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This is a satirical website. None of what you read here has anything to do with Islam, because Islam is a Religion of Peace. Everybody knows that good Muslims never do the things they do, (because Allah does it for them, Quran 8:12) and we know that only our misperceptions, ignorance and stereotyping of Islam makes Muslims chop off heads, kill and rape women and children, bomb subways, buses, nightclubs and fly jets into buildings. If it wasn’t for the media and da Jooozzz, we wouldn’t even know its happening.

We welcome open, honest, thoughtful, and vigorous discussion in the comments threads, so do yourself a favour and don’t accuse us of being ‘haters’ because we are loving, tolerant people. Don’t curse us, don’t threaten us with death or hellfire, and don’t accuse us of being “just like the terrorists” because we don’t do to Muslims what they do to us or to themselves. Yes, we know that only idiots oppose Islam and sensible people submit, but  you should know that we are ignorant bigots, hypocrites and Islamophobes, and we prefer to remain that way…

But since you are forcing yourselves (and your abhorrent belief-system on us) we will defend ourselves, because we must. Avoid tu quoque and ad hominem attacks. Don’t bother with circular reasoning either, we been there, done it.  If you annoy us, you will be banned and your posts summarily deleted.

Try to add to the discussion, don’t try to sell snake oil, don’t try to cover us with Islamic shrouds of kitman and taqiyya, don’t bother with da’awa, (we’ve heard it before) don’t spam us with long pieces of cut & paste, write in English, try to tell the truth, (we know that’s hard for you because you are all pathological liars) but the truth will set you free, try it!

One more thing: don’t think you can post here under multiple monikers. You will quickly be disappeared! The same goes for trufers and conspiracy kooks: you get one chance, one time. Blow it out of your ass if you must; put your stupidity on display.

But you won’t be back, trust me on that.

Take a deep breath before you post, try to make some sense, do not just vent, do not make a fool of yourself and if you prove us wrong you can earn 10 Islamic dollars for your piggy bank. Deal?

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  1. we just recently was told that our children had muslim lectures within their school,i was not informed ,or didnt even sign a permission note for my children to participate in this is a public school and we have to even sign permission notes for our children to do scripture,we signed a note for the children to watch aboriginal dancers,even a note to see healthy harold the giraffe that promotes healthy eating,so i cannot work out why we didnt get a permission note,or not even knowing that our children had muslim lectures telling them that,PORK IS DIRTY.and because my children are too young to comprehend the differences between meats.i now have my children turning their noses up at the meats being served to very dissapointed in our australian public school system and maybe the future PORK INDUSTRY might not even be profitable as muslim lecturers are turning our kids against PORK not the only parent at this school that feels like i do.could anyone tell me what if i walked in a muslim school and lectured them on PORK AND HOW TASTY AND YUMMY IT IS without prior consent to the muslim childrens parents??????

  2. We all have a right to not have our children educated by Islamists in any form. With my sons I went to the school to discuss why I should allow them to teach my children in a mosque or temple when they would never consider it in a church or native lodge? Their shock at my disgust at their hypocrisy was all it took but they did treat my children different thereafter and did not assume they could just stick anything from other religions into secular curriculum from a Hindu or Muslim religion because they were no different than what they strongly objected to in Christianity !! Point is that parents should never assume that school teachers or curriculum will do what is right for our children and have our childrens best interest for secular schooling at heart when liberalism is the heart and foundations of their souls and their political motivations…so never assume to give them the right to any control of your responsibilities. I learned that long ago and now have found it is more needed than ever because liberalists today would have us pretend the hellish korans, hadiths and surahs are loving and kind when they are jihadist and violence motivated books for world dominations for their demi-god allah and its’ pedophilic and violent prophet and it will take courageous, responsible and vigilant parents and public to take a stand for the very laws these liberalist have fought to supposedly bring rights for everyone when it is obvious they have only done so only for liberalists and islamists and screw the rest of us!

    Go and tell the sick liberalist school that you have a right to protect your children from their religious indoctrination of your children and tell them to keep islamist food laws out of your schools! Call the central district superintendants and file a complaint!
    The Islamists will start demanding that sharia law is taught in your schools if you do not stand up against their filthy violent and RELIGIOUS IN DOCTRINATIONS friend! Take courage you are absolutely right!

  3. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Now that the muslim’s are at the receiving end theyare feeling the pinch.The restrictions they put in islamic countries on other religion is acceptable?
    They will not follow the rule of law of countries they settle in but their rules must not be broken. Why is it that they dont stay in their Islamic paradise, return to this paradise and let the rest of the world go to the devil? at least then they will have their utopia.

  4. Why i s it the minority population in Islamic countries is decreasing day by day but in non islamic countries muslim population keeps on increasing?

  5. I think that Europe ought to allow the building of mosques to the extent that the moslem world allows the building of churches.
    Christians have human right too, after all

  6. We “infidels” make a big mistake by thinking that Islamic definitions are the same as ours. For example, Islam teaches that they should be “good” and “just.” But what is “good” and “just” in Islam? Is it the same “goodness” and “justice” of the “infidels”? Not at all. In Islam, it is “good” and “just” to stone women to death; to hang homosexuals by the neck; to chop off hands, feet, gouge out eyes of petty thieves; to lash women as old as 75 years for insignificant reasons; honor killings; et cetera. Do you get the picture? So be on the look out for filthy Islamic traps.

    Also be careful when Islam uses sweet talk in one or two passages of the Qur’an because evil qualifiers follow. At the end, if you’re a Muslim, you still have to kill “infidels” after all the sweet talk. So be extra careful. Don’t fall for Islamic traps and become a stupid Dhimmi.

  7. Firstly:

    Allaah has honoured women greatly. He honours them as daughters, mothers and wives, and gives them rights and virtues, and enjoins good treatment in ways that are not shared by men in many cases.

    Islam does not deny woman’s humanity. Rather it gives her her rights and holds her in high esteem. Women were treated as chattels and objects before Allaah honoured mankind with Islam. Women would be inherited like goods and chattels, and could be left suspended, being neither married nor divorced. A woman would have to wait for a year after her husband’s death, neither washing nor going out of the house, until birds and animals would die from her foul smell! Women were not allowed to inherit, let alone the fact that they could be buried alive, and many other things.

    Then Islam came and forbade burying females alive; it regarded that as murder, which is a major sin. It forbade leaving women suspended as a result of vows or making one’s wife haraam by means of zihaar [a jaahili form of divorce in which the husband said to his wife, ‘You are to me as my mother’s back’; intimacy thus became forbidden, but the woman was not divorced completely and was not free to enter into a new marriage – Translator]. Islam gave women their share of inheritance, and stipulated an ‘iddah of four months and ten days after the death of her husband, during which she could bathe, change her clothes and see other women and her mahrams. It allowed women to buy, sell and own property, and encouraged them to seek knowledge and call people to Allaah. It commanded that women should be honoured as wives and as mothers, and made the mother’s rights three times greater than those of the father. And there are many other ways in which Islam honoured women, which we have no room to discuss in detail here; rather we just wanted to remind you of this. Please also see the answer to question no. 21010 for more information.


    The sister says in her question: “such as the fact that the angels will curse me if I refuse intimacy under any circumstances”.

    This is not correct. Rather the angels do not curse the wife who refuses to share her husband’s bed unless she has no valid excuse. If she has an excuse – such as being sick, or menstruating, or bleeding following childbirth (nifaas), or observing an obligatory fast, then she is not cursed, rather her husband who calls her to bed is sinning if he insists on calling her, or forces her when he knows of her situation.

    In question no. 33597 of this site it says:

    A woman does not have the right to refuse her husband, rather she must respond to his request every time he calls her, so long as that will not harm her or keep her from doing something that is obligatory.

    In question no. 9602 it says:

    Ibn Hazm said:

    It is obligatory on slave women and free women alike not to refuse their masters or husbands if they call them, so long as the woman who is called is not menstruating or sick in such a way that intercourse will be harmful to her, or observing an obligatory fast. If she refuses with no excuse, then she is cursed.

    Al-Muhalla, 10/40

    This curse is limited to cases where the husband remains angry with her all night. But if he calls her and she refuses, then he foregoes his right, then she is not cursed.


    The sister says in her question, “at the time when he is under no such burden if he refuses to have intercourse with his wife even if he does that to cause her harm.” This also is not correct. Islam forbids harming others, which includes a husband harming his wife by preventing her from breastfeeding her child, or denying her her right to intercourse and pleasure.

    It says in the answer to question no. 10680 – in the context of discussing the wife’s rights over her husband:

    Not harming one’s wife.

    This is one of the basic principles of Islam. Because harming others is haraam in the case of strangers, it is even more so in the case of harming one’s wife.

    It was narrated from ‘Ubaadah ibn al-Saamit that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ruled, “There should be no harming nor reciprocating harm.” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah,, 2340)

    This hadeeth was classed as saheeh by Imaam Ahmad, al-Haakim, Ibn al-Salaah and others. See Khalaasat al-Badr al-Muneer, 2/438.

    It says in the answer to question no. 5971:

    It is not permissible for a man to forsake his wife and thus harm her, except in the case of nushooz (rebellion) and disobedience. But he is not committing a sin if he does not lie with her without intending to harm her, because the need is his and depends on his desire and he cannot control his desire at will. If he forsakes her, then he is a sinner because there should be no harming or reciprocating harm. And Allaah knows best.


    The sister says in her question, “So he gets the reward of doing charity if he has intercourse with her and enjoys intimacy with her, and she will not have any reward, even if she responds unwillingly”

    This is also not correct. Rather the wife will be rewarded for intercourse in two ways:

    1 – Because she is the twin half of man in rulings and rewards, except those where an exception is stated in the texts. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “So their Lord accepted of them (their supplication and answered them), Never will I allow to be lost the work of any of you, be he male or female. You are (members) one of another, so those who emigrated and were driven out from their homes, and suffered harm in My Cause, and who fought, and were killed (in My Cause), verily, I will expiate from them their evil deeds and admit them into Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise); a reward from Allaah, and with Allaah is the best of rewards”

    [Aal ‘Imraan 3:195]

    2 – It is the cause of the husband being rewarded, and whoever is the cause of another person being rewarded will share in the reward without that detracting from his or her reward in the slightest.

    It was narrated from Abu Dharr that some people from among the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “O Messenger of Allaah, the rich people will get more reward. They pray as we pray, and they fast as we fast, but they give in charity from their excess wealth.” He said, “Has not Allaah given you things with which you can give charity? Every tasbeehah (saying ‘Subhaan Allaah (Glory be to Allaah)’) is a charity. Every Takbeerah (saying ‘Allaahu akbar (Allaah is Most Great)’) is a charity. Every Tahmeedah (saying ‘al-hamdu-Lillaah (praise be to Allaah)’ is a charity. Every Tahleelah (saying ‘Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah (there is no god but Allaah)’) is a charity. Enjoining what is good is a charity. Forbidding what is evil is a charity. Having intercourse (with one’s wife) is a charity.” They said, “O Messenger of Allaah, if one of us fulfils his desire, is there reward in that?” He said, “Do you not see that if he does it in a haraam way he will have the burden of sin? So if he does it in a halaal way, he will have a reward for that.”

    (Narrated by Muslim, 1006)

    So the wife will be rewarded just as her husband will, just as she is sinning if she fulfils her desires in a way that is haraam, just as is the case with the husband.

    Imaam al-Nawawi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

    “The phrase, ‘Having intercourse is a charity’ – the word bud’ (translated here as ‘having intercourse’) may mean intercourse, or it may refer to the private part itself…

    This indicates that permissible actions may become acts of worship, if there is a sincere intention. Intercourse may be an act of worship if the intention behind it is to fulfil the rights of one’s wife, to treat her kindly as enjoined by Allaah, to seek a righteous child, to keep oneself or one’s wife chaste, to prevent both partners from looking towards or thinking of haraam things, and other good intentions


    The sister says in her question: “If he upsets me and humiliates me in front of people, I have to make up with him and try to please him, otherwise the angels will curse me”.

    This also is not correct. The curse applies in the case of a woman who refuses to come to her husband’s bed with no excuse, when her husband stays angry with her all night – as explained above –

    But if the husband humiliates her, then he is undoubtedly sinning by doing that, and sharee’ah allows her to answer him back in a manner that befits his wrongdoing.

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “And indeed whosoever takes revenge after he has suffered wrong, for such there is no way (of blame) against them”

    [al-Shoora 42:41]

    i.e., there is no sin on them.

    The word man (whosoever) here is general in meaning and includes women too.

    Or if she is patient in bearing harsh words and mistreatment, seeking reward with Allaah, she will earn a more complete and better reward.

    So what he must do is to make up with her and try to please her, not the other way round. If a person does wrong, in order for his repentance to be complete he must try to please the one who has been wronged, with apologies and kind words.


    The sister says: “And of course I have no right to differ with his opinion or to argue with him, and if I lose my temper I am not forgiven.”

    This is not correct. It is permissible for a women to argue with her husband and to have a different opinion, but she does not have the right to refuse to do what he tells her to do – even if she objects to it – so long as he does not tell her to commit sin, because there is no obedience to anyone if it involves disobedience towards the Creator. This is part of the qiwaamah (role of protector and maintainer) that Allaah has given to the husband in return for the obligation to spend on his wife, protect her and take care of her. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allaah has made one of them to excel the other, and because they spend (to support them) from their means”

    [al-Nisa’ 4:34]

    It is narrated that the women of the Sahaabah used to argue and debate with them, and indeed this is the way in which the Mothers of the Believers [i.e., the Prophet’s wives] used to act with our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), as ‘Umar ibn al-Khattaab said to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “We Quraysh used to control our women, but when we came to the Ansaar we found that they were a people who were controlled by their women. So our women started to adopt the ways of the Ansaari women. I got angry with my wife and she argued with me and I did not like her arguing with me. She said, ‘Why do you object to me arguing with you? By Allaah, the wives of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) argue with him…’” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 4895; Muslim, 1479.

    Al-Haafiz ibn Hajar said – discussing the lessons to be learned from this hadeeth –

    “This indicates that being harsh with women is something blameworthy, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) adopted the way of the Ansaar with their women and forsook the way of his people.”

    Fath al-Baari, 9/291

    With regard to what the sister mentioned about not being forgiven for any loss of temper or irritation on her part, this is not right at all, because there are some kinds of irritation for which a person will not be taken to task if he does not speak of them or act upon them, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah will forgive my ummah for that which crosses their minds, so long as they do not speak of it or act upon it.” And there are some which a person cannot help at all, because of intense anger, etc, which is beyond his or her control. At the end of Soorat al-Baqarah is mentioned the du’aa’ of the believers (interpretation of the meaning):

    “Our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear”

    [al-Baqarah 2:286]

    and it is proven in the Sunnah that Allaah has answered this du’aa’ and said, “I will do that.”


    The sister says in her question: “as you have stated in a fatwa that the reward for praying in congregation is only for men and not for women”.

    This also is not correct. Rather what we said – based on the ahaadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) – is that the twenty-seven-fold reward is for men only, because they are the ones for whom prayer in congregation is enjoined, not women. Prayer is congregation is mustahabb for women, but we cannot be certain that women will get the twenty-seven-fold reward. It is permissible for women to attend the prayers in the mosque, and it is not permissible for men to forbid them to go. If they go and pray with (the men), they will have a share of the reward for praying in congregation.

    Nevertheless, based on the saheeh ahaadeeth, if a woman prays in her house, she is doing that which is better for her than the reward for praying in the mosque.

    It was narrated from Ibn ‘Umar that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not prevent your women from coming to the mosques, although their houses are better for them.”

    Narrated by Abu Dawood, 567; Ahmad, 5445 – this version narrated by Ahmad.

    ‘Abd al-‘Azeem Abaadi said:

    “Their houses are better for them” means that their praying in their houses is better for them than praying in the mosques, if only they knew that, but they do not know that, so they ask to go out to the mosques and think that the reward for going to the mosque is greater. The reason why their praying in their houses is better is because they are safer from fitnah (temptation). This ruling is even more necessary because of the tabarruj (wanton display) and adornment that have become prevalent among women.

    ‘Awn al-Ma’bood, 2/193.


    The sister says in her question: “Is this the fate of the Muslim woman if she does well and does what is required of her? If she avoids sin, she does not attain any virtue and if she falls short she is one of those who are cursed and expelled from the mercy of Allaah, and do I and the accursed Iblees become the same?”!

    This is thinking badly of Allaah, and what you say is not correct at all.

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “Whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, while he (or she) is a true believer (of Islamic monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e., Paradise in the Hereafter).”

    [al-Nahl 16:97]

    “So their Lord accepted of them (their supplication and answered them), Never will I allow to be lost the work of any of you, be he male or female. You are (members) one of another, so those who emigrated and were driven out from their homes, and suffered harm in My Cause, and who fought, and were killed (in My Cause), verily, I will expiate from them their evil deeds and admit them into Gardens under which rivers flow (in Paradise); a reward from Allaah, and with Allaah is the best of rewards”

    [Aal ‘Imraan 3:195]

    “Verily, the Muslims (those who submit to Allaah in Islam) men and women, the believers men and women (who believe in Islamic Monotheism), the men and the women who are obedient (to Allaah), the men and women who are truthful (in their speech and deeds), the men and the women who are patient (in performing all the duties which Allaah has ordered and in abstaining from all that Allaah has forbidden), the men and the women who are humble (before their Lord — Allaah), the men and the women who give Sadaqaat (i.e. Zakaah and alms), the men and the women who observe Sawm (fast) (the obligatory fasting during the month of Ramadaan, and the optional Nawafil fasting), the men and the women who guard their chastity (from illegal sexual acts) and the men and the women who remember Allaah much with their hearts and tongues. Allaah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward (i.e. Paradise)”

    [al-Ahzaab 33:35]

    With regard to the sister’s saying that if she falls short, she and Iblees would be the same, this is an exaggeration and there is no need for this; and it is an unacceptable comparison, because the curse of Allaah to Iblees is the eternal curse for which no repentance will be accepted, and it cannot be compared to the curse that applies in the case of a Muslim who believes in Allaah alone and submits to Him, but commits some major sins.

    The clear verses and words that we have quoted are sufficient to explain the error of what you say. We ask Allaah to help you to understand Islam properly and to make you steadfast in adhering to goodness and true guidance.

    At the end of this response, we should not forget to praise our sister for her frankness in asking about the doubts about some Islamic matters that the Shaytaan has thrown into her heart which, if she had kept them to herself, could have spoiled her religious commitment and generated waswaas (whispers from the Shaytaan) which could have caused a great deal of trouble in her life. Asking such questions dispels confusion and dispels doubt from one’s heart.

    But when asking such questions, that should be done with more in a more appropriate manner, when asking about the wisdom of Allaah in what He prescribes, and the questioner should avoid everything that may be taken as objecting to the rulings, because the human mind is incapable of comprehending the greatness of Allaah’s wisdom and the vastness of His bounty towards His creation.

    We also appreciate our sister’s acceptance of and submission to the laws of Allaah, as she says, “If this is what Allaah has prescribed then we hear and obey”. This is how the believer should be.

    We ask Allaah to make us steadfast in adhering to His religion, and to guide us.

    And Allaah knows best.

  8. France is just copying the US economic stimulas program “Cash for Clunker” program. Let’s see $20,000,000 dollars woth of vehicles destoyed in a few days.
    The French car dealerships are humming right now.

  9. * The French car dealerships are humming right now.

    Les Mercedes de Mohammed
    L’automobiles Ahmed
    BMW de Bilal
    Le Choppe Shoppe Moroccain

  10. “A woman would have to wait for a year after her husband’s death, neither washing nor going out of the house, until birds and animals would die from her foul smell!”

    Now she masks it with a tent. Must get pretty pongy near the air vents.

  11. Your understanding of philosophy and history is laughable.

    Lucky this is just a “satirical website”, or those with a penchant for ignorance and bigotry might “take it seriously”.

    Now, where’s my dollars…?

    1. My. A “secular Arab with strong ties to Saudi Arabia with an understanding of philosophy and history”- truly laughable. Keep working on your zebiba, boy..!

      I’ll put an Obama dollar in my piggy bank for you, smartass!

  12. Islam is coming to drench all non-Muslim countries with blood. The blood-dripping sword of Islam is ready to chop off the heads of unbelievers (Koranic verse Anfal 8:12). Either convert to Islam or have your heads chooped off. Our suicide bombers are COMING very soon. (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London, UK (

  13. * Either convert to Islam or have your heads chooped off.

    No, accept God’s plan of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, who died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected. Head-chopping of the saints and martyrs of Jesus will be in fulfilment of prophecy – the lake of fire awaits the head-choppers, if they choose not to repent.


    “And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark on their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” (Revelation 20:4)

    Your suicide bombers are going (to Hell) very soon. Don’t join them.

  14. And speaking of the “blood-dripping sword of Islam”, could it be this?

    “And another horse came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.” (Revelation 6:4)

    There rides the Rainbow Demon
    On his horse of crimson fire
    Black shadows are following closely
    On the heels of his desire
    (Uriah Heep – Rainbow Demon)

  15. * Islam is coming to drench all non-Muslim countries with blood.

    That, of course, would include Israel, the apple of God’s eye, and basically means the end of islam and muslims when they try, in accordance with the prophets, and God’s will and purpose.
    (eg Ezekiel 38 and 39)

    Watch, and get an idea of the fate that awaits islam and its hordes:

    Ezekiel 39 – The Gog Magog War

    Islam is doomed. Flee from it, run for your life!

  16. Mullah,
    Can you imagine Dr. Azzam Tamimi’s horror when he crosses over to the other side and discovers that his 72 virgins are in fact the demons that will torment him forever and ever. They have fashioned their god after their own lusts; but our Lord is gracious and long suffering not wanting anyone to perish (including Azzam) but come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Notice how they preach death and killing and murder and blood, while Christ preaches forgiveness, love and mercy.

  17. Sheik,
    We are getting a larger numbers of muslims on the street here – and of course the first thing that the muslim males do is to try and annoy the female population. They are occasionally successful. Are there any good sites written by women who have been given a bad time by these “unwanted guests” , in particular women who have been silly enough to go over to an arab country and have then had to escape – or any women who have written about having their children taken from them by arab/muslim thugs? It might be useful to put links to these sites up on a page so that people can be told where to read about the very real danger that their freedoms, possessions and rights can be stolen by these muslims thugs if they are given the chance. Perhaps Theresa and others who seem to know what these folks can do might wish to comment?

  18. We Muslims ARE NOT SUPPOSED to support non-Muslim countries like Haiti…Let all non-Muslims go to HELL. Muslims ONLY suport Muslims. When all athiest non-muslims convert to Islam, then we Muslims can help them. At any rate, Islam is coming to conquer the world… the sword of Islam is dripping blood awaiting to chop off heads and governements of non-Muslims.((Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (



  20. “At any rate, Islam is coming to conquer the world… the sword of Islam is dripping blood awaiting to chop off heads and governements of non-Muslims.”
    … and when there is no one left to convert and to kill they will turn on each other – as is the case between the Sunni and Shiia!

    Azzam, I wish you would take a few minutes to think about what you are saying. Have you had your head examined? What prompts you to say these things? Is it the sex and wine in the afterlife? What if one of the 72 vergins turns out to be your mother? Think, Azzam. Think.

  21. * Have you had your head examined?

    “History of mental illness” get out of jail free card. He’s bound to have one; all good minions do.

  22. @Goha:
    “Women were treated as chattels and objects before Allaah honoured mankind with Islam.”
    “Women were not allowed to inherit, ”
    WHY OH WHY do we keep getting this rubbish?
    You own “holy” book tells that Mohammed’s first wife was a rich business women!
    “She lived in Mecca, was around forty (40) years old. The mother of several children, she had been a widow twice, and was very rich.”
    “she gave him all her merchandise to manage after their wedding”

    Actually, women are damn sight better off without religion and with no (male) god making stupid misogynistic rules.

  23. Azzam (Dominique) How do you done ! Always stuck on the Sheik site ?
    I always thought than the back of your mind were what you wrote above…..You are easily guessed ! T’es tellement Con.

  24. I would like to quote Yemeni jihadists: “The duty of our Muslim nation is to declare jihad against the infidels…As they declared it to be an open war on the people of Islam, we must declare an open war against them.” The nation of the Prophet Mohammad has awakened and got ready to behead all NON-MUSLIMS. The sword of Islam is sharp to deal a coupd’grace to all infidels. (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  25. We know all that, Azzam. Tell it to the braindead UK Government, US Congress, Oz Government, Netherlands prosecution service and all the other flakes and retreads who mistakenly believe that “islam is peace” and similar nonsense.

    Islam is doomed. Ezekiel 38 and 39 will be fulfilled.

  26. Mullah,
    Check out the info on this site. I think you will find this so very interesting. Make sure to read the bit on the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophesy concerning the “abomination that causes desolation”:

    Islam must have its day before the Lord wipes out his stubborn enemies. Soon! Look up, our King is coming back!

  27. The nation of the Prophet Mohammad has converted to Christianity and got ready to give head to all NON-MUSLIMS. The anus of Islam is loose from all infidels.

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

    (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  28. Go Mullah and nolaughing!

    I stand with the two of you and here’s something else: I’m not sure where this came from, but I saw something in my mind for 2012. I saw , as part of an earthquake in Mecca, the ground opening beneath the Kaaba and the earth swallowing it up! I say, amen!! Let all would-be mujahedin take warning and know if they kill innocent human beings of any faith they will go straight to eternal torment with no chance of appeal!

  29. I stronly support the Islam4UK movement. This movement will continue to work undergoround to turn the UK into an Islamic country. The UK will then be renamed the Islamic United Kingdom (IUK). Our objective is turn the whole of the Europen Union into an Islamic state to be renamed the The Islamic European Union (IEU). Islam is coming. It is just a matter of time. The Islam sword is ready to act to convert all infidels to the glorioius Islam. It is just a matter of time. Wait and see….(Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  30. To make myself clear, I would like to state the exact message of Islam:
    “Islam’s message is to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the Earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and programme, regardless of which nation assumes the role of the standard bearer of Islam or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of the establishment of an ideological Islamic state. It must be evident that the objective of Islamic ‘Jihad’ (armed struggle) is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule. Islam does not intend to confine this revolution to a single state or a few countries; the aim of Islam is to bring about a universal revolution.” (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  31. To: Dr. Azzam Tamimi (
    January 24, 2010 at 9:36 am & January 24, 2010 at 10:15 am.

    I, and others on this site, strongly supports DEMOCRACY. This MOVEMENT will continue work aboveground to KEEP the UK as a DEMOCRATIC country. The UK will REMAIN as the United Kingdom (UK). Our objective is maintain the whole of the DEMOCRATIC European Union as a DEMOCRATIC state, named the European Union (EU). Islam is IMPLODING. It is just a matter of time. The Islam sword is being blunted FOREVER. It is just a matter of time. Wait and see…

    To make myself clear, I would like to state the exact message of DEMOCRACY:
    “DEMOCRACY’S message is to DEVELOP all states and governments anywhere on the face of the Earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the nation which rules it. The purpose of DEMOCRACY is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and programme, regardless of which nation assumes the role of the standard bearer of DEMOCRACY or the rule of which nation is STRENGTHENED in the process of the establishment of an ideological DEMOCRATIC state. It must be evident that the objective of DEMOCRACY is to eliminate the rule of Islamic ‘Jihad’ (armed struggle) and an Islamic system and establish in its stead a DEMOCRATIC system of state rule. DEMOCRACY does not intend to confine this revolution to a single state or a few countries; the aim of DEMOCRACY is to bring about a universal SUFFRAGE.” (DHUMME DHIMMI, VICTORIA AUSTRALIA).

  32. “It must be evident that the objective of Islamic ‘Jihad’ (armed struggle) is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule.”

    Perfectly evident to most users of this site, but you need to direct your message to the “leaders” of the UK, leading it into the Iron Burka and ultimately to enslavement under Antichrist (if it isn’t one of the kingdoms that he destroys during his rise to power).

    The UK is an ideal host from which to export jihad to the rest of the world, with the islamic leadership enjoying all the creature comforts that the decaying state can provide them – low-rent mansions, halal food, mecca-compliant dunnies in prisons …
    UK students recruited for Somali jihad

    Young British Muslims are joining a terror group linked to Al-Qaeda that is blamed for hundreds of deaths in the African country

    There are at least two ways to destroy a nation such as the UK – one is from without, via armed invasion, and the other has almost succeeded, with little opposition and massive State funding.

  33. More UK suicide news (The Telegraph):

    Controversial cleric Yahya Ibrahim to tour UK universities

    Controversial hardline Muslim cleric Yahya Ibrahim, who is banned from visiting the United States, is planning a speaking tour of Britain universities. …

  34. If only we were so lucky, ‘Allah is my savior’ January 25, 2010 at 9:59 am.
    ‘Your all crazy…including the muslims on here’.

    However, this site is very serious. Stick around if you dare.

  35. Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers, smite at their necks; At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them): thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom: Until the war lays down its burdens. Thus (are ye commanded): but if it had been Allah’s Will, He could certainly have exacted retribution from them (Himself); but (He lets you fight) in order to test you, some with others. But those who are slain in the Way of Allah,- He will never let their deeds be lost. Surat Mohammad: 4)Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  36. * Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers, smite at their necks

    Yes, yes, send in the organ grinder, not the monkey.

  37. This Tamimi fellow is a hopeless case. How is it that he is allowed to travel on planes across the western hemisphere having implicated himself by his hard-to-miss terrorist mindset?

