

    *READ the Koran!

  2. An honest asssesment is Islam’s greatest fear.No one could defend the model of the “perfect” man, the pedophile “prophet” Mohammad, and not be in the camp of Bin Laden and the Taliban, since they are his truest adherents.The soft-pedalling “moderates” are either downplaying the true intolerant and misogynistic and terroristic nature of their imperialistic “religion” and its dismal, tyrannical dogmas… in order to sucker the infidels into slow submission to their infiltration… or they are as ignorant of Islam, beyond the sugar-coated superficiliaties, as most infidel dogs (like George W. Bush and Mrs. Blair, et al) claim to be.I salute Ali Sina for his open challenge to the Mohammedans to be honest …or be quiet.The more they speak out in defense of “the Religion of Peace”… in the naked face of its brutality and expansionistic violence… the more studiously “ignorant” or shamelessly deceptive disinformation artists they show themselves to be.

  3. I used to wonder why muslims still stuck with islam even though they know/knew muhammad was full of shit. Now I know. The answer is greed and power. If they gain power they can take whatever they want from non muslims (as they did in mo’s day robbing and stealing from caravans and cities) and through the islam tithe (2%) money will keep pouring in to those on top. They don’t believe that their allah really sees anything, or, he isn’t real because no kind of god is real (athiests at heart). Also, many of them love killing; whether it is a human or an animal to be killed- they love it. That is why islam attracts so many in prisons-violent people at heart.

    1. I have occasionally opined on ‘Islam’ which they say means ‘peace’ which, of course, is a farce! They are a race of outright liars, not dependable for peaceful anything if they feel strong enough, I can understand where Fjordman is coming from and I wish there were more like him! So we fight for one faction, and sometimes the other, and they fight each other! What a ridiculous group of ‘believers’ they are! I say let them fight it out as they have been, over what? Who the rightful leader is?
      For millenia they fight! But we are idiots to hold them to our breast and offer them peace, our hope, but in their heart they laugh at us as there is no right thinking in the whole lot, except it benefits themselves! We should expel every muslim from the United States of America, this is MY country and I don’t want to hold a cobra against my throat, or my children’s either! No Sharia law should ever be permitted to exist in this land of rights and freedoms, as it is cruel and sadistic! It has no place here!

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