    Why aren’t these people treated on an equal par with men like Jim Jones and the David nut in Waco Texas? Isn’t Tamimi displaying aggressive tendancies that are punishable by law if left unchecked. What more does he have to say or do to prompt the authorities to identify him as a real threat to the security of his host country, thereby justifying his apprehension?

    How many deaths will it take before everyone realizes that this religion is a cult?

  38. nolaughingmatter,Tamini my (Ass) is probaly a resident of the Kingdom of Goats of Morocco and at the present moment ….he probably fuck young Boys and Girls in the Ass (under 7 Years) when i write these Words.

  39. @ DR. Azzam Tamimi

    Shame on you for making our religion look bad. It’s idiots like you that brain wash young children and cause chaos in Islamic countries. This is not the way of Islam. I think you people should look farther than just this idiot on here. Most muslim people are humble and peaceful, not like this guy.

  40. TAQIYYA!

    This is Islam buddy! It is a BAD CULT! ALL your children go to ALL madrasses where they ALL hear the same messages!





  41. * Most muslim people are humble and peaceful, not like this guy

    He simply does what allah and its false prophet require of him. He is a true believer, not a pretender. “allah” apparently doesn’t think much of politically correct pretenders – he wants juice to flow.

  42. You guys can say what you want I wont get mad. I know my religion and what it teaches us and asks as to do and its not violence and killing of innocent people. Why people dont stand up to them? well why didn’t people of Germany stand up to hitler? he killed millions of innocent people. does that make the whole country and its people a Cult? you guys have to understand that over there they control everyone and brainwash them. Imagine your 8 yrs old and your parents get killed in a attack that the american military sent whether it was an accident or wrong intel. The mullahs whom i personnaly hate fill these kids with anger and hostility and thats when u get suicide bombers. The best way to get rid of these morons is to educate muslim people. If we have regular schools that teaches subjects like math and science then those kids won’t have to listen to these radical extremist preach all the time. And dont think you guys are the only ones suffering everyday innocent muslims are killed in suicide bombs in IRAQ and Afghanistan if these people were muslim why are they killing their own brethren. Killing innocent people is the biggest sin in Islam.
    Islam is a peaceful religion… It’s the extremists who are violent and murderers.

  43. You guys can say what you want about Islam I wont get mad instead I will try and explain to you guys that not all muslims are like this. WHY DON’T they stand up to them? Well why didn’t the people of Germany stand up to Hitler he killed million of innocent people.
    Does that make that people and that country a CULT and murderers? I think not. You guys have to understand that these people control people who are very poorly educated or not educated at all. Do you guys know what the literacy rate in Afghanistan is? Its around 28%. That means 3 out of 4 people can’t even read. I think the best medicine for this is to educate muslim people. Like DHUMME mentioned above it’s very true these kids go to madrassas and learn the same message from the same radicals but guess who that child is? Imagine your 8yrs old and your parents are killed in an attack carried out by the american military. Guess where these kids end up? in the mosque where these mullah whom I hate preach their dark minds and fill these kids with anger and hostility and that’s how you get a suicide bomber. And don’t think you are the only ones suffering because everyday innocent people die in IRAQ and Afghanistan by the hands of these murdereres if they are muslim why are they killing their own brethren? Killing innocent people is the biggest SIN in islam.

    1. Good points, Allah!

      “not all muslims are like this”

      Fine. But how would we know?

      “why didn’t the people of Germany stand up to Hitler he killed million of innocent people”

      So did the Muslims over 1400 years. We are trying to prevent it from happening again.

      “these people control people who are very poorly educated”

      The terrorists are usually well educated and come from middle class and very rich families. Are educated Muslims less dangerous? Our research shows the opposite. Btw: Dr Azzam Tamimi is highly educated and has been featured many times on BBC, Al Jazeera, al manure and many other TV channels.

      “if they are muslim why are they killing their own brethren?”

      Perhaps you should ask them.

      As for “Killing innocent people is the biggest SIN in islam” you should ask Anjem Chaudary. He believes (like most Islamic clerics do) that no infidel is innocent because they have ‘rejected faith’. An unbeliever is never innocent. How come you don’t know that?

  44. Allah blah blah lah,

    I suggest you work on cleaning up your house first before you even start to critic comment here. The onus is on YOU to prove that we can trust you. I am willing to accept you as a neighbour if you are genuinely able to respect all non-muslims and hold the laws of our land in higher esteem than the quran. If you cannot do that then leave. You folks have accomplished little or nothing over the 800-900 years – and the problems lie with you – not with us.

  45. Either you are miserably misinformed or you are looking in the other direction, Allah. I suspect that you have a utopian notion of your religion – something like “I really wish it were so”. But it ain’t. It is anything BUT a religion of peace. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    Do NOT confuse Christianity with your form of worship.

  46. Islam is Islam. It does not differentiate between a “highly educated person” and an illiterate. It is a matter of time when in Europe will become a majority, crush the fale western civilisation and replace by the Islamic civilisation which will defintely dominate all walks of life. All athiest non_muslims will then have to pay tribute to Muslims. God’s rule is coming soon. this will fulfil these Koranic verses;
    “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the tribute with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (Koran 9:29)
    “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful” (Koran 9:5). Thes are the facts which everyone SHOULD NOT IGNORE.
    Let all the voices remain silent and all the pens stop writing because the rule of Islam is comingmore soon than expected.(Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom.

  47. Tamimi, if you think for one moment that the Europeans will let you take Europe without a fight, you are very mistaken. Guess what, I already know the outcome of this war. You will lose … and anyone who has rejected the Lord Jesus Christ.

  48. * God’s rule is coming soon.

    Yes, Jesus Christ will return for the saints and then with the saints to rule the nations with a rod of iron.

    * this will fulfil these Koranic verses;

    Allah’s power trip is irrelevant. This is how it will come to pass:

    And Jesus said to them, Take care that you are not tricked by anyone. For many will come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and will deceive many. And when you have news of wars and talk of wars, do not be troubled; these things have to be, but it is still not the end. Nation will go to war with nation, and kingdom with kingdom: there will be earth-shocks in different places; there will be times when there is no food; these things are the first of the troubles. But take care: for they will give you up to the Sanhedrins; and in Synagogues you will be whipped; and you will be taken before rulers and kings because of me, for a sign to them. And the gospel must first be preached unto all the nations. (including Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Malaysia, Kuwait, Iran aka Persia etc)
    [Mark 13:5 …]

    Islam is doomed. It destroys by the sword, and must be destroyed by the sword. “Then says Jesus to him, Put up your sword again into its place: for all those who take the sword will come to death by the sword” (Matthew 26:52)

    This is one of the verses that doom muslims: “And when Jesus had come to the end of all these words, he said to his disciples, 2 After two days is the Passover, and the Son of man will be given up to the death of the cross.” (Matthew 26:1 & 2)

    Allah and its false prophet deny that Jesus Christ was crucified, and in doing so reject God’s plan of salvation and eternal life. All they have to look forward to is allah’s counterfeit paradise, the Biblical lake of fire. Where will you go, Azzam?

  49. 109.006
    To you be your Way, and to me mine.
    Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.
    You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.

    That is taken directly from the holy Quran. I’m telling you guys It’s a very big sin in Islam to kill innocent Human Beings regardless of their religion. I’m telling you all like how it is most muslims read the Quran without knowing a single word or it’s meaning! Most muslim countries with the exception of a few Do Not speak Arabic so they don’t understand it. Most of you might know that muslims believe that reading the quran in Arabic is the most beneficent something I DO NOT believe. What is beneficent about it if you don’t understand it. These So called Mullahs each have their own versions to their own cause that preach the holy Quran very Wrong! I Don’t understand what has happened over there in Europe that you guys are so hostile towards each other but here in America Muslims and Christians live peacefully side by side. My best friends are Christians our religion never gets in the way. If you want your religion respected then respect others religion. A selected group of Muslims are violent that I admit but trust me when I say this Islam is a peaceful religion if followed right. I’m not here to convert anyone like I said I respect everyone’s religion but I follow mine. That’s what I was taught my father believes in that his father believed in it and his father before him.

    1. Allah sez:

      “To you be your Way, and to me mine.
      Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.
      You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.”

      You heard of abrogation?

      ” I’m telling you guys It’s a very big sin in Islam to kill innocent Human Beings regardless of their religion.”

      Who are you? Are you an authority on the Koran and Islamic jurisprudence? Is your word superior to Islamic doctrine that demands to ‘strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, to kill the unbelievers wherever they can be found..?” Check out Taqiyya…

      “These So called Mullahs each have their own versions to their own cause that preach the holy Quran very Wrong!”

      You should take it up with them, Allah. Why do you make it your business to put lipstick on a pig? We have been doing the research. We know what they preach and we know that the final outcome unites them: world domination, Islam must rule the world.

      ” here in America Muslims and Christians live peacefully side by side.”

      If you follow this blog you’ll quickly learn that every day we learn of more Muslims in the US who engage in terrorism and work towards the same goals as elsewhere.

      “A selected group of Muslims are violent that I admit but trust me when I say this Islam is a peaceful religion if followed right..”

      I believe you know very little about your religion. Mohammed said “war is deceit” and Islam is a doctrine of perpetual warfare against unbelievers. And you are asking to be trusted?

      You are here of your own choice and we don’t care what you believe. Stick around, keep an open mind: you might learn something!

  50. @ sheikyermami

    Joseph Stallin, Adolph Hitler, Kim jong etc
    These people are/were educated aswell it didn’t stop them from doing horrible things to innocent civilians. People like Bin laden are nothing but a bad leader he is misguiding the youth and the children of middle east. I absolutely think that he must be stopped but calling all muslims violent and blood hungry and calling Islam a Cult! is far from the truth and deep down you know that. I know people have been hurt and have lost loved ones over this dispute between religions but untill we can educate the muslim youth this bloody war will continue and innocent human beings will be lost. EDUCATION is the best medicine!

  51. *Allah Is My Savior,* please allow me to introduce you to *Dr. Azzam Tamimi,* Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. Dr. Azzam Tamimi avers that the central message Mohammed taught about kafir (and Mohammed did have a bit of a fixation — 60%-plus of the Koran — with kafirs) was: “…slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.” You say, to the contrary: “Killing innocent people is the biggest SIN in islam.”

    Setting aside for the moment the issue of what Muslims really mean by the term *innocent* and what I might mean by it (not an unimportant difference of opinion), you do see the pickle that leaves us kafir in, do you not?

    *Savior,* I am confident you are quite a decent fellow (I’m assuming you are male; apologies if I am wrong), and if I met you, I’d probably genuinely like you, and as long as the topic of our conversation did not touch on religion and related ideas, we’d get along fairly well. For a brief time. You see, *Savior,* because you profess submission to Allah, and I do not, I could never trust you would remain ignorant of what Mohammed really taught his followers, that you would continue to be a “*Savior*” Muslim and not become an “*Azzam Tamimi*” Muslim.

    *Savior,* your “savior” really did hate me. At no time after the hijra did he have a single good word to say about me or people like me. He taught his followers — and professed his teaching was directly from the Highest God — that I am shit, fit only to be killed or enslaved. I am offended by that opinion, to put it mildly.

    So, you see *Savior,* as a direct result of the anti-kafir rants of your beloved Mohammed, you and I cannot live in this world in the same place at the same time. Your “savior” forbids we do. Since he insists one of us go first, allow me to nominate *Mohammed Is My Savior* for the honor of an early departure time. Nothing personal, just my individual preference to stay alive and free.

  52. I do have one question since you have done all your research. How is it any different from muslims comming into europe and spreading Islam compared to America Invading muslim countries?
    All I’m saying is that there could be peace if we wanted it to happen. There is a very famous saying where I come from “you cant clap with one hand” Both sides are retaliating. And in war everything goes even If you have to Use religion as an excuse!

  53. Allah,

    you seem to have a rather selective memory. America was attacked. America retaliated. Not in the way they should have, we can disagree on that. We could have retaliated in a much more effective way. But if you attack us, expect to be attacked in return.

    And please spare us the nonsense “that there could be peace if we wanted it to happen”-

    Islam forbids it. Islam is a doctrine of perpetual warfare until “all religion is for Allah”

    Muslims must present non-Muslims with the three choices of Sura 9:29 of the (Koran): conversion, submission with slave-like status under Islamic rule, or death.

    Muslims believe that unbelievers must submit to Islamic rule. We will not submit.

    Muslim:C9B1N31 Mohammed said “I have been commanded to wage war against mankind until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his Messenger”

    You can get confirmation from this fatwa here…

    There is more in “The Cow”

    Furthermore, Allah:

    You invoke “Joseph Stallin, Adolph Hitler, Kim jong etc”

    All of them were atheists who did not have a dirty little book that told them to spread religion in the name of Allah.

    There is no comparison.

  54. Iraq had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks why did they invade IRAQ?
    What is One thing that America is great at producing? that’s right Weapons. How can you sell weapons if there is no war going on? It’s all politics and when it comes down to it religion is used as an excuse to recruit people. if you go to afghanistan right now they will tell how much they hated the Taliban muslims don’t even submit to that kind of ruling I dont expect anyone else to either. We can sit here and argue forever but won’t get anywhere until we change our mindset towards each other. and If Azzam is a extremist you guys are no better than him because you are in the exact opposite side of where he is. The value of your life is no higher than mine and mine is no higher than yours we are both human beings. What I do not undertand is Why the death of 1 american or british soldier makes headlines but when 300 musmlim civilians including women and children die in a attack that was based on wrong intell doesn’t reach the media at all. Seems to me you guys value your lives higher than the rest of the planet. Have you seen the picture of prisoners in ABU GHRAIB? those are done by christians! does that mean I judge every single christian by that? NO

    1. Allah sez:

      “Iraq had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks why did they invade IRAQ?”

      Ask George Bush and the ‘coalition of the willing’. My problem is the ‘nation building’ efforts under the sharia and the waste of men, money and materiel. We have no business helping muslims to build a nation under the sharia. No Westerner should die for that.

      The hijackers were mostly Saudis and if GWB had half a brain he would have nuked Mecca. Instead he ran to the next mosque, took his shoes off and declared “Islam is a religion of peace”.

      A mad moment in history. Perhaps the most ridiculous, idiotic moment in history.

      “What is One thing that America is great at producing? that’s right Weapons…”

      America produces many things, not only weapons. Arab Muslims produce nothing, only misery. America is also the most generous and benevolent nation in the world. Why do you live in America, Allah?

      Muslim religion is indeed used as an excuse to recruit people. In America it takes more than than religion to recruit a soldier. No American soldier signed up to fight for his religion.

      Can you understand that? I think not.

      “If Azzam is a extremist you guys are no better than him because you are in the exact opposite side of where he is.”

      Absurd logic. Muselmanic logic. Worthless mental acrobatics.

      But I’ll answer your accusation anyway: we are a million times better. You know why? Because we allow him the freedom to spew his hatred and enemy propaganda among us and to influence feeble minds. Just picture for one moment that a Jew would go to Egypt, Jordan, Hamastan or Sowdi Arabia and tell the truth about the meshugga prophet, Islamic terrorism and the abject failures of Muslim Arabs to build a civilized society? How long would he last?

      “The value of your life is no higher than mine and mine is no higher than yours we are both human beings. “

      Welcome to the club. That is the way of civilized peoples. It is not the belief of Muslims who seek dhimmitude and slavery for conquered peoples, like the Hindus and Christians in Pakistan or the Copts in Egypt. Don’t tell me you don’t know about dhimmitude?

      I don’t know of any case where “300 musmlim civilians including women and children died in a attack”- but I know of many cases were Taliban and other good Muslims were hiding behind women and children after they attacked our soldiers. In fact its their strategy of warfare.

      “Seems to me you guys value your lives higher than the rest of the planet.”

      We value life, that is correct. We are sick and tired of being told “Kafir we love death and you love Pepsi Cola”. You wanna be dead? Want 72 virgins and 28 pearly boyz ?

      Doesn’t that mean we are are doing you a favor to export you to Muhammad’s imaginary bordello in the sky?

      The best example for the value human life compared to that of a muslim is Gilat Shalit who was kidnapped years ago. Hamas demands that Israel releases 1000 Islamic terrorists for him. They know the price. One Jew has more value than 1000 muslims. Hamas set the price. I guess that’s what you call market economy.

      I don’t give a flying f*kc for Abu Ghraib or a thousand Abu Ghraib’s and Gitmo’s. I think we should put Islamic terrorists up against the wall all execute them, not treat them with halal burgers in special prisons with prison chaplains and koran lessons.

      I care a hell of a lot more about the swine who saw peoples heads off on camera and indoctrinate their children to blow themselves up for jihad.

      Butt-pyramids didn’t kill anybody.

      Did the soldiers involved in Abu Ghraib do what they did in the name of Christianity?

      Of course not.

      The soldiers of Allah follow Koranic instructions and seek to emulate your bloodthirsty prophet pretender Muhammad.

      Do you understand that there is a difference?

      Anyhow, why are you in America if you harbor such animosity against the people who allowed you to settle amongst them?

      Who indoctrinated you to produce such a screwed up mind?

      Don’t you know that under mohammedan law ‘women are deficient’- the witness of 2 women equals that of one man?

      Don’t you know that ‘a dog, a donkey and a woman’ – annul prayer –

      Don’t you know that Unbelievers are inferior in every manner under Sharia law

      Shari’a law Chater of Umar #26 – While Muslims claim all their human rights in our democracies they give none under the Shari’a.

      There shall be no equality between Muhammadans and non-Muhammadans.

      Under strict Shari’a law only Muhammadans can be full citizens of an Islamic states. Saudia Arabia and Kuwait being a Muhammadan is a precondition of becoming a citizen [Maldives introduced the same law in 2008]

      Why don’t we apply the same to them?

  55. * Have you seen the picture of prisoners in ABU GHRAIB? those are done by christians!

    Are they? Really? Which Christians did them? Maybe “allah” your “savior” can help you out, since lying is its speciality, while salvation is not.

  56. * when 300 musmlim civilians including women and children die in a attack

    So many muslims exploding with their love for allah and its false prophet every day that it hardly rates a mention, unless carried out in those parts of the world still to be absorbed completely into the dar al islam (London, New York, Madrid etc). Something like a cartoon of the false prophet, or a prison menu with ham and eggs on it – now that really gets allah’s slaves worked up into a lather.

    300 dead slaves? merely a bagatelle as far as allah is concerned – it has 1.x billion more to send to hell.

  57. I have nothing Againt america I love its people, but it’s government and its foriegn policies not so much they are getting better though and your answers to my questions were twisted and not accurate and you are also very disrespectful. What makes you think anyone will show you people any respect if you dont treat them with respect. This is the last post I’m making on here like I said before your all crazy and have lost your minds!! peace be upon all of you and hope you all see the light one day.

  58. TAQIYYA!

    I bet it will not be the last post you make. If you cannot win you threaten to take your bat home, but don’t.

    The world is turning against your cult forever, ‘Allah is my Savior’ and not before time.

    It is with great thanks to this site and others like, it that are spreading ‘The Word’ about the truth of Islam. A growing world opinion will have you all defeated in your quest to dominate us.

    As for me, I am going to continue working to eliminate Islam forever.

    It’s a family tradition, you know!


    cut up fannies of little girls with no anesthetic
    judge others as santimoniously as Jesus (a nice bloke!)
    halal cruelty
    bombs unapolgetically as in Chistmas day



  60. Oh and one more thing before I leave before jumping to conclusions and calling us violent please Do take a brief look at you own history and how you colonized every weak nation and enslaved their people and murdered them. And forcing your way on them. But ofcourse that wasn’t a problem because it was you guys it’s always a problem when it’s us.

    1. Universal Jihad: Radical Islam’s Worldwide War on Liberal Democracies

      Allah sez:

      “I have nothing Againt america I love its people, but it’s government and its foriegn policies not so much”

      Why are you in America? To become American or to make America Islamic?

      ” they are getting better though”

      I suppose that means you like the Muslim POTUS who declared America the largest Muslim country?

      “and your answers to my questions were twisted and not accurate and you are also very disrespectful”.

      I’m trying to reason with a twisted mind as accurately as I possibly can. Respect is not given or demanded, it has to be earned. What have you got to offer to earn my respect?

      ” peace be upon all of you and hope you all see the light one day.”


      Remember: we invented electricity and the lightbulb so you can see in the night, but somehow I feel you’re still in a dark hole somewhere, Allah.

      How can we help to get you out of it?


    See, I told you you would be back! Even when you said you wouldn’t.


  62. In your articles you refer to the Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists as non-muslims. This use of the prefix non exalts the muslims and denigrates the vast majority of the world’s peoples. If anything the muslims are non-peaceful, non-truthful(taqqiya) and non-tolerant. I suggest the name paedophiles(muslims) and for the rest the name humanists because our religions are peaceful and tolerant. In time paedophiles can be shortened to paed(s).

  63. * What makes you think anyone will show you people any respect if you dont treat them with respect.

    Ask allah and its false prophet, when it comes out with “respectful” stuff like:

    “When ye encounter the infidels,3 strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters.”

    “God promised you the taking of a rich booty6 and sped it to you; and He withheld men’s hands from you, for a sign to the faithful, and that He might guide you along the right way:—”


    Sheik sheik sheik
    Sheik sheik sheik
    Sheik your booty
    Sheik your booty

    “Allah” and its false prophet are always banging on about killing “infidels” and taking booty, much like a Mafia protection racket.

    Cough up the jizyah, or die, infidel!

  64. “This is the last post I’m making on here like I said before your all crazy and have lost your minds!!”

    Better to lose our minds than to lose our souls to allah and its false prophet.

  65. HAHA so I was looking around this website and noticed that every thread has like 4 or 5 comments the most comments i ever saw was 2oo and they were written by the same ppl over and over again. Which tells me you guys are lunatics and no one visits this place SO much for your movement against Islam take your 10 followers and fight them haha your a joke. Islam is the fastest growing religion there is a reason behind that. you people are lost. so long…

  66. Allah, I can tell that you are an educated fellow. I know you’ll be visiting this site again so I would encourage you to conduct a fair assessment of ALL religions before you come to such a deteremental conclusion that Islam must be right because it’s the fastest growing religion. This is for your own sake and wellfare – certainly not mine.

    Cancer is a fast “growing” cell mutation – does that make it in any shape or form a medical necessity for the sustainability of human life.

    By the same token, there are 1 billion Buhdists in this world – does that make them any worse (or better) than the adherants of your religion? The same can be said about nominal Christians, Hindus, Athiests, Communists, etc…

    My point is this. The matter boils down to you as an individual. Where are you going when you die? Which religion offers you the most sensible offer for your salvation based on God’s holiness.

    Listen, I am sure that Mullah, Dhumme Dhimmi and others who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ have a heart for Muslims (as humans created by God). Present your case and have us show you a better and a most rewarding way than what you have known all your life. We love you in Christ.

    Also, keep in mind that this site rightfully exposes the teachings, the deeds and works of the religion of the Arabs and by no means aims to proselytize in the name of Christianity.

  67. * Islam is the fastest growing religion there is a reason behind that.

    Indeed, there is a reason behind islam’s rise, and (for example) Christianity’s demise. It is the fulfilment of prophecy, a necessary precursor to the return of Jesus Christ for the saints, and then with the saints. (eg 2 Thessalonians 2)

    Be careful what you boast about, there are consequences for muslims, and they are for eternity.

    Islam is doomed, as are its deluded followers, unless they change their minds about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died on the cross for their sins and was resurrected. Salvation is a free gift of God, based on the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ – not of “allah” and its false prophet, who deny the sonship and deity of Jesus Christ, as well as His crucifixion.

  68. Though I strongly loathe this site, but I am obliged to express my views. Somebody asked me, “Where would I go when I die?” The answer is definitely PARADISE. It is the place where I can have sex with 72 beautiful women and lads, drink alcohol and eat the most delicious foods. This is the genuine paradise which atheists are deprived of. The Koran says:
    “And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers (3:85)
    Furthermore, read this verse: “Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures. (98:6))
    I am ready to blow myself up to get rid of the dirty atheist Christians and Jews who are actually “the worst of creatures” as the Koran says.
    They are as God says in the Koran: “O ye who believe, it is ‘Only the idolaters who are unclean…” (Repentence 9:28).

    Blowing myself up for the sake of Islam is my prime objective It guarantees me a place in paradise.
    The Koran says: “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (9:29).
    This is the glory of Islam. The entire Western civilisation will turn Islamists as We will fight to the end to raise the flag of Islam and the Prophet everywhere. The world is OURS. It will turn Islamic soon.
    Jews and Christians are mere children of pigs and apes.
    Look at this verse:
    “Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from Allah? those who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil;- these are (many times) worse in rank, and far more astray from the even path!” (Table 5:60)
    Christians and Jews are Mere Animals. Look at this verse: “Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve, and then they would not believe. (8:55).
    It is to be noted here that the sword of Islam is merely intended to carry out a medical operation of eliminating the cancerous Christian and Jewish components of this world. The world IS TO BE ISLAMIC. (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  69. Tamimi, Tamimi, Tamimi
    You are quite a hopeful little leach, aren’t you? Living off western “filth”, driving their cars, using their electric shavers, and accessing their internet with their laptops, all of which were invented by pigs and monkeys like us. But YOU, you are of a superior race … (all we have to do is compare our culture with yours to determine that).
    By the way, thank you for your kind words and your unmatched gratitude. It shows, you are a man of character.
    I wish you would enlighten us pigs; what is the secret to your infatuation with your cult? Is it the free perpetual sex that awaits you in paradise, or is it the debauchery, or perhaps it is your insatiable lust for blood? Which is it?
    And these, my friend are your greatest inventions that justify your existance.
    You know what I think? You, Tamimi, like all mozies, are stricken with a severe case of an inferiority complex.
    I was going to share with you the way the truth and the life, but decided I should not throw my pearls to be trampled by swines.

  70. * It is to be noted here that the sword of Islam is merely intended to carry out a medical operation of eliminating the cancerous Christian and Jewish components of this world.

    Aaah, like this?

    U.S. official: Hezbollah arms flow may signal plans for war with Israel

    Obama aide says Iran may lash out at Israel
    [YNet News]

    ‘Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11’
    [Press TV]

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States has expanded land- and sea-based missile defense systems in and around the Gulf to counter what it sees as Iran’s growing missile threat, U.S. officials said.
    [al Reuters]

    Have you been fitted out with your butt-bomb yet, Azzam?

  71. Islam to world is only a killing faction since Muhammad invented his occult of Allah and used it ambush and rob Arabs ,Jews and Christians and it is still going on today the muslims are fighting against muslims why if they are the so called most peacefull religion in the world this was been going on since after Muhammad died muslims war against muslim and every one who is not a muslim I am telling you Muhammad’s message was straight from Satan to decieve man away from the true God.

  72. I am surprised to learn that I am being criticised for being frank and open. The views that I am expressing, which I strongly believe in, are not mine–but rather the ideas carried in the Koran. This is plainly the views of Islam… Islam calls for killing Christians and Jews… and the Islamic sword is ready… It is just awaiting the right time to carry out this heavently mesage. Muslims love death because it is the way to heaven where men and women can have promiscuous sex and freely drink alcoholic drinks.
    As for science and technology, why the West is more advanced in technology? This is merely indended to let Western scientists delve into scientific discoveries for the service of Muslims ONLY i.e. to facilitate the lives of Muslims. All the West works for the service of Muslims becasue all Western people are merely servants of Muslims, according to the Koran. The Koran says that Muslims are the best creatures.. others are their servants who are doomed to a hellish end. Western inventions are merely for the service of Muslims. they are intended to better the lives of Muslims and to give them ample time to ablute, pray and go to pilgrimage to Mecca. This has to be made clear.. ALL WESTERNERS ARE OUR SERVANTS…and one day (hopefully soon) they will become our slaves, slaves of the Muslim nation. (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  73. I have been reading this site with great interest as it unveils the crimes of Islam and the inhumane nature of the bedouin self-procalimed prophet of Islam, mohammad. Yet to my surprise is that I came across remarks by a sex-maniac, a terror-maniac called Azzam Tamimi,the so called director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London.
    All I can say about the so-called Azzam Tamimi is that he is a terrorist. He calims through his terrorism he can gurantee a palce in Mohammads’ paradise. I would like to assure him that MUSLIMS HAVE NO PLACE IN HEAVEN. As he quoted the Koran, I also want to quote the Koran to elucidate my idea.
    The Koran verse from (Surat Maryam//Sura 19:71-72) says:
    “There will be no one of you who will not enter it (Hell).
    This was an inevitable decree of your Lord.
    Afterwards he may save some of the pious, God-fearing Muslims out of the burning fire.”
    In other words: This verse tells clearly that all Muslims [everybody] will go to Hell, (inevitable, decreed, determined) and only some of them will eventually be rescued from Hell, while others will be left there forever.The decision will then be made by the god of Islam.
    Azzam Tamimi should realise the fact the Koran promises that ALL Muslims are heading to hell. The only chance for Tamimi and his like to go the genuine heaven of God is to follow the Lord Jesus who said: I am the way, the truth and the life”. There is no life but through the Lord Jesus.
    Moreover, assuming that the so-called martyrs go straight to heaven as the Koran claims. It has to be made clear that a martyr in Islam is someone who dies while killing non-Muslims. In other words, the god of Islam rewrads criminals with his paradise for their crimes. Is such a god a genuine god? A god who rewards criminals is an accomplice in the crime, that is to say ” a criminal”. Is our genuine God so.?NO..
    The God of Christanity is LOVE.
    Read this carefully:
    A Christian martyr: Is someone who dies while SAVING the lives of others. WHILE:
    A Muslim martyr: Is someone who dies while KILLING others.
    This really differentiates between the divine faith of Christanity and the Satanic Islam faith which is a Satan-inspired faith.
    Azzam Tamimi: You are a terrorist and a sex-maniac. Stop supporting terrorist Hamas and Al-Qaeda.
    Many thanks to the elightened site “Winds of Jihad” for publishing my views. —Fulgente Anonio (

  74. * I am surprised to learn that I am being criticised for being frank and open.

    I am not criticising you for being frank and open and telling it like it is in the satanic koran in your service of allah and its false prophet. I am critical of fawning politicians who claim that “islam is peace” and portray people like you as ‘misunderstanders of islam”. You clearly understand it very well indeed, unlike G W Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Dutch Prosecution Service and others.

    Biblically, this is what will happen to those who play the whore with the Beast and False Prophet:

    “And the ten horns which thou sawest, and the beast, these shall hate the harlot, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and shall burn her utterly with fire.” ( Revelation 17:16 )

    This is a war, and islam is doomed, along with its unrepentant followers.

  75. Fulgente, how right you are.

    This demonic cult has no centralized doctrine. It is merely an open field for as many interpretations as there are Mullah’s worldwide. But they do agree on the sex and the killing of innocent lives.

    And one more thing – they have no concept of holiness. They assume godliness, but they deny its power, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  76. I would like to pay my hearthfelt gratitude and appreciation to all those responsible for launching this grand site and for their highly appreciated and unique efforts that are intented to unveil the satanic nature of Islam and its demonic self-styled bedouin prophet of Arabia, mohammad. Many thanks to Theresaj and Notlaughingmatter for their remarks. I will continue to be a sincere supporter and an unknown soldier of this grand site.
    Fulgente Antonio (

  77. An Al-Qaeda Muslim terrorist has had stuffed explosive material in his anal area with the aim of assassinating Saudi Interior minister Prince Nayef. The operation ended in fiasco. A few days later, an Islamic fatwa (Islamic religious decree) was issued leagalizing “ANAL SEX” if it is intended to enlarge the anal area once intended to carry out a suicide operations against the so-called enemies of Islam.
    The fatwa was called ” Sodomy for the sake of Allah” or rather “Anal Sex for the Sex of Allah”.
    What a kind of religion that INVOLVES ALLAH in CRIMES and in “ANAL SEX” . How can ALLAH be involved in such dirty and rejected deeds?
    The Answer is: No surprise, this is the allah (god) of Islam.. It is the allah of the demonic prophet of Islam, mohammad, who sanctioned such dirty and mean deeds.
    This is the link of the fatwa. It is in Arabic. I hope some of our readers know Arabic and can read it.
    For Muslims to be “cleansed” from their sins that deformed and damaged the face of civilisation, they have to resprt to one person, namely the LORD JESUS CHRIST” who will show them the right way after being led astray for over 1400 years by the demonic prophet, mohammad.
    Fulgente Antonio (

  78. Every knowledgable person knows that Christianity is Faith in God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. By the same token, everybody knows that Mohammedism is an oppressive, evil cult, where its members are retained through fear. Yes fear, fear of death and persecution if they dare to convert to the true and living God.
    God is love and Christians advocate and preach God’s immense love for us, His creation, by the death of His only begotten son on the cross of Calvary.
    What does Mohammedism advocate and teach? Hatred, violence and destruction. God is our Creator and giver of all life. Satan always tries to destroy what God has created. Satan cannot destroy what God has created, so he uses man, he uses the most gullible, unintelligent fool who passes of as a man to destroy God’s greatest creation, man.

  79. The prophet of Islam, mohammad, promised his followers seven heavens in which they are to cohabit with demure virgins…as beauteous as corals and rubies…full-breasted maidens for playmates…in the gardens of delight…. They’re to lie face to face on jewelled couches, and be serviced by immortal youths…young boys, their personal property, as comely as virgin pearls…. We created the houris [dancing girls] and made them virgins, carnal playmates for those on the right hand…. We are going to wed them to dark-eyed houris. [The Koran 55:56; 55:58; 78:33; 56:12; 52:16-17, 24; 56:35-38; 52:20]
    Each Muslim man, in exchange for a lifetime of mindless obedience, was to be rewarded after death with an unspecified number of pretty boys to bugger, plus eight heavenly houris, each more phallus-raising than the others and each endowed with the capacity to grow a new hymen after each bout of sexual recreation. The male chauvinist Muslim could thus satisfy his virginity fetish by deflowering them over and over again, for eternity. When one compares Mohammed’s gardens of delight with the Christian heaven of harps and celibacy, it becomes apparent why significant numbers of Christian men turn Muslim while conversions the other way are almost non-existent.

    IMAGINE MOHAMMED’s PROSTITUTION HOUSE IS THE PARADISE… It is in mohammad’s ill-imagination.
    Mohammad was s sex maniac…these are his teachings… Watch his followers how they blow themselves up in crowded places to kill innocent people awaiting their evil god to reward them for their crimes. Is GENUINE GOD an accomplice in these crimes?Does the god of Muslims reward criminals with sex? Is the genuine God’s nature to react in such a mean way? The god of Islam is SATAN. The Koran is Satan’s that euphesmically calls for virtues.
    Fool people are misled by Islam and the self-proclaimed bedoiun prophet of Arabia).(Fulgente Antonio//

  80. (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. ( says:

    I was very delighted to learn that a Muslim driver in the UK stopped the cab he was driving, locked the doors and prayed in the cab for about five minutes while the athiest Christians Brits were seated, scared and unaware of what was going around them. This is Islam that shows itself in every walk of life. I would like to assure the driver that in “a very few years” he WILL PRAY at 10 Downing Streest, the Vatican, the Krelim and the White House as these sites will become the headquaters of the Islamic caliphate. This will come true very soon.
    Fulgente: I will deal with you in due time.
    (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  81. (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. ( says:

    So long that “Islam is the dominant religion in the UK”, then the United Kingdom should now be called the “Islamic United Kindom”.
    (I borrowed the headline from the Feb. 10 e-mail.) I think that the WINDS of JIHAD is NOW BLOWING which will WOUND whoever stands in its way. Islam is victorious.
    (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

  82. The [bus] driver may well “pray” at the places you mention, but to whom and for what? He may even be able to “pray” in the outer court of the Temple in Jerusalem while Antichrist enjoys his short, bloody rule.

    * Fulgente: I will deal with you in due time.

    A threat?

    Meanwhile, a niqab thingie can conceal all manner of things:

    An Arab ambassador has called off his wedding after discovering his wife-to-be who wears a face-covering veil is bearded and cross-eyed.

  83. Fulgente..don’t worry about that codger with the serious mental problems. There is a padded cell somewhere with his name on it. You must have said something to really get him going.
    And he calls himself a doctor..what a laugh.

  84. Tamimi, I advise you to watch Zacharia Botrous on Al-Hayat. There are some serious questions that you need to answer.


    How about the winds of qiyamat?

    How about the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that muslims mock and blaspheme against…

    “And the first angel sounded the trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood, and it was cast on the earth, and the third part of the earth was burnt up, and the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.” (Revelation 8:7)

    Choose life – islam is doomed.

  86. “…I would like to assure the driver that in “a very few years” he WILL PRAY at 10 Downing Streest, the Vatican, the Krelim and the White House as these sites will become the headquaters of the Islamic caliphate. This will come true very soon.
    Fulgente: I will deal with you in due time.”

    There you go again. The man from the Religion of Peace threatening Fulgente. [tch tch tch]

    WE would like to inform you, Tamimi, that NO, YOU WILL NOT BE PRAYING at these seats of power and prayer, anytime soon.

    So far your cult has advanced in the West under the cover of a religion. Now, that more and more people are becoming aware of that Islam is a cult YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET, M-a-a-a-a-t-e.

  87. You guys a AMAZING! I love your articles and those songs?……… I think I just found a favorite to add to my “Islam” folder. Keep up the good work!
    The Prophet Attila 911
    Come to Islam voice chat by downloading Yahoo Messenger and then go to “Chat.” Islam room #1 or #2

  88. Muslims keep saying that the Bible predicted the advent of a prophet called mohammd. They misinterpret verses from the Bible in this regard. The only valid response to this claim is this very verse from the Bible:
    The Lord Jesus told us to beware of false prophets. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves”, (Matt: 7:15).
    Jesus is the Lord… He is the Lord of hearts, minds and the Saviour of all those who believe in him.
    Muslims: Wake up… you are misled by a sex-maniac, a pedophile , a criminal called mohammad. He is merely a satanic self-styled bedouin prophit of Arabia. A proof at mohammad’s falsehood is the status of his followers. ( Fulgente Antonio/

  89. Fulgente,
    First, they propagate that the Bible has been corrupted 1600 years ago and instill in their unsuspecting followers the notion of its nullification. But then again, they regard it as reliable when it comes to the systematic and deliberate misinterpretation of certain passages to suit their own ends. Go figure.

  90. What if we assume that a boss at work changes views on regular bases to soothe the feelings of one of his employees? Is this boss trustworthy? NO…this very person is NOT trustworthy nor acceptable.
    THIS REALLY APPLIES to ISLAM, where the satanic god of Islam CHANGES views and opinions that satisfy the desires and wishes of his Bedouin self-styled demonic prophet of Arabic called mohammad. This is what we call ABROGATION. (I.e. verses that abrogate previous ones)

    This really reveals itself in the following satanic verses of the Koran:

    “Never did We send a messenger or a prophet before thee, but, when he framed a desire, Satan threw some (vanity) into his desire: but Allah will cancel anything (vain) that Satan throws in, and Allah will confirm (and establish) His Signs: for Allah is full of Knowledge and Wisdom.” (022.052)

    Following are other Koranic verses chosen at random:

    “When we cancel a message, or throw it into oblivion, we replace it with one better or one similar. Do you not know that God has power over all things?”[10]
    “When we replace a message with another, and God knows best what he reveals, they say: You have made it up. Yet, most of them do not know.”[11]
    “God abrogates or confirms whatsoever he will, for he has with him the Book of the Books”.[12]

    This is an indication that the KORAN is NOT from the genuine God… It is merely from Satan or written by someone that suits the sensual desires of mohammad. The Koran is unique in accepting a doctrine of abrogation in which later pronouncements of the prophet of Islam declare null and void his earlier pronouncements.

    Now consiger, God’s words, the Holy Bible. Check these verses:
    “Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away. (Mathew 7:35)

    “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. (Isaiah 55: 8-12)

    “Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. (Revelation 22:13)

    This really provides concrete evidence that the Holy Bible is the word of God. Jesus is the way and the only way.

    O misguided Muslims, resort t real God and accept Jesus as your saviour … renounce mohammad ans his false teaching… Avoid shedding of blood for the sake of going to an inexistent paradise and accept the love of Jesus for the Lord loves all.
    God is Love…. God does not condone killing and then reward criminal with a “heavenly brothel”, according to the teachings of the Koran.
    This is my message to reveal the truth and make everyone realize how truthful, tasty, loving and great is the Lord Jesus.

  91. It is no strange the fact that American Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson trying to poison food supply to kill other non-Mislim soldiers. This is actually the teachings of the satanic self-styled bedouin prophet of Arabia, mohammd, and his unholy book, the Koran. THE WORLD WILL NEVER LIVE IN PEACE SO LONG THAT ISLAM CONTINUES TO EXIST AND SPREAD IN THE WORLD. (Fulgente Antonio/

    I would like to draw a comparison between the death of Lord Jesus Christ and the false self-styled demonic prophet of Arabia, the so called prophet mohammad.

    STARTING WITH MOHAMMAD: According to Ibn Hisham (page 682), mohammad died during an explosive moment: the reference says:
    “….that he heard ‘Aisha say: “The apostle died on my bosom during my turn: [of having sex with]. It was due to my ignorance and extreme youth that the apostle died in my arms.”
    Another source is Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144:
    Narrated ‘Aisha:
    “…during his fatal ailment, Allah’s Apostle, used to ask his wives, “Where shall I stay tomorrow? Where shall I stay tomorrow?” He was looking forward to ‘Aisha’s turn. So all his wives allowed him to stay where he wished, and he stayed at ‘Aisha’s house till he died there. He died on the day of my usual turn (of having sex) at my house. Allah took him unto him while his head was between my chest and my neck and his saliva was mixed with my saliva….”

    Aisha blamed her youth and ignorance for causing mohammad’s death. Her eager cooperation excited mohammad immensely which led to a wild session of foreplay and tongue action followed by intensive sex. Due to her inexperience she could not see the danger of an old man performing sex with a young woman during his serious illness. Timely slowing down or stopping him could have saved his life. Mohammad had an explosive climax which his old and sick heart could not handle causing his death. She saw him die and slump on her bosom during his moment of extreme pleasure.

    AS FOR JESUS CHRIST: Christ Jesus died on the Cross to redeem mankind, to save us from our sins, because He loves us. On the Cross, he said: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

    Even when he was dying, he called for the forgiveness of those who killed him because Jesus is love.

    Another important point is that Jesus defeated death and rose from the dead. Because Jesus is the incarnated God.
    Mohammad is still lying in his grave. He will never leave his grave.
    JESUS is: alive, merciful, loving
    Mohammad is dead, adulterer, murderer and criminal.

    Praise the living Jesus Christ who will come again to save the believers in Him. (Luke 23:34)

    (Fulgente Antonio//

  93. The bedouin prophet of Islam mohammad said:“I have been made victorious with terror”. [Bukhari: 4.52. 220]
    This provides clear evidence that MOHAMMAD was a TERRORIST. His terrorism is quite clear in the suicide operations carried out by Muslims against others. Mohammad raped women, pillaged properties that belonged to others, had sex all kinds of women, killed, had sex with his daughter-in-law and had sex with Aisha at the age of nine. He was a pedophile. Is this the prophet to be emulated?

    Our Lord Jesus said: “You, be alert for false prophets who come to you dressed as sheep but inside are rapacious wolves. By their fruitage you will know them! No one ever gathers grapes from thorns or figs from thistles! Thus, every good tree bears good fruitage, but rotten trees, wicked fruitage. No good tree bears wicked fruitage, nor a rotten tree good fruitage. Every tree not bearing good fruitage is cut down and thrown into the Fire. And, so, from their fruitage you will know them. Not everyone saying to me, “Lord, Lord!” will enter the Heavenly Realm but the one doing the will of my heavenly Father. Many will say to me in The Day: “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? “And, in your name cast out demons? “And, in your name did many dynamic works?” And then I shall confess to them: “I never knew you! Get away from me, those working unlawfully!” [Matthew 7:15-23

    Lord Jesus said:“[All of you], be alert for false prophets.” [Matthew 7:15
    Lord Jesus said:“Many false prophets will rise and mislead many.” [Matthew 24:11
    The Lord also said: “For many pseudo-anointed and false prophets will rise. They will give great signs and wonders so as to mislead, if possible, The Elect. Look! I have foretold everything!” [Mark 13:22, 23

    When Jesus said: “…By their fruitage you will know them!” this was a clear indication that we need to scutinise the fuits of the psudo-prophet mohammad and realise how he managed to wreak havoc in the world and cause to misleading millions.

    May all the misled followers of false prophet mohammad be overwhelemd by the mercy of Jesus and be extricated from the hell of the bedouin psudo-prophet mohammad. (Fulgente Antonio (

  94. Luckily I’ve not personally had that happen, but perhaps it is time to start carrying around a nice little hand recorder so to get them on tape, then promptly if they threaten, call the cops and get them charged, and thrown out of the country , but then again our court system sucks as well, no one has the BALLS to actually do anything to them, worse thing that happened to this country in my oppinion is when Trudeau opened up the borders.

  95. ehm, nice comment.. and where did u get all those stories… and u sure those stories true??? i am just want to say… u laugh hard now.. laugh and laugh.. say whatever u want to say.. tease and tease..please laugh and tease Islam while u still alive, kill and make those moslem life miserable, please do while u still alive … but remember.. i just want u to remember one thing..THE MOMENT u are going to die.. just a second before u die… u will remember what i say… u will CRY and REGRET ur whole life FOR NOT being a MOSLEM… and at that time ur regrets are useless….
    i know u will laugh after this.. laugh and tease and say i am a maniac, stupid or whatever u can say…. i dont care,, Prophet Mohammad wont care and ALLAH wont care.. because the TRUTH always be truth… and u will get ur payback later…. and in that moment… u can never laugh nor cry…
    whether u believe or not… theres a punnishment after death, i dont care… just remember.. when the time comes….. u will remember what i said… u will remember….. and when the time comes, its my turn to laugh .. laugh hard at your face..

  96. cdk, you are new to this site, and obviously you haven’t bothered to read any of the comments in detail – and you have no clue what your religion is all about, except of course the stories that you were fed with ever since you were born.

    Don’t you think it’s time to take a step back and to seriously consider the case against your religion. You know it has some serious flaws, you can see them, you can identify them and you just CANNOT ignore them.

    Take for example Aisha. A 9 year-old girl having sex with a 50+ man. Are you married cdk? Do you have a daughter? If a man approached you for your 6 year-old daughter’s hand, what would your first thought be? Wouldn’t you want to call the police?

    I’ll leave it at that and with this thought. It is you who must reconsider your ways. It will be too late for you to repent after you die for having followed a man who fooled you into thinking he was a prophet.

  97. only the truth can be challenged with evil and the negative comments you as a people display about other religions (ISLAM)being a falls religion simply because you have been blinded by your ignorance and stupidity .you claim to follow the path of Christ humble pure and righteous but all i see is christians create web sites,rewrite the THE GLORIOUS QURAN to alter the truth and stain the words of ALLAH.the false prohets the anti- christ they now roam the earth like kings and leader images in society ,eg ayaan hirsi ali (MAY ALLAH HAVE MERCY ON YOU)your quest is not noble as you want the world to see if so why do you need body tatoos of THE WORDS OF THE QURAN ON YOUR BODY.if tatoos were used as initiations of cults,witches ,socery and i belive the devil himself has tatoos.The pope himself has never spoke ill of ISLAM so between your words and the pope which should i take first.AYAAN I PRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FOLLOWES TO OPEN YOUR EYES BEFORE ITS TO LATE.and for those who follow you ,THINK OF THE WORDS OF THE SCRIPTURES (THE FAULES PROPHET IS HERE :AYAAN HIRSI ALI).


    Islam in America: why take the risk of Muslim immigration?
    By Frosty Wooldridge

    [Why take the risk of relentless Muslim immigration into America? He points out a plethora of consequences for injecting Islamic terrorists into America. The nature of Islam stands against every aspect of Western thought, religion and culture.

    Islam brandishes swords against free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of culture. Last week’s Fort Hood, Texas massacre by Muslim U.S. Army Officer Nadal Hasan offers a glimpse of our growing Islamic dilemma. His actions continue in a long line of honor killings, female genital mutilations and violence in America.]

  99. I would like to thank grand Sheikyerrmami for his intelligent remark. I believe that all Muslims should realise that the Koran is insipred by Satan.. It is a Satanic book that contravenes ethics and logic. It is full of grammatical, historical, geographical and ethical mistakes. It was inspired by a false prophet called mohammad and his clique. The Koran “challenges whoever can produce something similar to the satanic Koran of mohammad”. Following is the link of the “True Furqan” or the “True Koran” which reveals a sublime message unlike the Koran’s evil nature.
    I would like ALL misled Muslims to read this Koran, the “True Furqan”, and realise the fallacy of the message of the so-called satanic self-styled bedouin prophet of Arabia, mohammad.
    Muslims: If you do not believe in the Lord Jesus as your saviour… you are definitely heading to Hell with your false prophet mohammad. (Fulgente Antonio///

  100. Bradford diversity event outcome – “mentally ill” perp detained indefinitely …

    Maniac who stabbed seven in Keighley street rampage locked up
    6:30am Saturday 6th March 2010

    By Jenny Loweth »

    A violently disturbed Bradford teenager, who attempted to murder seven people in Keighley by stabbing them in their hearts, has been ordered to be detained indefinitely at a high-security hospital.

    Raheem Nawaz, who later bragged that he drank blood, was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs when he wreaked carnage in the town centre.

    He aimed his ornamental knife at the hearts of his victims – almost killing two of them. […]

  101. Chooks coming home to roost in Tower Hamlets:
    (no compulsion in islam, of course)


    By Ted Jeory

    A SECULAR Muslim woman councillor has been forced to dress more conservatively after receiving death threats and sexually harassing phone calls from members of her own community.

    Shiria Khatun, 38, has called in the police over the sinister calls in which threats were made not only against her, but also her four young children.

    In one they warned they would dig up parents’ graves and bury her there instead.

    The Labour councillor in the controversial borough of Tower Hamlets—named in a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary last week as a centre of Islamic fundamentalism—is considered one of the area’s most progressive politicians.

    She was elected in 2006, worked for Ken Livingstone as a transport adviser at London’s City Hall and frequently campaigns for more Muslim women to enter politics.

    However, over the past year she has been the victim of a “sick” harassment campaign.

    She has been bombarded with anonymous calls and even followed home.

    At first she was “too embarrassed” to call the police, but when the threats, mostly made in the Bangladeshi dialect Sylheti, targeted her family she decided to act. […]

  102. Found on Australian Islamist Monitor:

    muslims, not surprisingly, don’t want to be interred with those who reject allah and its lies, and want muslim-only cemeteries …

    Muslims hit a dead end

    [SYDNEY’S Islamic community is so desperate for burial plots it is applying to suburban councils to build Muslim-only cemeteries in both rural and residential areas.

    Development applications for Islamic cemeteries in Bringelly and Rossmore are before Liverpool Council as members of the Muslim community try to get more space for their dead.

    But some Bringelly residents are opposed to the planned Greendale Rd site – which will include up to 6150 burial plots – because it is in a residential area. They will meet in the community centre tonight.]

  103. Islam and terrorism are two faces of the same coin. For over the past 1400 years Islam’s followers have been wreaking havoc in the world. Mohammad, the self-styled satanic bedouin of Arabia, is the worst dictator ever, where after his death his followers continued to copy his sinful and disgraceful acts.(Fulgente Antonio,

  104. British High Court backs head teacher forced to quit by muslim school governors …

    From The Times
    March 19, 2010
    Court backs £400,000 payout for head teacher who was forced to quit

    A headmistress forced from her job after a campaign by two Muslim governors to give Islam a greater presence in a state school is entitled to £400,000 damages, the Court of Appeal has ruled. …

  105. Possibly not an “honour killing” (just a celebration of diversity), but Iranian man sees estranged wife at a Persian New Year event at the Adel Convention Centre – stabs her and kills her in front of a large crowd, and much of the detail is suppressed:

    Woman stabbed to death at Adelaide Convention Centre function

    [A 55-year-old man from the northern suburbs appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today charged with the murder of his 44-year-old wife in front of horrified witnesses attending a Persian Cultural Association function at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Sunday night.

    The alleged murderer’s name and image were suppressed by Magistrate Yoong Chin.]

    [The Convention Centre was locked down as police gathered details from witnesses. Police are also checking to see if the stabbing was captured on security cameras.

    The couple have three children – two in their 20s and a 12-year-old.

    Farhad Noori, spokesman for the Persian Association, said the function had been a celebration of peace and that violence was “condemned”.]


    [Persian Cultural Association of SA]

    Norooz 1389
    At the Adelaide Convention Centre
    Date: 21/03/2010
    Time: 06:00 pm

  106. Haaretz article on muslim violence in Holland, with Geert Wilders and his efforts to deal with it:

    [Today, however, Holland is homosexuals who are afraid to go out for fear of being beaten up by Muslim gangs, women threatened in the street for not dressing modestly or not covering their heads, and Theo van Gogh, the filmmaker whose throat was cut by a Muslim fanatic. ]

  107. A little more on the Convention Centre killing in today’s printed paper, but not online that I can see. In summary:

    * Police fear retribution attacks within the family
    * “alleged victim” has strong ties within Iranian “community”
    * Alleged perp is a “high-profile religious leader” and could pose a threat to potential witnesses if given bail. I wonder what “religion” he leads?

    The alleged perp apparently brought the knife to the convention centre and stabbed the “alleged victim” several times.

    How will the perp’s lawyers play this?

    “History of mental illness” can usually be relied on if all other lies fail.

  108. A muslim criminal, abiding the the rules of his criminal prophet!! Is there any surprise that an innocent woman has had to loose her life because of a gutless, weak, spineless, dumb, cowardly, and contemptible muslim male. IS THERE A SURPRISE HERE!!! As to the Persian community involved – you made this pig a high profile leader – and that says a lot about you and NONE of it is good.

  109. The Koran lacks consistency as it is full of mistakes and contradictions. A book assumed to be God’ s, that is full of innumerable mistakes, is certainly man-made. Here is an example taken from the Koran itself that proves that the Koran is not God-inspire:

    The Koran states explicitly that God created the world in “SIX” days. Here are the verses:

    7:54 Your Guardian-Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in SIX days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority)
    10:3] Verily your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in SIX days, and then He established Himself on the Throne (of authority), regulating and governing all things. No intercessor (can plead with Him) except after His leave (hath been obtained). This is Allah your Lord; Him therefore serve ye: will yet not receive admonition?
    Therefore, these verses claim that God created the world in six days. Now look at these verses which gives details about the duration of the creation. The number of days is EIGHT… This is a flagrant mistake by the author of the book. Look at these verses taken from surat 41:
    41[8] For those who believe and work deeds of righteousness is a reward that will never fail.
    41[9] Say: “Is it that ye deny Him Who created the earth in TWO DAYS? and do ye join equals with Him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds.”
    41[10] He set on the (earth). Mountains standing firm, high above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measured therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in FOUR DAYS, in accordance with (the needs of) those who seek (sustenance).
    41:12] So He completed them as seven firmaments in TWO DAYS and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command. And We adorned the lower heaven with lights, and (provided it) with guard. Such is the Decree of (Him) the Exalted in Might, Full of Knowledge.

    The total number of days is 2+4+2=8 days
    This contradiction really proves that the Koran is absolutely not God’s book.
    I would like to address all Muslims, including CDK who poted his views earlier, that you have been fooled by a self-styled prophet, called mohammad, who followed the steps of Satan and carried crimes against humanity. His followers still continue to commit his crimes and follow his satanic teachings. (Fulgente Antonio,

  110. I can’t believe what I am reading here! People writing about events depicted in books about non-existant beings. Even worse is that the cruel nature of Islam is defended by stupid people who believe this rubbish. As for Mohammed having sex with a 9 year old, well all I can say is that if he did die during the rape then good riddance.

    The religion of peace indeed! Kill anyone who is not a believer, kill all apostates, kill anyone else and take us abck to the middle ages.

    I see many muslem men going with prostitutes and I see them threatening to stone a muslem woman who speaks to another man. Hypocrites all of them.

  111. I have just realised that Aisha is responsible for Mohammed’s death. He died whilst screwing her.

    That is a good reason for not screwing a nine year old.

    Seriously though, how can anyone respect a paedophile who has sex with a small girl?
    Anyone who disagrees with me is guilty by association. Guilty of being a pervert.

  112. No jizya for refugee Kurdish cabbie in Adelaide:

    Short version, on Channel 7 news, but not online – taxi driver was rear ended and suffered minor injuries – claimed he was unable to work as cabbie, but was filmed driving cab & lifting passenger’s luggage – claimed (like Catmeat) that investigators altered the surveillance video – judge saw through it & and rejected claims.

    Long version, on Courts site:

  113. A few days old – Herald Sun opinion piece calls for Trad and Catmeat to be deported, among other things:

    Deadly cartoon-like characters
    Alan Howe From: Herald Sun March 21, 2010

    [ACCOMMODATING Islam in our Western democracies has not been easy, and is getting harder, the evidence for which is plain to see in the words on the placards held up by these unhappy Muslims in London. ]

    [To help guarantee our safety, and the calm involvement of Australia’s Muslims in our admired democracy, both should be deported back to the countries from which they came – Egypt and Lebanon.]

  114. There is a new satrical insult to Islam. “How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad’s Daughter Tells It All” is being sold by Did you know that Mohammad was a drunken, cowardly pimp into girls, boys, camels and booze was he ran ‘Mohammad’s Saloon & Brothel’. The Mullahs are not happy with this onel.

  115. I agree , islam is from satan..lying is nothing to them..great there was video footage…just another bludger in a long line of bludgers..
    When I lived in an islamic country , there were no handouts for foreigners…all the handouts to muslims in western countries should be stopped..In days of old migration , you sank or swum or died or possibly crawled home but you did not enter another country with your hand out. End all special freebies now.

  116. From moderate Indonesia:

    Cleric: Don’t cut too much female genital to avoid sexuality loss

    [“Don’t cut too much. Just cut the small skin on the tip of the clitoris. Otherwise, a woman would lose her sexuality, and you males don’t like that to happen, do you?” prominent cleric Mohammad Masyhuri told a press conference.]

    [Masyhuri said the meeting concluded that female circumcision “could be sunnah (recommended) but also could be mandatory.”

    “The main point is that it is not haram [forbidden],” he said.]

  117. islam does not allow killing people while they are alive, according to a Somali “religious scholar”:

    “Islam does not allow killing people while alive and excavating the graves of those who have already died,” the Sheikh, whose speeches are quite respected among Somalis, said.

    [allah doesn’t seem overly worried whether its followers kill live people, or wait ’til they die, from what I see]

  118. I am very joyful to learn today about the double suicide opeartion that took place in Moscow today. These explosions indicate that Islam is alive … it is coming and the day ISLAM WILL CONTROL THE WORLD IS GETTING NEARER AND NEARER EVERY DAY. May the suicide bombers’ place be in heaven. May the explosions shortly rip through all the Western, imperialust and athiest capitals of the West so as to teach the Western imperialism that Islam is coming… It is victorious. may the Prophet Mohammad rejoice and learn that we, our men, are defending His cause. (Dr. Azzam Tamim, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought.

  119. Tamimi, you are still at it? Why don’t you blow yourself up for a change? Oh, by the way, what do these female suicide bombers get out of it? Do they become part of the 72 virgin parcel promised to you? If heaven is going to be a brothel, you are angry at the Western world for all the wrong reasons, don’t you think?

  120. May the Lord Jesus save the world from the evils of Islam… and the evils of suicide bomber and terrorist Muslims– including Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London who contintes to spew the sanatic teachings of his santanc prophet, mohammade. The false prophet mohammad has been wreaking havoc in the world over the past 1400 years. Enough is enough. ( Falgente Antonio,

  121. Islam won’t control the world.
    In the natural China is far more closer to world domination than
    divided islam and even Russia would beat islam to it.
    Spiritual truth is that the anti-christ will get a hold of it first and
    finally Christ Jesus in the ultimate theocracy.

  122. Islam can’t control the world, in reality China is far closer to that
    than a divided islam ever will be, even Russia can beat islam to it.
    both countries will provide free & fast transportation to paradise to
    muslims who would like to take over their countries.
    Spiritual truth is that the anti-christ will control the world and after
    that Christ Jesus in the ultimate theocracy.

  123. First time I’ve come across this site.I came across it following a piece in The Times about the Cordoba Cathedral/Muslims praying but before I got to the meat of the matter I had to stop myself laughing out loud.In fact I’m still chuckling with mirth as I type this. What is so bloomin’ funny you may well ask.
    Sheik yer’ Mami did it for me.
    Now if Sheik Yer’ Mami isn’t Scottish I’m a Chinese cracker.
    C’moan son. Own up.

  124. You’re a sick piece of garbage, Tamimi, and thus a true representative of the pathetic ‘religion’ of islam.

    BTW, these suicide bombers will all burn in hell, as will all who embrace islam. Just thought you should know.

  125. Actually no one goes straight to heaven or hell,
    all people without Christ go to the place of the death
    (sheol/hades), the soul in Christ goes to paradise,
    which is not ultimate heaven, spirit goes back to God,
    body dissapears in earth/sea until the resurrections.
    positional thanatology is hard to apply (soul/spirit)
    due to Omnipresence of Yahweh.

  126. There you are, Azzam. It went all quiet. I missed your raving madness.

    How did the investigation go?
    What is happening to your websites, official and personal?

    It looks like that white, long-sleeved jacket is coming to get you, soon!

    Bye bye Tamimi, son. It was good while it lasted, wasn’t it. Now, go get a real job in your country. They are all going to need great help soon. Like where are the water, food, medicine and shelter going to come from?

  127. actually every one is equal , even he is muslim ,christ ,budahs or anything els,

    who ever has hate in their eyes to other human goes to hell even he belongs to muslim religion ,christ etc.

    its not necessary to do what ur religion told u , u have brain and ur brain is ur God , don t go to these useless thinking of religions, be ur on God, never hate any one , thoes who suicide, boming or kills anocent pepole in the world, in reality they are not human, dont claim , muslim or other religen,

  128. I can understand where oruzgani and kaw are going,
    still all nature is not God , humans are not God, our brains are not God,
    there are no thousands of Gods, nor is there no God, the approach of
    all organized religion is not God. God/allah/ elohim are titles.
    the name is Yahweh and one can only be part of the Qahal YHWH
    by spiritual re-birth through YHWH Ruach in Yeshua ha Mashiach.
    one needs faith, though it is everybody’s choice to accept or not.

  129. Dhumme Dhimmi, it will just take a while to realise that the winds of jihad will soon stronger worldwide. We, Muslism, are not only after the Islamisation of Europe, but the Islamisation of the whole world. So, this Earth will be called the Islamic Earth. Those who do not like that have the choice either being killed, paying Jizya (tribute) or live in another planet, namely the moon. The world in ours and the day we will control the world is coming. Our first objective is to eliminate the Jewish state, get rid of all the Jews worldwide… then proceed with our plans. As for my site, it has been launched… so no worries about that.
    (Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, Lonon, UK

  130. Tamimi, good to hear from you. You have gone quiet.
    Typical response. You do not answer the questions and you lie.
    You think we are DHUMME.
    BUT… you are practicing TAQIYYA still.

    Your website is still under construction.
    Institute of Islamic Political Thought IIPT
    There is another one I need to check yet.

    Your Facebook account is rarely used by you or anyone else.

    AND…very importantly, how did the investigation go?
    Come on. Tell us.

    You are in the wars m-a-t-i-e. G-O-O-D.
    This might be why you are not spewing your usual garbage.
    You are receing official attention.
    When do they deport you?

    There is no chance in hell of islam ruling the world because 4.8 billion others think the opposite and will stop you.
    It has already started. Europe is rising against you. Soon America will defeat the muslim POTUS. Russia and China will squash you. South America will not let you in.

  131. “So, this Earth will be called the Islamic Earth. Those who do not like that have the choice either being killed, paying Jizya (tribute) or live in another planet, namely the moon.”

    Which is it, Azzam – islam uber alles, or the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, complete with the “sword of cleavage” for those who reject the luciferic initiation into the New Age?

    I take it that you are familiar with the New Age notion that those who are insufficiently enlightened to enter the Aquarian Age are to be cleansed from the planet, and sent elsewhere – another planet? another plane of existence? where they will be allowed to evolve (and so on)

    Or are you just taking the michael?

    “Our first objective is to eliminate the Jewish state, get rid of all the Jews worldwide…”

    Have fun trying – according to the prophet Ezekiel you will be slaughtered, leaving the Jews the task of marking your dead & smelly bodies and body parts for burial at Hamangog, in order to cleanse God’s holy land (Ezekiel 38 / 39).

  132. Tammimi, 3anjad? like seriously, how old are you? Think about what the values of ISlam really are before you start bullsh*ting and giving people more reason to think all muslims are stupid like you, what kind of muslim are you anyway? Shia? Sufi? Do you know that you areNOT following assirat al-mustakiim *the right/straight path*? You are just making more tension and injustice in the world, and you call yourself a DOCTOR?!! I know that I cannot stop people who hate muslims from writing a bunch of bull about us, but I want to atleast show you that I have no association with a man who LIKES suicide bombing-innocents are killed, and that is HARAM. Nothing can justify a sin so big as killing an innocent person. Please stop and think about what you say before you say it, all of you, it would be greatly appreciated. God people like you make me more mad than people like the one’s slamming islam-they don’t KNOW Islam, and are not a part of it-they do it because they think they’re funny making fun of holy things to us. But YOU, Tamimi-you should know better than that, don;t you want people to UNDERSTAND Islam-not shun it, hate it and feel the need to destroy it? If you were a good muslim, you would at least prove them wrong with KIND, TRUE words, not stupid thoughtless and harmful ones. Obviously you need some time to look at some Islamic books before you start talking…to anyone. Thank you.

  133. I wonder why the ideas I present are not acceptable. These ideas are not mine. They were inspired by Allah to the Prophet Mohammad urging him to fight and kill all non-Muslims (athiests) unless they convert to Islam or/ pay tribute (tax) “in a state of subjugation”. These are Allah’s words. Moreover, as a Muslim living in the West, I only practise “Taqiyya” until time comes when we Muslims have the upper hand. Then the whole things WILL CHANGE.
    Moreover, Christians and Jews are the ancestors of pigs and monkeys (according to the Holy Koran). So they are nothing but the dirt of the world which will be eliminated one day. I advise everyone to go read the Koran. Here are the verses that explain my views:
    009.005: “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”
    009.029 “Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”

    The Winds of Jihad are blowing–or they are rather tornados.

    (Dr. Azzam Tamimi,Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, London, UK)

  134. “Azzam Tamimi ( April 8, 2010 at 12:09 pm
    I wonder why the ideas I present are not acceptable…”

    Azzam, you have got to be joking!

    For the first time in a long time you do not sound mad when you are quoting the dogma that we reject.
    We reject it outright! We reject it totally! We reject it completely!
    There is no way free people of the West are ever going to accept servitude.
    W-E W-I-L-L E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E i-S-L-A-M F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

    You, still, have not answered my questions.
    Silence this time! No taqiyya! Very interesting! Hhhhmmmm!


  135. islam sows to the wind (of jihad?) and will reap the whirlwind, Azzam.

    However, you do serve allah (satan’s sockpuppet) and its false prophet very well, unlike those who pretend to be “moderates” and pretend that islam is “peace”.

    islam – the HOV lane on the highway to hell.

  136. islam’s bitter fruits in Yemen:

    [A 13-year-old Yemeni girl who was forced into marriage died five days after her wedding when she suffered a rupture in her sex organs and hemorrhaging, a local rights organization said today. ]

    Some muslims will claim that this is cultural and nothing to do with islam, allah (satan) or the false prophet, but muslims in the know fight against laws intended to protect children, as allah has sanctioned child marriage …

    * Top Yemen clerics fight child marriage ban (google for article)

  137. i just think there are a far many worries in the world today than worrying whether islam is going to take over the world.
    let me tell you this ….
    if the black flag of islam was ever to be flown in this country over any government building i can assure you that the supporters of St. George would rise up and destroy this pathetic attempt of domination .
    the koran is a made up peice of trash that forces it’s followers to be subserviant and intorable to any one who doesn’t believe in it’s teachings .
    Next time you pathetic islamists want to cause a fight or put down this country please do your demonstations in my town and we we show you what its like to cause murder and mayhem….
    oh and by the way, i am not anti religion i am not anti muslim, sikh or jew, i am anti bullshit and bollox and everything that the vile hate mungers stand for.
    and just to finish off i am not a muslim i do not folow religion bit i am married to the most beutifull muslim woman on earth and i have been for 10 years now, my muslim daughter goes to a catholic school of which her school friends accept her as a young lady and not an out cast because her mother is muslim and she has dark skin.
    life is to short unles you are an extreme islamist and you are going to die young anyhow

  138. Islam (if it could) won’t have the time to dominate the world,
    it needs at least 15 years to take over europe, too short; this world-system will be history before that can happen.
    the great deciever will beat every one to it anyway.
    after that the rule of the Prince of Peace YhM.

  139. I just saw this on Zip, & Sheik & everyone else will have it before long, but too good to let pass – I don’t think it’s a late April 1 joke:

    UK: Dhimmi King George Galloway Beat up by Islamists While Campaigning in East London, “They Called Me a Filthy Kaffir”…

    “Whassamatta you? (hey!)
    Gotta no Respect? (Party)
    Whaddaya think you do?
    Why you looka so sad?
    It’s-a not so bad
    It’s-a nice-a place
    Ah, shaddap you face!” (you filthy kaffir)

  140. Hagar and her likes are anti-Semitic. Everyone should understand the message of Islam. It is made clear in the book of Allah, the Koran, which calls for the control of Islam over the whole world. Nowadays, we have Islamic republics here and there. In the near future, we will witness THE ISLAMIC WORLD, where on this planet, Islam will prevail and the dictates of Islam will be applied with all women wearing the veil.. etc. No one has the power to revert this imminet change. The world will change and all world powers will surrender to Islam willingly or by force. We have at least one billion suicide (martyrdom) bombers (and I am one of them) who are ready to blow everything up in the face of athiests including Christians and Jews.
    Look at these two Koranic verse:
    098.006 “Lo! those who disbelieve, among the People of the Scripture and the idolaters, will abide in fire of hell. They are the worst of created beings.”
    028.009 “Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”
    Allah calls for Jihad, and WE are ready for that.No compromises from now on.
    (Hagar: Get ready… soon will wear the hijab and follow Islamic teachings thoroughly. I assure you)
    (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, London, UK (

  141. Sheik,
    As Tamimi is considered a middle-ranking muslim known all over the world, wouldn’t his utterances here constitute affirmation of the dark side of islam? What your site and others have been saying for years?

  142. Islamic world?
    it would be an endless fighting over the right islamic way, the best
    islamic way, the most pure islamic way… and so on and so on….
    keep on dreaming; no existing religion will really get all control over the
    whole world. even the anti-christ reign will not be worldwide ,only the
    millennium reign of YHM will be all over the world but this theocracy
    goes beyond any religious system.

  143. Strange tale of kidnap, torture & threatened limb-cutting terror:

    TWO Syrian brothers bashed and kidnapped two other men in a brutal revenge attack after being subjected to years of racial vilification, a court has heard.

    Today the District Court heard the brothers, who cannot be identified because one was a youth at the time, used phone messages to lure their victims into meeting them at a Golden Grove basketball court early on Christmas Day in 2007.

    “You can hear (the victim) begging for mercy for the beating to end,” Dr Salu said.

    He said the recording contained threats to cut off one of their victims legs and the “terror” in the victim’s voice.

    “They have been subjected to taunts which started with being called wogs, progressed to arabs,” she said.

    She said the hard-working family had come to Australia to make a better life, but were subjected to racial taunts which included “Allah is dead” being spray-painted on their cars and their tyres being slashed.

    [allah is currently still active, and instructing its followers to cut off arms and legs (and heads) among other things.]

  144. Interesting court challenge to muslim “campus” at Hoxton Park:

    [Some Sydney residents who do not want an Islamic School being built in their suburb are applying to take their fight to the High Court.

    Last June, Liverpool Council approved a proposal by the Malek Fahd School, to build a campus at Hoxton Park in Sydney’s west.

    The Hoxton Park Residents’ Action Group is challenging the Council’s decision, on the grounds that local governments are constitutionally invalid. ]

    ABC –

  145. Primates, including humans, often have trouble imagining a universe which is not created and maintained by an angry all powerful alpha male! In the case of humans the alpha male can even be invisible. The invisible alpha male employs real life beta males, called “prophets”, for controlling the minds and behaviour of all the lesser males, who cooperate fully because it “just feels right” to submit to the alpha male for the good of the primate group. This group evolutionary strategy based on submission to an all powerful invisible alpha male is called monotheistic religion. There are two large existent groups that operate in this way, Judaism and Islam. Both worship invisible alpha males who are, in reality, created by prophets.

  146. The BNP is under fire for putting out an “anti-Islamic leaflet” using images supplied by … muslims.

    Ilford Recorder

    BNP under fire in Redbridge over anti-Islamic leaflet
    JENNY COOMBES – 23 April 2010

    A RABBI has branded an election leaflet put out by the British National Party as “blatantly Islamaphobic”.

    [“Some of those images on the front are to remind people of a few home truths.

    “They’re all pictures taken from genuine news stories.”]

  147. muslims hijack planes 7 destroy landmark buildings, committing mass murder in the process, & we are told it has nothing to do with islam, no backlash, islam is peace (etc).

    Someone graffitis in front of an islamic centre in Ontario, and the Vancouverite paper goes into warp drive with hyperbole:

    [Anti-Islam hate mongers hunted in Pickering

    PICKERING, Ontario – Cops are looking for hate mongers who spray painted offensive graffiti in front of an Islamic centre.]

  148. No one expects the islamic inquisition!

    The Islamic Inquisition is in Full Swing

    [If Buddhists or Christians, or other non-Muslims, speak openly about their faith in modern day Saudi Arabia then they will face the Islamic inquisition. This means that they will be questioned by the religious police in Saudi Arabia and they will face the wrath of Islamic Sharia law.

    The situation becomes even more alarming when it applies to a Muslim converting to another religion, because this is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. Given this reality, the Islamic inquisition is a modern day fact in the lands of Mecca and Medina and it is abundantly clear that religious and gender equality is seen to be a threat to Islam.]

  149. I wonder if this UK atheist was given an ASBO for mocking Jesus Christ, or causing “hurt feelings” to those whose feelings are protected by the dying State? I wonder who prays in the John Lennon Airport “prayer room”? [not sure why there would be a prayer room in an airport named after Lennon … maybe a Maharishi room?]

    * Atheist given Asbo for leaflets mocking Jesus

    [An atheist who left leaflets mocking Jesus Christ, Islam and the Pope in an international airport’s prayer room has been given an Asbo.]

    [Islamic suicide bombers at the gates of paradise were told in another: ”Stop, stop, we’ve run out of virgins.” ]

  150. With the emergence of the German Taleban Mujahedeen, I feel assured that Islam is certainly winning. Too many Europeans are converting to Islam every day which will be the first fireshell that undermines the bases of the European athiest and imperialist regimes. These new jihadists will support an Islamic state wordwide and establish the Islamic Shria (rule) everywhere. Any setback to Islam is NOT important as Islam is advancing with hugh steam.
    All remarks opposing this view have proven to be null and void. We Are Coming.((Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, London, UK (

    Moreover, I do not accept any insults aimed at me as I never isluted anybody. Time will prove that what I am saying is true. I am getting ready to become of the “caliph” of the united European Islamic States….SOON

  151. I believe that the remarks made by the so-called (Dr.)Azzam Tamimi and other fanatic Muslims reveal the facts that Islam does not augur well to the advanced and democratic world, and that it is impossible to hold a truce with Islam.
    The Western countries should curb, control and end the spread of Islam to the West by all means. The virus of Islam is deadly… I propose that the European countries introduce teaching Christanity and Judaism at schools as a means to scuttle and forestall the deadly threat of Islam. Serious measures have to be taken very soon and before too late… else solutions will become very difficult and situations will not be easy to handle. The Islamic terrorism is threatening the four coners of the world… A speedy solution is necessary. It is use discussng anything with Muslims as they follow the terrorist teachings of the Koran which teaching hatred and grudge against all non-Muslims.

  152. Fulgente Antonio April 26, 2010 at 12:41 pm
    I believe that the remarks made by the so-called (Dr.)Azzam Tamimi and other fanatic Muslims reveal the facts that Islam does not augur well to the advanced and democratic world, and that it is impossible to hold a truce with Islam.
    The Western countries should curb, control and end the spread of Islam to the West by all means. The virus of Islam is deadly… I propose that the European countries introduce teaching Christanity and Judaism at schools as a means to scuttle and forestall the deadly threat of Islam. Serious measures have to be taken very soon and before too late… else solutions will become very difficult and situations will not be easy to handle. The Islamic terrorism is threatening the four coners of the world… A speedy solution is necessary. It is NO use discussing anything with Muslims as they adanatly follow the terrorist teachings of the Koran which teaches hatred and grudge against all non-Muslims.

  153. * I am getting ready to become of the “caliph” of the united European Islamic States….SOON

    The Beast whose number is 666 might have a role for you, if he lets you live. However, since he will rule from the rebuilt Jerusalem temple, where the islamic abominations currently stand, there is no guarantee that he will do anything to muslims apart from killing them.

  154. Almost no one converts to islam, azammi baby. So, where do you did up these stats ?? And do say hello to “hugh steam”, whomever he/it is. It is amusing to see that you actually believe your own propaganda. And for G_d’s sake do not use the title “Doctor”. It is an insult to people who have actually earned their doctorates!!!

  155. The rule of Islam will prevail worldwide. This is a fact that will come true with the determination of Muslim mujadideen who sacrifice themselves, blow themself up, and fight in defence of this noble doctrine, Islam. I did not expect to be humiliated at this site. I have the doctorate degree because I am insightful, bright and perspicacious. The future is for Islam. Let all non-Muslims die of fury, frustration and failure.
    (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, London, UK (

  156. The future is for the millennial reign of Jesus Christ with the saints.
    No islam; no muslims.; no islamic political thought.
    islam is doomed.

  157. Azammi
    No, you have the doctoral degree because you are nothing more than a parrot. I very much doubt that you can hold your own in a real education institution – and that is very much the sense that one receives when reading your nonsense. You are not bright, and you are not insightful and you do not have keen mental perception and understanding. A tip azammi – when a neutral observer complements you on these qualities then you can accept that with humility and pride. But when you advertise to the world that you have these qualities, and you are a complete nothing in various academic worlds. one can be certain that you do not have these qualities. Have a nice day and stop polluting the web.

  158. Azammi,
    One final point! The fact that you feel humiliated suggest that perhaps you need to have a stronger character base – one thing that you learn in the academic world is that people are brighter than you – no matter how smart you think you. From these people you try and learn. I actually have no idea how intelligent you are however your posts are not encouraging. It seems that you have the typical muslim arrogance which prevents you from learning or even questioning that which you have been taught – this is not the hallmark of a exceptional doctorate, rather a very ordinary one. These are my impressions – perhaps they are wrong – but I see no evidence to draw any other conclusion.
    Now please stop wasting our time and spend your time more profitably by using your claimed intellect to try and better understand the real world we live in, not the fiction of the quran. We have many problems which will face us in the future – if you can assist then you are welcome – if all you can do is spout antiquated islamic gibberish then perhaps you really are not as bright as you imagine yourself to be and you are then undeserving of the title you claim.

  159. Tamimi, Tamimi, Tamimi. You’re a hard nut to crack. You claim the following: “I have the doctorate degree because I am insightful, bright and perspicacious.” For one, a person’s opinion of himself is no opinion at all. It’s hot air. On the contrary, your degree is worthless, because you are blind, dull and quite unintelligent.

    Why do I say all of these things? Simply because you have missed the target. A man of your stature should have put aside his biases and invested a good portion of his mental capacity in comparative studies. Your arguments are unscholarly, unconvincing and shallow, with remarkable similarities to the thought pattern of your average, uneducated, poor, frustrated terrorist.

    Need I say more? I dare you to compare the life of the Lord Jesus Christ with that of your unassuming self-proclaimed prophet. I dare you to emulate your “prophets” life and claim righteousness with a clear conscience.

    We shall wait for your reply.

  160. More taxpayer funded treason, in moderate Indonesia:,20100428-243922,uk.html

    Australia Helps Build Islamic Boarding Schools

    Wednesday, 28 April, 2010 | 16:17 WIB

    TEMPO Interactive, Pasuruan:The Australian government yesterday disbursed funding for Roudlotunnaja and Madrasah Tsanawiyah Ar-Roudlo Islamic Schools in Pajaran village in Rembang, Pasuruan regency. The funds totaled Rp 1,1 billion, which will be used for physical repairs like school building construction, computer laboratories, library, and other supporting facilities. …

  161. The doctor demagogue is wrong about the “conversions” to islam
    they are called “force-ins”; real conversion is out of free will.
    Moreover there are far more animists than religionists nowadays.
    also people who turn to islam are not turning to a religion but to a
    poli-reli-crime system that gives them the right to sin in pursuit
    of the object of world-domination.
    There are at least 5 entities far more closer to that than islam.
    Further the muslims made the mistake to proclaim their intentions
    without having the numbers, the means and the logistics.
    Boasting about terrorists and their deeds will at the end result into
    what they were searching for; all out war and a ride to sheol/hades
    (they won’t go to paradise) you will reap what you sow!

  162. Putting false religion against false religion:
    “islam will dominate the world” versus “21st of October; end of the

  163. I do not mind all the silly and nonsensual remarks being posted on me. The only solution to all the world problems is merely Islam. Read the Koran to find solution to all world problems starting with faith and ending with economy.
    I am educated not because I hold the doctorate degree but because I am a Muslim who follows the steps of “my beloved Prophet and my guide in life. The Prophet Mohammad taught us that we Muslims are superior to all races worldwide including Jews and Christians (with both of them descendents of pigs and apes. When I see non-Muslims, I only visualize pigs and apes. They are cursed and misled (as is mentioned in the Fatiha of the Koran.”

    The Prophet Mohammad said:” I have been made victorious with terror”. (Bukhari: 4.52. 220). This means that terrorizing all non-Muslims is the norm to be adopted by Muslims worldiwde towards others.

    My views which I express publicly are not mine, but they are the Koran’s and the Prophet’s. What really explains my views is Koranic verse:

    009.005: “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”

    Therefore, the Koran ORDERS us, Muslims, “to slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush…” This is a clear message the idolaters; including the Christians and Jews (our modern apes and pigs should meet this imminent fate. This is just a matter of time.

    Furthermore, the Koran calls on us to fight and kill Jews and Christians. We are only following the will of God. Look at this verse:
    009.029 “Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”
    These are not only my views but the views of all Muslims. Just wait and see.
    Moreover, if this site continues to criticize Muslims, I will definitely have it “hacked” soon. I will send into oblivion sooner that anyone can think.(Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, London, UK (

  164. Assami,
    DO NOT THREATEN HERE. You seem out of touch with the Umma – most muslims think that you are an idiot!! Your email has been passed onto the relevant authorities, including some non-official bodies who are now rather interested in you. As we said, you are not terribly bright. This site will continue to critize muslims until such time as they do not deserve critical comment. Sheik, although it is an inconvenience for you I would advise that you send this idiot’s emails to the respect federal authorities. They can get in touch with their counterparts in the UK- I have contacted some other folks. who are not so understanding – they will act in their own time. Tamini has just tried to bully all the readers on this blog, and for that he will be brought to justice. I am also going to send these mails to the UK security people. I would be very careful giving out death threats assami. You were unable to counter any argument given to you, you have responded with what is effectively a death threat, and you will now suffer the consequences. Let the wheels of justice start rolling. On a personal basis azzam, we don’t start fights, but we finish them.

  165. Tamimi is giving us the run around.

    Some have suggested that you, Tammi, just might be anti-islamic … I am beginning to think that.

    kindly answer this question: when Iran and Iraq were at war with one another back in the 80’s, on whose side was allah?

    1. Tamimi is posting from Jordan.

      I first thought he was a prank. Now I’m beginning to believe he’s for real.

      Malcolm Bedwetter is posting from NSW/Australia.

  166. Read the quran in order to find the errors written in there;
    it is a contaminated book, if people can’t see that than they ‘re
    spiritually ignorant.

  167. Sheik,
    I am not sure about him being a prankster – The dogs have been let loose and they can assess if the man is a real threat or not. I have received enough serious hate mail from these folks to not discount this as a prank. A.T. has been studied and the email is somewhat in agreement with the gents psych. profile but I doubt that the email is from Tammi himself. If there is a real problem with the sender it will be assessed and then a decision made (this does NOT mean doing physical harm to the sender) on further action. If the sender is harmless or a prankster nothing will happen – but regardless of what happens this email is the last that I have to say on this issue. The ball is no longer in my (or your) court.

    Nice point “No Laughing Matter” however I don’t believe the question makes sense since one side was Shiite and the other Sunni (Baathist). Both believe that they are allah’s chosen – perhaps this is an indication that allah never chooses well and that, if he exists, he is flawed, which then puts a nice lid on the idea that allah is G_d and the creed of islam.

  168. These threats are not a sign of a civilised society. Anyhow, based on taqiyya, I would openly declare that all statements I made earlier NULL and VOID. I promise I will never express my views on this site again and I strongly apologise for expressing the Koran’s views that are deemed offensive to others. I hope that everyone will consider this statement as a serious apology. I appeal to everyone to consider this chapter closed and the issue finished once and for all. I hope all ramifications to this issue will come to an end immediately. No nore probvlems to anybody.I express my apology again hoping that it will be seriously accepted. Wit my best wishes to all..(Professor Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, London, UK (

  169. These threats are not a sign of a civilised society. Anyhow, based on taqiyya, I would openly declare that all statements I made earlier NULL and VOID. I promise I will never express my views on this site again and I strongly apologise for expressing the Koran’s views that are deemed offensive to others. I hope that everyone will consider this statement as a serious apology. I appeal to everyone to consider this chapter closed and the issue finished once and for all. I hope all ramifications to this issue will come to an end immediately. No more problems to anybody.I express my apology again hoping that it will be seriously accepted. With my best wishes to all..(Professor Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought, London, UK (

  170. I thought Tamimi was a leg pull too…

    Sydney Mainly Halal opinion piece thinks Pauline may be right:

    Could Pauline Hanson be right?

    [How’s Hanson looking so far? Well how about young Antonios Grigoriou, the 11-year-old at Sydney’s Punchbowl Public School who was attacked by Muslim students last year because he ate a salami sandwich during Ramadam. He’s not Muslim: he’s from Greek background, but the Muslim students were still offended.

    Grigoriou was punched in the eye and kicked in the legs. His parents took him out of the school.

    Not the greatest advertisement for the multicultural Utopia.

    Hey, could this possibly be the sort of stuff that Pauline Hanson was worried about? Golly, I don’t suppose she, er, could be RIGHT??]

  171. The post about the ANZAC attack in Arncliffe has scrolled off, but in ball-less dying Britain, a muslim attacks a war memorial with ‘Islam will dominate the world’ but clueless CPS decides it was ‘not religiously or racially motivated’.

    * Muslim daubs war memorial with ‘Islam will dominate the world’ – but walks free after CPS says he was NOT racially motivated

    Read more:–CPS-says-NOT-racially-motivated.html

  172. You can figure quite a lot from the way a letter is structured – little errors, little nuances say an awful lot. The guy is committed and i suspect he has been here under a few names.

  173. I am also not sure about Malcolm – his mails smell a little middle-eastern or nw India – not enough to go on to be more precise. But he could also be a dead-end lead. Regarding the attack on the Sydney student I sent a letter to the NSW education department requesting that the offenders be expelled from the school, and I do not know what the status of the offenders is currently.

  174. kaw, the likely outcome is that remaining infidels at Punchbowl P S will be instructed in how to avoid causing hurt feelings to the invaders.

  175. Well kaw, al Age has opened with Hasanoff’s family’s “big shock, big shock” at his arrest, which is always helpful when peaceful ones are concerned – he was from Adelaide:

    Family’s shock at al-Qaeda arrest

    [When told Sabirhan had been arrested and accused of links to al-Qaeda, Mrs Hasanoff said: ”Big shock, big shock.”

    ”No, he never in trouble.]

    (they never are)

  176. This site is easily the best thing I’ve found on the internet,you guys are brilliant.Enough grovelling
    I’m a fairly recent convert to islamophobia, but I’ve been struggling to find fellow minded thinkers and now all those farts in the direction of mecca have paid off
    The thing that really tipped me into islamophobia was reading the qur’an which is nothing more than a hate manual which sanctions violence murder rape looting slavery etc .This helped to disabuse me of all notions of a peaceful islam and all ideas of peaceful co existence with islam.The upshot of this is that I think we should nominate islamophobia as a new religion
    can you imagine the uproar if some of the tenets of islamophobia were as follows
    “kill the muslim wherever you find them”
    “muslims are the vilest of animals in the eyes of god”
    I’m sure you get the message and all know there are enough similar quotes in the paedophiles parables to fill a book.I don’t think it would be allowed by the namby pamby pinko liberal hand wringing do gooding bleeding heart emotionallly crippled brigade who can’t face reality
    keep up the good work in promulgating common sense

  177. Infidel John,
    It is a pity more people don’t read the crap that is called the quran – then they would no exactly what islam stands for – which is nothing very much at all.

  178. Infidel John,
    It is a pity more people don’t read the crap that is called the quran – then they would know exactly what islam stands for – which is nothing very much at all.

  179. Swaroop,
    You destroy them by ridiculing them, by ignoring them, and by making them and their religion completely and utterly irrelevant. Humiliation is what muslims really fear – and you deport the ones that try to import their sharia crap into our homes.

  180. I laud the remarks made by “infideljohn” as they are absolutely correct.I also commend the remarks made by Kaw as they represent the biter situation and suffering cuased by Islam. I hope that the world will wake up to deter the “Islamis tsunami” threatening the world civilisations. I will shorly comment on the “Azzam Tamimi syndrome”.

  181. La Trobe has a bad name for Dhimmitude. 1million for a group of muslim thugs – some one should fire the university management – 1 million that could have been used to buy equipment etc for real students – not muslim terrorists.

  182. This is the pashtun jerk who has been in the news for quite a while – people must write to the State and federal governments to have this parasite removed from the country.

  183. Taxpayer funded security upgrades for Minto madrassahs:

    [Two Minto schools have received government funding to increase safety for their students.

    Islamic schools Iqra Grammar and Qibla Colleges will get $109,100 and $105,100 respectively under the Federal Government’s Secure Schools Program.

    Labor Candidate for Werriwa, Laurie Ferguson, announced the funding hand-outs last week.]

  184. CAIR Babies whine again:

    CAIR Seeks Probe Of Anti-Islam Bias In US Military Training

    [The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) received a report that a three-day NCIS surveillance detection course at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., included the viewing of a propagandistic anti-Islam film that features notorious Islamophobes such as Daniel Pipes, Nonie Darwish and Walid Shoebat.]

  185. “Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem whines, plays victim card, & tells porkies:

    [Speaking at the Arab Press Club, the Grand Mufti stressed that Israeli violations of UN and other international resolutions and conventions are jeopardizing the objective of creating a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital and were tantamount to gradually excluding Christian and Muslim influences from the area.]

    [“Jerusalem is an Arab land,” he stressed, noting that Israel is “repeatedly violating” UN Resolutions by its policies. He further noted that the decision to annex East Jerusalem in 1967 was another violation by Israel of the Geneva Convention.]

    * Jerusalem is the city of the Great King, and is not an arab land, nor will it ever be. But it will be a cup of trembling for the nations round about, should they be foolish enough to burden themselves with it.

  186. “Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem whines, plays victim card, & tells porkies:

    Eurasia Review

    [Speaking at the Arab Press Club, the Grand Mufti stressed that Israeli violations of UN and other international resolutions and conventions are jeopardizing the objective of creating a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital and were tantamount to gradually excluding Christian and Muslim influences from the area.]

    [“Jerusalem is an Arab land,” he stressed, noting that Israel is “repeatedly violating” UN Resolutions by its policies. He further noted that the decision to annex East Jerusalem in 1967 was another violation by Israel of the Geneva Convention.]

    * Jerusalem is the city of the Great King, and is not an arab land, nor will it ever be. But it will be a cup of trembling for the nations round about, should they be foolish enough to burden themselves with it.

  187. Remarkable diversity celebration in Kilburn (enriched suburb of Adelaide) last night – 7 News reported that two middle eastern men were shot near the Kilburn Football Club, an area where m/e & sudanese gangs come out to celebrate diversity, but suddenly all the racial descriptions have vanished, to be replaced by “men” and “males” …

    Adelaide Now: [Two males, a 20-year-old of Modbury and a 26-year-old of Enfield, were taken to hospital on Friday night with non-threatening gunshot wounds after they were targeted by a pair of masked gunmen.]

    ABC: [A group of men were playing cards in a car park next to a football club at Blair Athol when they were approached by two men armed with guns.

    Police say there was an altercation and about six shots were fired as the men on the ground ran away.

    Two men are in a stable condition in hospital after they were shot in the back.]

    7 News (internet): [Two men are in a stable condition in hospital after they were shot in the back.]

    Nothing to see, nothing to worry about:

    [“And the community shouldn’t fear that there are random acts of violence occurring, we have some lines of inquiries and the investigation will continue”.]

  188. Exploitative racist muslims?

    Our $8 an hour African trolley boys

    [Disgruntled former workers say Ahmed Mohammed – whose contract trolley-boy company Congress Services supplies trolley boys for Woolworths at Arndale and Coles at North Park and in the city – asked them to sack white workers and replace them with Africans because they are less likely to complain about low wages.

    The former workers also claim Mr Mohammed pays some employees cash.]

    [Mr Mohammed is employed by Mohammed Fedail, the contract holder for FAB Shopping Centre Services, which collects Woolworths and Big W trolleys at Arndale.

    Mr Mohammed employs the team of trolley pushers and supervisors for that operation, one of whom told The Advertiser he was told by his African boss to take any opportunity to get rid of white trolley boys.

    “He said he wanted to get cheaper labour and if they were not African, don’t hire them and if they are white, then sack them when you get a chance,” the former trolley boy said.]

  189. A gold Logie for legal dhimmitude?

    Law firm puts on sharia adviser
    May 10, 2010

    [A MELBOURNE law firm has hired Australia’s first sharia consultant – an imam to advise Muslim clients on how to observe Islamic legal codes alongside Australian law.

    Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas, a member of the Australian National Council of Imams …]

    [Sheikh Nawas has been hired as consultant by Logie-Smith Lanyon, which also sponsors a postgraduate degree in Islamic banking and finance at La Trobe University.

    According to Hyder Gulam, a senior lawyer with the firm and a board member of the Islamic Council of Victoria, there is rising demand in Melbourne’s growing Muslim community for dispute resolution in harmony with sharia principles, as well as Islamic financial products, such as housing finance and investments.

    He said: ”It’s big business. (Assistant Treasurer) Nick Sherry went to the Middle East recently to promote Australia as sharia-friendly for finance and investment.”]

    Regardless of any strengths or weaknesses of Labor, or the Coalition, the rolling over to ‘sharia compliance’ means Labor needs to be sent packing – to some sharia-paradise, perhaps? Maldives? Maroc?

  190. Much of this strikes a chord with me:

    Pasquarelli says Liberals must take a stand on multiculturalism

    [A former Pauline Hanson advisor, Pasquarelli believes that the Liberals are “all over the shop” on the issues of multiculturalism, ethnic crime, gang violence and immigration from countries with cultures that are clearly incompatible with Australian laws, culture and lifestyle.

    “The Liberal Party doesn’t know what it stands for,” he told Australian Conservative.

    “It says it stands for the family and small business. Good God, what clapped out clichés those are. They mumble useless platitudes. That’s all just clap-trap, trendy talk. Because they don’t define themselves.

    “Where do they stand on refugees and migrants who are quite clearly culturally incompatible with the rest of us?” He asks the Liberals, “Why are you frightened of tackling these issues that a huge number of Australians are gravely concerned about?”]

  191. “kindly answer this question: when Iran and Iraq were at war with one another back in the 80’s, on whose side was allah?”

    LOL! Good one!
    Another one: who came to the aid of Muslims in Bosnia?
    How come Allah is not merciful to women who are condemned to die for flimsy reasons?
    Why does Allah the powerful and omnipotent need the help of thugs to get rid of the infidels? Like all the other so called Muslim miracles,he could just make them disappear and save his beloved followers the trouble of exerting themselves!

    A ‘true’ religion would have ‘true’ followers,so by definition you can’t have bad muslims

    1. Hoax, you asked:

      “kindly answer this question: when Iran and Iraq were at war with one another back in the 80’s, on whose side was allah?”

      A: Allah was rootin’ for both sides….

      Q. who came to the aid of Muslims in Bosnia?

      A. NATO was duped by Willie Clitman, who became a dear friend of the Arabs ever since then….

      Q. How come Allah is not merciful to women who are condemned to die for flimsy reasons?

      A. Because Muhammad looked into hell and what did he see?

      Mohammed said, “I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers are women.”

      Q: Why does Allah the powerful and omnipotent need the help of thugs to get rid of the infidels? Like all the other so called Muslim miracles,he could just make them disappear and save his beloved followers the trouble of exerting themselves!

      A: Koran 9.111

  192. What the “newspaper” (Sydney Mainly Halal) reports:

    Punched and robbed: man assaulted while pushing toddler in pram

    [The 30-year-old man was walking along New Illawarra Road, Bexley North, with his 22-month-old son when he was surrounded by three men about 2.40pm yesterday.]

    [In a separate robbery, a 29-year-old man was allegedly approached by two men and punched in the face while walking along a footpath on Railway Street, Kogarah, in Sydney’s south, just before 8pm yesterday.]

  193. What the Police media release said:

    Police appeal for information following robberies at Bexley and Kogarah
    Monday, 10 May 2010 04:42am

    [About 2:40pm yesterday, a 30-year-old man was walking along New Illawarra Road at Bexley North and pushing his 22 month-old son in a pram when he was approached by three men.

    It is alleged the three men surrounded the man and asked for money before punching him in the back and emptying his pockets of cash.]

    [The first man is described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance, aged in his early twenties with a medium build and a black Mohawk style haircut.

    He was wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt with a logo across the front, three quarter length denim shorts and a black bum-bag.

    The second man is described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance, aged in his early twenties, approximately 175cm tall with a medium build and black spiky hair.

    He was wearing a light-coloured t-shirt and dark-coloured cargo pants.

    The third man is only described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance, aged in his early twenties with an athletic build.]

    [In the second incident, about 7:55pm yesterday, a 29-year-old man was walking along the western footpath on Railway Street at Kogarah from the train station when he was approached by two men.

    It is alleged one of the men punched him to the face causing him to fall to the ground before demanding money.]

    [The first man is described as being of Caucasian appearance, approximately 25-years-old, about 180cm tall with a medium build and short blonde hair.

    He was wearing a white hooded top and black pants.

    The second man is described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance, approximately 25-years-old, about 175cm tall with a medium build and short dark hair.

    He was wearing a black coloured hooded top and black pants.]

  194. “Possible hate crime” in Florida, or just another mosquerade?

    (via Dr Bulldog)

    Possible Hate Crime Under Investigation after Explosion and Fire at Islamic Center in Jacksonville

    [The Islamic Center of Northeast Florida is under tighter security Tuesday morning following an explosion and fire the night before.

    The incident is under investigation as a possible hate crime.

    “Obviously, a combustible substance that had no business being there,” said Jacksonville Fire Rescue spokesperson Tom Francis, describing what they found.]

  195. How come many seemingly sane white women are converting to Islam these days?[If the vids on you tube are to be believed!]
    Despite evidence to the contrary why do they rave that Islam grants unequivocal equal status to women? 4 eg. YVONNE RIDLEY.
    Isn’t it a social issue rather than a religious one?
    If ,in the 21st century people believe in things like angels ,messiahs,GOD and foist it on other people,they should be kept in mental asylums in remote locations

  196. Planned madrassa at at Cecil Park (west of Fairfiel / Cabramatta):

    [RESIDENTS of Cecil Park have spoken out against plans for an Islamic school in their suburb.

    Fairfield Council has received plans for a school, catering for 75 students, at the corner of Elizabeth Drive and Duff Rd.

    The development application was lodged by the ILIM College of Australia, which already operates an Islamic school in Victoria. ]

  197. The novelty of muslim forgetfulness has worn thin, Keysar!

    Sydney Muslim Youth still had Anwar al-Awlaki on its website

    [THREE weeks after it was revealed that US nominated al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki had conducted a sermon via phone link at Lakemba Mosque last year, his photo continued to feature on the website of the group responsible for organising the talk.

    A banner at the top of the Sydney Muslim Youth website continued to display a small photo of the radical imam alongside other Islamic speakers.

    But when the Express visited the site yesterday, the banner had been pulled down. ]

    [Islamic Friendship Association president and Lakemba Mosque member, Keysar Trad, said he believed the organisation hadn’t pulled down the photograph earlier despite the controversy surrounding Mr Awlaki because it had “probably forgotten about it”.

    “If they were aware, they would remove it,” he said. ]

  198. For a long time I have been of the opinion that muslims were retarded by centuries of interbreeding but recent discoveries in the field of epigenetics has given a different slant on things.Epigenetics holds that the environment is also a factor in determining the genes passed on to offspring.Bearing in mind that islam demands blind unthinking obedience from its adherents,it is small wonder that muslims today are bereft of the higher brain functions usually associated with humanity.That,coupled with over a thousand years of keeping incest in the family has produced over one billion retards who are dependent on the rest of the world.No wonder islam has produced nothing in the fields of science,medicine etc.So allah howlers,every infidel you kill will reduce the amount of benefits you parasites depend on

  199. The infideljohan would rather keep silent when viewing Islam. Islam brought light to the world. It is enough to say that martyrs go to hell to enjoy life with innumerable number of women– a privilege non-Muslims will never enjoy… In a very few years time I will become the prime minister of Britain– when I will impose the Islamic sharia. (

  200. Azzam, Azzam, not any more.
    The ‘Winds of Change’ are blowing in Britain, now.
    There are two new leaders announced yesterday. Cameron will bring in policy changes to remove your sort from Britain.

  201. Azzam tamimi
    What kind of paedophile worshipper are you,don’t you know that arse wipe book of muslims says martyrs go to heaven where they get to molest 72 nine year old virgins or 28 boys if they are homosexual.Try reading the koran sometime I’m sure you’ll get the message.
    Thank you for confirming my earlier post about interbreeding producing retards.Maybe you should ask your father and his sister why you are so retarded
    ps dont shag your sister/mother or cousin or you may produce more retards like you

  202. Tamimi – I see that you have reneged on your promise – you are back. You are a liar. Was it not you who wrote this:

    “These threats are not a sign of a civilised society. Anyhow, based on taqiyya, I would openly declare that all statements I made earlier NULL and VOID. I promise I will never express my views on this site again and I strongly apologise for expressing the Koran’s views that are deemed offensive to others. I hope that everyone will consider this statement as a serious apology. I appeal to everyone to consider this chapter closed and the issue finished once and for all.”

    Your other statement about wanting to be UK’s next prime minister, well that just sounds like a line from “One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest” – you being the Cuckoo.

  203. To kaw and no laughing matter,
    Please don’t frighten the retard off,I’m having fun baiting the highly educated professor so much that I’m thinking of sending him two tickets so he can bring his wife and sister to visit me.
    Also , you should not be surprised that he is a liar,he is a muslim and coming from jordan he is an arab.That means he cannot differentiate between truth and lies because in common with other arabs he lacks cognitive dissonance which is why lie detector tests do not work on arabs

  204. I am the lord of the world… I am the master of knowledge…I am the saviour of All Muslims…I am the one to Islamise the whole world…

  205. Based on the fact that the threat of devilish Islam is rampant and that the whole humaity is being threatened by this evil religion, I propose that an English-language television be launched in the near future , with the collective efforts of sincere and capable people, with the aim of unveiling the satanic nature of Islam and revealing the dangers it poses to the whole humanity. Though I highly appreciate and value this site, I believe that more efforts in the this regard should be done to counter the criminal teachers of the Prophet of Doom, Mohammad, and reveal to the world its venomous nature. (

  206. i hope now that with the multi cultural pimps of the lefty retards gone the gains by the religion of peace will become a thing of the past they have no place in any western society the savages

  207. islam = evil islam=retardation of the mind god help us if they had sway in the west for the last couple of hundred years can you imagine a world without the advancement in medicine the sciences the combustible engine space travel because let there be no doubt we would still be living in wood frame dwellings and hanging around all day scratching or beards much like the well you get my drift no doubt

  208. Fulgente Antoni,
    A very good idea – saturate the media with propaganda that will make the normal muslim person think “What am I doing with this islamic retards!. But I don’t believe the problem is really with the islamists – they are just a tool being used by another group which is very very left wing, and whose scent pervades the air, but is very difficult to track down – the tracks are well-covered.

  209. Azzam, since you are the “lord of the universe”, give drought stricken Africa some rain. Do something useful!

  210. The USA may be about to commit assisted suicide:

    [WASHINGTON — U.S. officials say the Obama administration is preparing to join an international advisory group that the United States has largely shunned over fears it would adopt anti-Israeli and anti-Western stances.

    The officials say the administration plans to announce soon it will begin a formal relationship with the Alliance of Civilizations.]

    * (About the AoC)

    The Alliance of Civilization (AoC) was established in 2005, at the initiative of the Governments of Spain and Turkey, under the auspices of the United Nations.

    A High-level Group of experts was formed by former Secretary-General Kofi Annan to explore the roots of polarization between societies and cultures today, and to recommend a practical programme of action to address this issue. The Report of the High-level Group provided analysis and put forward practical recommendations that form the basis for the implementation plan of the Alliance of Civilizations.

    On 26 April 2007, former President of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio, was appointed as the High Representative for the AoC by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to lead the implementation phase of the Alliance.

    The AoC Secretariat, which is based in New York, works in partnership with States, international and regional organizations, civil society groups, foundations, and the private sector to mobilize concerted efforts to promote cross-cultural relations among diverse nations and communities.

  211. More spiritual harlotry, featuring islam & the Dalai Lama:

    ‘Common Ground’ brings Dalai Lama, Islamic leaders together in Bloomington, Ind.

    [One by one, he and several Muslim leaders had issued statements recognizing each other’s religions as valid spiritual paths, which participants described as a potential breakthrough in relations between the two religions that encompass much of Asia and count nearly 2 billion people as followers worldwide.]

    [Ingrid Mattson, president of the Indiana-based Islamic Society of North America, praised the Dalai Lama for “remaining dignified in the face of persecution” from Chinese authorities and thanked him for defending Muslims from accusations their religion is inherently violent.]

    [The leaders were drawing on a new book of scholarly essays, “Common Ground Between Islam & Buddhism,” published by Fons Vitae of Louisville. In addition to the Dalai Lama, several prominent Buddhists also have endorsed the book.]

    * The fate of the harlot religion:

    “And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.” – Revelation 17:16

  212. Dancing on the grave of reason:

    Blind ideology is dancing on the grave of reason
    * Melanie Phillips – The Australian – May 15, 2010 12:00AM

    [IN Britain, the benefits of diversity are apparently boundless. Now that the Pagan Police Association has received government recognition, police officers can take a string of pagan festivals as official holidays. ]

    [In the US, when a car bomb was planted recently in New York’s Times Square by a man later revealed to be a Muslim trained in bomb-making in Pakistan’s Waziristan region, there was an initial stampede to declare the attempted atrocity was unconnected to Islamic terrorism.]

    [Dissenters are dismissed because they deny the unchallengeable truths of anti-imperialism, environmentalism and scientific materialism. The explanation for the frustration of Utopia must therefore lie in conspiracies by the neo-cons or the Jews, Big Oil or the creationists.

    The result is not merely that the West has become irrational. By turning truth and lies, victim and aggressor, justice and injustice upside down, it cannot even recognise, let alone deal with, the threats being mounted to its own values and civilisation.]

    [The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth and Power by Melanie Phillips is published by Encounter, New York.]

  213. Iran / Persia continues its march towards Ezekiel 38/39:

    Iranian cleric wants creation of ‘Greater Iran’

    By ALI AKBAR DAREINI (AP) – 1 hour ago

    [TEHRAN, Iran — A radical cleric called Saturday for the creation of a “Greater Iran” that would rule over the entire Middle East and Central Asia, in an event that he said would herald the coming of Islam’s expected messiah.]

    (Jesus Christ is the Messiah – not some islamic mahdi ring-in)

  214. I would like to suggest a different way of solving the islamic problem facing the west.
    The reason why we are now facing the islamic jihad is oil.without the oil revenues of saudi arabia,iran and other gulf states they would be limited to bows and arrows and mud pies which present no real threat to modern armies.So we have to solve the problem of how to run a society without oil from any islamic state.
    There are many sub saharan countries in Africa who are desperately impoverished,so with some help from the EU and other international organisations,they could start growing rape seed /sunflower seeds etc to produce seed oil which we could use instead of arabian oil.This would also please the environmentalists as it is carbon neutral.
    Without oil revenues saudi arabia will not be able to pursue it’s salaafist agenda(90% of mosques in the west are salaafist run).Without oil revenues iran would be an impotent growler reduced to the stone age.
    Hydrogen powered vehicles seems a distant prospect but we desperately need to find some other way of suppling our energy needs in order to cripple islam.
    to be continued

  215. War on Warsi?

    [NEW Tory chairman Sayeeda Warsi has been slammed by Islamic fundamentalists who warned she could be in physical danger if she visits Muslim communities.]

    * in danger if she goes into one of Britain’s non-existent no go zones

    [“She is a ‘coconut’, brown on the outside but white on the inside.]

    * a bit racist, islamophobic, hateful & disrespectful of diversity?

    * and for the feminists who speak in favour of muslim attire:

    [Meanwhile, Choudary and his supporters will head to Brussels on Saturday to join a mass protest against Belgium’s bid to ban the burka. He stormed: “There will be hundreds of Muslims from Britain heading to Belgium to join with thousands of our brethren to fight against this tyranny.

    “We will fight all attempts to destroy ­Islam.

    “There will be blood on the streets.”]

  216. Cover up and don’t kiss in Dubai, but import thousands of prostitutes to “show us yer tits” and more to delight the hijab-supporting feminists:

    al Guardian, of all places;

    [Why Dubai’s Islamic austerity is a sham – sex is for sale in every bar

    Couples who publicly kiss are jailed, yet the state turns a blind eye to 30,000 imported prostitutes, says William Butler]

  217. muslims and their minders / enablers demand respect and tolerance for burkas and the like, but impose their will on dhimmies when it comes to dhimmi “rights” – (via Doctor Bulldog)

    Reasonable to suspect this cabbie is one of Mo’s followers:

    Taxi driver told blind woman – put guide dog in the boot or get out

    [A LEGALLY blind woman was refused entry to a taxi unless she put her guide dog in the boot.

    The incident outside Central Station in Sydney last week highlighted an ongoing problem for vision-impaired commuters that laws are failing to fix.

    About 35 per cent of all people with guide dogs have been refused entry to a taxi in the past 12 months, despite hefty fines for cabbies who fail to comply.]

    Imagine the whining if one of the remaining dhimmi cabbies told a muslima to put her burka in the boot…

  218. If people with a “history of mental illness” are banned from flying, how long before the usual suspects whinge about “islamophobia”, “profiling” and “causing hurt feelings”? …

    [AUTHORITIES have been urged to set up a watch list of mentally disturbed people with violent tendencies who should be banned from flying.

    Terrorism expert Clive Williams said yesterday statistics showed problems with domestic aviation tended to be related to mentally disordered people..]

    * … and quite a large sub-set of “mentally disordered people” seems to be m—–s. Coincidence?

  219. The fall of the West is impending… the Muslims living in the West have the responsibility to undermine these backward systems, establish the rule of Islam, and ensure the collapseof these governemnts from within. The end is coming soon as the Muslims in the West will number a quarter of the population in the few years to come.
    We Muslims living in the West do not have the honour of holding Western passports… The honour is to hold an Islamic passport which will represent the fast growing Islamic domination.
    When I became a British citizen, I was told that I became “a European Muslim”. I said NO..NO. I am absolutely not a European Muslim… We are “MUSLIMS OF EUROPE.” We are the Muslims of our Europe rather than European Muslims. Our faith is Islam, our loyalty goes to Islam and we sacrifice ourselves for Islam and nothing else. We, Muslims, have no honour of belonging to anything other than Islam… Change is coming and in the years to come Muslims will form governments in Europe and rule… This day is neigh. (

  220. * The fall of the West is impending…


    * the Muslims living in the West have the responsibility to undermine these backward systems, establish the rule of Islam, and ensure the collapseof these governemnts from within.

    Partially true. It is a bait and switch – muslims are merely change agents sold a lie about establishing the rule of islam, when the real plan is to establish rule by Antichrist – the Beast 666.

    * Change is coming and in the years to come Muslims will form governments in Europe and rule…

    Only if the Beast is a muslim, and while I respect the views of those who believe that he is, I do not share that view.

    Ulitimately, it will be Jesus Christ, Messiah, Son of God, who will rule everything, including the current “dar al islam”, or whatever is left of it.

  221. Azzam tamimi
    If you’re not a professor of proctology you missed your vocation in life.You do realise the impossibility of anyone seeing things from your point of view,you do not have enough room up your arse for two heads

  222. Tamimi,

    I am going to pretend that your are sane for the sake of this site’s readers and reply to your irrational statement there.

    For starters, I’d like to see you live under the type of leadership you are referring to. If you are so enamored by their governorrship, please be so kind as to:
    1. name one Islamic country that is or has ever been in the last 1400 years since your cult’s inception an ideal theocracy – and how come you are NOT living there?
    2. when was the last time your people did not battle it out against one another in their struggle for power in any of your 22 current nations?
    3. which of your cult’s sects will rule Europe?

    I have news for you (Mullah Lodabullah has already given you a good portion of it). The Lord Jesus Christ will put an end to your cult’s rebellion, and will judge the living and the dead for having rejected His offer of forgiveness.

    Have you considered taking Haldol as medication – it might help with your hallucinations.

  223. Has anyone seen the BBC news today,muslim terrorist who presents a danger to the public cannot be deported because the naughty Pakistani govt may breech his human rights.Fuck the human rights of the indigenous people,its ok for them to get blown to bits but the poor little terorist has the government given right to kill indigenous people and to live at the expense of the indigenous people as well.Excuse my polemic diatribe,when my atack of nausea is over I will return to objectivity

  224. I wonder if this sudanese “yout” will be deported after he serves time?
    I doubt it.

    [A former Sudanese refugee has been jailed for at least five years by the Adelaide District Court for bashing two men with a wooden plank during a fight in 2008.

    The court heard Alak Daniel Yout, 25, flashed his headlights at a car full of men to get it to pull over on Port Road after an earlier argument at a bottle shop.

    A brawl broke out between Yout, his three friends and the men from the other car.

    Judge Simon Stretton said Yout beat one man in the back of the head with a plank of wood, resulting in a skull fracture and permanent disabilities.]

  225. Azzam Tamimi and the like are blinded by a big lie called Islam. Insteat of their failing efforts towards the the so-called “islamization” of Western countries, they would rather do their best towards freeing theis backward Islamic countries from the chains of Mohammad’s satanic Islam.
    I have been in contact over the e-mail address with several converts to this devilish religion in the hope of clearing their minds and explaining to them the falacity and destuctive nature of Islam. I was all the times turned dowith no success.
    I had contacts with British lady Yvonne Ridely. She cursed me and blocked any messages forwarded to her from my e-mail address.
    Under such circumstances, if things continue at this rate, I believe that the world and the free worldin particular is facing a fierce Mohammadan Satanic aggression.
    I would like to call again for concerted efforts to launch a TV channel in English (like Al Hayat in Arabic) aimed at unveiling the falshood of Islam, its criminal nature and the destruction it has caused the world.
    I would also convey my good wishes to all those resposnible for this site in the hope of unveiling Islam’se evils. I also hope that concerte efforts will be made to forestall the spraed of this evil demonic religion.

  226. *** BS Alert ***

    Najib: Islam preaches multi-culturalism

    [“This is something that we can assimilate in the way we lead, in appreciation of Allah’s creation,” he said after attending a premier level lecture on “A Muslim Century – Myth or Reality” here yesterday.

    He said Islamic civilisations were the way ahead for many Western nations today in practising tolerance, social justice and acknowledging the status of women in society.]

  227. PUTRAJAYA: The Quran says that God divided people into tribes and nations in order for us to get to know each other and the only thing that separates us is our loyalty to Allah, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.


    The Koran divides the world into dar ul Islam and dar ul harb, land that is Islamic and land that is yet to be conquered by Islam.

    This, he said, meant that multi-culturalism was something that God gave human beings so that it could be assimilated into their lifestyles.

    Multi-culti is invented to weaken the infidels so that Mohammedanism could invade and assimilate their lands for the ummah.

    “This is something that we can assimilate in the way we lead, in appreciation of Allah’s creation,” he said after attending a premier level lecture on “A Muslim Century – Myth or Reality” here yesterday.

    He said Islamic civilisations were the way ahead for many Western nations today in practising tolerance, social justice and acknowledging the status of women in society.

    Which “Islamic civilizations?” I see only backward, barbaric third world hell holes. We all know what Islamic tolerance means dhimmitude, social justice is communism and women must be under a burqa and belong to a man like a goat.

    Najib said the tolerance and social justice practised in the United States and the churches was something that had been practised from the time of Prophet Muhammad, where different tribes and races were treated the same.

    Sura and verse please…

    Prof Dr Ali Al’Amin Mazrui, a world-renowned Muslim intellect from Albert Schweitzer’s and New York State University’s Institute of Global Cultural Studies director, delivered the lecture.

    Never heard of the PoS

    It was organised by Syarahan Perdana Putrajaya, the first in the series of similar lectures seeking to correct post 9-11 stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.

    Da’awa doctors. Islamo propagandists.

    Najib said he was attracted to the lecture as it touched on Islamic principles like tolerance and social justice that seemed parallel to the aims of the 1Malaysia concept.

    “I believe intellectual development is very important, perhaps more important than material development,” he said.

    Islam stifles mental growth. The first word after ‘mama’ is ‘mine’. A societal or political system that doesn’t acknowledge that has a fatal design flaw.

  228. “Islam stifles mental growth. The first word after ‘mama’ is ‘mine’.”

    Sheik, I beg to differ. The first words after “mine” is “Hassan, Chops!!!” 🙂

  229. Mullah, the beast won’t be a muslim,
    the imposter won’t recognize any religion,
    he will establish his own cult and demand worship,
    muslims will face a dilemma; worship a human or
    loose their heads.

  230. Quite right, SM – muslims will need to give up “al quds” / “al aqsa” etc, and worship the beast in the Temple.

    Meanwhile, France drops the ball – to build Marseilles mega-mosque:

    [MARSEILLE, France — French Muslims celebrate a milestone on Thursday when building work begins on a mega-mosque in Marseille, the nation’s biggest, and a potent symbol of Islam’s place in modern France.

    A day after the French government approved a bill banning the full Islamic veil, Muslim leaders will join politicians for a ceremony to lay the cornerstone at a dusty construction site in northern Marseille.]

  231. *** Projectile Vomit Alert ***

    [Australia has a chance to lead in Islamic finance
    Aubrey Joachim The Australian May 21, 2010

    IT is heartening to learn that the Rudd government is waking up to the benefits of developing the Islamic finance sector — and not before time. Australia is ideally positioned to challenge Malaysia and Indonesia as a financial hub for this burgeoning industry but it will have to act quickly. ]

  232. SA is to set up a task force to tackle abuse of muslim women, but “abuse” by the general public, not their fellow muslims…

    [MUSLIM women will work together with authorities on a state-first government taskforce established to tackle abuse and cultural misconceptions. ]

    * We must be “educated”:

    [Muslims, particularly women, must know their rights and learn what help and services are available, while non-Muslim Australians, particularly employers, must be educated about the Islamic faith.]

  233. Protest against Cecil Park madrassah (outer Sydney) today:

    [HUNDREDS of people are expected to attend a rally being held in opposition to plans for an Islamic school in Cecil Park this weekend.

    Residents of Cecil Park, Horsley Park and Mt Vernon have been invited to Horsley Park showground at 1pm on Saturday to voice their concerns over the construction of the school. ]

  234. (UK ) MPs at risk from radical Islamic loners

    (according to terrorist chatter – do “self-radicalised” muslims chatter with terrorists, or are they just being named as “loners” in advance?)

    [SCOTLAND YARD is preparing to embark on a wide-raging review of the security of all 650 MPs in light of intelligence that lone Muslim “self-radicalisers” may be targeting politicians.

    Well-placed police officials said yesterday that the perceived security problem has now extended across all MPs, with the possibility of an attack by a self-radicalised Islamist extremist now being raised in recent intelligence reporting.]

    Pollies will be protected, but how about the rest of the natives?

  235. A Catholic, a Jew and a muslim walked into a site near Ground Zero and said “welcome a mosque near sacred ground”, and it isn’t a joke:

    [Welcome a mosque near sacred ground: A Jew, Catholic and Muslim say we must support the center

    By Father Brian Jordan, Richard Shierer and Muhammed Luquman]

    Read more:

  236. Breaking, before I go to bed:

    “small group of fanatics” takes over “holy shrine” in Mecca – planned Saudi coup d’etat?

    [Heavily armed gunmen took control of one of Islam’s holiest shrines in Mecca, Saudi Arabia with a self-proclaimed “Mahdi” in command of the group. In Sunni Islam, the Mahdi is a messiah-like figure destined to return religion and justice to the people.]

  237. Ooops, I got caught – it happened in 1979

    [In fact, this event actually occurred on November 20, 1979.]

  238. Sheik
    I hope you will allow me to post this,it may be of considerable help to some of the tax paying citizens who are bearing the yoke of islamic infestation.I know this applies in the UK but I think it will be valid in all countries where human rights acts apply.
    To anyone who is self employed or runs a small business I will tell you how to legally avoid paying taxes.
    Some three years ago, after refusing to submit my tax returns I was pursued with the usual zeal the inland revenue service displays. I reported to the office and gave a verbal statement that I was deriving all my income from charging muslim women for sex and that they had just breeched my human rights by forcing me to reveal information that would put my life in danger. I told them that if they pursued the matter I would make my client list public.
    Since then I have heard nothing,not even a polite enquiry.That simple expedient has exempted me from ever having to pay taxes again.
    Believe me, anyone who makes that declaration will never face any further investigation as long as the human rights act is in force
    Join me in the secure knowledge that none of your tax money is being used to sponsor terrorislam
    Sheik thank you for your services to humanity

  239. How Adelaide will be “educated” about muslim “rights”:

    Education campaign to tackle perceptions of Muslim women

    [SCHOOLS, employers and government agencies will be targeted in a “mainstream” education campaign to tackle misconceptions about Adelaide’s Muslim community. ]

    [He will be joined by police, academic experts, representatives from government departments including education and equal opportunity, and media advisers.

    Vietnamese-born Mr Le said the top priority was combating “ignorance” through education.]

    [Taskforce initiatives could include:

    A MUSLIM police liaison officer.

    INSTALLING “ambassadors” in other government departments with specific knowledge of the Muslim community.

    ADDITIONS to school curriculums covering “what they (Muslims) believe in and what they practice”.

    USING union and community networks to educate Muslim people, particularly women, about their rights.

    COURSES to raise awareness among public servants and employers.

    In January this year, SA Police installed the state’s first police Sudanese community liaison officer.]

  240. As noted with the recent go-kart death, it is impossible to have a legal defence against muslims – permit them & you lose; bar them and you lose:

    Perth sheikdown, with apology…

    Woman wins $16k after water park shame

    [A court has awarded an Islamic woman $16,000 in compensation, as well a written apology, after the woman and her friends were not allowed to go on water rides at Perth’s Adventure World because of their religious clothing. ]

  241. Prime the jiz pump, Rudd wants a UN Security Council seat:

    [AUSTRALIA will pump more than $400 million in foreign aid into Africa by 2015, as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd chases a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

    Aid funding for Africa will more than double – from $163 million this year – despite Australia having few historical ties with the continent.]

  242. Cartoonis interruptus – Sweden grows a spine:

    Vilks invited to complete Uppsala lecture

    [Uppsala University has invited artist Lars Vilks to speak again after his lecture on May 11th was interrupted when he was attacked.

    “Violence and intimidation will not silence people at the university or elsewhere in society,” the Department of Philosophy’s director of studies Rysiek Sliwinski said in a statement.

    Vilks has accepted the invitation, Sliwinski added.]

  243. Azzam, Azzam! Where are you?

    Remember this post?
    ” Dhumme Dhimme May 13, 2010 at 8:03 am
    Azzam, Azzam, not any more.
    The ‘Winds of Change’ are blowing in Britain, now.
    There are two new leaders announced yesterday. Cameron will bring in policy changes to remove your sort from Britain.

    Well look at this article now! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Security comes first for all Western countries. Don’t take it personally!
    ‘David Cameron stamps Tory seal with Queen’s Speech that puts Lib Dems second’, Roland Watson, Francis Elliott and Sam Coates From: Times Online May 26, 2010 10:20AM

  244. Update on Cecil Park madrassah:

    (Turks get hurt feelings over Armenian genocide memorial)

    Islamic school fight begins
    26 May 10 @ 11:52am by Carleen Frost

    [PEOPLE power is taking back the streets of Fairfield, with residents organising three big protests in as many weeks.

    Last Saturday, more than 150 people protested against plans for an Islamic school in Cecil Park at the Horsley Park showground. ]

    [In a fortnight, the No Schools Cecil Park action group will stage a second rally objecting plans for an Islamic school at the corner of Elizabeth Dr and Duff Rd. ]

  245. SMH loses ball – alters headline:

    Headline & link as found on google (no cache):

    [Sharia is the new black‎ – 3 hours ago

    Very few public floggings have taken place in the past three years and Mr Irwandi has cut the budget to the sharia police and refused to sign a law passed …]

    Redirects to

    Aceh’s religious police crack down on tight jeans

    (Note the pic of the patrolling penguina policewomen in black)

  246. ATTN.: Dhumme Dhimmi May 26, 2010 at 12:49 am
    I am always around… I am never defeated… History taught us that people came to this world and when their lifespan ends they go.. So there is nothing constant. It is not important who comes to power or who leaves because life is changing… THE ONLY CONSTANT THING IS THAT ISLAM IS COMING TO CONQUER THE WHOLE WORLD.. This is the constant fact. Beware of that and get ready for the decisive moment.
    I will shortly launch my site–which I think will be partly devoted to countering the venomous ideas you carry on this site. Just wait and see.
    Thank you for remembering me… Do not forget my name as some time in the very near future I will be the president of a European country… Bye.

  247. LOL, Azzam!
    History tells us that the only thing that stays that same, is that islam fails.
    The thing that keeps changing with you is where you will be president of.
    Europe, now, huh! Not England anymore! Why?
    History tells us that the ideas on this site are good ideas which are powerful and will defeat ugly force.

    I bet that this next site of yours will not last either.
    I will definitely not be visiting it because you would only want to obtain our identities.
    Good bye, Tamimi. All your efforts are lost.

  248. More on Peregrine / Mobil outlet takeover:

    Acquisition of SA Mobil Sites by On The Run

    [The Shahin family who own Peregrine Corporation, one of Australia’s top 50 private companies, are pleased to announce the proposed acquisition of Mobil’s retail network in South Australia.]

    [On the Run stores are recognised for their unique multi-offer formats with many brands represented in the same location. Brands represented on site include C Coffee, Subway, Brumby’s Bakeries and Happy Wash.]

  249. Not much I can say about this idiocy, except that it continues the destruction of Australia from within:

    Islam could help us avoid toxic assets, says Sherry

    [The Assistant Treasurer, Nick Sherry, says the growth of Islamic finance in Australia could help to shield the economy from damaging speculative activities that spread toxic assets during the global financial crisis.]

    [Launching Demystifying Islamic Finance, a publication by the Malaysian law firm Zaid Ibrahim, Senator Sherry said that the industry could also help to shelter the economy from damage caused by complex financial instruments used by regular banks.]

    Time for our elected politicians to choose who they wish to serve; the people who elect them, or allah.

  250. islamic infiltration in Canada:–toronto-to-house-only-islamic-art-museum-in-north-america

    Toronto to house only Islamic art museum in North America
    Aga Khan Museum project to include Ismaili centre and park

    [The Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, will arrive Friday to put a shovel in the ground and give his blessings to the $300 million project ]

    [The 10,000-square-foot building will be designed by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, who is also working on the expansion of the United Nations building and Tower 4 at the former World Trade Center site.

    “This project will help to bridge the clash of ignorance,” said Amyn Sayani, a volunteer with the Ismaili Council for Canada. “This is very much an opportunity for people to dialogue and to bridge different cultures and faiths.”]

  251. Germany rolls over for muslim demands, but finds feet again; appeals court acknowledges that dhimmis have rights too:

    [Muslim pupil not allowed to pray at German school
    2010-05-27 22:40:00

    A Berlin pupil does not have the right to perform ‘namaz’, Islamic prayer rituals, at school, an appeals court in the German capital ruled Thursday.

    In a decision that overturned a lower court ruling, the appeals court said that a curtailing of the teenager’s right to religious freedom was justified as it would protect the constitutional rights of other pupils and their parents.

    Those rights include freedom of belief and entitlement to a calm educational environment, it said.

    Yunus, a 16-year-old Berlin pupil, had initially been granted the right to pray once a day, during a break. However, the appeals court considered that ruling to endanger peaceful relations at the school. ]

  252. Obama “administration” – jihad is a legitimate tenet of islam (history of mental illness isn’t confined to muslims – it’s contagious):

    Barack Obama targets enemy within

    [Mr Brennan said the Obama administration refused to describe its enemy as “jihadists” or “Islamists” because jihad was a holy struggle and a legitimate tenet of Islam based on purifying one’s community.]

    [“There is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children.”]

    Does allah know that?

  253. More rape jihad, or just a couple of Bahai’s who didn’t know what they were doing was wrong, due to their oppressed cultural background?

    Girl, 16, ‘raped by pair’ in University of Adelaide grounds

    [TWO men “latched on” to a 16-year-old girl at a work Christmas party and “carried” her to University of Adelaide grounds where they raped her, a court has heard.

    Feras Said and Kifah Said are standing trial in the District Court charged with three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and three counts of rape over the alleged incident on November 16, 2008.]


    Fethullah Gülen movement – a view from Brussels

    [The main and obvious limitation is the movement’s narrow understanding of democracy within the framework of religious values. Gülen and his followers maintain that Islamic morality should be given priority over individual freedoms. They strongly supported the ill-fated attempt of the ruling Islam-rooted Justice and Development Party, orAKP, to criminalize adultery. They favor laws banning “defamation of religion” even though, where applied, these stifle the freedom of speech. When they do advocate an expansion of individual freedoms, they tend to focus narrowly on religious freedoms, such as the right of devout women to wear headscarves in universities and the right of the graduates of theological high schools to enter universities on the same basis as the graduates of academic high schools.]

  255. Oz Government has produced a booklet on shariah financing to “dispel misconceptions”…

    Sherry launches Islamic finance booklet to dispel misconceptions

    [28 May 2010 | by Caroline Munro

    Federal Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry has launched a booklet outlining the benefits of Islamic finance and aimed at dispelling misconceptions.]

    [“Some of the issues of concern include open claims that Islamic finance is used to spread terrorism, that it is a vehicle to promote the world domination of Islam over other faiths, or that it is designed to replace conventional financing,” Sherry said.]

    Looks to me like the “issues of concern” pretty much nail it, hence the need for the fawning “educational” booklet.


    “Your name, it is heard in high places
    You know the Aga Khan
    He sent you a racehorse for Christmas
    And you keep it just for fun, for a laugh, a-ha-ha-ha”

    The Aga Khan doesn’t just hand out racehorses – he busily builds museums and “educational facilities” in the Dar al Harb (to the extent that Britain hasn’t been absorbed into the Dar al Islam):

    Aga Khan plots London return after embarrassing snub
    The Aga Khan hopes to build an Islamic cultural ‘hub’ in London.

    [Mandrake hears that now, however, he is in talks to develop a major Islamic learning and cultural “hub” at the £2 billion King’s Cross Central Partnership development in north London.

    His foundation has opened negotiations for a large facility on the 67-acre site, and may occupy as many as five buildings. They are mainly for students and educational facilities, but a museum of some kind has not been ruled out.]

  257. … islam attacked by a deadly virus …

    Financial Express Editorial

    Islam attacked by a deadly virus

    [Maswood Alam Khan

    It seems a new virus has been let loose to attack Islam. Groups of killers wearing Muslim names are roaming around as agents of a deadly virus to kill people at the behest of some quarters, mostly untouchable and invisible, in order to defame and wipe out Islam, a great religion that ushered in peace about 2000 years back at a time when crimes against humanity were rampant.]

    [What is now most needed is a concerted effort by all to find out who in the first place is creating and then injecting the killing virus into the gullible Muslims and convincing them that killing is a holy job.]

    (allah, aka satan)

    1. Islam didn’t exist 2000 years ago.

      Muhammad declared war on all mankind 1400 years ago.

      Hard to believe that the Financial Express prints this garbage!

  258. I have always called for the destruction and elimination of Israel– as well as the destruction of ALL imperialist powers that support this apostate entity. Support should always go to Hamas heroes. I hope that at this critical moments, my books about Hamas will be read by everyone. When I become the leader of a European state, I will definitely support glorious Hamas. That will be sooner than many people think. Glory goes to Hamas.

  259. * I have always called for the destruction and elimination of Israel– as well as the destruction of ALL imperialist powers that support this apostate entity.

    What are you going to do about the God of Israel, and the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ?

    Boast against the Most High, Azzam, but such boasting is in vain.

  260. Good report on [Fethullah Gulen] links to Beehive Academy in Utah:

    Islamic links to Utah’s Beehive Academy probed
    By Elizabeth Stuart
    Deseret News

    [It took months of research to put all the pieces together, but in the end, the answer was simple. The Turkish ties, the strange allegiance to an outside management company — it all boiled down to one person: Fethullah Gülen, a mysterious Muslim preacher none of them had ever heard of.

    Fethullah Gülen, Wayment learned, is a Turkish preacher, author and educator who condemns terrorism and promotes interfaith dialogue. Known to many as the “non-violent face of Islam,” he has been living in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania since the late 1990s, when Turkish officials took him to court for “working to overthrow secular government,” according to a recent report released by Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst, a security and defense think tank based in the United Kingdom. The Gülen Movement, as Gülen and his followers are known, is the most powerful Islamic force in the world, said Hakan Yavuz, author of the book “Turkish Islam and the Secular State: The Gülen Movement.” It controls universities, banks, news outlets and schools all over the world.

    While some see Gülen as a docile advocate for religious tolerance, others argue he is practicing a form of “silent jihad.” In a 1999 sermon that aired on Turkish television, Gülen said that to effect reform, “every method and path is acceptable (including) lying to people.” ]

  261. Well done! It is amazing. You are so well-informed about all the plots and activities of the evil forces that are spreading all over the world with their contagious viruses. Your information and comments on what they are doing to conquer the world are wonderful. We need people like you to counterbalance the useful idiots who are willingly supporting these evil and disastrous causes.

  262. Azzam Tamimi (, tsk, tsk.
    Of course you are going to be a leader in Europe! S-u-r-e!
    The global jihad is steaming along nicely isn’t it? NOT!
    Yesterday’s clumsy attempt to provoke war between Israel and turkey has actually exposed islam’s real agenda and has been the world’s wakeup call.
    Silly you! Silly you!
    Bye bye Tamimi!

  263. Dying Britain holds “STOP ISLAMOPHOBIA” conference, with the usual suspects and useful dhimmies – Saturday June 5:

    [Speakers include:

    Daud Abdullah Muslim Council of Britain • Tony Benn president Stop the War Coalition • Mohammed Ali Islam Channel • Anas Al-Tikriti British Muslim Initiative • Moazzam Begg former Guantanamo Bay prisoner • Lindsey German convenor Stop the War Coalition • Muhammad Habibur-Rahman vice-president Islamic Forum of Europe • Kate Hudson CND • Imran Khan solicitor • Dr Robert Lambert former head of Scotland Yard’s Muslim Contact Unit • Jeremy Corbyn MP • Nina Franklin vice president NUT • Seumas Milne journalist • Peter Oborne journalist • Salma Yaqoob Respect Party

    Muslims are under attack in this country as never before. Government policies and the media have created an atmosphere in which all Muslims are portrayed as reactionary and anti-western.]

  264. Not much I can say about this fawning without being banned here, except that problems facing muslims in the West pale into insignificance compared to problems facing Christians, Jews and others living in muslim lands:

    Islam’s voice of reason

    [If Sherene Hassan is any indication, leadership of Muslims, in Victoria at least, is in good hands. Vice-president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Hassan is articulate, a good communicator, and committed to open and reasonable dialogue with the broader community. ]

  265. muslim puff on the islamic university of minnesota, but containing insights into how muslims counter “hate sites” like “Islam Rising” and “Obsession”, by setting up thousands of look-alike sites …

    Islamic University of Minnesota graduates first class

    [After congratulating the graduates, Estes talked about the more than 2,000 websites he helps maintain. “Many graduates from universities just like this one have helped us put [the websites] together. A lot of people are misguided by a few who hate Islam. They hate it blindly even though they know they are lying,” he said. “They don’t mind telling their lies because that is how much they hate Islam. It’s sad.”

    Estes gave the example of a hate group from Virginia that put up anti-Muslim billboards in South Carolina and created a website called “Islam Rising.” To counter that, Estes said, his organization created a website called “Islam Is Rising.” “We completed the sentence for them,” he said. “These same people put up [a website] a few years ago called ‘Prophet of Doom.’ We put up ‘Prophet of Dome’ and we put up another one, ‘The Prophet of Dome.Net.’ And another one, ‘Answering the Prophet of Doom.”

    Estes said when Senator John McCain ran for President, that same anti-Muslim group distributed 200,000 DVDs attacking Islam. “[They thought] it would help McCain get elected, but it didn’t work, did it?”

    He said the hate group established a website called “Obsession” and produced the documentary film Obsession. “We put up [a website] ‘The Movie Obsession,’ then ‘Obsession the Movie.’ That’s why we have more than 2,000 websites and people are going to our websites instead of theirs. And it made them angry. Why? Because we copied a lot of their art work, we copied the letters and what we did when they said evil things, we said nice things….they didn’t like it. They actually wanted to go to court over that. In other words, we want to go to court to prove we can say lies. But you know what? We pray for our enemies, that’s what Muslims do. We don’t need to attack them. They attack themselves.”

    Estes urged the audience not to visit the anti-Muslim websites. “Don’t promote websites that attack Islam. Every time you click on the links and send it to other people, you raise them up in the search engine and Mr. Google, and we don’t need that.”]

  266. Mullah,
    I agree totally with your opinion that Ms. Hassan is an excellent interface between communities. Unfortunately many muslims are spoiling to undo her good work.

  267. Maybe you’ve upset more than the Emirates, sheik – I found this while WoJ was unavailable earlier tonight …—official

    Saudi to restrict use of ‘Sheikh’ title – official

    [Saudi Arabia has announced it is to restrict the use of the title of ‘Sheikh’ to religious scholars and tribal leaders only.]

    With OIC & UN support, they could issue a fatwa and you know the rest. The first Sheik I came across was the Sheik of Scrubby Creek many years ago —

  268. Speaking of sheiks:

    Beware the words of a wolf dressed in sheikh’s clothing
    June 7, 2010

    [On the steps of Sydney Town Hall in the wet dusk of last Tuesday, the former mufti of Australia, Sheikh Taj el-Din al Hilaly, raised his arms and asked for silence as the crowd chanted anti-Israel slogans and waved the flags of Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine and the Socialist Alliance.

    ”Israel is a terrorist state. Yes?”]

  269. Speaking of sheiks:


    Beware the words of a wolf dressed in sheikh’s clothing
    June 7, 2010

    [On the steps of Sydney Town Hall in the wet dusk of last Tuesday, the former mufti of Australia, Sheikh Taj el-Din al Hilaly, raised his arms and asked for silence as the crowd chanted anti-Israel slogans and waved the flags of Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine and the Socialist Alliance.

    ”Israel is a terrorist state. Yes?”]

  270. British camapign to lift islam’s image, on taxis, tube & other targets of Mo’s faithful followers. They won’t be using this one:

    “I believe in beheading infidels. So did Muhammad.”

    Instead, they will be gulling people with these:

    “I believe in women’s rights. So did Muhammad.”

    “I believe in social justice. So did Muhammad.”

  271. Projectile vomit alert:

    Beneath the veil (in Sydney Road, Bruns-a-wick)

    Beneath the veil
    June 6, 2010

    [UMM Yusuf, an Australian convert to Islam who lives in suburban Fawkner, is finishing her afternoon prayers. The house is fragrant with the smell of the tomatoes, cumin and coriander her Bangladeshi husband is cooking in the kitchen.]

    [PHOTO From front to back: Rachel Woodlock, Shanaaz Copeland, Nejla Selbibeg and Saiqa Perveen in Sydney Road, Brunswick.]

    This is partly why an old friend moved from Glenroy to near Ballarat a year ago – wasn’t impressed with islamisation of the northern suburbs.

  272. With most, if not all Cadbury products being halal, I have been sticking with Nescafé coffee & Milo, in the mistaken belief that they were not dedicated to allah. looks like I was wrong, with Lipton, Nestlé and Nescafé being completely halal in the eyes of muslims:

    Ogilvy looks east to the halal pound

    Advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, part of Sir Martin Sorrell’s WPP, is launching what it calls “the world’s first bespoke Islamic branding practice”.

    The venture, Ogilvy Noor, is aimed at reaching the new generation that is “redefining what it means to be modern and Muslim, creating new meanings of religious pride, economic progress and global citizenship”.

    According to the boffins at WPP, “the Muslim consumer is viewed as a critically important segment for marketers, with the halal segment alone worth $2.1 trillion (£1.46 trillion), and growing at $500 billion annually.”

    Interestingly, the top three bands rated by the inaugural Noor Global Brand Index as being completely halal in the eyes of Muslim consumers are Lipton, Nestlé and Nescafé — makers of tea, coffee and chocolate drinks. The top-rated bank on the index is Citibank, followed by three British firms — Standard Chartered, HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland. So there’s hope that the Brits can cash in on the Islamic boom.

    No more Milo & other Nestlé products in my house.

    Mo lied, people died!

  273. If Australia follows New Zealand, non-halal lamb production will be phased out. Sorry Sam Kekovich – pork for me, much as I like a juicy mouthwatering lamb chop 🙁

    [Here’s a fact that has global marketers taking notice: The global Halal market value for trade in Halal foods is estimated at US$547 billion a year. European Supermarket giants Carrefour and Auchan aggressively pursue Halal food retailing; and exporting countries including Australia and New Zealand have stepped up their diplomatic and marketing efforts to increase their share of the market: New Zealand Lamb exports account for 40% of the world market and 95% of all New Zealand lamb exports are now Halal, while non-Halal production is being phased out.

    Key to this sector however is understanding that full Shariah compliance means that production and logistics are also compliant; that the business is financed with permissible funds; and that safety and hygiene meet religious standards.

    The interesting thing for manufacturers and marketers to consider is that non-Muslim consumers often embrace the standards set by Halal and Haram requirements, broadening their appeal.]

  274. Being English, as far as I am concerned charlie boy can go and I would rather live in a republic that have him as our king – he would surely destroy the country with his stupid ignorance about islam, not to mention the monarchy, even though I have always been pro the royal family. But with this idiot on the throne and his whore of a wife, no than you. He is indeed stupid and ignorant about islam, the current curse of the world, and thereby dangerous.

  275. Not just Manhattan, but Staten Island too:

    Mosque Proposal On Staten Island Turns Into Chaos

    Overflow Crowd Sounds Off At Community Meeting That Got So Heated It Was Brought To An Abrupt Halt

    [This crowd was neither passive nor patient, loudly demanding answers about the mosque planned for an old convent on Greeley Avenue.

    Many objected to the idea of an Islamic house of worship in the neighborhood, admitting they are afraid of the property’s new owners, the Muslim American Society or MAS. ]

  276. When muslims aren’t manufacturing “hate crimes”, they are busy reacting with “shock” and “frustration” when muslims get caught committing / preparing to commit terrorism for allah and Mo…

    [ North Jersey Muslims and Arabs shocked and frustrated by terrorism charges
    Monday, June 7, 2010
    The Record

    The arrests of two New Jersey men accused of planning to join a terrorist group in Somalia to kill people brought a mix of horror and exasperation to Arabs and Muslims in North Jersey.

    “My thought was they are young, they are stupid and foolish,” said Mohammad Qatanani, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, a mosque in Paterson that the two men, Mohamed Alessa and Carlos Almonte, had attended a few times. “We need to reach out to all the young generation to educate them. We are dealing with thousands in the young generation in the United States and outside, and we don’t want them to be victimized by bad people who have an incorrect understanding of the Koran.”

    Investigators say the two Muslim men intended to head to Somalia to seek terror training from al-Qaida-affiliated jihadists and to unleash attacks against fellow Americans. They reportedly watched terrorist videos online.

    Almonte is a Dominican-born naturalized U.S. citizen who, reports say, converted to Islam, while Alessa is the son of a Palestinian family.

    Like other Muslim leaders, Qatanani reiterated what he and others have so often said following the arrest of Muslims in connection with alleged terror plots: he is concerned that non-Muslims will see the Islam faith as condoning violence.

    “We wish for peace in the Middle East,” the imam said.

    In Bergen County, Waheed Khalid was frustrated to see Islam portrayed in the media as underpinning a terrorist mindset.

    “These people are nothing but criminals and that’s how it should be treated as,” said Khalid, president of the Darul Islah mosque in Teaneck.

    In Denville, Aref Assaf feels similar frustration. “Why is an entire faith held accountable for the actions of a few?” asks Assaf, president of the American Arab Forum. “There are many bad Muslims, yes, who commit crimes, either small crimes or big ones, like terrorism. But here are millions of Muslims around the world who are good, who are faithful, and condemn terrorism.”

    When a Christian or Jewish person is named a suspect in a crime, Assaf said, their religion is not tied to their actions.

    “It’s because it is that individual, not the religion,” he said.

    “As a Muslim and activist who works to bring people of different faiths together, it is mind-boggling to me that adult Americans who are otherwise fair and reasonable have a very narrow view when it comes to this.”

    Meanwhile, the Al-Huda School in Paterson, where Alessa attended class in the ninth grade, issued a statement saying that he had not been at the school since 2004, when he left to attend North Bergen High School.

    The statement said: “We strive to educate our children to be successful and to be good citizens. We are both shocked and saddened by the allegations.”


    The arrests of two New Jersey men accused of planning to join a terrorist group in Somalia to kill people brought a mix of horror and exasperation to Arabs and Muslims in North Jersey.

    “My thought was they are young, they are stupid and foolish,” said Mohammad Qatanani, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, a mosque in Paterson that the two men, Mohamed Alessa and Carlos Almonte, had attended a few times. “We need to reach out to all the young generation to educate them. We are dealing with thousands in the young generation in the United States and outside, and we don’t want them to be victimized by bad people who have an incorrect understanding of the Koran.”]

    Bin the koran, and bin the “incorrect understandings” with it. It is only allah’s handbook of horrors, channeled through Mo to the gullible.

  277. Get your passport cancelled … get detained in Yemen … get deported back to Oz on … a new passport.

    Pack your bags, Kevin, or start putting Australia and its freedom & security first:

    [Australian woman freed, leaves Yemen with her kids

    By AHMED AL-HAJ (AP) – 6 hours ago

    SAN’A, Yemen — Yemen on Friday released an Australian woman detained as part of an investigation into al-Qaida’s increased activity in the country and allowed her to fly home with her two children, her lawyer and security officials said.

    Shyloh Giddins was among several foreigners taken into custody during the probe. She was initially placed on house arrest May 14, along with her two children, and later held in a prison. She was never charged with anything after her detention, according to her lawyers.]

    [Australia canceled Giddins’ passport in April, but refused to release details as to why. Australian government documents obtained from Berman said the passport was canceled because Australia’s intelligence service believes she is a security threat and has an extremist interpretation of Islam. Giddins’ two children are 5 and 7 years old.]

    “Extremist interpretation of Islam” (understands islam, the koran, allah and the false prophet, and follows accordingly)

  278. Ronnie Biggs asked to help dispel doubts about train robbers.
    Count Dracula asked to help dispel doubts about vampires.

    [Muslims asked to help dispel doubts about Islam
    2010-06-11 13:20:00

    /WAM) Muslim intellectuals from across the world have asked people from the community to be more involved in public life in an effort to dispel misconceptions about Islam.

    Experts at an international conference on ‘Islam and Media in Europe: How to Face Islamophobia?’ held in Lille, France, recommended establishing dialogue with intellectuals, opinion leaders and media professionals in Western countries. ]

  279. Americans might have to get used to censorship of movies as well as cartoons, as things like Sex and the City 2 hinder “outreach” to guess who.

    ‘Sex and the City 2,’ other cultural exports hinder Muslim outreach
    Analysis » Obama’s ‘new beginning’ lost in a sea of stereotypes.

    By Nicole Neroulias
    Religion News Service

    [ In short, America’s cultural exports are making Obama’s efforts at Muslim bridge-building a little more complicated.

    “Too many people in America draw assumptions about Muslims after watching horrible things on the news,” said Hussein Rashid, a visiting religion professor at Hofstra University, “and the cultural messages we send also make the Muslim world draw inaccurate conclusions about the United States.” ]

    * Grovel, fawn, bow and fawn harder, Barack:

    [ Yet even as the White House has made some progress –lifting travel
    bans on Muslim scholars such as Tariq Ramadan, phasing out hostile
    terms like “Islamic terrorism” and staging a recent entrepreneurship
    summit for Muslim businessmen — it all has been overshadowed by a
    sense of disappointment, said Corey Saylor, spokesman for the
    Council on American-Islamic Relations. ]

    [Even succinct headline terms such as “Muslim world” and “U.S.-Muslim relations” send the wrong message, Rashid said, contributing to an us-versus-them mentality that overlooks America’s own Muslim population and the global diversity within Islam. ]

    * nothing will make muslims happy in this life, and definitely in the next life, when they try to collect on the virgins and find allah dudded them.

  280. Warner Music, Paypal turn nasty?

    [Warner Pulls the Plug on ‘We Con the World’

    Caroline Glick notes that Warner has pulled the plug on the YouTube version of “We Con the World”, the hilarious Live Aid-style parody of the Orwellian-named Gaza Aid flotilla at the start of the month. Note who was involved:

    As Israel went offline for the Jewish sabbath, YouTube removed most versions of Latma’s hit parody song We Con the World. If you try to access the song on YouTube you receive the notification:

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner/ Chappell Music, Inc. .]

    [Update: Welcome Insta-readers; in an update to the Professor’s post, he notes that Paypal has cut off, or is threatening to cut off the tip jar on Pamela Geller’s popular Atlas Shrugs blog. To paraphrase Pam’s headline, is truth the new hate speech?]

  281. As Australia joins the rush to adopt shariah finance, complete with a booklet to ‘dispel misconceptions”, some words from those not happy with the rush to shariah enslavement:

    Sharia Finance
    By: Bill Muehlenberg
    Christian Today Australia Columnist

    [Australia like other Western nations wants to gain financially from such moves, but it seems unaware that it is in fact cutting its own throat. Sharia-compliant finance is simply part of the wider move to set up sharia law in the West, which in turn is part of the larger goal of global Islamic domination.

    Indeed, the push for sharia finance is a fairly recent development of the Islamic community, primarily promoted by radical Islamists. As former Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo says in his important book, Understanding Sharia Finance (Isaac Publishing, 2008), it was a militant Pakistani Islamist who initiated this drive.

    Says Sookhdeo, “The concept of an Islamic economy was integrated into the discourse of the Islamist struggle to weaken the West in preparation for the ultimate phase of establishing Muslim political hegemony in the world.”

    A separate Islamic economic system in Western nations is part of the push for a separate political and legal system. Committed Muslims see sharia law as the only true law, and consider Western, non-Islamic laws to be heretical. Thus the push for separate spheres of Islamic sovereignty.

    Of course no nation can survive long with a two-tiered legal system, financial system, and so on. If immigrants seeking to come to Australia refuse to integrate into the Australian way of life, including its economic and financial system, then social cohesion is doomed from the start.

    Indeed, many Muslims coming to the West have made it clear that they do not intend to integrate with the host nation, but to set up separate Islamic enclaves within it. And as the number of Muslims increase, the final goal of the complete Islamisation of society can take place.]

    1. Thanks Mullah!

      I’m onto it. I been collecting heaps of stuff on sharia finance over the last couple of weeks, perhaps we need another website just for that. Its unreal what’s being done to us (in the name of what?)

  282. In the name of the Labor Party to pick up a meer 200,000???? votes in the State and Federal Election, of course.

  283. Just to reinforce the message that this site hsa nothing to do with islam 🙂

    [This is a satirical website. None of what you read here has anything to do with Islam, because Islam is a Religion of Peace.]

    Bangladeshi muslim discovers “The Religion of Peace” – gets hurt feelings:

    Web terrorism against Islam

    [At present anti-Islamic forces of the world are trying to offend Muslim Ummah by multiple ways. They have now adopted Internet as a medium to pour scorn on Islam and propagate various baseless information in term of Islam.]

    [n the beginning of the site what I found is that -“Islam: the Religion of Peace (and a big stack of dead bodies).” Here Islam got despised as a big stack of dead bodies. As soon as I found this, I got upset as well as aggrieved. In this website I found lots of satirical comments and baseless information about Islam as well as Muslims. Implicitly Muslims got termed terrorists in this website. I found there a caricature of our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as well. ]

    [Also we know that, the enemies of Islam recently unloaded caricatures of our dearest prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in facebook terming our prophet a douche bag, a dog and also a rapist (na’uju billah). We, the Muslim Ummah, condemn them for showing such impudence to our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as well as Islam.]

    [In this situation, we will have to try to hold back their such a tendency by raising voice of united protest. We can adopt Internet as a medium to provide them with our cutting answers as well.]

    I think we’ve seen enough of their cutting answers – Daniel Pearl and many others have had first hand experience.

  284. Not specifically muslims or islam, but bringing in migrants from different races and cultures with mental health problems means creating a new problem of how to deal with the imported problem, because our solutions are culturally inappropriate (it’s all our fault – we must change & adapt).

    Mental health services ‘neglecting African migrants’
    By Mhairi McClymont

    [The first ever review into African migrants’ experiences in Australia has prompted a call for urgent action to develop culturally appropriate mental health services.]

    [MMHA Chair Abd Malak says addressing culture and language barriers is a crucial element in the diagnosis of mental health disorders.

    “When we try to implement one size fits all in mental health that’s where we keep people from African communities away from accessing a good mental health service,” he said.]

    * It’s all our fault:

    [“Sadly when new immigrants arrive in Australia we don’t seem to get it right and we’re not learning those lessons.”]


    Europe’s rise of anti-Islam sentiment
    Chad Groening – OneNewsNow – 6/18/2010

    [Brigitte Gabriel is founder and president of ACT! for America, and author of They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It. She says the strong showing indicates that people in the Netherlands — and elsewhere in Europe — are shedding the insanity of political correctness.]

  286. Christopher Hitchens’ article on Prince Charles’ speech at Centre for Islamic Studies at Oxford University:

    Heir to throne attacks science, good sense

    THIS is what you get when you found a political system on the family values of Henry VIII.

    [None of this might matter very much, until you notice the venue at which Charles delivered his farrago of nonsense. It was unleashed upon an audience at the Centre for Islamic Studies at Oxford University, an institution of which he is the patron.

    Nor is this his only foray into Islamophilia. Together with the Saudi royal family, he supported the mosque in North London that acted as host and incubator to Richard “Shoe Bomber” Reid, the hook-handed Abu Hamza al-Masri, and several other unsavoury customers.

    The prince’s official job description as king will be “defender of the faith”, which currently means the state-financed absurdity of the Anglican Church, but he has more than once said publicly that he wants to be anointed as defender of all faiths – another indication of the conceit he has developed in six decades of performing the only job allowed him by the hereditary principle: that of waiting for his mother to expire.]

    [I quote from a recent document published by the Islamic Forum of Europe, a group dedicated to the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate and the imposition of sharia, which has been active in London mosques and in the infiltration of political parties. “The primary work” in the establishment of a future Muslim empire, it announces, “is in Europe, because it is this continent, despite all the furore about its achievements, which has a moral and spiritual vacuum.”]

  287. A book Every American Must Read

    The Islamization of America

    By Abdullah Al-Araby

    This book unveils the Islamic agenda for the Islamization of America. It will give you understanding of the strategies and weapons that are being used by muslims. It will equip you with recommendations on how to respond with a plan of action that will help block their goal

    To order this book visit

  288. Illinois State Police reject muslim “chaplain”:

    [June 22, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — The Illinois State Police have rescinded its offer to a prominent Muslim imam who was to be the department’s first-ever Muslim chaplain.

    In statement, the state police officials say the appointment of Sheikh Kifah Mustapha as a volunteer chaplain is “being denied” following a background investigation.]

  289. UK “islamists” get more hurt feelings while doing halal porridge:

    [Islamist Denounce UK Prison Insistence on Inmate’s Wife Removing Niqab


    By Mohammed Al Shafey

    London, Asharq Al-Awsat- A number of London-based Islamists have expressed their anger at the insistence of British prison that the wife of leading fundamentalist Omar Mahmoud Abu-Omar, alias Abu-Qatada, who is known as Bin Laden’s ambassador, and the spiritual guide of the Al-Qaeda Organization in Europe, remove her Niqab before being allowed to visit him, despite the existence of fatwas that say it is Islamically permissible to do so.]

  290. Doncaster (Britain, not Victoria) rebels against political correctness; ditches “diversity” portfolio, and to cut “community cohesion officers”:

    The beginning of the end for Political Correctness: the counter-revolution has begun in Doncaster

    [The “diversity” portfolio has been abolished from the council’s cabinet. From next year no more funding will be given to the town’s “Gay Pride” event, on the grounds that people do not need to parade their sexuality, whatever it may be, at taxpayers’ expense. Black History Month, International Women’s Day and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month are similarly destined to become history.

    Council funding of translation services for immigrants has been scrapped because he believes incomers should take the trouble to learn English. Officials have been ordered to abandon bureaucratic gobbledegook language. Davies is saving the taxpayers £80,000 by disaffiliating from the pointless Local Government Association and the Local Government Information Unit. He aims to abolish all non-jobs on the council, as epitomised by “community cohesion officers”. He is taking advice from the Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Campaign Against Political Correctness.]

  291. Some Nestle’ halal professional products:

    We require Halal products, which NESTLÉ Professional Products are Halal?
    Some of our Nestlé Professional products which are Halal certified include:

    – NESTLÉ Industrial Chocolate products

    – NESTLÉ Milk Products

    – NESCAFÉ Instant Coffee range

    – NESTLÉ Hot Chocolate Complete Mix

    – MILO


    – MAGGI Instant Mashed Potato Mix

    – MAGGI Asian Liquid Sauces and Connoisseur Sauces (except Bourbon BBQ)


  292. How school kids are indoctrinated with multi culti islamic stuff:

    (Lesson Ideas for Teachers)

    Food Needs – Halal


    This lesson uses two photographs from Making Multicultural Australia as a stimulus for investigating foods for special needs. In this case the focus is on Islamic dietary requirements and the implications for Muslims wanting to shop for Halal food in Australia.
    Material to Download

    Worksheet: Halal – Definition

    Worksheet: Halal – Worksheet

    Archival Images: Inside of the Auburn Mosque

    Archival Images: Young Muslim girls at Auburn Mosque
    Suggested Activities

    Ask students what dietary restrictions some people might have. This can include things such as peanuts (allergies), dairy (lactose intolerance), meat products (beliefs, religious or philosophical), sugars (diabetic), wheat (celiac disease).

    View and discuss
    As an introduction to discussing the dietary requirements of Muslims, have students view the archival images, ‘Young Muslim girls at Auburn Mosque’ and ‘Inside of the Auburn Mosque’. As part of the discussion, note that Islam is one world religion and followers are required to observe certain things such as particular dress, style of worship and consumption of particular foods. Ask students to consider the following questions:

    1. Which religion do you think these girls follow? (Islam – note that some Muslim women wear a “hijab” or headscarf and not all Muslim women/girls cover their head)
    2. What type of building might this be? (Mosque)
    3. Which religion is followed in this house of worship? (Islam)

    Group reading

    1. Divide students into groups of 4 and ask them to read the worksheet ‘Halal – Definition’.
    2. Ask groups to discuss the implications for Australian Muslims wanting to select Halal foods when shopping.
    3. Distribute to groups the worksheet, ‘Halal’ and ask students to:
    * read packaging on various food
    * decide whether the food is Halal or Haram
    * specify how they decided the food is Halal or Haram
    * list each item on the worksheet grid
    4. Have groups swap packages so that each group sees all food packages and labels.
    5. Review completed worksheets with the class.]

  293. “Religious Freedom” in South Oz (freedom for who?):

    [First meeting of taskforce on religious diversity
    Hon GRACE PORTOLESI MP Press Releases
    Friday, 25 June 2010 00:00

    The Community Education and Religious Freedom Taskforce set up by Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Portolesi will meet for the first time today.]

    [Friday, 25 June 2010
    The Community Education and Religious Freedom Taskforce set up by Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Portolesi will meet for the first time today.

    The Minister committed to forming the Taskforce last month in response to reported incidents of verbal and physical abuse of Muslim women and controversy over calls in Europe and Australia to ban the burqa, highlighting the wider issue of respecting cultural diversity.

    “People should be encouraged to celebrate cultural and religious diversity and the wearing of the burqa is reflective of a free and diverse society.

    “I encourage women to dress the way they wish and not be bullied into conforming to the dress codes of others.

    “The response from some people to the issue of wearing the burqa illustrated a need for wider education in the community to encourage greater religious understanding and the Taskforce will work to address this need” Ms Portolesi said

    The Taskforce will be chaired by Mr Hieu Van Le AO, the Lieutenant Governor of South Australia and Chairman of the SA Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission.

    He will be joined by representatives from a number of organisations including members of the Muslim community, the Muslim Women’s Association, the Equal Opportunity Commission, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, South Australia Police, the Office for Women, the SA Employee Ombudsman, the Association of Independent Schools of SA, SA Unions and the University of South Australia.

    “I will ask the Taskforce to provide advice on practical and realistic measures that will strengthen our community’s openness to diversity and signal our rejection of the notion that South Australians should be required to conform to others’ beliefs.

    “South Australia enjoys a rich and culturally diverse way of life and it is my hope that the Taskforce will be able to highlight these valuable elements of our society,” Ms Portolesi said

    The first meeting will be held on Friday 25 June 2010 at 11am in the Conference Room of Multicultural SA, 24 Flinders Street, Adelaide.

    The Taskforce will then meet once every three weeks.

    The Taskforce will meet once every three weeks until August, and after this time members will decide on the frequency of the meetings.]

  294. (Via Doctor Bulldog / TGUSA and American Thinker)

    “World Purificationism”

    (Background / related issues) New Age / Aquarian Age / Planetary Cleansing / Sword of Cleavage / Theosophy / Bailey / Maitreya and
    so on. )

    search “World Purificationism” / Purificationism (etc)

    Will islam prove to be an end, or simply a means to an end in bringing about a “purified” world, “free” of both Empire (especially the USA) and Zionism (especially Israel?).

    Extracts from the source document:


    Purifying the World: What the New Radical Ideology Stands For
    by Ernest Sternberg

    Ernest Sternberg teaches at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

    Abstract: The past decade has seen the coalescence of a new ideology that envisions social movements in a cataclysmic struggle against global capitalist Empire. Controlled by U.S. militarism and multinational corporations, in cahoots with Zionism, Empire contaminates environments and destroys cultures.

    Its defeat will bring about a new era of social justice and sustainable
    development, in which the diverse cultures harmoniously share the earth. Is this a totalitarian ideology? From fascist and communist precedents, we learn that lovers of renewed humanity are not sufficiently motivated by abstract ideals. They must also identify humanity’s enemy, the cause of all suffering.

    Equipped with a scapegoat, diverse communities can achieve solidarity
    through shared execration.


    The Enemy of Humanity 1: The United States

    This is the first warning sign: that purificationism has found the new
    enemy of humanity. For former ideologies, it was the global parasitical race or brutal master class. It is now the fiendish, U.S.-dominated global system that kills untold numbers, keeps billions in misery, threatens environmental cataclysm, subverts cultures, and blocks the advent of world harmony. Note that, in the Galloway quotes, the United States’ monstrousness cannot rest simply on its savagery in having caused so many deaths. It is also guilty of killing cultures.


    The Enemy of Humanity 2: Israel

    Another warning sign is that Anti-Zionism pops up in the most unlikely
    places and in remarkably virulent forms. At the World Social Forum meeting at the mouth of the Amazon, 5,000 miles from Jerusalem, packed with over 100,000 purifiers from around the world, demonstrations against Israel count as one of the three foremost accomplishments.50 In Durban, South Africa, hundreds of governmental groups and NGOs meet allegedly to fight racism,
    but ignore its genocidal manifestations in Africa, and can agree only to
    condemn Israel. In the United States the Green party condemns Israel as its sole piece of foreign policy. In Britain, unionized academics vote each year to boycott Israel. In Toronto, a demonstration for equal wages displays anti-Israel placards as does a demonstration in France against the loss of appellation for Roquefort cheese.

    What does ‘‘the defense of the true Roquefort,’’ asks Pierre-Andre´
    Taguieff—France’s premier author on anti-Semitism—have to do with
    Palestinians or Israelis? His answer is the ‘‘neo-communism that does not speak its name.’’ The neo-communists, as Taguieff calls them, thrive on the myth of the Palestinians as the authentic humiliated people, ‘‘the offended par excellence,’’ the pure representation of the ‘‘dominated and the oppressed.’’

    Correspondingly, in ‘‘the demonized figure of Jews-Israelis-Zionists supported by the Americans,’’ the new ideologues have ‘‘Zionism as an incarnation of absolute evil.’’51

    Why Israel? The clue is the variety that Taguieff observes in the new
    movement: Islamists, Arab Nationalists, post-Christian
    humanitarians, thirdworldists, and anti-globalizers of various stripes.52 This is the movement’s ticklish problem: how to keep so much diversity in check. If Empire is too abstract as a nemesis, and the United States seems too formidable, Israel represents a scapegoat manageable enough in size, and devilish enough in the popular imagination.


    The Warning Signs

    In 2005, British parliamentarian George Galloway was interviewed
    while on an electioneering visit to Bangladesh (many of his constituents were from there), the interview published in a pro-Saddam news website, since defunct. Commended ‘‘for his resolute stance against capitalist globalization, fascism and all forms of racism including Islamophobia,’’ he was asked whether it was possible to unite Muslim and progressive forces around the world.

    According to Galloway,

    Not only do I think it’s possible but I think it is vitally necessary and I think it is happening already. It is possible because the progressive movement around the world and the Muslims have the same enemies. . . They have the same interest in opposing savage capitalist globalization which is intent upon homogenizing the entire world turning us basically into factory chickens which can be forced fed the American diet of everything from food to Coca-Cola to movies and TV culture. . . So on the very grave big issues of the day—issues of war, occupation, justice, opposition to globalization— the Muslims and the progressives are on the same side.


    From my perspective, the rise of a religious system (Mystery Babylon),
    an economic system, and a political system, headed by Antichrist and the False Prophet (even falser than Mo).

  295. Julia Gillard launching UniSA Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding in Delhi, India (September 2009):

    I think it is safe to say that her views of islam and muslims are typical dhimmi polly – detached from the murderous reality of allah, its “prophet”, and its followers. (Why is it always muslim / non-muslim?)

    * Julia Gillard launches UniSA Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding in Delhi, India

  296. Not sure if this video has been posted on WoJ before, though all the issues including catmeat have been:

    Islam, A Problem In Australia (Islam prohibits integration)

    [Muslims are more likely to follow militant Islam in Australia, than any other western Country. A Islamic teacher explains Muslims cannot integrate into Australian society, because Islam prohibits them to embrace a non Islamic culture. He goes on to say Islam’s holy book the Koran, tells Muslims not to befriend non Muslims. Koran verse: Sura 3:28 “A Muslim shall not befriend a non Muslim.”]

  297. Might be a bit too soon to celebrate, but looks like “Sheikh” Mansour Leghaei has left the building (with some of his brood as a bonus):

    [A large crowd turned up at Sydney airport to farewell Sydney’s most senior Islamic cleric, who has been deported.

    Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, a Shia cleric, was ordered to leave Australia after being declared a security risk.

    Dr Leghaei boarded a flight to Iran tonight and about 200 people from the Islamic Youth Centre at Earlwood turned up to support him.]

  298. omg. . you always crack me up. .. I never read this little post about your site being satirical before. I love it. 🙂

  299. French PM suffers “tiny minority … hijacked islam” delusions:

    French PM urges Muslims to reject “hijacked Islam”
    Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:51pm GM

    [ * Fillon says extremists oppose Muslim integration

    * Says veil ban needed to uphold basic rules of society

    By Elizabeth Pineau

    PARIS, June 28 (Reuters) – Prime Minister Francois Fillon urged France’s Muslims on Monday to reject full face veils as a sectarian caricature of Islam, a week before parliament debates a law banning burqas and niqabs in public.

    Inaugurating a mosque in a northwestern Paris suburb, he said French Muslims should combat a tiny radical minority using face veils as a way to combat the integration of a tolerant Islam that respects the separation of church and state.

    “The Islam of France, the Islam you practice daily, has nothing to do with this caricature that dims the lights of your faith,” Fillon, the most senior French politician to inaugurate a mosque in decades, said to applause from the crowd.]

    What carbecues better – Renault or Peugeot?

  300. Spanish town (Coin) partially bans bondage bags:

    [Jun 28, 2010 8:10 PM | By Sapa-AFP
    A small town in southern Spain on Monday became the latest municipality in the country to ban the use of the face-covering Islamic veil in public buildings.

    The municipal council in Coin, a town of some 21,000 inhabitants in the Andalucia region near the city of Malaga, approved the measure by a large majority.

    The ban will be imposed in all public buildings, including schools and sports centres, but not in the rest of the town. ]

  301. Misunderstanders try to break into home of french imam who supports ban on bondage bags:

    [Two held over failed break-in at French imam’s home

    (AFP) – 12 hours ago

    PARIS — French police detained two people after they tried to break into the home of an Islamic cleric who is in favour of anti-burqa legislation, officials said Monday.

    Two police officers in charge of VIP protection thwarted the burglary on Saturday, said Farid Hannache, the spokesman for Hassan Chalghoumi, an imam in the Paris suburb of Drancy.

    Chalghoumi has been under protection since the end of January, he added.]

    Since when are muslims VIPs, while dhimmies are left to fend for themselves?

  302. Pay attention, Julia & Tony –

    Sally Neighbour / The Oz / on Hizb ut Tahrir:

    Extremists with caliphate on their minds, not bombs in their belts

    [“Democracy is a bankrupt and irrational idea” and “all indicators are pointing to the decline and inevitable collapse of Western ideology”, Badar opines. In the meantime, those dedicated to justice and progress must struggle against “those who seek to live decadent lives off the sweat and blood of the vast majority of humanity”.

    Badar is spokesman for the Australian branch of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an international Islamist organisation dedicated to the creation of a transnational Islamic state governed purely by sharia law. In pursuit of that vision, he and an expected 1000 fellow HT members will gather in Sydney this weekend for an international conference to promote their cause.]

    [The theme of the conference, to be held in Sydney’s Lidcombe, is “The struggle for Islam in the West”. As Badar explains it, all things Islamic are under attack — the burka, minarets, mosques, values and loyalties — and Muslims must fight to defend them.

    He says the struggle is not between Islam and Christianity, but between Islam and secular Western democracy, which he believes is crumbling. He says counter-terrorism is a facade to justify attacking Muslims: “The risk of dying in a vehicle accident is 470 times higher than from terrorism, yet billions of dollars are spent on countering terrorism.”]

    * The “struggle” is between the Biblical God and satan, and satan’s sockpuppet allah will lose this round, along with its followers.

  303. The struggle is between Michael (& the Angels) versus satan (& demons)
    until Yhwh ends it.
    Human religious, political, social struggles will take too long anyway to accomplish something like “perfect world-government”.
    It’s not going to happen, not even in a million years.

  304. Whats the bet this Albanian guy is not another lying muz working up the victim card.
    Motorist is an Indian with a blonde mohawk?
    Calls him a wog in this day and age?
    Mounts the kerb to run him down?
    Waits 2 minutes to back the car off him?

    All this is also unprovoked?
    Weirdest shit I have heard for a while!!!

  305. Can’t remember if this was mentioned on WoJ or not – interesting opinion piece on the West’s problems, collapse, & islam at the gates as a result.
    (Via Rantburg)

    The New Civil Wars Within the West
    Written by Gregory R. Copley
    Sunday, 04 July 2010 17:41

    [Internecine civil wars are underway almost everywhere within the West, and most virulently in the United States of America. They are not yet kinetic wars, but wars of grinding prepositioning, the kind which lead to foregone conclusions without a shot being fired.]


    The Australian Government has — like the Obama Administration in the US and the Brown Administration in the UK — demonstrated its absolute lack of experience in management, economics, or real-life work skills. A decision by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to impose a new “super tax” of some 40 percent on resource companies — miners, who produce most of Australia’s export wealth — suddenly highlighted the reality that the mining companies did not need to put their investment into Australian projects.

    This “tax and spend” approach so damaged Prime Minister Rudd’s popularity in the run-up to a November 2010 election, that his deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, an extreme left-wing feminist, mounted a rapid campaign within the ruling Labor Party to overthrow him. ]

    [In the meantime, both Kevin Rudd and the opposition Liberal Party have essentially embraced the move by Australia to see itself as a pseudo-post-industrial society, gradually eroding the independent and innovative manufacturing sector which had been a hallmark of Australian economic growth. A pseudo-post-industrial society is one which believes that it can live solely on the intrinsic value of its currency, without the necessity to sustain a balanced agricultural and industrial base to preserve sovereign independence. A true post-industrial society — something thus far a utopian dream — can produce all of its food and goods with a minute fraction of its population, which would largely be left to address intellectual pursuits. ]

    [The West is at its watershed, not because of a threat from a less-productive society. The collapse of the West is not because Islam is at the gates. Islam is at the gates because of the collapse of the West.]

  306. I saw this on the news earlier tonight – muslims “calling to prayer”, IDF patrol does a little dance, gets suspended for having sense of humour:

    * Israeli Soldiers Dance in Hebron to “Tick Tock” or “Rock the Casba”

  307. For Gary R – the Coon cheese in the supermarket had the mark of allah on it today – I chose the unmarked Devondale slices instead. Untainted cheese is hard to find now.

  308. For Pete’s sake! A Christian cannot practice his or her religion in Saudi Arabia at ALL! Since Saudi Arabia, (the so-called birthplace of Islam and the home of Mecca and Medina) has such draconian discriminatory laws, ( . . a particularly repressive interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, which forbids Christian worship, literature, wearing of crosses, owning Bibles etc, anywhere in the country. Other non-Islamic religions are similarly oppressed. . ) So, as the Islamic World is concerned, if exclusion is fair in Saudi Arabia, why then should Muslims complain if a nation that allows them to emigrate should cling to its own laws? “A house divided cannot stand!” Source: (Arabic)

  309. (via Rantburg)

    [Mysterious plague outbreak among Syrian army
    by Tina Redlup on July 6, 2010

    An outbreak of plague, which is considerd a potential bioweapon, among the Syrian military may be raising more questions than answers.]

    A taste of things to come?

    “With pestilence and with blood will I enter into judgment with him; and I will rain on him, and on his hordes, and on the many peoples who are with him, an overflowing shower, and great hailstones, fire, and sulfur.” (God – Ezekiel 38:22)

    See also “Burden of Damascus” (Isaiah 17)

  310. The Queen of Holland may find that at the end of the day Dutch society will say goodbye to the Dutch royal family, she’s asking for it. If she goes ahead with the proposal to push Geert Wilders out of the Dutch parliament when he has such a large number of seats, I hope she loses her position in Dutch society and that the Dutch people will have the balls to protest same. Sounds more like a dictatorship than democracy. I am disgusted. She is protecting only herself.

  311. Mullah Lodabullah

    (British prison that the wife of leading fundamentalist Omar Mahmoud Abu-Omar, alias Abu-Qatada, who is known as Bin Laden’s ambassador, and the spiritual guide of the Al-Qaeda Organization in Europe)

    Hey, we’ve got his son working over here side by side with Americans. Now how is it that Ben Laden can’t be reached and killed. How is it that British and American people go to work at Ben Laden companies in Saudi Arabia.This whole world is a big fat lie.

    It’s not religioun: It’s politics, petrol, money, kingdoms, ambassadors, presidents and the devil behind them that’s the problem. How can anyone believed as a terrorist be kept or work in a country which treats him as the enemy. And though I am a muslim, to me Saddam Hussein, Ben Ladden, Al-Quaida and everyone dealing with them are terrorists. There’s no difference between Saddam & Hitler. Stop blaming Islam. Blame the devils.

    Read: 1984 and go look for Big Brother. YOU NEVER KNOW

  312. * Stop blaming Islam. Blame the devils

    allah is simply one of satan’s sockpuppets. satan’s “masterpiece” will be the Beast 666, not allah and Mo. islam is simply satan’s handiwork; it has his fingerprints all over it, using a false prophet to deny that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that He was crucified for our sins.

    This is where it began:

    Now the serpent was more subtle than any animal of the field which Yahweh God had made. He said to the woman, “Has God really said, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden?'” The woman said to the serpent, “Of the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat, but of the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, ‘You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.'”

    The serpent said to the woman, “You won’t surely die, for God knows that in the day you eat it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”
    (Genesis 3, in part)

    It began in Genesis – it ends in Revelation (no more allah, no more muslims, no more false christs and false prophets when it is over)

    “The great dragon was thrown down, the old serpent, he who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, “Now is come the salvation, the power, and the Kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ; for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, who accuses them before our God day and night.” (Revelation 12:9 & 10)

    * This whole world is a big fat lie.

    Really? And you claim to be a muslim? “allah” created a lie? allah boasts that it is the best of deceivers – deception is satan’s trademark:

    “[allah] says: And they, the disbelievers among the Children of Israel, schemed, against Jesus, by assigning someone to assassinate him; and [allah] schemed, by casting the likeness of Jesus onto the person who intended to kill him, and so they killed him, while Jesus was raised up into heaven; and [allah] is the best of schemers, most knowledgeable of him [Jesus]. (Sura 3:54 of the blasphemous, satanic koran)

    Read the Holy Bible, and flee from allah and islam. Run for your life!

  313. It’s the devil who created the big fat lie. And everyone believes it. I am more a muslim than you are a Christian.

    The devil lurks behind the Golden cross.


    Half of my family is Christian..and I’ve learned enough. Though I should learn even more about both religiouns. In order to understand why my family is so accepting of Islam, when you’re not.

    You can check out the website if you like.

  314. It is horrible to realise that Muslim immigrants in the US are creating Muslim states with the US states. Look at this excerpt of an article by Daniel Pipes:
    It seems almost unthinkable, but Islamist groups are, as we speak, hard at work creating Muslim states-within-states in the U.S. Indeed, this process has been unfolding for a long time across the Western world, through the creation of isolated Muslim enclaves in both rural and urban areas, as well as through the designation of “no-go zones” where governments admit to having little authority over Muslims living there, essentially leaving them to function as autonomous regions.

    Daniel Pipes has tracked numerous examples since 2004 of Muslim groups working to create communities based solely on Islam and run by Shari’a law. As discussed by David Kennedy Houck in 2006, “Although such concepts are antithetical to a free society, U.S. democracy allows the internal enclave to function beyond the established boundaries of our constitutional framework.”

    For example, one such community, Gwynn Oak, has been created in Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of Muslim immigrants and African-American converts. The project is led by John Yahya Cason, director of the Islamic Education and Community Development Initiative. Cason explained that the neighborhood is a response to the problem that “Muslim communities are ruled by Western societal tenets, many of which clash with Islamic norms.” In his opinion, there is a need for communities with “the totality of the essential components of Muslim social, economic, and political structure.” As such, the Gwynn Oak enclave follows specific moral rules based on Islam and people there speak Arabic. On September 13, 2009, the construction of its three-story mosque began. Approximately 400 Muslims now live in the vicinity.

  315. Some muslims will do anything (like their “god” and false prophet) to achieve their goals – lying, fabrication – this time they were not rewarded:

    [A BANGLADESHI fashion designer has been refused Australian protection after claiming she was persecuted by Islamic extremists objecting to her modern designs.]

    [On appealing against the decision to the Refugee Review Tribunal, the couple supplied newspaper reports of other fashion designers being kidnapped and of threats being made by militants to bomb the textile factory where they worked.

    But the tribunal identified inconsistencies between evidence from the woman and information provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dhaka. It also found the supplied newspaper articles had been fabricated.

    The couple appealed to the Federal Magistrate’s Court to remit the matter, but the decision was upheld and they were ordered to pay $5865 in costs.]

  316. It depends on the Germans and other European folks whether within 20 years the Muslim community will make one third of the population.
    Personally, I think that Europeans are standing now at a “Crossroad in History”. The old European politics are doing their best to play ‘business as usual”. They still grab any media source to tell native Europeans that multiculturalism is the right thing. It should stay so from now to eternity.
    If we take a look at history books, the following question will rise up. Had not all regimes in any period of time, had said the same? Haven’t Marie Antoinette thought the kingdom of her husband, King Louis XVI, will stay forever? Could she imagine the French Revolution was standing already at her door? What about the Russian Tsar Nicolai II who had sent his army to fight in WWI? Could he imagine his troops would leave the war for what it was, go back home and start the October Revolution of 1917? During the late days of the German Weimar Republic (1919- 1933) people gradually understood that Hitler will find his way to the top. The question was not IF, but WHEN? The same is happening in Europe right now. It is not anymore a question if a blood sucked civil war against Islamisation and Sharia will start, but WHEN?
    European Politicians and the EU are (against all odds) still playing with Leftist hobbies and taking more and more ‘refugees’ from Islamic countries and Africa. They try hard to dismiss people like the Dutch Geert Wilders, Danish Pia Kjaersgaard and the British EDL as far right and ‘racists’. All of them tend to forget one more important factor: the soldiers who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. These young men see the enemy, against whom they had fought abroad, is gradually seizing their homeland. How long should it take till soldiers will organize themselves in ‘Freikorps’ (the way it had been in Germany after WWI) and start fighting for Folk and Land?

  317. muslims in Wales lift their legs on democracy and ‘man made laws”:

    [ 30 people turn out for ‘Islamic’ protest

    Jul 11 2010 by Catherine Evans, Wales On Sunday

    A PROTEST against “anti- Islamic” European laws attracted less than three dozen people in Cardiff yesterday.]

    [Sajid Idrees led the group in chants before speaking at length. He said: “We are here to show our support for the condemnation of man-made law and to show the fallacy of democracy.

    “This is called an ideological war. We will never bow down to any man-made law.]

  318. All in one,
    Again, preach to your fellow muslims!! They, and perhaps you, are the ones murdering in the name of a man-made religion. They need your words of advice – we do not.

  319. * May the DEVIL prevail

    Be careful what you wish for. His sockpuppet allah is doing very well; the Beast will do much better, until dealt with.

  320. “We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.” Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-election of General Shlomo Lahat, the mayor of Tel Aviv, October 1983.

    10. “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. (Certainly the FBI’s cover-up of the Israeli spy ring/phone tap scandal suggests that Mr. Sharon may not have been joking.)

  321. Sheik

    All in one .. is simply here to waste time. Block the idiot from this site – it is simply filling up space and wasting time – another form of moronic jihad.

  322. 059
    “The Jews were now free to indulge in their most fervent fantasies of mass murder of helpless victims. Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain. Others were placed in boxes with only their heads, hands and legs sticking out. Then hungry rats were placed in the boxes to gnaw upon their bodies. Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion. Others were chained to the floor and left hanging until they died of exhaustion. Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while Jewish mobs attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death. Christian mothers were taken to the public square and their babies snatched from their arms. A red Jewish terrorist would take the baby, hold it by the feet, head downward and demand that the Christian mother deny Christ. If she would not, he would toss the baby into the air, and another member of the mob would rush forward and catch it on the tip of his bayonet.
    Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies. There were many places of public execution in Russia during the days of the revolution, one of which was described by the American Rohrbach Commission: ‘The whole cement floor of the execution hall of the Jewish Cheka of Kiev was flooded with blood; it formed a level of several inches. It was a horrible mixture of blood, brains and pieces of skull. All the walls were bespattered with blood. Pieces of brains and of scalps were sticking to them. A gutter of 25 centimeters wide by 25 centimeters deep and about 10 meters long was along its length full to the top with blood.

    Some bodies were disemboweled, others had limbs chopped off, some were literally hacked to pieces. Some had their eyes put out, the head, face and neck and trunk were covered with deep wounds. Further on, we found a corpse with a wedge driven into its chest. Some had no tongues. In a corner we discovered a quantity of dismembered arms and legs belonging to no bodies that we could locate.'” (Defender Magazine, October 1933).


  323. How’s this for a name
    All in 1 & 1 God 4 all July 13, 2010 at 10:31 am
    Seems that when someone comes to tell the truth, he is wiped out just like those smart folk in George Orwell’s story 1984

    Wanna know who he aims his talk at, check this site out

    And if I’m reblocked, then it’s nice to know that a stop to waisting my time with people like you on this site is not my fault. It is the fault of those who act as if people are free to say what they like on their site, but the second they don’t like it, they scrap them away just like any dictator in this world. How’s that for double think. One minute it’s free speach, the next minute it’s scrap them away. That’s your kind of democracy.

    And I am just as good at using your language ya Ignant twats who know exactly what they are doing and lurk behind the truth blinding people with yer devilish light.

    Keep pissing & kawking & goodbye

  324. Lock up your Peugeots and Renaults – carbecue time in La Belle France:

    [French parliament approves ban on face veils

    By ANGELA DOLAND (AP) – 25 minutes ago

    PARIS — France’s lower house of parliament overwhelmingly approved a ban on wearing burqa-style Islamic veils Tuesday, part of a concerted effort to define and protect French values that has disconcerted many in the country’s large Muslim community.

    Proponents of the law say face-covering veils don’t square with the French ideal of women’s equality or its secular tradition. The bill is controversial abroad but popular in France, where its relatively few outspoken critics say conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy has resorted to xenophobia to attract far-right voters.

    The ban on burqas and niqabs will go in September to the Senate, where it also is likely to pass. Its biggest hurdle will likely come after that, when France’s constitutional watchdog scrutinizes it. Some legal scholars say there is a chance it could be deemed unconstitutional.]

  325. Christian Today Australia on Hizb ut-Tahrir and its stated intentions:

    A positive outcome – no one is without excuse!

    [There was something very positive about the publicity surrounding the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir who met in Sydney 3-4 July weekend and it’s from the horse’s mouth. Indeed, they are, who they say they are, and it’s out in the open.

    It is all very positive, as now, no politician, no commentator, no citizen (of whatever religion) can ever say they were not warned. Hiz ut-Tahrir’s (HT) set out its objectives clearly and definitively.

    Yes, it’s true, they are on a pathway of destruction of all those who do not hold their (religious – political) views, including our western way of life in exchange for an Islamic transnational state run by themselves following their interpretation of Islamic Sharia law.

    A feature article in The Australian by respected journalist Sally Neighbour gives the full frightening rendition. ]

  326. This didn’t get much coverage in Oz that I saw, but bound to cause a few hurt feelings where allah & the false prophet hold sway:

    [Crowd of 10,000 Declare: The Temple Mount Belongs to Jews
    by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

    A huge crowd of 10,000 Jews gathered at the old gates of the Temple Mount Monday night and declared their allegiance to the holy site, which rally organizers said is being separated from Jews by discriminatory practices by the police.]

    Nothing that allah & its followers can do about it.

  327. you are All hypocrites. You all so love your democratic laws and predominantly its a christian state, but yet you vote for man made laws above god laws in the bible, then goes to church and ask for gay rights. A city that god destroy mainly because of those sins. I think you envy muslims for trying to obey God (Allaah) as he says in the quran. But know this your vote for banning god laws and the quran will only add anguish to you on judgement day, so have your fun now but if you die in that state without accepting islam and obeying god laws the quran, note that a blazing fire will be with you forever, while those that you have caused to suffer in this world will be in blissful bountiness in paradise.

  328. Saladin, your namesake was terminated by G_d after being forced to sign a truce with King Richard because he (Saladin) was a murderer and thug. Then the Christian world was not united but now the world is rapidly uniting against muslims like yourself because of how you behave and threaten. How dare you threaten and coerce others into following your perverted religion. It is clear that islam cannot attract on its own merits. G_d gives free choice in this matter, and intelligent people do not need to be told what to believe by an inferior like you – much less threatened. Just so that you understand – allah and mohammed are completely and utterly rejected!!! allah and mohammed are another word for Satin. And you are a stupid little muslim thug only capable of threat and attacking those who cannot fight back. It is muslims who cause the most suffering to others and themselves in this world!!! You are a coward, and when we meet on the field of battle, as will happen, you will be annihilated without mercy, without doubt, and without hesitation. Your choice islamic fuckwit!!! Now PISS off – YOUR CAMEL IS LONELY!!

  329. Cory Bernardi – still my #1 Senate choice:

    16 July 2010
    It’s time we defended our culture and freedom

    [France has taken the first significant step towards banning the veil of Islamic oppression – the burqa.

    One French minister said the veil “amounts to being cut off from society and rejecting the very spirit of the French republic that is founded on a desire to live together.”

    “At a time where our societies are becoming more global and complex, the French people are pondering the future of their nation. Our responsibility is to show vigilance and reaffirm our commonly-shared values.”

    The vote in the lower house of the French Parliament was “a victory for democracy and for French values.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Replace the references to France in the passages above with Australia and things aren’t so different.

    We all need to constantly reaffirm the values that unite us rather than appease the customs that isolate some from their fellow Australians.]

    As for the rest of the Senate & House of Reps – my vote is up for grabs.

  330. Pravda – the old Cold War leopard didn’t change its spots:

    Islamophobia Sweeps Europe

    [Europe never ceases to amaze with its abject arrogance, its imperious imperialistic policies and its disgusting demagogy. The continent which produced, imperialism, slavery and Hitler now produces Geert Wilders. The victims this time are not the Jews, but Muslims and as was the case with Hitler, the horrific, racist, genocidal Nazi movement was not only endemic to Germany but had its metastases spring up all over the Continent in similar movements.

    Like Hitler, in his revolting, cruel and totally unacceptable campaign against the Jews, Geert Wilders wishes to internationalise his movement, called “Stop Islam – defend freedom”. “Freedom” is a buzz-word much used and abused by those who have an agenda, used against the Soviet Union by those whose own practices were far from peaceful or well-intentioned: “Freedom” was used by those who supported repressive Fascist dictators in Africa and Latin America, “Freedom” was used by those who attacked Fidel Castro and then tried to assassinate him 700 times.

    So not surprisingly, this odious racist called Wilders takes the same word in vain to further his cause. And precisely what is it?

    “I have a problem with Islamic ideology, the Islamic culture, because I feel that the more Islam we get in our societies, the less freedom that we get” (Wilders, in London, 2009). Now for a man who states that he is not a racist, how near to the mark is that? ]

  331. An old one from “culturally diverse” Hume (Broadmeadows / Melbourne)

    Sandwich row a sign of city’s growing pains
    June 1 2003

    [In culturally diverse Hume, political tensions have a way of taking the upper hand, writes Paul Heinrichs.

    Out in the sprawling City of Hume in Melbourne’s north, where people of Turkish background form up to 12 per cent of the community, multiculturalism has sustained some collateral damage.

    The backlash over the council taking ham sandwiches off the municipal menu was just the latest – it followed others about it giving Turks $1000 towards the cost of a screen to watch the World Cup, and tickets for 40 women to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. ]

    My friend left enriched Glenroy (near Broadmeadows) & now lives near Ballarat – no mosque for many miles (yet).

  332. It will be interesting to see how the muslims and their enablers who got hurt feelings over the “Leaving Islam?” bus ads will react to the German helpline for muslims seeking to quit “extremism”:

    [Germany sets up hotline to help radical Islamists to quit extremism
    The hotline service, aimed at helping Muslims who feel pressured into espousing extremist ideas, has been dubbed “HATIF,” after the Arabic word for telephone.]


  334. Hi , sorry i can’t give you my name cause i live with muslims so it’s for my secure ,i was born as a muslim , my parents are muslims everybody around me are muslims , when i growed up i’ve found that their’s something wrong , i knew that muslims suppose to be the peacefull people in the world , but they’re not , no peace between them and worst with the unbelivers “any one not muslim” , that’s not the only reason , their’s a lot of glitchs in the coran , lot of mistakes ,and i’ve never tough that a god can make mistakes ,any way in the begining i was so afraid and i could’t tell any one that i’am not a muslim , but after a few years , i could’t live in a lie , when my mother found out that i’am not a muslim , the first react she did she took a knife and she tried to kill me , cause the god said ” any one left the islam must die” , but my father protected me , he’s a muslim yes , but he always say i’am not a stupid to do what ever they ask me to do , i have a minde to think with , the god said you must be peacefull with people i do that cause i like it , he also said you must kill any one not muslim , i’ll not do that . i live in morocco if the police knew that i’am not a muslim i’ll get in prison between 1 month to 1 years ,and i can’t do a lot of things like having a girlfriend or making a party it’s totaly forbidden , partys are forbidden here , the only partys we have is killing sheeps , that a thing every muslim must do , i know poor peoples who sell they’re own cloths and home items to buy a sheep as a sacrifice for god ,and the other partys a muslim can do is reading the coran and cry for the whole night . no music no dancing , i had a girlfriend in secret , we don’t meet just phone calls and sometimes we chat in the internet , when her parents found out they loocked her in a room and they took her phone and they seached any one wanna marry to marry her , a muslim can’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend they call this corruption , if they did they will be stoned , if a muslim maked love he will get in prison for 4 months the guilty is corruption , even they’re 80 years old no one care about age , in an other word , it’s like a prison here , i lived my whole life without feeling that i’am alive , their’s a lot of other things maybe i’ll tell you if you asked me … , my mom once said the god will punish you in hell and you’ll ask for mercy and no one will care about you then , i told her ” mom , i’am already in hell” and to be truthfull it’s a real hell , just don’t even try to live my life , i tried anything to get the hell out of here but it’s impossible , so i decided to sho the true face of islam befor i’ll die , i’am just writing articles and waiting the day when i’ll die , that’s my life , by the way i’am 18 years old , those a young man like me should to live like that ?

  335. Simon,
    Take care – do not post anything about your identity again – we have musliims reading these sites who have worked towards arresting and jailing non-muslim
    people – one from Morocco comes to mind. Thank you very much for informing us what life on the other side is like – we have a pretty good idea of what you are saying from our own experiences and those of others – maybe T. who appears to have been through much of what you are going through can add some comment. However, you must play safe – if the authorities find you, you will get no protection from your family or from outside of where you are. You need to find others like you with whom you can talk to but be very careful. Do not use the same internet address frequently – the authorities are almost certainly looking at server logs – therefore email very infrequently. Even though you are physically alone you are not spiritually alone – we will keep you in our thoughts – you are not alone!. Be very careful of whom you talk to, trust no one, but above all do not shown fear or anxiety – behave normally. I do not know how things will go, but you have to be true to what you feel and believe – very few people can because it is not easy – I can only wish you the best. There is little we can do here to help you except listen to you and tell you that you are not alone. Consider that you have been given a challenge – to survive and be true to what you are in a corrupt and viscous system. You should not reply to this email – and you are right: a young man or woman should not have to live like a prisoner for being human. Take care – again if you wish to reply you must wait for some months or weeks (I mean this seriously) – we will be here, we will hear you, and you do not want to make life easier for the vampires that are sucking the life out of your people.

  336. Follow the mone … furphy. Once-great newspaper concedes / trumpets that America is already an islamic “society” …

    [America already is an Islamic society

    By John Kiser

    Yes, we need the Cordoba House complex to set an example for the rest of America and for the world, and so the fear and hate mongers don’t win. It is necessary to show the world that Americans are neither trembling in their boots nor willing to compromise the dignity and rights of American Muslims because of the actions of few dubious “Muslims” around the world.

    The Cordoba name harkens back to Muslim dominated Spain — a time and place when Jews, Christians, Muslims lived in relative harmony with each other.]

  337. Pauline Hanson is possibly considering running for Gold Coast mayor;
    Gold Coast “imam” doesn’t want her:

    Coast Imam rejects Hanson option
    Melissa Townsend | July 26th, 2010

    [‘WE don’t want her here’.

    That was the frank statement by the Gold Coast’s Islamic leader, Imam Imraan Husain, in response to revelations that Pauline Hanson was considering running for Gold Coast mayor.

    The head of the Islamic Society of the Gold Coast said if the controversial former One Nation MP ran for the position and won, it would spell disaster for the city.]

    Disaster? I doubt Pauline will wear a vest …

  338. Who cares what the idiot imam, a typical muslim piece of canine excrement, wishes for? It is not Australian, and muslims represent more of a danger than Ms. Hanson ever will.

  339. halal foods – “the next big thing” in dying Britain:

    UK – Halal conference in Oxford

    26 Jul 2010

    July 26-27, Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford will host a major conference on the global Muslim Market. Allen Lai discusses what trend spotters are calling ‘the next big thing’.

    [The Oxford Global Islamic Branding and Marketing Forum will provide insight into the latest understanding of Muslim markets and consumers, what market entry strategies are successful, what the marketing challenges are for the global halal industry, and the future of Islamic Finance. ]

    [The Forum will include speakers such as Shaukat Aziz, former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Sir Iqbal Sacranie, founding Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain.]

    halal – about as close to the Mark of the Beast that I want to come.

  340. Another futile German (Euro) attempt at alloying iron with clay:

    [Schavan says school Islam lessons improve integration

    Published: 25 Jul 10 14:42 CET

    Education Minister Annette Schavan has defended the controversial policy of introducing lessons about Islam into German school classes, saying they aid integration. ]

  341. halal internet filter – muslims can surf without getting “hurt feelings”, while avoiding the joys of goats & the like?

    July 26, 2010
    Halal-Internet: A new Internet Protection Software

    By Anuradha Shukla, TMCnet Contributor

    [To increase visibility of Islam in society, Halal-internet launched a new software program today designed with Muslims in mind. HalalGate, the first Internet filter with parental control features, is exclusively designed for Muslim parents, educators, and business owners to surf the internet freely without running into inappropriate web content that conflicts with essential Islamic beliefs and values.]

  342. If there is a need to import workers into Oz, they should not be muslims:

    No Hindu, Christian, other maids in Saudi? Only Muslim
    AGENCIES, Jul 27, 2010, 11.57am IST

    [Hundreds of thousands of foreign-based maids in Saudi Arabia, at least those who are not Muslims, are feeling threatened with Islamic clerics insisting that only Muslim maids will do.]

    [“If there is a need to import workers as female domestics, they should be Muslims,” Sheikh Yusef al-Ahmad, a strong opponent of men and women mixing in the ultra-conservative kingdom, told the website.]

    “Stop the Boats” – an election slogan, or a plan?

  343. islam – “not much different from Christianity” (apart from a false god, false prophet, rejection of the sonship, deity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ)

    Castle Hill area of Sydney – dawa alert:

    [ROBERT Laidlaw has opened the Hills’ first Islamic store to “break the ice” and cater for a growing Muslim population in the area.]

    [Asked what drew him to Islam, he said: “Nothing special, I had a lot of questions to ask. So I read into it and as the answers started coming I got more interested. It’s not much different from Christianity.]

  344. “Hurt feelings” alert – Robert Spencer demounced by CAIR as “Anti-Islam Hate Group Leader” – Geert Wilders & Pamela Geller get honorable mentions in cair’s diatribe.

    Robert Dreyfuss piece will do for sufficient venom – cair link has more, if needed:

    [The Council on American Islamic Relations is making noise about the fact that an extremist, right-wing anti-Muslim rabble rouser was “invited to offer training to state and federal law enforcement officers.”]

    [Robert Spencer, co-founder of the group Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), is the culprit.]

  345. Taqiyya and taqiyya – sharia “law” is based on Ten Commandments, and is based on same principles as Judeo-Christian values.

    1 “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.

    Nothing to do with allah, its false prophet, or its followers

    WaPo continues to deteriorate:

    Shariah is based on Ten Commandments

    [There is an emerging preemptive anti-Shariah movement in America as manifest by an Oklahoma legislator who is seeking to introduce a bill that will ban Shariah law in his state.]

    [More and more Americans are beginning to think of Islamic religion as something to be feared and rejected.]

    Quite rightly.

  346. Good dhimmy – UK prison governor apologises for serving non-halal food to muslims …

    [A prison governor has apologised to Muslim inmates after they were served non-halal burgers.

    A number of Muslim inmates at HMP Ford, an open prison in West Sussex, are claiming they were served pork burgers by prison staff on Saturday evening. ]

  347. NYPD preparing to protect mosques during ramavan:

    As Ramadan Nears, NYPD Alert for Signs of Anti-Muslim Harassment

    [By Tamer El-Ghobashy

    One by one, Muslim leaders and citizens stepped up to a microphone and expressed their gratitude to the New York City Police Department for hosting a conference Tuesday in anticipation of Ramadan, considered the holiest month in the Islamic lunar calendar.]

    [On Tuesday, police officials said they will step up patrols around the city’s mosques during Ramadan to deter any hate crimes and harassment during the holy month of fasting and reflection. Officers will also visit future sights where mosques have been proposed, officials said.

    To date, the NYPD said there have been nine reported instances of anti-Muslim hate crimes in the city. The pre-Ramadan conference at police headquarters was well attended by citizens, Muslim clergy and dozens of Muslim police officers.]

    “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin …”

  348. More on the NYPD dhimmy patrols:

    Police Will Patrol Site of Ground Zero Mosque During Ramadan

    [ONE POLICE PLAZA — Police are gearing up for the month-long Muslim high-holiday of Ramadan by adding patrols around mosques and other potentially sensitive locations, including the site of a proposed Muslim cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero, officials said Tuesday.]

  349. UK muslim “bus ban” actresses get caught out by CCTV (will MPACUK demand video surveillance be turned off when muslims approach buses?)

    Claim of ‘Islamic veil bus ban’ thrown out
    Ross Lydall

    [A bus driver accused by two students of banning them because of their Islamic dress has been cleared after CCTV showed he had actually barred them for their abusive behaviour.]

  350. More on iraqi “refugee” Esam Moshe – the blowback from the muslim invasion continues:

    [These are the reasons that Esam Moshi is regreting to adimit that he shouldnt be blamed for what he didnt do. What happened is that Esam Moshi was warned by a gang that if he dosnt go to jail somehow they will kill his only son (Poles), and that gang was taken out of jail after Esam Moshi helped the police catch one of the biggiest gangs in Melbourne. ]

  351. Esam Moshi, iraqi “refugee” taxi driver, is well known in his community, and didn’t think he did anything terribly big …

    [Moshi, who had the charges described to him by an Arab interpreter, told the hearing that he was well known in his community and that he was training to be a bouncer.

    The hearing heard that Moshi had been driving a taxi when he pulled into a driveway in Glenroy on Monday and asked the occupant, a woman aged 87, for water for his car.

    He allegedly followed her into her home and grabbed her by the throat demanding money and then pushed her to the floor.]

    [Moshi, who was dressed in blue paper overalls, asked for bail saying he wanted to be home with his wife last night.

    “I’m very much well known in my community and I do not think that I did anything big,” he said.

    He said he regretted what he did, would not do it again and needed the money to pay the rent.

    It was alleged he was arrested when he stole a crowbar from a hardware store.]

  352. Esam Moshi, iraqi “refugee” taxi driver also performed before Saddam Hussein (before Saddam took up bungee jumping):

    [An Iraqi wedding singer who performed for Saddam Hussein left an 87-year-old woman fearing for her life during an aggravated burglary in Melbourne, a court has heard.

    Esam Moshi, 35, who fled Iraq with his family because of their connection to the executed dictator, was granted bail on Monday, after being charged over two aggravated burglaries on vulnerable women earlier this month.]

  353. Almost accurate opinion piece on Europe accommodating islam – a more accurate analogy would be adding on extra rooms with mecca-compliant toilets, halal larders, dressing in doilies and burkas so as not to offend, becoming “sensitive” to every whim of the home invaders